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I am not a CUCKOLD!

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I don?t consider myself a cuckold nor am I bisexual. I only say that because it is important for you to know that before I tell you about what happened recently. Let me tell you a little about us first. We are an average couple in every way. Our height weight ratio is about where you would expect it to be for a couple in their fifties, we are average looking not Ken & Barbie but pleasant to look at and we have been relatively monogamous during our thirty year marriage. Having been married for thirty years as you would expect our sex life has become somewhat routine at best and just not very exciting. During our marriage we have tried all the toys, movies even went on swinger web sites and camed with others, but that was as adventurous as we got. Yes we have had discreet affairs in the past but the knowledge of them was kept a secret from each other. We had discussed swinging with another couple or having a threesome but it never matured past pillow talk. So here we are in our fifties and totally bored with each other.

One night after an especially feeble attempt to have passionate sex we both were lying there frustrated with the others ability and willingness to bring the other to toe curling orgasm. In other words our sex had become the same old boring in and out. I ask Penny what had happened to us and why she no longer liked to have sex. She gave me a bunch of standard excuses like hormones, too much to eat at dinner, the dogs were making noise etc etc. Then she rolled over and said, actually it?s that I?ve had the same old dick for thirty years and it doesn?t excite me anymore. I snippety said, well then you just need to find you some new dick! We rolled over and went to sleep without another word being said. The next day I was recalling the previous night?s activities and her comment. I began to think that she was right; we have been fucking each other so long that it was the same old thing over and over. It was at that moment I knew I to take charge and get her some new dick for the good of our sex life and marriage.

The next time we were attempting to make love I started asking her if she wished there was another person helping me fuck her. I told her to imagine that she was sucking someone?s dick while I was fucking her pussy. The more I described to her what we were doing to her the more she seemed to be enjoying it. I certainly knew that the thoughts of sharing her with someone were certainly providing a spark in my loins. Soon we both climaxed to the best orgasm we?ve had in months if not longer. As we lay there spend I looked down at her lying there in her nakedness, chest heaving from the physical exertion and a small trickle of cum leaking out of her pussy. Not wanting the fun to stop so soon I whispered in her ear, ?How did you like that guy fucking you? I certainly liked watching him fuck my wife while you gave me head. Did he fill your pussy with his man juice? Let me see, I want to see your cum filled pussy.? I traced my finger over her chest and down her thighs, back up and over her wet crack. She responded by spreading her legs a little. She devilishly asked me how I liked looking at his cum dripping from her. I told her I loved it and couldn?t wait to see it for real. She said ?lick me, lick me clean of his cum. Is that what you want, you want me to lick his cum from my wife?s pussy. That married pussy he just fucked in front of me. Yes she responded eat my cum covered cunt till I orgasm again you naughty bastard. Still roll playing I slid down and got between her legs. I scooped up a big cum oyster with my tongue and showed it to her before I swallowed and said ?Does it turn you on to think I am eating another man?s cum from your cunt?? ?Oh fuck yeah, I want you to eat all his man juice from my cunt and then fuck me to climax again.? I hadn?t seen her this motivated in such a long time and with all the erotic thoughts of another person being there fucking her I was hard again in no time. I continued licking her pussy telling her how good his cum tasted in her pussy till she begged me to fuck her again. Soon she was drifting off to sleep with a second load of my cum deep in her pussy.

The next morning as we were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee, I ask her if she had a good time last night? She said it was the best sex we have had in a very long time. The conversation soon leads to us inviting someone to join us for a threesome. She said that it would never happen. I told her how hot she got last night and how much I was turned on by the thought of someone else fucking her. She again said that she has no intentions of ever having a threesome with me, period. That night we again were starting to get amorous and I brought up a threesome but she quickly dismissed the idea. As I was starting to enter her I stopped and told her that tonight she must describe to me what her fantasy fuck would be. She at first declined, saying that she was too embarrassed to talk like that in front of me. I started to ease the head into her pussy and stopped. I told her to again tell me about a fantasy fuck she would enjoy. She again declined but was trying to scoot down to get more of my dick into her. I ask her to tell me who she was fantasizing fucking her. She stopped dead and looked at me asking, ?How did you know I was fantasizing about someone?? I saw this as my opportunity and told her that she was being more aggressive and was more wet than normal so I assumed that even if she wouldn?t tell me her fantasy I knew she was having one in her mind.? I then start to slowly fuck her while asking question about the fantasy she wasn?t having at the moment. She finally told me that she was imagining that I was away on a trip and she met someone who ended up making love to her just the way she like it. Regardless of how much else I tried to coach from her she was tight lipped. The one thing I did learn from that night was the reason she was adamant about not having a threesome with me was that she felt it would be too embarrassing to have me see her getting fucked by someone. From that little tidbit of information I assessed that she wasn?t against getting some new dick, she just didn?t want me to see her getting it. I won?t bore you with all the details of our fucking each other that night but there is one other item that became apparent. When we were finished fucking she didn?t get up and go to the bathroom to wash herself as usual but rather just lied there. After a few seconds to catch our breath she turned to me and ask, ?Would you be a gentleman and clean his cum from your wife?s pussy?? As I was once again licking my cum from her I started to realize what her fantasy is. She wants to go out on a date with someone and come home to me with her pussy full of his cum and for me to lick her clean. As I said I?m not bisexual and have never entertained the idea of tasting another man?s cum from the tap or her package. Surprisingly the more I thought about sending her out on a date and her coming home to me full of cum was strangely erotic. I thought about it for a few days and decided that I knew I could adjust to the thought of her being with another man but couldn?t come to terms with devouring his cum from her. I, on the other hand, got rock hard just thinking about fucking her sloppy cunt after she returned.

