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I Watched Her Get Fucked

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(Couple, Cuckold, Female Dominant)

I couldn?t believe the sight I was beholding. There she was spread eagle on the corner of the bed with him between her legs. I was fascinated, nervous and quite frankly a little scared. As I watched I had that hollow sinking feeling that one gets watching a train wreck happen right in front of you. I also was extremely aroused, it felt like my dick was about to burst. I sat mesmerized by what I was watching. I felt like I did on my first date, no correction, like I did on my first date that I realized I was going to have sex for the first time. I fully anticipated her saying, ?No stop this I don?t want it and I won?t go through with it?! But she didn?t, she just lay there allowing him to conquer her body. Apparently enjoying the pleasure he was causing her and the trepidation they were causing me.

I watched his enormously hard, blood filled, vein encrusted pre-cum leaking dick head slide across her delicate pussy lips. He was not entering her but rather he would just rub the head up and down her sex. I watched as he would slide it down to just above what I knew was her asshole and then up, up through the folds of her pussy lips and over her clitoris. Each time he would do this she would utter a soft moan. I watch as each time his dickhead would only partially disappear into the folds of her vagina. I knew he was so close to accomplishing the total penetration of her but restraining at the same time. I believe he was also waiting for her to stop what was unfolding before us. We all knew that we were on the cusp of a point of no return. This was the first time that she had every allowed me the knowledge that she was being unfaithful. That someone other than me, her husband of all these years was about to enter her matrimonial playground. I watched, transfixed on what was happening before me. I saw that his dickhead was glistening with pre-cum and of her lubrication. The lubrication that up until now I thought was reserved for just me. I was wrong, she was about to share it with a total stranger to me. I wondered how many times during our marriage she had shared it with someone else. Where did she share it? Was it in his bed, was it in our marital bed or was it in hotels. Could she have had sex with others in cars or maybe in the park while the kids were just feet away playing, unaware as I, of her carnal escapades?

Regardless, here I sat watching this gentleman slide his dickhead along the folds of her pussy. Part of me wanted to cry out, ?No stop it, I?ve had enough?. Part of me was anxious to see this through to completion. I mean watching her, knowing that she was about to be penetrated right before my eyes had my dick harder than his. I knew if this continued there was no way of turning back the clock, our life would be changed forever. I wondered if I were to stop them at this point if our life could ever be the same. I reasoned that no, we had already went too far today. I mean her she was, lying naked with a guy between her legs, parting her pussy lips with his dick. No we could never go back. I rationalized that I might as well enjoy this new ride life had presented me. So I didn?t demand that they stop. Then I had a thought. Maybe she was just waiting for me to stop this from happening. Maybe if I didn?t attempt to stop it she would be even more displeased with me. Yes, yes, that is what she would want I thought to myself. She is just waiting and wanting me to put a stop to this nonsense. I watched as his dick head once again parted her pussy lips. As it did I could hear the wet smacking sounds they were making. It was as if her pussy was trying to vacuum in his dick inside her with each rub. I watched as each time it would disappear a little further into her warmness. I wanted it to stop and last forever at the same time. I thought, if I don?t say something now it would definitely be too late within the next few strokes because his head was almost completely within her now. As he pulled back down to her ass checks I spoke. He started to slide his dick back up to her clit again. I said, ?Honey don?t you think this is enough?? She, without speaking, raised her hand and placed it at the point they were the closest, touching his stomach. He stopped his movement. His dickhead was about half way up her crack, lying right at her opening. I smiled, thinking that I had done what she wanted. I spoke up and now she had proven her point and was going to tell this gentleman it was all a big mistake. She would show him the door and then we would fall into each other?s arms and make marital love for the rest of the day, putting all this behind us. I was pleased with what I had prevented. She then without saying a word, place her index finger on the head of his dick and pushed it down. I watch in horror as it disappeared into her. She just looked my way with a smile and closed her eyes. At that moment I realized she wanted it, she wanted this to happen and it was. I didn?t know if she wanted it for pleasure or punishment, but I knew she wanted it. Regardless of what I thought, said or did, she wanted him in her and for me to watch. So I did.

I watched as he withdrew the head of his dick from my wife?s vaginal opening. It was glistening even more than before. I watched as he effortlessly slid it back into her. I watched as her vaginal lips parted to accept his manhood. I watched his helmet disappeared again and again into her, my wife of all these years. He was doing to her internal opening that in which he had done to her outer folds. He was taking his time, torturing me and pleasing her. I watch as he slowly entered her a little deeper with each stroke. I knew the feeling he was receiving from her pussy. I had felt it for many years. That wonderful feeling you get from her wetness, warmth and tightness as you enter her womb opening. I loved that feeling. I could cum in minutes from just entering her with my dickhead. At that moment I envied his so much. I wanted release so badly. I wanted and needed to cum also, but all I could do was watch. Watch him spread her thighs with his vein encircled dick. Watch her accept him into the depths of her soul. Watch as he was enjoying what, up until now, I thought was for me and only me to enjoy.

