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HOT TUB HEAVEN I walked into the spa area of the Astoria Holiday Inn, hoping to find it vacant as it often is. No such luck tonight. A trio of splashing, shouting kids in the pool met my eyes. And, worse, here were their parents taking up space in the hot tub. All I wanted to do was to sit my tired ass in the steaming water and let it soak my aching bones. At 52, I have noticed increasing problems with aches and pains in them bones.

The spa here is roughly a triangle shape with the narrow end holding the 3 steps down into the water and maybe 10 feet along each side to the back which is about 7 feet wide. The best jets are along the back on the right side. Of course, that became my favorite spot. The back left side has OK jets too but putting my feet up on the right side bench allows those side jets to massage my calves just right.

So, here are their parents sitting right in the middle of the back. There was maybe enough room for 1 more on either side of them but it would be tight and intrusive. Both had their eyes closed, enjoying the steaming bubbling water. She was on his right and I noticed a pretty face, blond hair, delicate features and graceful long neck. Her hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head to keep it out of the chlorine. I could see her string top, a light blue color. She slid up slightly until I could also see her gorgeous twin mounds encased in the fabric. And, were her nipples erect and poking out?

He had a handsome chubby face and neatly trimmed beard but was almost bald on top. Maybe in his late 30's or even 40, I thought.

"Hi, mind if I join you? Looks wonderful with the bubbles and steam," I said, using the universal hot-tub greeting from some stranger who is about to invade your space.

Both opened their eyes briefly and I was struck by her emerald green eyes and a playful smile. She locked eyes with me then her gaze slid down over my pecks and still-somewhat firm abdomen right to my crotch. He replied, "Sure. 'Come' ahead." [Little did I know then that a double entendre was involved]

I waded in and eased into the water, sitting half-way down the right side. I didn't want to crowd them but I was pissed that I couldn't get to my favorite spot. I semi-closed my eyes and leaned back to enjoy the water, keeping my eyelids almost shut but open enough so that I could watch them. I have real trouble trying to guess the age of a woman. It's easy to tell those in their late teens to maybe mid-twenties. Also easy once their hair started to turn and their tits began sagging. But, in between, not so easy for me to tell for certain.

Looking at the kids in the pool, I could make some deductions. The oldest was a teenage girl in a bikini, jumping in the pool then climbing out again and again. She filled her suit bottoms out great in the ass department but was still a bit small on top. Maybe a B-cup, still growing her boobs, I guessed. But then looking at her mom's tits just above waterline in her suit top, I realized the family breast gene might have spared them the issue of DD bras and back aches as they aged. Mom was at best a C cup but boy those sure looked kissable. Come to think about it, the daughter's were eminently kissable as well and that ass would be a pleasure to caress and suck. I began to feel a stirring in my swim trunks as my cock stiffened with the prohibited idea. "Down boy," I thought, "She's probably jailbait! I thought. "But maybe she's worth it anyway," my hardening cock answered back.

The next boy was around 14, a gawky early adolescent also jumping in and out of the pool, trying to splash his older sister; and then a younger brother about 5 or 6 who was floating on a tube and enjoying the waves his siblings were making in the water.

OK then, that put her age in the mid to late thirties, depending on when she began childbearing. I again slyly glanced at her beauty. "She is definitely a hottie!" I told myself.

I had almost no "spa action" where I was seated so I kept inching to my left, trying to get at least close to the best jets at the back. Not so close that I made her feel uncomfortable or him become possessive.

"Where are you guys from?" I asked.

"Portland...we come down here every year to camp at Fort Stevens but for some reason they lost our reservation this year so we decided to stay just one night at the Holiday Inn," she said. "How about you? Are you from nearby?" "Well, I come down two days each week to manage my medical practice. The rest of the week, I'm in Portland also. I have a house out on Southeast 39th street by Providence Hospital," I replied, "And my practice there is with a group in the Professional Building. I can bike to work."

Oops, I got too close to her just then, I guess, because we briefly bumped knees.

"Sorry," I said quietly as I jerked my leg back. She looked at me but just smiled broadly and didn't say a thing. What a gorgeous smile! Her husband never opened his eyes.

After maybe only a minute more, I got knee bumped again by her and this time it clearly was no accident. She had her eyes closed but was still smiling. I thought, "OK, this is some weirdness." I kept my knee where it was and pretty soon her knee pressed harder against mine and then she began to rub my foot with hers. So, this was neither an accident nor a coincidence then; a married woman was asking for attention from me as her husband reclined next to her.

Wow, did that do it for me. I didn't know what was going on but my cock sure made that logical assumption. Suddenly a huge boner sprang up, tenting out my suit. Luckily the bubbles hid my erection from both of them.

She opened her eyes and nudged her husband. "Move a bit over, dear. Our new Portland friend keeps trying to get to these back jets and we're blocking him." He slid half a foot to his left as did she. Now I had enough room to slide back but still keep some distance from touching her.

We all sat like that for a bit, eyes closed enjoying the swirling water, but me sitting still with a huge boner. I was about to erupt from just that brief contact, I was that horny.