A few nights later as we lay in bed I started playing with her pussy, telling her that I was her dream man. I told her that I was going to fuck her good filling her full of cum to take back to her husband. She responded again be adding ?Great and I will make him lick all of it from my pussy before I fuck him.? With that she rolled over on top of me and commenced riding my dick until she had another trembling orgasm. While she was lying on my chest recovering I asked her if she had anyone special in mind to fuck. She said no and that she would never have a threesome with me so drop it. I told her that I wasn?t asking her to have a threesome but that I wanted her to go out on a date, get fucked and come home to me. She said, ?Never, I could do that, it would be wrong for me to have sex with someone else other than you?. I reminded her that I was pretty sure that she has had affairs in the past and regardless if I was knowledgeable of her date and approved of it then it wouldn?t be cheating. She again said that she couldn?t fuck someone outside of our marriage, however as she was telling me that she would not fuck someone she was starting to rock back and forth on my dick. I kept talking about her getting fucked by someone and she kept fucking me harder and harder to another toe curling orgasm for the both of us. This time she didn?t hesitate she immediately slid up my chest and placed her cum filled pussy on my face to clean. I heard her again saying things like, eat his cum from me, see how much cum he filled me, how does his cum taste tonight, god I love it when you eat your wife?s cum filled pussy you horny pervert! Soon she was once again lying on my chest dosing off to sleep and I again asked her about going on a date for me. Sleepily she said that she didn?t know anyone to fuck and if I wanted her to get fucked I should find someone and then she drifted off to sleep.

Needless to say the next day I logged on to several swinger web sites and started looking for a suitable fucker for her. It was the weirdest feeling sitting there looking at guys profile and trying to figure out who would be the best date for my wife. I thought about going to regular dating web sites but figured that these would be best because there would be no pretence of what was happening. I wanted to find someone that was easy on the eye and about our age or a little younger. Jerks or needy people need not apply and by needy I?m referring to emotional, financial, and social or any other type of personality disorder. Soon I had narrowed it down to a few possibilities and sent then an email explaining our situation. What followed was a series of emails from which I narrowed the search to a couple individuals. I met each one of them for a drink to further assess if I thought they would be a good fuck for my wife and if she would like to fuck them as well. It was difficult to decide but one guy stood out. He was from across town, was pretty good looking and a few years younger than her, he was professionally employed and best of all he was married. He started off by telling me that he needed complete discretion so his wife and work remained clueless. He also offered something else that no one brought to the table. A clean bill of health, I know that you can never be certain about things like that but he had a recent doctor?s report showing that he had tested negative for STD?s. He also said that he had only been with his wife since his check up and that she had been checked and had been monogamous too. I don?t know how he figured that he could vouch for his wife?s indiscretions but accepted it at face value. Seeing the quizzical look on my face he then explained that they are in the military and that he had just gotten back from deployment to the sandbox and now his wife was deployed. Before each deployment I knew they are required to go thru a thorough medical examination so that explained it. I left with a solid hard on and knowledge that I had found my wife fucker.

