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After I responded to an ad for a MFM, and about a month of chatting, we all had decided there was obvious chemistry, and agreed to meet. They lived about an hour from me, so we chose a location in the middle. It was a good first meeting, where we all enjoyed dinner and drinks, some heavy flirting with her, without any drama, all good.

After we left the restaraunt, I walked them out to their car, and Sue and I engaged in a very passionate kiss/full body embrace. I pulled her body to me where she could feel the growing buldge in my pants. Paul looked on and watched with his apparent satisfaction and approval. We parted ways that 1st evening with each of us filled with desire and anticipation of our next meeting. We chatted online for a bit when I got home to confirm everyone's desire to move forward.

After some schedule juggling, we finally nailed a date where we would meet again. I drove near there house, we met for an early dinner, then agreed to follow them back to their place. When we arrived, Sue excused herself to change into something a little oree comfy and sexy. I chatted with Paul until she said she was ready and walked into a front room wearing a bustier, garters and stockings, and heels. I felt my cock throbbing as soon as she came into view. I looked at Paul, who met my look with a smile, and nod of approval. I walked directly over to her, and while gripping the cheeks of her bare ass, pulled her against me and began teasing her lips with my own. Paul stated that he would give us some alone time to get to know each other better. With that said, she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. After about 5 mts of kissing, roaming hands, and teasing, Sue said she wanted to taste the cock behind that buldge in my pants. Her words no sooner left her mouth until she was on her knees before me, unzipping my pants to free my raging hard on. She sighed after getting her first look and plunged her mouth lover my cock. She was really good, and I could almost immediately feel the excitement building deep in my balls. Meanwhile, while Sue was savagely devouring my cock, Paul walks into the room, and says, "now that didn't take long, did it?" I smiled at him, and told him to sit back, because he was getting ready watch me fuck his wife good, and just like she wanted. Paul obliged, and sat down in a chair after getting his video camera out. He wanted to capture me having her any way I wanted, and fucking her brains out.

I teased her wet, pussy with the head of my cock, rubbing it in circles on her clit until I was soaked with her juices. Pauls camera was intently focused on the activity. I grabbed my cock, and slapped her wet pussy with it a time or two making wet smacking sounds. Both Sue and Paul both sighed outloud. I teased her more by running the head of my cock up and down between her dripping lips, a little deeper each pass, until ust the head of my cock was inside her wanting pussy. She was squirming on the edge of the bed as I raised and spread her legs, putting them over my arms. Sue started sighing for me to fuck her, and fuck her now! I looked over to Paul, and asked him if he was ready for me to fuck her the way she wanted to be fucked, and he excitedly said yes, he was.

I slowly pushed forward into Sue's tight, wet pussy. She was very tight, and I could see the expression on her face as I continued pushing into her. She was making low, deep, and primal sounds as I started driving into her more. From behind his video camera, Paul said he's never heard her like that before and he thinks she's enjoying herself! I could feel the walls of her wet pussy clamping down on my cock as I started aking long, deep strokes into her. I told both her and Paul to watch my cock disappear into her pussy, and her lips pushing in and pulling out with each stroke. I could feel her body quivering knowing she was going to cum all over me. I didn't want to cum yet, and was into stroking her pussy. When her low growls turned louder, I started pounding at her pussy. My balls were soaked with her juices to the point I could feel it dripping from them, and they weree slapping hard and loudly at her ass as l continued to pound her. She started crying out she was going to cum, and no sooner had she said it, a jet of her cum shot out like a faucet, sending her orgask squirting all over my cock, stomach and balls! I knew she had mentioned she gets really wet when excited, but she had never mentioned she was a squirter! This sent e ov the edg and I started pounding on her pussy even harder. I have always loved a woman that can squirt, and only on one other occasion many years ago, have I encountered a true squirter. I felt my own orgasm approaching fast as I felt my balls swelling while still pounding away on her drenched pussy. The sounds of all the wetness weere also driving me insane! Paul waas still filming and saying that "that is so fucking hot, let him take you baby"!!!!!! I lunged forward ramming my cock as hard and deep into her pussy as I could, she let out a shriek, and said she waas going to cum again. I held my cock in her feeling pulse after pulse of my seed shooting deep in her pussy. I was also making primal grunting sounds as I continued to fill her.... Her pussy was pouring out our combined cum all around my cock, down my legs and balls, and her ass too. I collapsed on top of her for a few minutes literally stuck together from all the cum. When we finally caught our breath, she said "Paul has plenty to clean up now" with a devilish grin. Paul immediately dropped the camera, and got between Sue's legs as I pulled my soaking wet cock from her pussy. She told him to lick her pussy clean, and he said, "Oh God, there's so much!"

I sat back to regain my coosure long enough to watch Paul come up from Sue's pussy, with a face and mouth full of our still hot cum. He shared the tast of it with Sue as she told him to and was being a good cuck. It didn T take long beofre my cock was hard again, but I wanted to watch Paul lick every drop of the copius amounts of cum from Sue.'s freshly fucked and filled pussy. I stood up, cock hard once again, and pushed into Sue's mouth while I was watching him still clean her. I told her to lick my cock clean too......

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