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Hello my name is John and I would like to share my wife and I’s first MFM story and how I went about getting it together. My wife Sara and I have been married for about fifteen years and have a great relationship. We met in high school and have been together ever since. We met through one of my friends who was actually trying to be with Sara but in a twist of fate she ended up with me. Being together for so long at such a young age we have molded each other into someone we love to be around which has also made our sex life better than a lot of other couples that I know. My real horn dog friends are always asking me to tell them me and Sara’s sex stories because it’s like nothing they’d ever get at home with their boring wives’. Sara is a little hot piece of ass too, she works out like crazy, has never smoked, no kids, and is one of those girls who just naturally looks young. I’m not sure how I landed her in the first place, before I started dating Sara not one girl wanted anything to do with me, but as soon as we did, I had girls flirting with me all the time which sucked because it was a test on a new relationship that made it hard for me not to take advantage of all these new temptations, but we made it through. I graduated one year ahead of Sara so I had more free time to party while she was stuck living at home with her parents who hated me and wouldn’t let her ever go out. So over time her will to get crazy just got stronger, and stronger. Sara was finally allowed to stay out with me one night for the after prom party to which we did not attend. We told her parents there was a lock-in at the hotel our prom was at and we’d be up all night with chaperones. What we actually did is we went to a friends after prom party at his house because his parents were on vacation in Mexico. That night Sara went all out and got crazy, flashing her tits, taking shot after shot, dancing on all kinds of different guys, even taking a few bong hits for the first time ever. Needless to say, I wrecked her pussy that night and I’m pretty sure a few guys watched, who’s to say? Now fast forward nine years, we are married, like I said we have no kids and are even more in love than before. Our sex is super amazing every time, but one night while we were fucking I started talking dirty to Sara saying I wished me and my friend Jake were taking her from both ends. Sara got wetter and came harder than ever during all that which got me asking myself if Sara would be willing to have a threesome. We didn’t speak of the idea after that night and went on with our lives until one night we were fucking again and Sara asked me to talk dirty to her. So I started very subtle then introduced my friend Jake again into the dirty talk. Sara started moaning more and louder and even asked me if I wanted to see Jake fucking her in the ass. We both came hard that night and went on as normal after that, but I decided to take the next step. I asked Sara if she would like to be the center of attention in a threesome. Sara denied wanting to do it and said it was all just bedroom talk. I didn’t want to push her to hard but said I would be cool with it if she ever wanted to try it. She said she did not want to do it and said it was just as fun to talk about it. So a month went by with us having sex a bunch in that time frame and even when asked to talk dirty I said the usual things but never brought up three way play. I could tell Sara wanted me to say something about a threesome but she never mentioned anything about it. Well one day we were at Starbucks in a book store when we were looking at sexual heath books and out of nowhere Sara asked me “who would you even get for that?” I knew exactly what she was talking about but played dumb saying “for what?” She then said you know what I’m talking about, a threesome you idiot. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she had no idea but my heart was about to pound out of my chest. She also didn’t know that I had already joined this site and was looking for the right guy which I had found right away. I told her we would use someone we didn’t know and who lived farther away from us. She agreed with me and asked how would I go about looking for a person and that’s when I said “leave that to me”. A few weeks passed by and I was so excited about the whole situation but did not want to rush it and needed the perfect occasion to make this work. I saw that there was an event about an hour away which was perfect because the guy I met online lived close by. So I told Sara there was a big event I wanted to attend and we would need to stay in a hotel because it was so far away, she was all for it but had no idea what my plan was. I told her we were going to go to dinner at a very nice restaurant and she should dress to impress. It was Wednesday and as the weekend slowly approached I started getting nervous and excited all at the same time. Sara was slowly packing her bags with her super sexy outfits accompanied by her vast collection of shoes to match. From what the man on the site told me he was a little larger in size down there so Friday on my way home from work I swung by the store a bought a box of magnums. I got home and we loaded up the car and head out. We talked our whole way to the hotel, and when we got there to check