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I bail my husband out of a predicament But things get out of control, when, I substitute for the stripper that back out at the last minute

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The story I am about to share with you changed my life and my relationship with my husband forever. To start with let me introduce myself. My name is Amy and I am 29 and just finding out that I am very attractive. I’m 5’7” and weigh around 120 lbs and I like to work out. I am between a size B and C breast, with no sagging. I don’t mean to brag. Up until a few years ago I thought I was quite plain and very stand offish around boys. I still don’t understand how Jim, my husband, married me but he fell in love with me and saw the woman I would become. Anyway, let me get on with the story.

I was brought up by a very conservative father, who all my life taught me that sex was bad and to be a prude. So when I got married, it was impossible for me to enjoy sex. This really frustrated Jim, but he still loved me and tried to help me understand that sex could be fun and exciting. Well, we had been married for several years when something happened that changed our sex life.

The story begins when I came home one evening from my part time job as an aerobics instructor. I think even from the beginning I liked to show off my body but I could only justify it in front of girls in my leotards. Well, Jim was sitting at the table looking like he had just lost his puppy. He had a helpless, worried look on his face. We started off with the usual, “hi, how was your day.” Jim was trying to act normal, but it was obvious that something was wrong. So, finally, I let him know that I knew something was wrong and I wanted to hear it. I was worried someone had died or something terrible had happened.

He stuttered a little and then when I thought I was prepared for anything he really surprised me and I kind of surprised myself.

To begin with, Jim is a brilliant graduate student at a very prestigious university. He is about 6’1” and weighs 190 lbs. He is very athletic and lifts weight regularly. We both get free membership to the health club because of my job. Well, he told me that last year, after final exams he had gone to a party where there was a stripper. He said it was really fun and there were just students there that needed to unwind after a week of tests. They had arranged a similar party this year that was about a week away. I thought he was feeling guilty about seeing a stripper and I was actually kind of fascinated by the story which surprised me that I was not mad or hurt.

Well the problem was that Jim was in charge getting the stripper. He had hired the same one from last year. The other students were from wealthy families, unlike us who were struggling to get by. They had given him the money to hire the stripper and they had given him a lot more than she cost. So this was the problem, he had already spent the extra on a dress, some jewelry for me and a nice TV. So, I said just take the stuff back. He had bought the “stuff” at an estate sale and he couldn’t take it back. So I said, “why not hire another stripper?” I guess he had been trying to hire one for the past week and was all out of ideas. So then I ask him how much money he had for the stripper. I was amazed. I never dreamed a girl could make so much money just showing off her body. Then I surprised Jim and myself by saying, “Well hell honey, I’ll strip for that much.” I will never forget the look on Jim’s face. He looked relieved, then questioning, and then dumb founded. Then he said in a very shy voice, “are you serious?” It actually excited me and I was trying to act matter of fact by telling him I would just be doing it this once to help him out, but I got to keep the money do what ever I wanted with it. Since none of his classmates had ever met me, he quickly agreed, and we started planning how I was going to look and act like a stripper when, not only had I never done it, but had never even seen anyone strip before. Plus we talked about disguise so that no one would ever know it was Jim’s wife stripping.

Jim, described what the girl did last year, but it was the only stripper he had ever seen. We decided to go cross-town and see some professional strippers. It was actually very exciting and I found myself liking the idea more and more. I thought about it and figured it would be like some of the dance or ballet classes that I had taken with just one little twist – Naked. We went to a strip club and I was a little relieved when I realized that I didn’t have to take off my panties. There was one particular stripper who I thought was the best. I watched her play with her g-string just enough so the guys got a glimpse of her pussy but just for an instant. I felt fairly confident I could pull this off and I was already planning want I was going to buy with the money. I even found myself dreaming of stripping in front of the guy and each time I would wake up wet between the legs, which was a new experience for me. I was actually horny and it was a new experience that I liked. Jim and I had sex and for the first time in my life I had an orgasm and it was amazing. I started opening up to sex and looking forward to it. I even thought of ways and positions to have better orgasms. For the first time in my life I was ok with sex.

Well, the week of exams finally was over and it was the day of the party. I went to a costume shop and rented a schoolgirl type stripper outfit. The girl there seemed to know just what I needed. The g-string was so sheer and almost nonexistent. I was getting excited again thinking of all those guys watching me strip down to this g–string.