That night we were lying in bed when I reminded Penny of her offer to go out on a date if I set it up. She thought I was starting some more roll playing and said that she was tired and would not be fucking me tonight. I told her that I didn?t want to fuck her because I wanted her pussy to be fresh for Fred. Fred who the fuck is Fred, she asked, slightly intrigued but still not quite knowing if I was bullshitting her or not. I reached over and started stroking her pussy as I told her of my past few days endeavors. She at first refused to consider dating this guy but the more I reassured her that I wanted it to happen and the more she heard about him she started to soften her position. The next day she asked me what he looked like with a sheepish grin on her face. I had gotten a pic of him on my phone during our meeting so I showed it to her. Smiling she said he looks handsome. I must admit he was to a point. He was about 5-10 maybe 195 lbs with zero or little bodyfat and clean cut military style. She still wasn?t sold on the idea but I could tell she was intrigued. When I told her he was in the military so he would be a lean mean fucking machine, she laughed and asked me if I would like for him to fuck her. This time it was I who was laughing. I told her what the hell did she think all that roll playing for the past couple months was all about if not prepping her for this event. She asked me again if I was really serious about wanting her to get fucked in real life by someone. I told her I not only want her to fuck this guy but I would help prepare her for her date also. Like what she ask me? I told her that I would start by not fucking her for the rest of the week leading up to her big night so her pussy would be fresh, I would take her shopping and buy her a new and appropriate Hot Wife wardrobe, I would take her to the salon for hair and nail work and I would groom her pussy perfectly for fucking. She ask me what I will do for her when she returns from her date and I tell her that I will be so rock hard that I?m sure I will get a nut before my dick is completely in her cum soaked pussy. She laughs and tells me that I won?t be fucking a cum soaked pussy because if she does go through with the date the first thing I have to do when she gets home is to lick her pussy clean. When she said it I was watching her face for some indication of whether she was actually planning to meet this guy and more importantly if she was serious about wanting me to lick his cum from her. It was hard to tell and I said that I couldn?t wait to fuck her sloppy cum filled pussy as soon as she got home. I?ll think about it but I?m not making any promises was all she said. I told her great I?ll set everything up for this Saturday evening then. How do you know I will like him, I haven?t even talked to him yet? I looked at the clock and noticed that it was still rather early and figured that Fred wouldn?t be asleep yet so I reached for my phone and dialed his number. On the third ring he picked up and said hello. I told him who I was and asked him if he had a moment, if so Penny would like to say hi. He said that he was just about to turn off the TV and go to bed so yes he could talk. I told him that Penny wanted him to ask her for a date Saturday evening if he was free. With that I handed the phone to Penny. She was tentative but managed a small weak ?Hello is this Fred? I?m good and we were just talking about you and wondered what you were like. I mean after all my husband has set up a fuck date for me but since I?m the one getting fucked I thought I should at least talk to you first.? They talked for the next fifteen minutes while she was talking to him she was stroking my dick. I heard her say oh so you?re married, oh I see, yes I know how it is, we survived a lot of deployments while Dan was active duty, laughter, oh I see, no not here either, ok yeah ok that sounds good I?ll split it with you no better yet I?ll have Dan take care of it for us, ok then it?s set Saturday evening about five dinner movie and a pussy full of cum for me, ok see you then bye. As soon as she hung up I ask her what that was all about. Penny told me that Fred didn?t want the neighbors to see her going into his house and she didn?t want to fuck him here so I will be getting them a hotel room. I told her that I didn?t want her spending the night with him. She got a little angry and told me that it was a little late in the game to put rules or constraints on her. She told me that after I groomed her for the past couple months to get fucked by someone and then found a guy and set it up behind her back if she wanted to stay out all night with him she would and I wouldn?t say a damn thing about it. She then told me that she has no intentions of waking up next to anyone but me and that Fred didn?t want the neighbors to see him going out and staying out all night either so she would probably be home by midnight. I tried to find out what else they talked about and why her sudden change of attitude about dating him. She told me that he told her he was in love with his wife and wasn?t looking for a relationship he was just looking for someone to share dinner with and maybe too occasionally have sex with. Having spent many lonely nights while I was deployed she knew what he was going through. She also said the just talking about getting fucked by someone with me the past couple months had improved our sex life immensely so she was curious what it would be like if she actually went through with it and because I had went to a lot of trouble to find someone as nice as Fred sounded to fuck her. Also because she felt that I must really be ok with it and so now she has three days to wait and think about getting fucked by someone other than me her husband. She then reminded me that I could not have sex with her for the rest of the week so she would be fresh for Fred.

True to my word when Saturday morning arrived I got out of bed first and had a lite breakfast ready for Penny when she awoke. After she went through her morning routine I took her to the spa. I told the clerk what I had in mind for her hair, nails and to give her a massage too. Three hours later she emerged looking like a queen. They did a superb job on her hair and the nail color was a perfect deep red. Next I took her to find something new to wear. That was easy, as soon as I entered the women?s department I saw the perfect skirt and blouse on a mannequin. The skirt was black with a small slit up the back and sequined, the blouse was a thin creamy white color that was semi transparent that would look great with a lacy push-up bra which just happened to be lying on a table behind the mannequin. All I needed now was hose, panties and shoes. I found some black lace toped thigh high hose that went perfect with her skirt and she said we should skip the shoes because she has a pair of heels at the house that will go nicely with everything. All that was left were her panties. I looked at all the sexy thongs, toyed with the idea of making her skip wearing panties but thought she need something to help catch the cum that would be dripping from her on her way home. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted them. They weren?t sexy at all but I thought they would be fitting for her outing. They were a set of yellow silk panties with a smiley face on the crotch. I grabbed them even though she protested and pleaded for me to buy her a little sexy lace thing but no I liked the silk smiley face set. The cashier saw the humor in my choice and made a little snide comment. I told her that I was shopping for my wife?s date night and if she got lucky I wanted the guy to have a laugh too. That caught her totally off guard and she packaged our purchase without saying another word. After I got Penny home I spread a towel out on the bed and had her strip so I could trim her pussy. I shaved her bikini line and meticulously trimmed the rest of her crotch hair to about a quarter inch in length. Just for fun I trimmed it to look like a furry heart. Satisfied with my work I drew her a hot bath with her favorite scented bath oil. I then brought her a lite sandwich and a glass of wine. I didn?t want to get her drunk but I wanted her to be relaxed about what was happening and going to happen tonight. After she finished her sandwich and wine I then sponged her clean spending an extra amount of time on her pussy, ass and tits. When I was finished she got out and I dried her off again spending an ample of time on her pussy, ass and tits. She had about an hour and a half before it was time to leave. I?m no good at applying make-up so she did her eyes, lips and whatever else women do before they go on a date to get fucked. When she was done I then pulled her smiley face panties over her lovely pussy kissing it just before the panties slid in place. I did the same to each tittie nipple before I fastened the bra around her. Next I slid her hose on her legs and finished by putting her blouse and skirt on. I went to kiss her but she recoiled, wouldn?t want to smear the lipstick! I stood back and had a look, she was stunning. It had been years since she had looked this sexy for me regardless of where we were going or why. I was both proud of her and hurt that she didn?t dress like this for me. Then it hit me she didn?t dress like this, I had dressed her like this for his enjoyment tonight. I took a picture of her telling her that she was beautiful and I wanted a before pic, we would get an after pic tonight around midnight if all were lucky. Again she asked me why I had her dress with smiley face panties. I told her that it was to remind her of the smile on my face when she came home freshly fucked and full of cum.

