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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "I Give My Husbands Friends Something They Love!".


I give my husbands friends something they love!

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I have always been envious of other women who shave their pussies. Almost all my friends either shave or trim, (yes boys, we talk about these intimate things all the time and I have even been shown a few examples) but my husband loves my thickly bushed pussy, so I have always stayed completely unshaved. I was getting a bit fed up of the constant teasing from my girlfriends and also the embarrassment I would experience if we went to a pool party where I would never strip down to a bikini because tufts of hair would be visible escaping beyond the material. My panties do not contain my hair and my husband loves that, getting me to wear very brief thongs so my pussy hair is prominent. Don't get me wrong, I love all the attention that I get from him and he is an adoring, expert considerate lover. I just wanted to give myself a good trim and shave my panty line.

When I told Bob my plan as we lay in bed one Friday night, he was horrified and very upset. We ended up having a bit of an argument. I asked him why all my friends' husbands seemed perfectly happy with their wives' trimmed and shaved pussies and I told him it was my body, so I should do what makes me feel comfortable. Bob challenged me that he thought some of those husbands probably felt the same as him about pussy hair and would love to be foraging in a full bush! Foolishly I called his bluff, asking him to prove it, which has led to a whole series of events turning me into a hot wife and making me adore my hairy pussy just as she is.

"I know for one that Tom would prefer Patti not to shave", said Bob, triumphant.

Patti is on the edge of our social group so I don't know here very well. The few times I have met her before, I didn't like her very much because she seemed a bit unfriendly. I had only met Tom once at a Christmas party but Bob knows him better through golf. He seemed like a nice guy to me.

"And how did you find this out?" I asked.

"Drinking after golf. We were making jokes about Tom playing in the rough so many times during the day and it got silly from there. He told me he wished Patti still had some long grass for him to play a few strokes in!"

"So you are basing your whole theory on one guy you know from golf?"

"There are other guys too but I know Tom really likes hairy pussies. I told him you don't shave and he said how lucky I am. He wished he had a wife like you".

"You told him what? You told him about my pussy?" I asked, embarrassed and a bit angry.

"Sure. You wives talk about sex all the time. I just told him that you let your pussy stay completely natural and how much I love it. He got kind of excited".

"How excited and exactly what did you tell him?" I was beginning to regret this conversation but I wanted to know how much Bob had told Tom.

"I described your pussy to him. He wanted to know exactly how hairy you are, what colour hair and what I like to do to you".

"Fuck Bob, I hope you didn't tell him!" By now I was getting quite angry. I was also completely fascinated by what Bob was revealing to me.

"I told him your hair colour, how long it grows and all the places you have hair between your legs. He got very excited and told me it was making him hard. Then he asked me if I like to pull out and come in your pussy hair when we make love".

Bob does like to do that sometimes and then he massages the hot come onto my clit until I come. As soon as I had that image in my mind I felt my pussy twinge with excitement.

"Oh my God - did you tell him?"

"Yes and he loved to hear that. Then I asked him what he would like to do if he had a hairy pussy to fuck".

"Bob, you're crazy!" I couldn't help feeling more aroused now knowing that Tom must have been thinking about my pussy while they were talking. "What did he say?"

"First he apologised and said he couldn't help thinking about you because he had met you once and now he knew about your hairy pussy. Then he told me how he would like to run his cock up and down a pussy slit and watch it slowly open for him. Then he liked to see the pinkness framed by all the beautiful hair. He also said he loved to pull out and come all over a hairy pussy like I do. Then he likes to go down and suck the come off". That sent a shiver down my spine because Bob never does that and I have always secretly wished he would.

"And I suppose you were OK him talking like this, thinking about your wife's pussy?" I asked, now getting wet between my legs.

"More than OK. In fact it was turning me on too knowing that he was imagining your pussy while he was telling me. So it got me thinking..."

Bob paused and pulled me closer into his arms and started to kiss me. I could feel his rigid cock nudging against me, so this was obviously a big turn on for him.