I was horny because it had been several months since my wife died in a flaming car wreck caused, of course, by a drunk driver. He had a blood alcohol level of 1.8 and 4 previous DUI's but still drove, suspended license be damned. As expected, he walked away from the accident while my bride of 25 years perished. The M.E. said she died instantly and didn't suffer but I suffered enough for both of us in the seasons that followed.

Surprisingly, he was not an uninsured bum but owned a contracting company. So I went after his auto insurance, his company insurance, his car, his tools, his mother and all the offspring he ever thought to sire. We prevailed in the wrongful death case and, after paying my attorney's hefty portion, I was left with a huge pile of cash. Big deal, since I had no one now to share it with.

So, I tried some dating sites. What a waste of time. Most of the women there are pathological liars or are on the rebound from being dumped. And they all lie about their age and their measurements. I did somewhat better when my friends would fix me up with a blind date with someone they knew or worked with. Don't get me wrong; the sex was usually great, often incredible. But trying to replace my Molly just wasn't going to happen. We married before the advent of AIDS and all those new designer STD's arose, so I was freaked out to try a sexual experience with women of unknown history. Yes, now I always wore a condom to fuck. But my favorite technique is to eat her pussy until she has at least one screaming orgasm before plunging my cock into her juicy slit and I was very worried that I'd get some horrible incurable tongue infection or oral cancer from that activity.

Even though I was well off money wise, I needed to keep working to avoid depression and lethargy. So I continued my part-time medical practice in Astoria. I stay overnight Monday & Tuesday at the Holiday Inn because of the killer hot tub and they give me a great business rate plus a free breakfast. As an added bonus, the porn channels on their cable service are top shelf. The rest of the week I work in a shared medical practice in east Portland.

While in Astoria I usually try one of the great eateries in town and see if there are any singles around but I hate the bar scene here and avoid it totally. I've had some interesting experiences and some scary ones but I desperately try to avoid any sort of permanent or even semi-permanent entanglements. Once the women find out my occupation and financial status, it's hard to shake them loose. So I often just eat alone, return to the Holiday Inn, soak in the spa to loosen up, then go up to the room, put on some porn and masturbate until I can't get it up any longer. It's a great way to spend two nights.

But I hadn't had a chance to beat my meat since last week's stay and I was really ready for some palm action later in my room after a soak. So, here I sit in the water, already erect and thinking wild and crazy thoughts because I'm a horny dude who has just been touched by a gorgeous married woman.

Should I just sit here and hope my huge erection will go away? Not likely. I sure as hell can't stand up with my suit tented out. And I can't just jerk myself off in the water. Before I could figure out how to proceed or whether to proceed at all, the bubble action stopped as the automatic timer clicked off!

"Oh, oh!" I almost said out loud. I cautiously slid my hands up and pressed my boner down as the foamy water became crystal clear.

"I'll get it," the guy said, opening his eyes and wading forward to the steps. As he stood up, I was amazed to see this guy was huge and buff to the max. He had a chiseled body, huge biceps and delts, rippling pecks, true washboard abs and massive thighs. But as soon as he began moving forward toward the steps, she looked over through the now clear water and got a mischievous smile on her lips. She reached her hand over and began to rub my thigh, moving gradually higher until her hand met mine which was still attempting to cover my boner. I was in pain, the erection was so huge.

"Move your hand a bit," she whispered.

"Not on your life," I thought. With the clear water, three underwater lights flooding the area and her husband 10 feet away, I was paralyzed with fear. He reached the timer, twisted the dial and I was saved as the bubbles kicked back to life. He grabbed a towel in the hamper next to the switch, never once turning around, and walked over to check on his kids.

Meanwhile, now I could do what she asked so I moved my hands away.

"Oh, my," she said quietly, "what do we have here? I think I'd like to see it out of the suit and would love to stroke it."

I knew exactly what I had here, but the whole man plus wife situation was a puzzlement. I couldn't figure it out and really had no desire to investigate right now since her fingers felt so good rubbing my cock through the fabric.

With the spa hiding our endeavor, she gently stroked my cock through my trunks while I kept track of her husband's back. When he finally turned around, she stopped stroking but kept her hand on my now enormously swollen prick. He returned, stepped into the water of the tub, reclined and again closed his eyes. She then resumed rubbing through my suit. Man, was I close to bursting.

Gently, I reached over with my left hand and began rubbing her leg, then slid my hand up to her belly and the bottom of her tits, trying not to make too much of a scene. I finally brought my hand down to stroke her crotch. Even though the bubbles were hiding what we were doing, hand and arm movements could be easily seen. I kept watching for signs of recognition by the husband, but so far nothing.

She squirmed and slid further down on the bench as my fingers caressed her sex. I slid my fingers along the edge of her suit and tried to pull the material away to expose her cunt. It wasn't happening. But then she reached her other hand down and pulled the material up and away, enough so that I could get most of my hand inside her bikini bottoms. Now I had free range to slip one finger between her lips and into her wet pussy. Wow, her cunt was even hotter than the surrounding waters! With my thumb I began to rub her little nub and felt it swell under my touch.