in the guest services apologized and said our room wasn’t ready but they were going to upgrade up to one of the suites. We walked in our room and it was amazing, huge bed, huge Jacuzzi tub, mini bar, the works. Since it was early I wanted to try and get the party started that night so I told Sara to take a shower and get ready for dinner so we could head to the restaurant down the street. Sara hopped in the shower and I immediately got on my phone and emailed Jason. I told him I wanted him to make an appearance at the restaurant tonight and do some light flirting with Sara to see if she took the bait. Jason agreed to meet up and said he would be there in thirty minutes and would be at the bar. I got in the shower with Sara as she was shaving her pussy and asked her what was she going to wear and all she said to me was “it’s a surprise” Sara finished before me and got to get ready, I knew if I was going to last more than a second that night that I was going to have to relieve myself now and hope it’s enough. So I started jerking off and thinking about the possibilities of what could happen and came in about five seconds. I cleaned off and got out of the shower to find Sara in a black g-string and black pushup bra pulling her very short black dress, Sara then asked me to zip up the back for her and as I did the aroma of the perfume she was wearing started getting my cock hard already, this was going to be a rough night. We left our room and started making our way down the hallway towards the elevators, every guy Sara walked past turned to look at her ass. The dress she was wearing was ultra-thin and flowy so there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she was either wearing no panties or next to none. I walked a few inches behind her and watched as each ass cheek bounced up and down and the bottom of her dress came dangerously close to exposing her naked ass. Sara’s shoulder length hair also brought every one’s eyes to focus on Sara’s pushed up 36 C tits popping out of her top. Sara was definitely the center of attention at the hotel and she was loving every second of it, just imagine how she’s going to feel later tonight. We walked into the restaurant and were seated immediately. We were starving from our long drive and ordered our food along with our drinks right away. I sat studying the room looking for my internet friend Jason as me and Sara sipped our drinks. Our food came out pretty promptly, so we devoured our food, and ordered some more drinks. I then saw Jason walk in the room and head towards the bar. He was even better looking than in his granular profile picture he used on the site and I had no idea he was six foot five. As he approached the bar he glanced around the room and spotted us sitting in a booth. He sat at the bar and ordered a drink that’s when I told Sara we should get a high table in the bar area. We walked over and sat about twenty feet from the bar but within Jason’s view. From Jason’s vantage point he had a profile view of me and Sara. He could see that Sara’s dress was so short her naked ass was sitting on the bar chair. Sara hand her legs crossed in the chair allowing her dress to ride up her hip exposing her entire left cheek to Jason. Sara and I continued sipping our drinks when I told her I needed to use the restroom, I walked past Jason and gave him the queue to come and flirt with Sara. As I walked past him he stood up and made his way towards her, I walked into the restroom but peeked out of the door to watch and see what she did. Jason walked over and introduced himself, I saw them shake hands and he then pulled another bar chair up to our table. I went ahead and did what I needed to in the restroom and walked out. As I approached the table Jason stood up and introduced himself and shook my hand. I could tell Sara was very excited at this point, I don’t know if she knew what was going on or what but she was really enjoying Jason giving her all his attention. We all sat and drank some more drinks and chatted the night away when we heard the final last call announcement. Jason finished his drink and said “now what, The bar is closed” when without any hesitation Sara said “we have a mini bar in our room” and then boom, it hit me, this was it, Sara wanted to be fucked by another man, but could I go through with it, would I be jealous, was I ready, and at that point I saw Jason helping Sara up from her chair as she gazed up at him with the most lustful look I have ever seen in her eyes before. That’s when I knew that whether I wanted it to happen or not, she was going to fuck this guy tonight, but who was I to stop her, here she was a four year college grad who studied her ass off in high school and college while I partied and left her at home with her asshole parents. She deserved whatever she wanted tonight and Jason was going to give it to her. We walked down the sidewalk to our hotel, Jason next to Sara as I followed behind watching Sara’s beautiful as bouncing around when Sara yelled out “hey babe, check this out” and pulls her dress up in the back flashing her tight, muscular ass to me walking down the block. Jason says “holy shit, let me see that again” and just as Sara pulls her dress up Jason grabs ahold of Sara’s right ass cheek and gives it a nice squeeze. I could feel my cock slowly growing down the leg of my pants as I