With that it was time for her to leave. I had gotten them a room at a nearby hotel which had a decent restaurant and bar in it. I didn?t know where they would be dining but the hotel was nice and the food was a bit pricy but good. I handed her the key cards and told her to call or text me to let me know she was safe and enjoying herself. I felt slightly uneasy as I watch her back out of the driveway and head down the road. I knew we had talked about this moment and I know I fantasized about it all the time but now that it was a reality I was having second thoughts. I wanted it but at the same time I felt like shit because it was about to happen. I figured I would go back in the house open a beer and log onto my favorite SLS web site, go in the cuckold chat room and see who else was sitting at home waiting while their wife was out on a date ie out getting her brains fucked out by someone else! I was really feeling like I fucked up. I mean if we were swinging with another couple it would be great or even if we were having a threesome it would be better than this because I would be there with her playing also. But no not this, I?m sitting at home knowing that she is out enjoying herself and she is most probably going to get fucked by this guy before the night is over. Oh well she was right it is my entire fault. I had arranged everything so the only thing left to do was sit at home waiting, waiting on a call or text from my wife telling me that she was getting fucked by some stranger.

I decided not to have a beer because I wanted to be totally sober for the rest of the night, ready for anything that may come up. After all if I get a frantic call saying that Fred was a jerk of a person, I may need to rescue my wife from him but more likely I would need to be sober to be able to fully enjoy receiving my fucked wife for our mutual pleasure. I did go in and fix myself a little dinner then I logged on to SLS. Shortly I received a text: He loved your smiley face panties. I quickly texted her back: Did you guys already fuck? No answer. Text: Are you in the hotel room fucking right now? No answer. Text: You?re driving me crazy what is going on are you ok are you having fun are you coming home? No answer.

I figured that she was ok and having a good time so I tried to concentrate on my computer chatting. I was telling someone that yes I had sent my wife out to get fucked and was waiting on her to come home to me later that night after as she put it; had dinner, a movie and got a pussy full of cum. I heard my phone buzz with a new text. It said we are having a wonderful time and dinner was delicious. Text: How did he know you were wearing smiley face panties? Did you fuck him already? Nothing no answer so I went back to my computer chat. I was listening to a gentleman tell me about some of his wife?s experiences and how hot she was to fuck him when she returned. I mentioned Penny?s comment of me cleaning her upon her arrival. To my astonishment I was told this is a common practice and is normally expected by all cuckolds. I told them that I didn?t consider myself a cuckold, I was just sharing her with this guy. They ask me if I set up the date for her ? yes I did, did you prepare her for her date ? yes I did, am I setting at home waiting for her to return to me full of another man?s cum ? yes I was, so they informed me that regardless of what I considered myself I was indeed a cuckold and as such was expected to lick her soiled pussy clean immediately upon her return. As I was reading all the comments I noticed that someone opened up a cam window. I clicked on it and saw a fairly decent looking couple locked in a 69. Someone was moving the cam around to get the best angle so I knew there were at least three people in the room. Once whoever was satisfied with the cam placement they moved over behind the lady who was on top of the guy sucking his dick. The third person turned out to be another guy and he was hung like Ron Jeremy. His dick had to be 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, that fucking thing was huge! It was a monster in fact that?s what it reminded me of, a can of Monster energy drink with an apple sitting on top of it. As he positioned himself behind the woman?s pussy the guy that was licking her clit reached up took a hold of it and started rubbing it up and down the ladies pussy crack. I say pussy crack because her vulva lips were so small they were almost none existent. She appeared almost completely smooth down there. All you could really see was a small crevice with a tiny pimple on top which was her clit and a tiny hole under it. With every swipe he would try to press that monster a little deeper in her tiny pussy hole. It was fantastic to watch her almost nonexistent pussy lips spread trying to absorb his thickness. The guy on the bottom spit on his hand and wiped it on that fat dick. I could see the shininess of his precum forming on his dick head and all the blood veins encircling that fat monster. I was thinking that she would never be able to accommodate that fucking monster dick in her tiny little pussy. Then the guy standing started to push it into her a little more and finally I saw the head disappear. When it emerged from her on the next stroke I could see that it was glistening from her juices. She must have been really wet and lubricated from the thought of receiving his monster dick in her. The guy slowly pushed it in again and held still for a bit allowing her virgina to accept it girth before he continued his assault on her tiny orifice. The guy on the bottom was rubbing her clit, spreading the folds of her pussy lips and massaging her stretched cunt . As the monster more easily disappeared into her the guy standing started to fuck her faster and harder. Finally he was buried to the hilt in her and with every thrust he rocked her forward about a foot. With every out dtroke it appeared about an inch of her internal pussy lining was pulled out encircling his dick! The guy on the bottom was trying to keep his tongue on her clit but was failing miserably. I saw the lady clench her fist and exhibit other signs that she was riding the wave of a powerful orgasm. The guy standing rammed one last time into her and held himself deep in her pussy. I knew right away he was pumping a load of semen deep in her cunt. At that moment I wondered what size Fred?s dick would be and if Penny would come home stretched out like this lady. I also realized that the crotch of my pants were soaking wet with my own precum. I watch as the guy on screen slowly let his half deflated cock slip from her cunt. She was gaped wide open and cum started flowing from her tunnel dripping on the guys face that was under her. The guy that was fucking her moved the cam in closer and we could see how wide open she was, how red her vagina was and that it still contained a fair amount of his cum. The lady lowered herself on the gentleman lying under her and it appeared that half his face was swallowed up by her gaping cunt hole. I watched as she ground that sloppy cum filled pussy all over his face leaving it shinny with both her and the monster dicks juices. I thought wow how hot and how degrading it was to her husband that is lying under her sucking the cum from another man from her pussy. Then my thoughts returned to my situation. Penny was out on a date where she would surely get fucked if she hasn?t already been fucked and she had told me that she expected me to eat her pussy when she returned. Again the hollow feeling returned to my stomach.

