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Halloween Party 16

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Hello, my name is Katie and this is my Halloween Party story. My husband John and I simply love Halloween. We love to dress up and we love to party so it only makes sense why we love it. Now usually we only dress scary but it was our first time ever throwing a Halloween party at our house and its super hard to be dressed scary and still be able to drink and dance, so we did a sexy zombie couple. Now usually if we did zombies there would be blood, and guts everywhere but like I said we had to be functional and sexy so we did a zombie prom type of deal. We went to the thrift store and got everything we needed to pull off an awesome costume. I found an old prom dress there but ripped it across the bottom making way shorter and John found some old suits that he tattered all up and splattered blood on. We got our house all decked out and sent out the invites. There was going to be close friends and their significant others plus whoever they wanted to invite as well. We couldn’t be too sexy though as I had friends from work coming and even some siblings too. That Saturday as the evening approached I started getting my outfit together I knew my dress was really short but with the shoes I was wearing I wasn’t going to be able to do any crazy dance moves possibly flashing my ass so for my undergarments I wore a lacy pushup bra to be popping out of the top of my prom dress and a very tiny g-string to match. I made sure to rip a triangle shape down one of my breast just enough to see my lacy red bra without exposing my nip for all to see. Just a little sex appeal thrown in is all. My makeup was super cute, colorful, and sexy looking making me feel like I was actually going to the prom. Anyway people started to arrive and everyone looked great. We had a total of ten zombies, and even three Daryl Dixon’s. Me and John made sure we mingled with everyone before we started hitting the shots hard. The music was bumping inside and that’s pretty much where I stayed the whole time. I got to the point where I really didn’t care who was at the party anymore when I started dirty dancing on random people. I remember at one point I had my ass buried in my friend’s husbands crotch grinding the fuck out of his cock while his wife sat out back conservatively talking to the other designated drivers. It was the first time I met this guy but damn if his cock wasn’t hard, I mean I could feel the shape of the head through my prom dress as he pressed it against my ass. It was nice. My husband doesn’t care if I dance on other men, his thing is if I dance on other guys he wants to hear about it later or watch, and he is allowed to dance with other woman without me getting jealous. That was an agreement we made years ago and it has worked very well. As the night continued on people slowly started leaving except for the real party animals and that’s when it really started heating up. We had replaced all the lightbulbs in the house with red one earlier that day so it was very dark inside and people were feeling the effects of the alcohol lowering their inhibitions, mine included. Even with the prudes gone, my siblings gone, and coworkers on their way home, the dance floor (my livingroom) was still super crowded and hard to see. There was a few girls there dressed as sexy nurses who were really getting down on the floor. I saw one of the nurses in her old fashion nurse uniform grinding up on my husband with only two buttons holding her dress together in the front. She had huge tits and a beautiful body so I didn’t blame her for showing off. My husband was loving every minute of this young girl rubbing her barley covered tits all over his body while he had one of her legs hiked up to his side and his hand on her naked ass due to her skirt riding up in the back. As I looked around the dance floor I noticed more and more exposed skin than there was a few hours ago, and even saw a girl with her hand down her husband’s pants jerking him off. It was a super sex atmosphere, couples were making out with other couple and even two girls were going at it as well. While I watched John dancing with his new nurse friend I felt someone come up behind me and put his hands on my hips. I just wiggled my butt a little and we started dancing. I had no idea who this man was because he had a mask on and plus I only glanced back when he first grabbed me. The more I squatted down during my dances the farther up my dress went until it was no longer covering my ass and at this point and position, nobody could see or care less. I could feel the masked man’s strong hands gripping my ass cheeks as I tried to stay bent over in front of him as long as I could without making my husband aware to me being dry humped by a masked man with my ass hanging out, I’m not too sure how he would have reacted about it but I wasn’t going to take my chances. I finally turned to my masked man and wrapped my arms around his neck as he also pulled my lug up to his hip, but instead of placing his hand on my ass he reached under me and started fondling my wet pussy. At first I started to lower my leg but he jacked it back up and ran his fingers under my panties and inserted one inside me to which my mouth opened, I gasped out, closed my eyes, and bit my bottom lip and he continued thrusting his long finger in and out of my juicy cunt. It was so hot but I tried not to get caught up in the moment and removed his hand from under me, smiled and walked away to grab another drink in the kitchen. MY husband then walked up and asked me in my ear if I was ok because my face was red, but I told him it was from the alcohol and all the dancing. I asked my husband why his face was all red and he pointed down at his dress pants all splattered with blood and all I could see was the outline of his huge cock. He