So the time finally came and we drove to the place. It was a small drama classroom with a sound system and a small stage about 3 feet high with a back door. We got there early so I could check the place out. We were the first ones there. Someone had brought some wine and snacks so Jim poured me a glass of wine. It was really good wine so I had a couple more glasses as we waited. After what seemed like eternity the doors opened and guys started coming in. Apparently, there was a meeting that Jim had forgotten about, but one of his friends told him not to worry because he had covered for him. I guess Jim had other things on his mind, like how he was going to handle his wife stripping in front of some of his classmates. Now, last year there were 6 or 7 guys. I counted six guys including Jim and I think 1 or 2 more came in later. I was the only girl. Before they notice me, I put on a rapper bandana around my head and a baseball cap. They looked me up and down and it was obvious that they were ok with Jim’s pick of a stripper. They started right into the food and wine. Finally a guy came over to me and handed me a glass of wine and introduced himself as Jason. As we were making small talk, a couple other guys came over and the next thing I knew most of them were over talking to me. I don’t know how many times they filled my wine glass. Finally, I said that I better get started or else they would have to pay me more. A very good looking guy named Chris lead me to a small dressing room behind the stage where I took off my sweat bottoms and jacket. I put my music cd into the sound system and pushed start. My heart was pounding and my hands were trembling. I came very close to backing out. Lucky for them I had as much wine as I did, because I don’t think I would have gone through with it if I had not been just a little buzzed.

So my music started and everyone stopped talking at the same time, which made me more self-conscious. I took a deep breath and went through the door and tried my best to get into the mood of the music and pictured the stripper at the club as I tried to do what they had done. I could picture the one who played with her g-string very clearly in my mind and so I started slowly moving my body seductively to the music.

At first I tried to pretend I was there all by myself, that there were not 8 guys including my husband watching me. But then I heard several of them commenting on how “total hot” I was, and then I found myself playing to them, almost egging them on to see how horny I could make them. It became a game and as I took off my schoolgirl shirt I loved their reaction. I kept reminding myself to go slow, this was a strip tease.

As I took off my schoolgirl skirt their months dropped and they hooted and whistled softy (we were not supposed to make any load noise). I played with my sheer lace bra for a while before removing it and you would have thought it was the first time some of them had seen naked breasts. I was continuing to move and be as sexy as I possible could. I started playing with my g-string and then I noticed several of them holding up dollar bills. So I went to the edge of the stage and let them put the bills into by g-string. Now I know why stripper can do what they do, it is like a drug when the guys started rewarding you. The money is like their way of telling me that they like what I am doing and it motivated me to continue or maybe it was the wine. But I really got into it and was getting very excited. They kept making comments about how hot and beautiful I was.

Then I heard one guy say that my pussy was wet and for Jim to do what he did last year. He was right; my pussy had never been so wet. I was so lubricated and I wished that I could have Jim come up and make love to me right then and there. I wouldn’t have even cared if they all watched. The guy gave Jim a $20 bill and I came to the edge so Jim could put in my g-string. I don’t know what he did last year but he started teasing me with that $20. He softly ran his fingers under the waistline of my g-string and then slowly down the crotch. He was lightly touching my pussy lips and each time he stroked my clitoris it sent chills up my spine. Without realizing it, I spread my legs apart, and he slipped a finger inside my pussy lips and up my very moist cunt. It was ecstasy and I didn’t want him to stop. I didn’t care who was watching. An orgasm was quickly approaching and I wanted it. But then Jim quit, or should I say one of his classmates pulled him away. After I was able to catch my breath, I took all the money out of my g-string and put in with my schoolgirl stripper outfit.

It was then that I noticed two guys with $20’s again holding them out to put them in my g-string. I was about to call it quits but figured I would get these two $20’s first. As I got close to them, they pulled back a little and without realizing it, I came closer to them and to the edge of the stage. When they finally put the money into my g-string, one on the right and the other on the left, they pulled down on the g-string, bring it to my feet and then pulled my feet out from under me. It was mind blowing how fast and gentle they had me totally naked and lying there with my legs spread showing my private pussy to everyone in the room. It happened so fast I didn’t see Chris standing between my legs with his pants pulled down and his erect cock head touching the opening to my soaking wet vagina. My mind went complete blank as I froze there and watch Chris slowly bury the head of his cock inside my vagina.