I was brought back to reality by the buzzing of my cell phone with another text. I quickly checked it and all that was there was a pic of her face being impaled by a dick that was thankfully a bit smaller than the one I had just watched assault that lady on screen. It appeared to be slightly larger than mine but defiantly not a ball bat, thank god. Well now I knew for sure that he was or had fucked her. I mean if you receive a text pic of your wife with her date?s dick in her mouth you have got to assume that she will be coming home fucked too. Text: What time will you be coming home? Buzz: After he fucks me again, now don?t bother me! I decided to respect their privacy and didn?t return her text. Instead I returned back to the computer screen to update my fellow cuck boys as to what I had learned my wife was doing on her date. I learned that the people I had been watching were indeed a married couple and her bull. I didn?t like the label of cuckold husband, hotwife and bull but that?s what everyone was calling them so I went with it too. The three of them was still on cam but they were just sitting in front of the computer chatting with everyone. I couldn?t believe how many people were asking the ?bull? if he would come over and fuck their wife. This really was something new for me and I didn?t really know how deeply into this lifestyle I could actually go. I mean I wanted to swing and I wanted to have a threesome but to engage in a cuckold lifestyle where only the wife gets to have sex was not the direction I wanted to pursue. But here I was sitting at home waiting on my wife to come home from a date, a date which I completely set up for her. I was starting to regret what I had started when buzz buzz. It was another text pic of Penny clearly showing half the guys dick in her pussy. I diligently informed everyone on screen of my latest update and got quite a few congratulations. Weird fellow married guys were congratulating me because my wife was out getting fucked by someone else. Just then another window popped up on screen and I instantly recognized it as being one of the guys that I had been chatting with earlier who had said his wife was on a date too. I clicked on it and instantly their images were on screen. He was a middle aged man of portly stature and she was the same only much fitter than him. As I watched he slowly lowered her pants. She wasn?t wearing sexy panties at all in fact they were close to what I call granny panties. What struck me was how wet they appeared to be. It looked like she had pee?d in them. I watched as the guy appeared to kiss her wet panties and then slowly he peeled them down her thighs. She had a fair amount of public hair which was totally matted with what looked like egg whites. I assumed that this was cum from her date. He meticulously tongued her legs working in toward her honey pot. He would open his mouth as wide as possible and suck the cum from her pussy hairs. He would lick and suck, lick and suck till he covered every inch of her crotch. He strangely stayed away from her slit though. As he licked the hair away from her pussy crack I could see that her pussy lips were very swollen, red and distended. Whoever fucked her must have surely worked her cunt over like a sailor on shore leave! I saw a small goblet of cum starting to emerge from that devastated cunt. The guy was right there to catch it with the tip of his tongue. He slowly inserted just the tip of his tongue into her sex separating those abused lips and slid it up from her taint to her clit. As his tongue lightly brushed against her clit she shuddered just slightly. He backed away showing both her and us the generous amount of cum he had just gleamed from her pussy with only one pass of his tongue. Watching this I was starting to realize how badly I wanted to do the same to Penny when she returned. He then swallowed the guys seed and laid down. She knelled over him and we were treated to watching almost a continual stream of cum draining from her. It almost looked like she was pissing egg whites. He greedily lapped up every drop and when it seemed to slow he reached up with his tongue and buried it as far as he could get it up her cunt trying to mine any remaining juice still in her. I realized my dick was so hard that it hurt and was dripping precum by the teaspoon full. She then spun around in a 69 with the guy and started to suck his dick. I don?t know who I should have felt sorry for the most. You see his dick was only about 3 inches long and no bigger around than a hot dog, in fact it reminded me of a Vienna Wiener. She made no more than a couple head bobs before he dumped his load in her mouth. She spun around and gave him a kiss where I suspect she transferred his cum back to him. All I know is that as they were kissing a small trickle of what looked like cum dribbled down her cheek and when they broke from their kiss he licked it from her. Like the others they didn?t log off but continued to chat with everyone. That?s when we discovered that because her husband is so sexually disadvantaged he encourages her to date others, ie fuck others. Tonight when she went to see her regular boyfriend, fuckbuddy or bull, whatever you want to call him, he had company. It seemed that a couple of his friends just happened to be there. The wife knowing that her time was limited and wanting or rather needing sex decided that they all could fuck her. That?s why her pussy appeared so abused. Three hard dicks had been depositing cum in her for the past 3 hours. She was tired sore and satisfied completely. She said that it was the first time she ever had multiple dicks at the same time. She also told us that this was the last taboo she needed to break free from her conservative Catholic upbringing. She started dating at her husband?s insistence because he knew that she was sexually deprived. They both knew they deeply loved each other but if he couldn?t satisfy her sexual needs they would end up divorced and neither wanted that. She said she at first felt bad for committing adultery but her husband convinced her that because he knew about it and approved of her fucking others it wasn?t cheating. As she continued to get fucked by this other guy for a little over a year she said she began to have fantasies of fucking others too. So today when she went to her ?bulls? house and his friends were there she figured that this was just fate and meat to be. I ask her if she would ever do it again. She replied that she has a date with the three of them the following weekend! I then asked her husband how he felt about that. He said he hopes she has fun and that he couldn?t wait to see how much cum she would bring home next weekend. I thought wow this is some crazy shit!