"Thinking what?" I asked, my breathing heavier as I wondered what he was going to say.

"I was thinking that if you let Tom enjoy your beautiful hairy pussy and do all the things he likes, then it would prove to you how sexy men find an unshaved woman. You wouldn't have to take my word for it anymore".

I let his words sink in for a moment. My stomach was churning and I felt light headed. At the same time my pussy was flushed hot and I could feel my juices flowing.

"I couldn't do that! I can't have sex with someone else's husband".

"Why not? You wouldn't be cheating on me because I would know all about it. In fact I was thinking it would be fun to be there and watch".

This was all a bit much for me to take in and I just couldn't think of a reply. Then I felt Bob's fingers exploring between my legs and he found my sopping pussy.

"Here let me show you what Tom described", he said, gently pushing me onto my back and opening my legs. Then he knelt between them and started to draw his cock head up and down between the outer folds of my pussy, spreading my juices and opening my flower as my excitement grew. When his tip slithered over my taught clit I gasped out and closed my eyes. I couldn't help it. I was imagining this was Tom!

I kept my eyes closed and Bob pushed his lovely cock into me. Somehow it felt so much better than usual. He knew exactly what he was doing as he started to fuck me.

Bob must have also been very excited, because before I could come he suddenly straightened up and pulled his cock out just in time to flood a huge load of come all over my hairy mound, between my labia and over my clit. That hot come was almost enough to tip me over the edge but when he dropped his face down and started to eat me, massaging the come into my clit with his tongue I exploded into an amazing orgasm which just seemed to continue in rolling waves as he cleaned up his come, drinking it all down greedily. I just couldn't help myself and I shouted out.

"Oh yes Tom, eat your come off my hairy pussy! I love it. I wish my husband Bob would suck his come off me like this!"

Bob had won. He had embedded the filthy fantasy in my mind and I was living it out in our marital bed, coming uncontrollably. As far as I was concerned, Tom had just fucked me.

When he had finished, Bob moved up and lay beside me.

"You seemed to like that Jen".

"How could I not like it - that was an amazing orgasm", I said, now a little embarrassed as I was coming down from my high.

"So are you going to give Tom his chance?" Bob asked directly.

"Maybe if the circumstances were right", I answered not really knowing what they would be. "Let's sleep on it and then I will give you a proper answer".

"That's fair. I love you Jen".

"I love you too Bob, you filthy bastard!"

In no time, we were asleep.


I had lots of erotic dreams that night and woke early feeling very horny. I realised that Bob was awake beside me and I reached over to discover he had a huge hard on.

"What are you thinking about big boy?"

"Can't you imagine, after last night?"

"Probably, but I would like you to tell me", I said. I needed to hear Bob spell it out so I could believe he really meant it.

"I am imagining watching you and Tom together. It gets me so excited at the thought of you with another man. I want to see his cock framed by your hairy pussy as he fucks you. In my fantasy, you seem to be really enjoying having another man".

I had been so surprised the night before when Bob first brought up the idea but now I was completely comfortable with the idea.

"Would you like me to make your fantasy come true darling?" I whispered, slowly massaging his stiff cock.

"I would love you to Jen, if it's OK with you".

"It's more than OK. I am really looking forward to a new cock", I confessed excitedly, "Not that I'm unhappy with yours", I added quickly so Bob felt OK.

"Would you like that new cock to be Tom?" asked Bob.

"I suppose so. I have nobody else in mind. How will you talk him into it and where will we do it?"

"First, I am going to take some pictures of your pussy and show them to him. I'm going to tease him with them until he is desperate to have you and then I will tell him I have suggested it to you and that you are willing".

"You make it sound so simple!" I laughed at the idea of my husband seducing another man for me with pictures of my pussy. "And when will all this happen?"

"We can take the pictures now and I will show them to him this afternoon when we play golf. Then once we know he is willing, we can find a way to bring him over here".