I could see her juice dripping from her vagina. It was making a trail down her taint wetting her asshole. I wanted so badly to taste her. I knew how sweet her vaginal fluid taste when she is aroused. I couldn?t move, I didn?t want to move I was mesmerized watching his dick disappear deeper and deeper into my wife. He was now about half way into her. He wasn?t any bigger or longer than I nor was he any wider in girth, so I knew that she was easily accepting him. I watched, I watched as he slowly filled her. I watched as she was beginning to meet his downward thrust with an upward movement of her hips. She was trying to get more of him into her. She was no longer passive in her coupling with this guy. I wondered again how many times in the past had she wantonly forced another's dick into her married pussy. How many times had this guy been inside my wife and why. Was it because she needed more sex, better sex or was it because she felt that she wasn?t being fulfilled by me. Maybe it was because she somehow felt I deserved to be cheated on because I was guilty of the same. Regardless she was here now with this guys dick up her pussy and I was being forces to watch as she thrust into him. He was now buried fully into her sex. I could smell their fucking, the scent was prevalent throughout the room. This added to my discomfort as well as to my raging hard-on.

They were no longer fucking in a slow sensual way. They were now fucking each other like wild animals. I could hear their grunts, groans and the slapping of bodies together. I could hear the wet squishy sounds of her gushing pussy as he stabbed her with his dick. I watched as they deeply kissed. I could see her biting his tongue as he tried to remove it from her mouth. This guy had his tongue down her throat and his dick up her pussy and all I could do was watch in horrid amusement as this porno played out before me. I was witness to my wife?s torrid affair and I was perversely enjoying it. I heard myself saying things like: Fuck her pussy, fuck it harder, do you like his dick slamming into you, make her scream, go ahead I want to watch her orgasm.

I couldn?t believe that I was here watching my wife get the fucking of her life by some guy I had never met before. I couldn?t believe that I was uttering encouragement for them to fuck harder. What the hell was happening? At this point I didn?t care or want to know. All I cared about was watching them fuck. It was my own little private sex show. I knew it was my wife being fucked like a porno star but I didn?t care. It was weird watching her knowing that it was the woman I married and the woman that acted so demur most of the time when we have sex, here now fucking like a woman with insatiable lust. I watched as she dug her nails into his back and arched her back. I knew she was on the edge of climax. I have witnessed it hundreds of times before. Only each other time I was on the giving side. I was the one who was tickling her inner self. This time it was different, I was watching her climax on someone else. I was watching her upcoming orgasm in the third person. This was strange and exciting. I longed for climax myself. I watch as she drew up into a tight ball of unexploded muscle about to release all her pent up energy, stress and sexual frustrations. I watched as she squinted her face and then I heard it, that low roar that comes from the depths of her soul that can only be caused from an earth shattering orgasm. The sound she makes so rarely when I fuck her. Why was it so good this time and with this guy? Did he know her body so well from previous couplings? She came with a scream. Her body quivering, I watched as her pussy lips convulsed around his shaft. I watched the spasmodic movement of her asshole. I watch as she shuddered and went limp under him. I watched as he drove into her and held himself deep in her pussy allowing her to enjoy the fullness and the moment of her climax.

I knew he wanted to cum as badly as I and at this very moment I felt a little sorry for him. I too wanted to cum, I wanted an orgasm as deep and strong as hers. I knew he too wanted the same. The only difference between us was that he was still in my wife?s pussy and I knew he was on the verge of inseminating her with his seed. I wasn?t concerned because I knew she wouldn?t get pregnant, but the thought of him cuming in her was a new and different thought. I again found it to be totally erotic and disgusting at the same time. After he did, and I knew he would, how would I feel watching his cum flood from her womanhood? A place so personal and private that up until now I had thought was mine and only mine. I had only seen it with my dick and cum before. But here and now I was watching someone else trespass on what I considered my personal playground. It was evident that he was not truly trespassing because she had invited him there.