told me he got really turned on while dancing with the slutty nurse, and had to take a break from her rubbing up against his crotch. I then told John it was ok that he danced on her like that and I didn’t care if he got hard from it trying to make it ok in my mind that I just got finger fucked by a stranger in a crowded room. John kissed me on the cheek and told me I was the coolest wife, then we took a shot of fireball and walked back to the dance floor. John went back over to the nurse and started dancing with her from behind. I looked over the crowd of people for my masked man but he was nowhere to be found. I then walked out back where people were sitting near the fire pit drinking and saw my masked man standing with his wife who just so happened to be my bosses husband. My heart sank down hard, if his wife knew his fingers were inside of me, I would be fired instantly, we would lose our house and pretty much everything else. My boss Joyce is such a bitch, so much so I didn’t even know she was at my party because she apparently just sat outside watching everyone and judged everything they were wearing including me according to a friend of mine who was out there with her. So I whipped around and B-Lined straight for the back door. As I closed the door behind me I saw Joyce’s husband looking at me and starts to follow me in. I walk into the crowd and started dancing by myself when Joyce’s husband Frank steps in front of me, I yell over the music in his ear that I’m sorry but I can’t dance with him because his wife is my boss and I don’t need that drama. Frank then says “now you know why I have to dance with other women”. Trust me I understand that your wife is a bitch, no offense, but I could lose everything if she sees my leg on your hip and your fingers inside of me, I said to him in a stern voice. He proceeds to tell me that nobody outside can really see what’s going on inside and that he really needs this because he hates his life with her and this is the most fun he has ever had. As me and Frank talked fat ass Joyce walks up to us and tells her husband it was time to go. Frank then told Joyce he wanted to stay a bit longer and that’s when Joyce said she was just going to leave him if he didn’t come with her. That’s when in my sweetest most innocent voice I told Joyce that if Frank really wanted to stay I would have one of the designated drivers take him home in a little bit. Joyce in a bitchy voice said fine and not to wake her up when he came home and walked out. I took Frank by the hand and pulled him back outside where it was a bit quieter just to tell him how much of a bitch she was. I was really drunk and later felt bad for putting his wife down so hard but the whole time he agreed with me. Me and Frank sat and talked for about twenty minutes and really hit it off to the point where I almost forgot I was married and felt like I was on a first date. Frank was a really good looking guy and that’s why it was so confusing why he was with the hamburgerler. He had a dreamy smile, broad shoulders, nice ass, and from what I could feel from our dancing together; a thick cock. At this point my husband is oblivious to anything going on, he’s just focused on his nurse friend who is now dancing with another girl and not paying him any mind. So me and Frank walk back into the house and head to the dance floor when a slow dirty dance song comes on and I tell Frank he needs to finish what he started. So we start grinding all up on one another in a packed crowd of people dancing. I start rubbing his meaty cock through his very thin costume material. As it started getting harder my eyes got wider in disbelief, I couldn’t imagine Frank fucking his fat wife with this beautiful cock. Frank then untied his costume bottom and flopped his cock out in the middle of everybody. I immediately wrapped my hand around it as we danced so nobody would see it, but it was so huge I couldn’t even get my fingers all the way around. Like I said though, it was so dark and crowded no one could have seen it anyway plus I was so close to him. As the song played I stroked Frank slowly to the beat when he suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled his cock away. I looked at his face like a lost child when all of a sudden I felt hands grab my waist from behind. I turned and it was my drunk husband John telling me he wanted to fuck me and to follow him to our bedroom. I looked back at Frank and told him to come with me but hang back until I tell him. So John led me to our bedroom with Frank not far behind. I walked into our bedroom and closed the door but did not lock it. John pulled his costume off and fell back on the bed almost falling over his pants around his ankles. As John laid there he began trying to talk dirty to me as I stood there while he slurred every word spitting all over his chest. His dick wasn’t even hard and it just laid on his stomach lifeless. I laughed and told him to go to sleep but before I could get that whole sentence out he was snoring. I knew this was my chance, so I poked my head out the bedroom door and told Frank to come in. As he walked in he looked over at John sprawled out in the middle of the bed sound asleep. Frank then asked me what the hell I was doing and if I was crazy as I dropped down on my knees and started to pull his silky costume pants down. His huge cock sprung out at me almost hitting me in the face and with a devious smile on my face I opened my mouth slightly and started to engulf his cock stretching my mouth widely around it. Frank continued to look between me and my naked husband asleep on the bed and said that we shouldn’t be doing this, but I kept sucking and he didn’t try to stop me. When Franks cock was fully erect I sat on my dresser and opened my legs wide. Frank stepped in between them as I pulled my g-string to the side and told him to fuck me in front of my husband. Frank grasping around