By now it was going on 10-oclock and then buzz buzz buzz. It was Penny saying that she was checking out of the hotel and would be home in about twenty minutes. I quickly jumped into the shower, partly to wash all the precum off, to kill some time while waiting and to freshen up in the event that Penny would still be horny when she got home. My dick was harder than it had been in years and my balls ached. You know that feeling you have when you were young and hadn?t had sex in a few months and someone starts playing a porno tape. Well that?s how my dick felt, it also had almost a constant stream of precum leaking from the tip too. Just as I was drying off I heard her car pull into the driveway. The moment of truth had arrived. Would she be mad at me for forcing her into her adulteress evening with Fred, would she want to do it again, would she be a better fuck from this point on and would she want to have sex with me tonight? I didn?t know those answers but knew that I would shortly find out. Then another though entered my mind. She had earlier told me that she was expecting me to lick her lovers sperm from her pussy just as I had mine before. I thought of the two guys I had watched on cam earlier who seemed to relish in the act. However I wasn?t comfortable with the thought of tasting another man?s seed. I still considered it to be somewhat gay. The thought of it was making my dick somewhat soft! Surely she wouldn?t want to emasculate me by demanding I eat her cum fill cunt would she? For some reason the idea of fucking her slimy hole was a turn on but to eat it wasn?t. I heard her fumble with the door lock and I opened the door wrapped in a towel, which was severely tented in the front. She walked in, shut the door and fell into my arms. In a sultry voice she told me how much she loved me and thanks for this evening. Then she kissed me deeply. Her saliva was thick, salty and tasted slightly reminiscent of cum. Smiling because she knew what I was tasting, she said, yes you are correct you are tasting him. The last thing I did before we left was to give him a blow job. I didn?t need to ask how her evening went nor did I need to ask her if she was mad or disappointed in me for finding her a date. The aggressive behavior she was showing me also told me that she wanted more sex, sex with me her husband who had earlier sent her on a date to be fucked by someone else. As we kissed I ran my hands down over her ass feeling her panty line. I cupped her ass drawing her to me and asked her if he fucked her and did he bring her to orgasm? Whispering ?Oh god yes, a couple times, he was so good?. I slid my hands down her ass and back up her legs under her dress. The crotch of her panties was so wet! I ran my finger under her panties and found her pussy to be slimy with his thick cum. ?Tell me what happened tonight, I want to hear all about it? I said. She began to disrobe as she was leading me to the bedroom. Once there I noticed that the smiley face on her panties was completely soaked. Grabbing my camera I started to take a picture, telling her that I wanted it for our history of the first night of her Hot Wife lifestyle. She then surprised me by turning on all the lights and setting up our movie camera. She said yes me too, I want to preserve this night forever. She then told me to remove her panties and have a good look at her gooey pussy. She said that even though she normally washes herself after fucking she wanted me to see all the cum she collected this evening. Again I told her I wanted to hear all about her date. She climbed up on the bed and straddled my face. Start eating and I?ll tell you about it. With that she spread her knees slightly which was just enough to allow her to gape slightly and when she did the cum started leaking from her onto me. There was no doubt she expected me to clean his cum from her snatch. My mind race back to the conversations I had with the gentlemen in the chat room and how they said it was customary for cucks to clean their wife after her return from a date. I still didn?t want to believe that I was a cuck but here I was lying under my wife with someone else?s cum dripping from her cunt onto my face. Maybe I was or maybe this was just a new side of our marital kinky sex, either way I was beginning to feel comfortable with our position and was starting to want to taste her freshly fucked cum filled pussy. She inched down closer to my face and I could smell their sex. I could smell her familiar scent as well as the scent of his cum, together the smell of their musk was intoxicating to the point that I wanted to bury my face in her crotch and lick every molecule of their coupling from her. I kissed her pussy lips and as I backed away I saw a cum string attaching my facial lips to her cunt lips. The taste was no different from the times that I had eaten her after I had fucked her. Wanting this more than ever I reached up grabbed her waist and pulled her firmly down onto my waiting and wanting mouth. I ran my tongue along her crack and felt his cum gathering on my tongue. Parting her lips I saw she was glistening with his Juice and I was to clean it from her. I gave in to the moment, planting my lips around her pussy hole, sucking and probing with my tongue I removed all evidence from her prior fornications. As I was devouring her delicious fucked out cunt I faintly heard her telling me of the events as they unfolded earlier. She said they met in the hotel lobby, walking in at exactly the prescribed time. Since they were the only two in the lobby they assumed that each was the others date. Fred walked up to her and introduced himself. They shared a hug and lite kiss. She then suggested they check out the room that I had gotten them. Once in the room they shared a long deep passionate kiss which led to him fucking her. He hadn?t had sex since his wife deployed and had a ball sack full of pent up sperm which he quickly deposited in her pussy. She said he apologized for not taking his time and bringing her to orgasm first. She said that she reassured him that she was use to not receiving an orgasm and that after dinner he could make it up to her. They decided to have a lite dinner in the hotel restaurant then after desert head back up to the room for what else - more sex. She said this time he was much slower and brought her to a toe curling climax before spunking in her. They just laid there talking and recuperating when she noticed a slight stirring of his flaccid dick. She told me she took it in her mouth and within no time it was as hard as the first time they fucked. He wasted no time mounting her and they fucked in many positions bringing her to climax again. She said his dick wasn?t much bigger than mine but it seemed to hit spots that I hadn?t in years. She said that she couldn?t believe how much stamina this guy had. He still hadn?t shot his wad after her last orgasm which was her second of the evening. He just lay there with his rock hard dick buried in her cunt while she came down from her orgasm. Slowly he started rocking back and forth building up her desires to start fucking again. She told me how she rode him till she was on the brink of an unheard of third orgasm when he flipped her over onto her stomach and entered her from behind. She said that as he was fucking her in this position his dick was hitting her G-spot with ever push. She told me that she couldn?t believe how intense her building orgasm was. She said that when it hit her she screamed and grabbed handfuls of bed covers bringing them to her trembling body. As the waves of her orgasm were rocking her body he just kept pounding into her. She said her orgasm seemed to last for the next 5 minutes until he dumped his cum load deep in her cunt. Totally exhausted they fell asleep. She awoke a little later with his dick still semi hard and still in her pussy. She told me she eased out of bed and put her panties on trying to keep all his cum inside of her. He awoke to her giving him head. She said he tasted great and was rock hard in seconds, but it took her longer than she wanted to coach his fourth load out and into her mouth. They got dressed, agreed that they should see each other the following weekend and drove home to me. I was still lapping her well fucked cunt listening to her tale of a story and when she said that they made a date for the following weekend my dick shot out a stream of cum straight up into the air with such a force that it landed on her tits. Laughing she said that obviously I now didn?t need to be fucked and that I must like the idea of her coming home totally used and full of cum from her date. She said that?s a relief because she had no intentions of not fucking Fred again with or without my approval. We soon drifted off to sleep knowing that our life would never be the same again.