watched Jason smacking on my wife’s ass and her loving every minute of it looking back at me every so often for approval. To me this was all pretty innocent play, and Sara will do this kind of stuff all the time so I wasn’t sure how the night was going to end yet. As we entered the hotel laughing and carrying on I couldn’t help but ask myself if I was sure about all this. We got to our room and as I fumbled with the room key Sara drunkenly tried to explain to Jason what type of alcohol we had in our room. Jason just laughed at her and we entered the room. I headed for the mini bar and Sara took a seat on the bed. Jason asked me where the bathroom was and I pointed him in its direction. After Jason left the room Sara got up and pulled her entire dress off over her head sitting on her knees in the center of the bed wearing only her black stilettos, lacey black g-string, and black pushup bra. I looked at her as she put her hair up in a sloppy bun and signaled for me to come to her. I turned on some light music and slowly walked towards her with a mixed drink I made for her in my hand. She sat on her knees with her legs spread wide open to where her pussy was about two inches from the sheets. I handed Sara her drink and she took a sip and I asked her was she ready for this. She grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me in and started kissing me passionately when I heard the bathroom door open and out walked Jason completely naked. As we kissed I saw Sara’s eyes open wide as she looked past me and she broke off our kiss. I turned to see Jason standing there with his enormous cock swinging there in front of us. I was also mesmerized by how big it was, I mean he told me how big it was on line, but it looked way bigger than eight and a half inches. It looked like it was ten inches long and the girth was insane. Sara’s eyes were lit, all she could say was “oh my god”, I stood up and kind of backed away leaving her sitting on her knees as Jason approached with his monster swinging between his legs. Once Jason made it to Sara, as she looked up into his eyes, Sara reached up with her left hand grasping Jason’s thick cock and then looked at me. I tipped my drink to her and winked, Sara looked back up to Jason and without breaking eye contact opened her mouth and slowly took the head of his cock in. I was having so many mixed emotions at this point, I was nervous, jealous, and turned on all at the same time. As Jason’s cock grew in Sara’s mouth it stretched her lips wide open, she could barely get her mouth around it. Sara slowly sucked as she moaned while Jason held her by the back of her hair bun. I continued watching frozen while leaned back against the mini bar as my wife sucked one of the biggest cocks she has even seen. I was hesitant to pull my cock out for fear of having my ego crushed but my cock was pressed so tight in my jeans I had to let it out. I pulled my pants down letting my cock spring out, I had a drop of pre-cum already on the tip of my dick. I was so hot at this point I scooped the drop off with my finger and lick it off, it tasted amazing. At this point Sara had both hands around Jason’s cock and was sucking it in sync with her hand motions. Jason stood there moaning and looking up at the ceiling while my young hot wife sucked his big cock. Jason then reached down behind Sara’s back and unhooked her bra releasing her perfect tits. Sara pulled Jason’s cock out of her mouth and started smacking on her breast then squeezed them around Jason’s cock as he titty fucked her, something I was never able to do that well. Every time Jason’s cock slid up Sara’s chest, she would suck the head of his cock as it reached her mouth. Jason finally pulled away giving Sara room to lie on back as Jason pulled her panties down her legs leaving her in nothing but her sexy stilettos. Jason then got down on his knees and spread Sara’s legs and buried his face in her pussy sucking her clit and licking her ass hole. Sara pull Jason’s face into her soaking wet pussy as I watched stroking my cock, this had to be one of the hottest things I had ever seen. While Jason sat on his knees pleasuring my wife I couldn’t help but notice his huge cock hanging between his legs resting on the floor, I mean I’m not gay by no means but that thing looked great, it was so thick and had huge veins running all around it, I just wanted to see Sara take it all in. Sara sat up as Jason started kissing up her stomach to her mouth as his cock rested against her wet pussy. They continued kissing as Jason grabbed his cock and guided it for Sara’s ready pussy. He started to work the head of his cock in between her tight pussy lips as Sara stopped kissing Jason to focus on accepting Jason’s enormous cock as she relaxed her willing cunt to allow him to slowly enter her. As Jason pushed further in, Sara let out a loud scream as Jason went a little too deep inside her. Jason asked her if she was ok, and Sara asked him to just give her a second to adjust to the size difference which kind of made me feel pretty inadequate but at this point I didn’t care and wanted to see him ream her pussy for the rest of the night. After about a minute Sara’s pussy finally conformed to Jason’s fat cock, and he slowly started sliding in and out of her as Jason had Sara’s legs spread open over his shoulders as she sat on the edge of