I agreed and went to take a shower and clean myself up. When my pussy was all dry and fluffed up, Bob got me to put on his favourite pair of sheer black panties so my hair could be seen through the material. I lay on the bed and insisted that the photos should only be of my pussy area and my face should not be visible.

In all, Bob got nine good photos on his iPhone, starting with my panties on, then with the gusset pulled to one side and finally stripped naked, with my legs spread revealing the hair on my inner thighs, fingering myself and from behind, so the hair around my anus would show clearly. Any man who loves hairy pussies would get off on these photos - the even excited me!

When Bob went off for golf, I was completely crazy and could hardly wait for him to come home and tell me Tom's reaction. Eventually he came in around nine o'clock. He had obviously stayed after for drinks at the club. I almost jumped on him.

"So - did you show him?" I asked, excitedly.

"Yes", was all Bob offered, the bastard!

"Yes and what happened?"

"Come up to bed and let's talk about it".

It took us moments to strip off and jump into bed. I could see that Bob was already hard. Lying together like naughty children on our stomachs, Bob got out his iPhone and said he would show me Tom's favourite photos.

"After we had had a couple of drinks at the bar, I asked Tom to step over to one side so I could show him something he might like to see. Then I told him I had been able to get some sexy photos of your pussy because I swore not to show them to anyone".

Bob then explained how he had scrolled through the pictures and Tom had asked to look at them slowly, taking the iPhone and zooming in on my pussy to study it in great detail. Bob could plainly see Tom was hard.

Listening to this was sending me wild and I put a hand between my legs.

"Which were his favourite pictures?" I asked, desperate to know what my potential lover liked about my pussy.

"He loved them all of course but these three were his favourites". Bob showed me one pulling my panties aside, another with my legs splayed open because he loved the way hair grows on my inner thighs around my love hole and then the most brazen picture from behind, with me spreading my bum cheeks.

"So what else did you guys talk about?"

"He asked me if I would send him the photos so he could 'study' them in private. I said no because I thought I should check with you first and I wanted to tease him a bit."

"Ooh, that's hot. I like the idea of Tom looking at my pussy and playing with his cock".

"Then he asked me if I would take some more, preferably with my cock inside you and with come all over your pussy".

I gasped when Bob told me that and came on my own fingers.

"So I take it you are OK with the idea?" Laughed Bob. Oh yes I was!

In no time, Bob had me on my back and was taking pictures of his cock parting my pussy lips and fully inside me so our pubic hairs were smashed together. Then he took some photos entering me from behind, finally turning me over, so I could take pictures of him shooting come all over my open gash. Finally Bob took some close ups of my come covered matted bush.

We lay in bed afterwards and reviewed the pictures, discarding a few out of focus or badly framed.

"Why don't you send him a few photos?" I suggested, "Although you should check if it's safe first so Patti doesn't catch him. Bob liked the idea and texted Tom to get clearance, which came back in seconds!

Then together we selected Tom's three photo requests; a penetration shot, a come shot and a messy pussy shot. Bob sent them on Whatsapp and we waited for a reaction.

It seemed like an eternity before the reply came. Finally the text arrived.

OMG Bob these are fucking beautiful (literally). Does she know you have sent them to me?

Do you think I should tell her?

Probably not! I just wish I could tell her how amazingly sexy her pussy looks!

I'm sure she would take it as a compliment, if I could find a way to tell her.

Don't do anything stupid.

Then after a short pause:

By the way, I hope you won't be offended if I bring myself off looking at these pictures.

I was kind of hoping you would. I'm glad I have found another hairy pussy lover, so I am happy to share! Bob wrote, fully intending the ambiguous meaning.

Then there was a pause of quite a few minutes. We were surprised by Tom's next message.

I have to confess I just had the best come imagining fucking your beautiful wife!

Bob answered before I could stop him.

Believe me, doing it for real is sublime! She has such a delicious pussy; I almost wish you could experience it yourself!

This was all progressing rather quickly and I told Bob to be careful we didn't scare him off. There was another pause and I could sense Tom struggling for the right answer. He did very well.