the base of his cock started to aim it for my swollen wet pussy and guided it in between my dripping lips. It was like watching another mouth swallow his cock only it was my pussy lips taking a hold around his thick cock and not the lips of a mouth. Frank could really only work the head in and out for the first few minutes as my pussy got wider to accommodate Franks thick eight inch meat. By the time he had his cock balls deep inside of me both my legs were in the air and he was at a steady pace fucking me as the dresser banged against the wall making a knocking sound that couldn’t be heard with the loud music playing. Frank started fucking faster and breathing harder when he told me he was going to cum. I told Frank to cum inside me and to fill me up good. Then I felt a rush of warm liquid coating my insides with every thrust Frank made. It seemed like it was never going to end, he just kept cumming and cumming and as I felt it shooting certain spots inside my pussy I thought to myself no wonder why he has so many children, he cums like a horse. Finally after the last pump I put my legs down cupping my cunt keeping all Franks sweet juice inside me and ran over to the bed and straddled my husband’s lip cock. I then let it all out on his dick pushing every drop of cum out of my cunt on to John’s penis glazing it like a doughnut. John had Franks cum all over his cock and running down his balls to his ass. I then started stroking John’s cock with Franks cum as a lubricant making sure to get it inside John’s dick hole. Frank then left out of the room as John started to wake up a little so I licked up a huge glob of cum and started kissing John as he came too. John asked me what happened and I told him he fucked me and came all over himself. John looked down and said “damn I came a lot, but I’m still horny”, so I started kissing him again slowly releasing more of Franks load in John’s mouth making John hard. I then climbed up on John’s now hard cock and started riding him slushing around the remains of Franks load inside of me. John kept telling me how wet I was and that I was so wet his cock was just slipping in and out but the truth was my pussy had just been stretched more than it has ever been before. I rode John for about five minutes before he blew his tiny load in me and slowly fell asleep. I got, went into our bathroom, rinsed my pussy out in the bathtub real quick, dried off, and went back out to the party. The party was dying down and people were slowly leaving, there was a couple asleep on the couch, one guy was asleep in a chair outside next to the fire pit, some random girl asleep on the floor, and Frank was sitting on the love seat. I came out and sat next to him and he started rubbing my leg and thanked me for the party and promised he would never tell anyone about what had happened. I leaned in close to him and started to kiss his soft lips and lick his tongue with mine. We kissed for a few minutes as everyone was passed out around us and started touching each other again when I saw his cock getting larger in his pants again. I stuck my finger in his waist band and pulled his pants down exposing his fat cock slowly growing again, I then leaned down in his lap and began sucking his beautiful cock again while people slept all around us. I could still taste his salty cum on his cock and was still able to squeeze drops out as I sucked him. Frank moaned and pushed my head up and down on his thick cock before telling me to sit on it. I slowly climbed on top of him as he guided it back inside me, and started bouncing up and down on it. The sound of our thighs hitting and his balls popping my ass woke the couple on the couch next to us which just so happened to be me and John’s best friends. They continued to watch as I didn’t even try to stop, and just rode him harder. The couple had a perfect view of Franks cock stretching my tight pussy out around his throbbing cock. I had streams of my own cum running down Frank’s cock as he had my chest pulled to his and was thrusting up as hard as he could and I screamed with every pump. The couple on the couch decided to play along and they started fucking on the couch across from us. Frank then stood us up and bent me over the arm of the couch and entered me deeply, and as I cried out load Frank covered my mouth and fucked me harder. My pussy was gushing at this point with Frank reaming me from behind and watching two good friends of mine fucking each other as they watched was heavenly to me. Right before Franks was going to cum he pulled out stuck the head of his cock in my very tight ass and started shooting his load in my ass hole. It was the first time anything had entered my ass and even though it was just the head it still hurt like a bitch but the warm cum he filled me with soothed my ass a little bit. Franks then popped his cock out of my ass and we continued to watch my friends fuck. The wife told me she wouldn’t tell my husband about all this if I let her husband fuck and she could fuck Frank. So we agreed, the girls husband took me from behind and began fucking me senseless while Frank ate his wife’s pussy out while he waited for his cock to get hard for a third go round. All four of us stayed up all night fucking until we were all satisfied and I went and got in the bed with John. I laid right next to him with an ass hole full of cum and a pussy with even more cum in it not to mention a swollen red clit from the wife getting a little rough with it. All in all it was a good night and come to find out my husband sucked on that naughty nurse’s tits so I was kind of mad at him about that. My boss never found out even after her and Frank divorced and she and I seemed to become closer friends since then, who knew. Well that’s my Halloween story, thanks for reading, sorry it was long, please don’t be to brutal rating it. ?

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