The next time I logged on to the SLS web site chat room I relayed everything that happened Saturday night to my fellow cucks. They all were very supportive and welcomed me into their world with encouragement and kind compliments. As for Penny she didn?t want to give me any pussy during the next week saying that she didn?t want to present Fred a soiled pussy. I had arranged for her to get fucked to improve our sex life and now she is having the best sex of her life and she thought I would be ok with just sloppy seconds the night she returned from her date unless of course she was too tired or sore! That was from my perspective totally unacceptable. We did what all people in a successful marriage do we negotiated out an acceptable agreement. I got her after every return and then any time up to three days prior to her next scheduled date.

I?m starting to think I like this new arrangement. Sunday we lay around the house and had sex 3 times. Monday when I came home from work she was lying naked on the bed running a vibrator up her snatch and told me she wanted some of my hot dick as soon as I finished showering. Tuesday night she turned off the TV even before Dancing with the Stars was over and suggested we get naked, go to bed to see what happens. What happened was some great sex once again. Wednesday night she really surprised me. She logged on to the SLS chat room and was chatting with some other Hot Wives, their Bulls and Cuck hubbies, something which she has never done without prompting from me before. She told me to go get her purple vibrating dildo and some lube. Wondering what she had on her mind but not really caring because anything dealing with big purple had to be fun, I immediately got it and checked for fresh batteries. I absolutely love watching big purple sliding in and out of her pussy. It is so big that normally she needs warmed up with a smaller dildo or my dick first before she can comfortably take it. Just like the guy with the monster dick fucking the lady with the tiny pussy with each stroke I could see her pussy skin being pushed into her sex and with every out stroke I could see her pussy skin being pulled out by big purple. She turned on the cam and positioned it for the audience?s best viewing and started to work big purple into her small crevice. I just sit there watching her, as she had her feet up on my desk, leaning back in my office chair ramming that monster into herself as was all in the chat room. With one hand she was rubbing her clit and the other she was sawing that jackhammer in her pussy. I quickly dropped my pants and began to slowly stroke my dick. It was firm and slick with the copious amounts of precum that was freely flowing from watching my wife put on this web show. Soon I heard the rumblings from deep within her signaling her impending climax. I seen her toes start to curl and knew soon she would be rocked with an explosive orgasm. I saw her body go rigid then start trembling and finally go limp. Big purple slowly slid from the clutches of her pussy and lay slick and shinny from her juices on my chair. Wow what a show I as well as everyone chatted. I continued to exchange chat messages with the room while Penny cleaned herself as well as big purple. My dick was still hard as a rock and I knew that her stretched out pussy would feel so good right about now. I was hoping that she would come back in and want to fuck on cam. I actually love for other to watch us fuck and hope that someday we will be fucking with others in the same room and not just in a chat room. Shortly Penny came back in the room and ask me it I needed relief. I quickly told her that everyone was hoping that we would fuck on cam for an encore tonight. Unfortunately she told me that her pussy was too stretched out and sore from big purple. She said she also wanted it to be in pristine condition for her weekend date with Fred. She said sorry but I wouldn?t be getting any of her pussy, not until after I had cleaned all of Fred?s cum from her Saturday night. Needless to say I was severely disappointed. She then shows me the big ass butt plug and asked me if I wanted a knobber. I totally understood the implications of what she was asking me. She wanted to fuck my ass on cam while giving me head. Smiling I reached for the lube. She came over to me and engulfed just the head of my dick in her mouth. She made like a suckling babe drawling all the precum from the tip. Next I felt the cold wetness of her squirting some lube in my ass crack. Still holding just the tip of my dick in her mouth she started relaxing my ass by working her finger in it. I was now sitting in my chair just as she was with my feet up on the desk, leaning back so my ass was just on the edge of the chair. The cam was positioned to our side and at dick level so everyone could get the best possible view. When I felt the cold stiffness of the plug I closed my eyes and tried to relax. She slowly attempted to work that ass wrecker past the resistance of my sphincter. I could feel what felt like just the tip penetrating me. When she released my dick from her mouth I opened my eyes to see us on screen. She was looking very serious in her attempt to work her toy farther and farther up my ass. I was looking rather vulnerable actually quite violable sitting there with my legs spread wide and a butt plug that?s about 6 inches long and almost 