Nothing would be finer than being granted that honour. Thank you for letting me imagine it, at least.

You are welcome! Replied Bob. Then he added.

Maybe one day I can raise the subject with Jen or we can seduce her together. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and I will try to take some more.

Thanks my friend. Have a great night you lucky bastard!

Bob threw the phone aside and we fucked like rabbits.


When I woke on Sunday morning I felt amazing. All this sexual excitement had given me heaps of energy and I just jumped on Bob's morning hard on and started riding him.

"I wonder if we could get Tom over here today?" I asked.

"I'm sure we could find a way", smirked Bob as I slowly rode up and down on his shaft.

"Let's send him some more pictures and then I can send him a message to tell him I know he is looking at them. I want to seduce him and ask him over to fuck me. That kind of turns me on!"

"Yeah, that is a hot idea!" concluded Bob, "what should our next pictures be?"

"You should take one now showing your cock entering me while I ride you. And then you can come inside me and I can slowly lower my pussy down on the camera as if it is your face".

"OMG you are a dirty slut - you are really enjoying this!"

"You better believe it!"

So we took the slutty pictures, finishing with a hot session. We both came massively. I squatted over Bob's face and he ate me out to a whole series of amazing comes. Then it was time to start seducing Tom.

Bob started with a simple text.

New pictures this morning. Let me know if you want them.

The reply came quickly

Yes please. Patti is down at the shops for bread.

Bob sent six more photos. My heart was pounding. Soon we got his reply.

OMG! More fantastic photos. How are you persuading her to do this? Patti would never let me.

Now it's my turn to confess. I had to tell Jen I was taking them for you!

And she let you????

She sure did! I am going to pass her the phone so she can text you herself.

I took the phone and sent this text to Tom.

Hi Tom. As you can imagine I was pretty shocked when Bob told me he wanted to show you my pussy. Then he explained that you like a hairy woman, so now it's turning me on knowing that you like my pussy. In fact I wish you were here right now so you could have a closer look....

There was a pause.

I would love to be there, if Bob wouldn't mind.

He won't mind as long as you make love to me while he watches. The dirty bastard wants to see your cock in my cunt!

And you are OK with that?

I held my legs open and splayed open my pussy with my fingers and told Bob to take a photo. You could clearly see my juices flowing and my puffy excited labia. I sent the picture to Tom with this caption:

My pussy is open and waiting for you. Can you come over here today to enjoy me?

Patti is going to the Mall all afternoon. I can be there around two o'clock.

Save your come. I want all of it!

That is going to be difficult but I promise.

See you soon. Come and bury yourself in this beautiful hairy snatch. She is waiting for you!


Bob and I talked a bit about what was going to happen later. I wanted to make sure we would still be OK with it after the event. Bob assured me that it wouldn't diminish his love and he would only be jealous if I did it with other men behind his back. So everything was agreed and our course was set. We decided we should take photos and video, if Tom had no objections, so Bob charged the camera.

I decided I wanted to keep up the seduction to make sure Tom didn't back out and because I was really enjoying exhibiting my pussy to another man - a side of myself I had not experienced before.

I got Bob to take pictures of me soaping my pussy, rinsing her off and drying her. Then I put in a baby doll nighty that only just reaches my pussy and Bob knelt in front of me an took a sexy picture of my pussy peeping out below the hem. We texted them in sequence every half hour to Tom with captions I added.

I decided I wanted to wait in the bedroom, so by the time Tom arrived I was lying on the bed and we had champagne and white wine ready with a nice scented candle burning too. I told Bob that I wanted Tom to get undressed in the spare room and for them both to enter the bedroom together naked and just let it all happen from there.

Tom was pretty punctual and Bob went downstairs and in his robe to let him in. I heard them talking on the stairs as they came up and it made me shiver with lust and apprehension as I lay there in my flimsy nighty, legs partly spread, knowing that in a few moments I would let a man other than my husband fuck me. I was looking forward to doing it in front of Bob. Somehow, the idea of showing off how slutty I am to my husband was an extra turn on!