the bed. Not only was Jason’s cock massive but his balls were huge as well and there was no other view like the one I had of his nuts sliding up and down Sara’s ass hole. At one point I remember just looking towards the window and seeing the night sky as the sounds of Sara moaning louder and louder entered my brain and then I started hearing a popping sound. I looked back and say Jason pumping Sara’s pussy harder and faster, this time going balls deep inside her now stretched out pussy. The faster Jason went the more Sara moaned out and the more I started to notice a white cream forming around her cunt running down Jason’s cock. Next Sara sat up and told Jason to fuck her doggy style, so with his cock still inserted inside her, Sara rolled on to her side, adjusted her legs and like that she was on her knees and Jason was even further inside thrusting away as Sara gripped the blanket on the bed and cried out. Jason squeezed Sara’s hips as her pulled her in to every thrust he delivered and she cried out every time. I pulled my phone out and started to record a video of Sara’s first big cock experience and stood next to Jason to record a POV shot and watching Jason’s cock inter Sara was like watching a beer can being inserted inside her. Sara’s pussy lips wrapped themselves around his cock as he stretched them wide pulling them out as far as they would go every time he started to pull out. Then again Jason started pumping Sara at a faster pace, and then started to get even faster. Sara started to moan more and more before she screamed out “I’m going to cum, don’t stop” So Jason really started pounding her harder to the point of where Sara was trying to scream but no words were coming out of her open mouth. Then finally she started to actually cry as Jason continued thrusting her deeper and deeper. As Jason got more into it he plunged his two fingers into Sara’s tight ass hole making her cry out even louder, he started working his finger in and out of her ass while still fucking her pussy with no end in sight. Finally as Jason was finger fucking Sara’s ass, he told Sara he was going to cum to which I looked at his cock running in and out of her pussy and noticed he didn’t have one of the condoms on that I had bought. I know Sara could tell whether or not he was wearing one so I waited to see what she would say. “Cum in my pussy, please cum in my tight pussy Jason” Sara cried out as my eyes lit up in amazement. Jason’s pace never changed he just kept fucking hard and fast while he grunted and moaned, pumping Sara’s now stretched out pussy full of his hot sticky load. Even after he had filled her full to where it was squirting out around his cock, Jason continued fucking Sara silly as if this was going to be his last time. Sara’s pussy was blood red as Jason continued banding her as hard as he could when his cock slipped out. Even after he had already busted inside Sara his cock was still pretty hard, it wasn’t sticking out straight by its self but was hanging down near his knees and was still fuckable. Sara remained in the doggy style position as globs of cum dripped out of her gaping pussy. It was so open I could see a little pool of cum sitting inside her from where I was standing, I could have probably thrown a golf ball in that thing at that point. Sara went from being on her hands and knees to sitting up just on her knees and that’s when the flood of cum started to pour out of her all down the side of the hotel bed. Sara then pulled Jason to her and started suck the last bits of cum off his cock even squeezing at the base and working every last drop out the tip. Jason stood there as his cock started to magically grow hard again, but as Sara laid there on the bed she told Jason her pussy needed a little break because it was a little sore. Even Sara’s ass hole was a little stretched from Jason’s two big fingers that were probably the same size as an average sized cock. Sara got up and walked into the bathroom and started to run a bath, she then walked out and told me thank you, kissed me on the lips with the aroma of cum still on her breath, turned a kissed Jason as he sat on the couch stroking his creamy cock, and thanked him as well. It was so hot watching her slowly stroll away from us completely naked with cum running down the inside of her little thigh gap. She then entered the bathroom, shut the door and got in the tub. Jason was super appreciative and very polite about the whole situation, and made giving my wife her first huge cock super easy and a wonderful experience. He then grabbed a towel and wiped himself off and got dressed, we exchanged more information and are planning to have him spend a weekend at our place soon. He poked his head in on Sara to say good bye but she was asleep in the tub, so he slowly closed the door and left. I then went into the bathroom and woke Sara up and got her ready for bed, she asked where Jason was and I told her he had left. She was disappointed that she missed him but was happy to know I had gotten even more of his info than I had before. Sara then told me she knew I had planned the whole event and was happy I did because it was the best night of her life and she couldn’t wait to do it again. Sara wanted me to share this story and to say than you to Jason for an incredible night.

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