2 inches wide at it max diameter attempting to invade my ass. I watch her on screen work the tip in and out, with each stroke it was disappearing a fraction of an inch deeper into my bowels. She had stopped sucking my dick to get a better angle to work the plug home. The vibrations were feeling exquisite and the constant stretching was producing a steady stream of precum to leak from my dick head and drip onto my stomach. It had pooled up in my belly button forming a tiny shinny belly lake. She was now applying more lube to the plug and I could see and feel it disappearing more deeply into me but she still had the widest apex to push past my reluctant sphincter before she could relax knowing that my ass would tightly hold that invading monster firmly in place till she physically removed it from me. I watched wide eyed as she was steadily and forcefully pushing it past my resistance. She started fucking my ass with it in a more rapid manner. Between the vibration and the pistoning effect it was feeling great. I closed my eyes and leaned back enjoying the sensations. Just as I thought I was going to spunk without any contact from her she again took my dick in her mouth. As she would slide the plug into my ass she would slide her mouth down my dick. I could feel her attempting to get my ass to accept the last inch of the plug so that it was completely buried and my ass ring would collapse around the smaller diameter of the base. She stopped sucking my dick just prior to me squirting a mouthful of cum down her throat and again became intent on driving her toy home in my ass. She pushed it in as far as I could accept it and just held it there with constant pressure. I felt her wiggle it back and forth but not pull it out as she had done before. Just as I opened my eyes and glanced at the screen I saw that the widest part was almost completely covered by my ass skin meaning that with just the slightest opening or relaxing of my sphincter it would easily slip in place. I tried in vain to relax and accept it but it was so large. I then saw one of the chatters typing ?COUGH dam it COUGH and that damn thing will slip in? The feeling from the pressure and the vibrations was right at the point of being over the top painful and pleasurable at the same time. I wanted it to stop but continue never stopping. Penny was applying more force than ever before at this point. I knew she would not stop until she had that thing buried fully in my colon. Taking the advice from the person on the screen I inhaled and coughed hard. SHAZAM, that motherfucker popped through, shooting a feeling of ecstasy and satisfaction coursing through my body. At this point she turned the vibrations up to max pulsation and vacuumed my dick into her mouth. She took it as deep as she could and just held it there. I was again about to release a load down her throat when she retreated. She went back to my ass. She pulled the plug out to the thick part and pushed it back in. She did this over and over each time pulling it a little farther out of my rectum. She finally worked my ass to the point she could pull it all the way out and shove it completely back in with no resistance. She was mercilessly fucking my ass with that monster plug. She increased her tempo and each time she withdrew it I heard a popping sound from where my asshole was going from air tight to wind tunnel open. My dick was once again leaking a constant stream of precum and I felt that I could shoot a load whether she was touching it or not. Then she took my dick back in her mouth and started milking it with her throat muscles. That did it! I unleashed a torrid stream of cum. My dick spasmed , twitched and puked glob after glob of cum in her mouth. She held me firm in her mouth until the last rope of cum was drained from my balls. I don?t know how she contained it all because she didn?t swallow nor did she allow any to leak from our union. She just held me there in her mouth until I began to soften. She slipped my dick from her mouth and rose up to look me in the eye. Smiling she leaned in to me and I instinctively knew what she wanted. She wanted to kiss me allowing me to once again taste myself on her. Totally subservient and looking forward to receiving a load of my cum from her we touched lips. We kissed open mouthed and as she leaned into and down on me I felt and tasted all the cum she had extracted from my balls during our little internet show. I allowed it to effortlessly slide down my throat like an oyster from the half shell. Some spilled from our lips and when she broke from our kiss she presented her cheek and chin to me for cleaning. Lovingly I reached out with my tongue and removed the stray goblets from her soft skin. Once she was convinced I had gotten it all she looked into the cam and typed the words for me and all to read:

That was the last sex my husband will be having with me until I return to him with my pussy full of my lovers cum. He will then gladly clean me and if I?m not too tired or sore I may allow him sloppy seconds. Then and only then will he be allowed to fuck me. Oh and one other thing, in the future I have decided that I shall never again get up and go to the bathroom to clean myself after sex whether it be from him or others, that?s what cuckold husbands are for! Damn I guess I am a Cuckold!

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