"I can't believe you and Jen are letting me do this Bob", said Tom as they walked down the corridor to the spare room.

"We both want it Tom, so we are pleased you took up our offer. Jen just wants you to enjoy her sweet hairy pussy and I want to watch you make love to my sexy wife. It's a perfect situation!"

When they were in the spare room I could only hear their muffled voices and I couldn't make out the words. Later Bob told me they were planning how they would fuck me and talking about photos. I wish I had heard that part because it seems so dominant and premeditated of my husband to do that with another man!

By the time two beautiful naked men entered the bedroom, I was sopping wet and dizzy with lust.

"Oh Jen, you look so beautiful!" said Tom as he stepped over to the bed, sporting a proud stiff cock.

My two lovers positioned themselves either side of me. Tom started to kiss me passionately. I felt two hands between my legs as they caressed my pussy hair together, teasing me. Tom started to run his fingers along my wet channel and I instantly melted to his touch. Tom started to kiss down my body, nibbling my nipples through the nighty on his was down to my mound. Once he was there, his sublime mouth found it target and he gently ate and sucked my juices, drawing my clit into his mouth.

Bob had taken over kissing me and kept telling me how much he loved me and how sexy I looked. I certainly felt sexier than I ever had before!

Tom cruelly brought me to the brink of orgasm twice before he raised himself up and knelt between my hairy snatch, positioning his cock-head between my labia folds. Bob pulled my nighty up over my head and I was finally naked.

Bob now pulled away and picked up the camera. Obviously the boys had agreed it was OK to keep a record of my first threesome!

True to what Tom had described, he ran his cock up and down my pussy, stopping longer over my clit to rub my juices into her and send shivers of delight through my whole body. Eventually, I couldn't wait any longer and started to beg Tom to enter me. I literally pulled him into me, with my ankles on his buttocks and was rewarded by an instant visit to heaven as I came with his thick cock in me.

It was so good I started to cry as waves of little orgasms washed through me.

"This is so good!" I kept moaning, "Don't stop - please don't stop!"

Tom carried on for what seemed like ages. Time stopped for me and I was barely conscious. I really don't know how many times I came because it all blended into one long rolling orgasm.

Then I felt Tom quicken his pace and I could tell he was getting ready to come. I knew that meant he would want to pull out and spurt on my pussy hair but I wanted his come inside me, so I locked my legs around his back and told him.

"Come in me lover. I want to feel your hot come deep inside. You can come on my hairy pussy again later, I promise".

Tom started to convulse and I clearly felt his hot jets of come washing my insides. He leaned forwards and kissed me as his last few spasms emptied come into me.

I thought I was going to get a few seconds to recover but after Tom slowly withdrew his magnificent cock, immediately Bob's mouth was between my legs and on my pussy! OMG! He was going to eat Tom's come from me! The thought was so sexy that I started to come again instantly Bob began to eat me. It was so intense that I had to push his face away after the first orgasm, telling him I was sorry but I needed a break!

"Soon darling. I just have to add some more come to your pussy first, so Tom has something to eat next!"

He moved up and thrust into me. I just loved the dirty scene of my husband fucking my pussy, still awash with another man's come. The thought that each man would willingly eat the other's come from my pussy was about the hottest thing I have ever known. I looked into Bob's eyes and saw his raw lust.

"Did you like watching Tom fuck me?"

"Oh yeah, it was amazing!" panted Bob, fucking me harder now.

"Did you like eating his come from your wife's pussy?"

"You know I did darling!"

"Do you like sharing your wife?"

"I love it!" groaned Bob as he let go and I felt another gush of hot man seed shoot up inside me.

"Thank you Bob - I am loving all this attention!"

When Bob withdrew, I insisted we have a brief drinks break and I enjoyed some icy champagne. The men took turns kissing me and running their fingers through my come soaked gash, licking come off their fingers between sips of wine.