As I was pondering these thoughts, she rolled over on top of him. I watched as she began to rhythmically gyrate on his groan. She was straddling him in a cowboy position and in total control. I watchwd as he just laid there enjoying the ride and allowing her to ease back into fucking. He knew that after a woman?s orgasm they are sensitive and like to go slow, building back to the lustful fucking called monkey sex. He watched as I did her deliberate movements. She was in complete control, her eyes shut and her hands on his chest, she rocked back and forth. So slowly at first then quickening the pace, she rode his iron hard shaft still impaling her sex. I could see that he was wanting to cum, he was wanting her to slam down on his dick. To release all the pent up sperm that he, I and she knew would soon be coating her vaginal walls. He grabbed her ass and squeezed her butt cheeks. She was beginning to rise up to the tip of his dick and slide all the way down grinding her clit on his pubic hairs. I watched as she started to get a trance like look on her face. I couldn?t believe it, she was going for her second orgasm. She never does that with me! I watched as he took her breast into his mouth. He was alternating between biting the nipple and trying to swallow the whole orb. She was now really getting into it. I watched her grab the back of his head and pull him closer and tighter onto her breast. I heard her start to moan. I watched her ride him faster, deeper and harder. I watched as she neared her second orgasm with this guy that I had never met before. The sounds in the room were unmistakable. They were the sounds of two people having monkey sex and on the verge of climaxing. I could see her juices running down coating her asshole. I watched as he reached around and placed his finger at her soaked sphincter. I watch as his finger slipped in as easily as his dick had slid into her pussy an hour ago. Effortlessly he slid the whole of his finger into her ass. I watched as he would pull her almost completely off his dick with the hand of the finger up her butt. She then would slam her ass hard down on his dick. I watched as her face began to distort in another orgasm. I heard her mutter, ?Oh fuck I?m cuming again, I?m fucking cuming, can you feel me cuming on your fucking dick, get your fucking finger out of my ass! I fucking love this. No don?t take your finger out, I want you to feel your dick as it shoots your cum into my pussy. Shove it in farther, Go ahead and put two fingers up my ass. I want to feel a finger on either side of your dick when it spurts in my pussy. I watched as he worked another finger up her ass. I watched as she pressed as much of his dick up her cunt as possible. I watched as she ground her pussy into him. I watched as his body tensed. I watched as his dick vein enlarged with sperm traveling into my wife?s pussy. I watched as his balls drew up to squeeze every last drop of semen out and up into her. I watched as his body rocked with spasms of orgasmic bliss. I watched as he slowly removed his fingers from her asshole. I watched as her puckered asshole returned to its natural airtight state. I watched as he lay there, completely spent. I watched as he slowly became soft within my wife. I watched as his flaccid member slowly slipped from my wife?s pussy. I watched as a small trickle of his cum leaked from her pussy onto his belly. I watched as she clenched her thighs together to hold in all of his seed that he deposited within her. I watched as she turned her ass to me and licked up the dribble from his stomach. I watched as she bent down and took his red, slimy dick into her mouth and expertly cleaned him. Amazed I watched because she had never done that to me and on those times I had tried to get her to suck my dick after we fucked she adamantly refused. But here, now, with this gentleman she readily engulfed his dick and cleaned off both their climax juice from it. I watched as she tenderly licked his balls clean and moved to his ass. She licked every morsel of their sexual evidence from his body. I watched as she did this she spilled not a drop from her vaginal canal. She kept his load securely in place, for reasons unknown to me. Normally with me the first thing she does after I nut in her is run to the bathroom and wash, but here, now with this guy she is holding all his cum inside her womb. I know she can?t get pregnant?can she? No, no that is not the reason so why, why is she keeping all of his cum inside her?

I hear her tell him that she is finished with him and he should go. I watch as he dresses and without saying a word leaves. I watch as she calmly puts on her panties and then her white pants. Next I see her put on her tee shirt without a bra. She never goes without a bra! I watch as she stands and walks over to me. I watch as a tiny wet spot forms at the seam of her pants. I watch as it gets bigger with each step she takes toward me. I watch as she walks straight up to my face and tells me to smell where he has been. I inhale deeply and can smell the heavy musky scent of her freshly fucked cunt and of course his semen. She then tell me that we are going to the grocery store, she wants everyone to know that she has just gotten fucked. She wants everyone to think that She just got fucked by her husband, but I will know different. I will know she has just fucked a stranger in from of me, her husband and she is leaking his sperm not mine.

I tell her I need to cum so badly, what about my dick. Without hesitation she replies that my dick is not her problem right now. If I?m lucky I might get to stick it in her cumy cunt when we get back from the store. I ask her why she did this to me? Her reply was classic: Because you know you wanted me too! Just be thankful I didn?t make you clean me after he was through using me as a cum dump. Oh and one more thing, never let me see where you have been sexting again or the next time will be worse. So now I know what this was all about. The question is, did I enjoy today enough to dare being caught again or should I be more careful about leaving my phone lying around for her to see? That is a question that I will be contemplating while walking through the grocery store with my just fucked wife with her cum filled pussy and my raging hard on.

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