When I finally realized what was happening, I could hear all the guys tell my how hot I was and encouraging Chris to give it to me and one guys said, “she so fucken wet, you know she wants it.” That was when I understood that I was going to get fucked by everyone in that room and that I really did want it. At that moment I relax and felt that cock going deep inside of me, and my orgasm started to build again. Chris was now pushing his thick 6-inch cock deeper with each thrust and I felt a tingle each time he hit my clit. I started coming more intense than I ever thought was possible and as I was totally enjoying this amazing orgasm, I could hear one of the guys saying that I was shaking and that I must be coming. So they knew I was having an orgasm, so what, I didn’t care. Then I felt Chris coming as his cock pulsated inside of me for the longest time. As he pulled out I felt his cum drip down the crack of my ass and it turned me on again.

No sooner had Chris pulled out than other classmate took his place. I couldn’t believe how horny I was as I anticipated cock number two coming inside of me. First, I felt the head touching my clit, then rubbing my pussy lips until it parted my lips, and then I could feel this second cock enter me and slowly and easily slide deeper and deeper inside of me. The thought of stopping never entered my mind.

Then I remembered my husband, Jim. As I became aware of the men and how they were in a trance as they watched cock number two go in and out of me. It was like nothing I have ever felt, and I thought to myself how amazing this was and how I loved it. Then I looked at Jim and he was staring at my pussy and watching his classmate’s cock going in and out of his wife’s cunt. I figured it was too late to ask him for permission and anyway, it was he who had got me into this position so to speak.

However, Jim must have seen me looking at him because after classmate number two shot his load of cum inside of me, Jim stepped in next and immediately drilled his cock all the way into me and screwed me hard and fast. He was so out of control that he hardly noticed that it was his wife he was doing and that there were seven other classmates in line to fuck me after him. He must have been unbelievably horny because he pumped cum into me for several minutes. I noticed that the remaining 7 guys were all naked now and holding erect cocks as they waited their turn to fuck me.

As Jim stepped back the next guy stepped up to me and I had my wits about me now that I had had two orgasms. Looking at his cock, I about fainted. His cock was easily 9 inched long and twice as thick as Jims. All the others were starring at it and one made a comment about knowing why his nickname is horse. He was slow and touched the head of his giant cock on my clit and then just rubbed it down my pussy lips and back up over and over for a couple of minutes and I started feeling my excitement building again, and my fear turned into eager anticipation. Then he put the head of his cock at the entrance to my love hole and slowly, very slowly, he pushed. I was relieved as he started to enter me that as it stretched the walls of my vagina it felt really good. My cunt was so wet and I was so turned on that the feeling of the walls of my vagina stretching was actually very enjoyable. I now watched as everyone in the room was starring at Horse’s huge cock disappearing inside my cunt. As he went deeper inside of me he must have found my G-spot because all of a sudden, I felt another orgasm building inside of me and as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me I started trembling again. Without being able to control myself I arch my back, tilted my head back, closed my eyes, and experience the most intense vaginal orgasm imaginable. The boy named Horse pumped his massive cock in and out of me for a while and then fill me up again as his cock pulsated deeper inside me than I ever thought possible. After Horse it was all a blur. I know everyone did me once and some of them fucked me twice including Jim and Horse.

Everyone thanked me and told me how totally awesome I was as I gathered my things. Jim went to get the car because it was raining and I didn’t want anything to happen to the rented outfit. While I was waiting two of Jim’s classmates approached and asked if they could hire me again. I told them that I was very picky about my stripping and said I would call them. They both gave me their phone numbers and said they would do what ever it took to qualify to have me strip at another party.

As Jim and I drove home, we were quiet. I didn’t know how he was reacting to the night’s events but I knew I liked it and hope I could do it again, with his permission and help. I asked him how he was and he smiled and told me I was amazing, that he was the luckiest guy in the world to be married to me. Then he asked how I was. I told him the honest truth. I was wonderful and would never be the same, in a good way. I told him I loved him more than ever and that this was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to me. I think we were both relieved to find out that each of us were ok with what happened that night. Then I told him about the two classmates wanting to hire me again and what did he think. He said exactly what I was hoping he would say. He was totally all right with me stripping for people as long as he was there and I was into it. He didn’t have to worry about me being into it, I couldn’t wait to have another job like the one tonight.

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