Tom and Bob openly discussed what they loved about my hairy pussy in front of me and I felt so wanted, special and sexy being admired by these two gorgeous men.

Eventually, Tom lay down on the bed and asked me to lower my pussy onto his mouth so he could clean me up for my next fucking. He positioned himself half way down the bed, with a pillow under his head and I knelt over his face, reunited with his expert tongue. I could feel the come flowing out of me into his mouth and it was enough to start my orgasms again.

Suddenly I became aware that Bob had moved in behind me and he tipped me forwards into the doggy position. Now, with Tom still licking between my legs, Bob introduced his cock into me from behind. Ladies out there you have got to try this - it is the best sensation I know!

My two lovers set a gentle pace and kept me in this state of constant joy until I couldn't have any more orgasms and I had to dismount Tom's face.

The dirty bastards weren't finished with me yet and they positioned me kneeling on the edge of the bed so they could take turns fucking me from behind. It was a sort of game for them and each gave me about twenty strokes before swapping over. They never let me get close to coming but it still felt amazing. Sometimes I couldn't remember who's cock was in me. They are pretty similar in size and length.

After what seemed like hours I heard Bob ask Tom if he was ready yet.

"Yes, do you want to come first, or shall I?" replied Tom

"You go first. I want to video it", was Bob's reply.

Tom, who was already in me, quickened his pace and I felt his cock get very hard. Just as he began to spasm he pulled out and I felt hot powerful sprays of come land on my anus and then lower down on my pussy lips. I couldn't help it and reached a hand to my clit and started fingering myself.

"Here, you take the camera", instructed Bob as he moved directly behind me. Unlike Tom he didn't enter me and just fisted himself to orgasm, adding his hot juice to Tom's all over my upturned bum and come spattered gash.

Before I could come, the boys had knelt down behind me and started to lick and savour their come from my arse. Feeling two tongues on me was so hot I had another come instantly. One of them, later I learned it was Bob, used his hard tongue to push some of the come into my arsehole. That was pretty fucking dirty and I loved it!

Slowly my lovers lapped up every last drop of their combined come and I had my last orgasm.

We all lay on the bed gently touching and stroking as I kissed each man in turn, enjoying the taste of their come and my pussy mingled together.

We had a bit more wine and Tom thanked me time after time for such an amazing afternoon. Then he went off to take a good shower, so he didn't go home, smelling of Bob and me!

I lay in Bob's arms, completely satisfied.

"Was it what you wanted?" I asked him.

"Everything and more", he replied kissing me tenderly.

"What about you Jen? Was it OK?"

"More than OK, my sexy filthy husband. I reckon it could be addictive!"

"That good huh?"

"Oh yeah! I am going to need to do that again sometime!"

"I'm sure that can be arranged!" said Bob, the biggest grin on his face.

We said goodbye to Tom and I let him know we would find a way to do it again in the future. He was very pleased!

Later that night, Bob and I reviewed to photos and the video, which were incredibly hot. I was surprised to see the excitement and wanton lust on my face throughout the session and the tender moments when Bob and Tom were kissing me like lovers. It was very intense, to say the least.

Since that day, Tom has been over a few times. Bob has now created a little club to disguise our activities and involve other hairy pussy loving men. There are five of them now and recently they all came over for a special fuck party. As a laugh, Bob had some t-shirts printed for the occasion, with the slogan "My balls are always in the rough!" printed on one side and the club name on the other "Long Grass Players Club".

When I am with the wives now, they have started to comment that I seem so much happier and more energetic these days. I told them I was getting a lot more sex.

"Finally you took our advice and trimmed that big old bush of yours Jen!" blurted Susan triumphantly, who is fully shaved and always teased me the most.

"Well I did heed your words Susan. As you said, it's all about presenting a man with the pussy he really wants!"

If only they knew! Especially Susan - her husband Greg was the second member of my club and he worships my pussy.

And I worship her too - down to every last perfect little hair!

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