Meanwhile, she'd almost completely stopped rubbing my dick. She sat transfixed with eyes closed and a huge smile on her face, then she began to move her hips in time with my stroking. Soon she was making waves with her motions. I tried to calm things down by pressing down hard on her crotch but she pushed back just as hard against my hand. No way was this doll going to miss out on her orgasm, I realized. "Why not just go with it," I thought, so I pushed a second finger into her sex. She sighed quietly and began humping even harder.

As the water started moving on its own, things got scary but just then the youngest kid yelled over for a towel to help get the chlorine out of his eyes. "Bless you, my child," I almost said out loud.

"Ben, honey, can you get that? I'm so comfortable here, I don't think I can get up," she said. She had stopped humping my finger as he opened his eyes.

"Sure, hon," he replied. He walked over to the steps then climbed out and headed back over to the towel hamper. Meanwhile, she looked at me and said, "Wow, you've got magic fingers. By the way, I'm Cheryl and I'm about to cum on your hand!"

I said, "I'm Rob. "And you haven't felt anything yet." I began to press my fingers herder into her snatch as she resumed humping against my hand. "I don't know how this is happening, Cheryl," I said, "But I am in hot tub heaven right now. We may have a problem if we continue since you're motion is sure to be noticed by your husband and I really don't want to stop. I love to bring a woman pleasure and I can tell you are enjoying this immensely. This is the biggest turn on I've ever had," I finished saying.

"I don't want you to stop either and I think I'll enjoy jacking your huge cock all the way as soon as you bring me off," she whispered. "Ben will be fine with us as long as we don't make too much noise or let the kids see what we're doing."

Hubby walked over to hand the towel to his youngest who then said, "Thanks dad. Will you please come and get in with me."

Ben stood for a moment considering and then said, "OK, I can join you for a bit."

Cheryl whispered, "Yesss! Oh thank you, Ben."

So I resumed up the slow rubbing of her clit and tried to get my fingers around so I could rub her g-spot in the front. She said, "Wait just a minute 'till I get rid of this suit." She arched her back and reached down with both hands to pull her bathing suit bottoms down. She pulled them all the way down around her ankles then stepped out completely. She turned on the spa bench so that one foot was behind me and the other dr*ped over my legs. Now I had unfettered access to her sweet pussy but she had stopped ministering to my boner and I was still throbbing. "Keep going Rob...don't stop! Aah...aah yes! Ooooh....that's just right," she whispered as I slid my right hand over her mound.

Now that the angle was perfect for my right hand, I managed to get two fingers into her pulsing cunt and resumed my rhythm on her clit with my thumb. I could feel the soft hair covering her mound in my palm. "A natural blond," I thought. My hand gradually slid further down as I pumped her cunt and I added a third finger. She rocked harder against my hand while murmuring, "Ooooh...Aaaah!" over and over. I pulled my middle finger out of her pussy so I could slip it down between her lips. I gently moved this finger a bit further down and backwards until I could press it on her little puckered rear button. She gasped an audible sound as I pushed my fingertip completely into her waiting asshole. Thankfully the noise of the jets and the kid's splashing covered her voice.

It took maybe 3 seconds before she spasmed, slamming her legs together, and biting her lower lip to keep from screaming out. As it was she made little "mmmmmmuff" noises and I could feel her cunt walls milking my two fingers as her ass clenched tightly around that middle finger. It felt so great I almost came along with her. If my dick had been out of my trunks, I could have easily blown my load into the pool. I love to give a woman a screaming orgasm like this!

"Oh, god! That was perhaps the best climax I've ever had," she managed to whisper a moment later. "You really do have fantastic hands, Rob."

Now I was wondering what was wrong with Ben, if just fingering her cunt like this gave her such a huge orgasm. I assumed he wasn't gay because of the kids but was this guy a eunuch?

I quietly asked, "What about your husband? That was risky for us to play with each other while he was sitting a foot away from you. I was worried he'd open his eyes while I was fingering your pussy and pound the crap out of me."

"Oh no problem," she said. "We agreed a long time ago to let each other have fun whenever the occasion arises, as long as it doesn't affect the kids. I know that he was aware of our little action but chose to keep his eyes closed and let it play out rather than stopping my fun. Fun? It has been way more than fun. I'm tingling all over. Could you keep your fingers just where they are especially the one deep inside my ass? I think I can have another climax in just a few seconds." I resumed rubbing, this time pressing my finger further up into her asshole and, sure enough, she jerked and moaned as another huge tidal wave of pleasure washed over her.

After she came down from that one, Cheryl smiled and continued, "Ben is not the jealous type. But we have to watch for the kids, especially Angie, who is increasingly aware of boys and things of a sexual nature. She spends a lot of time in her room with the door closed and I found some girl-girl porn on her computer. She's a growing teen with an appetite that's also growing by the day. So far, she's not been dating any boys, she says no one her age appeals to her, but we put her on the pill last year to prepare for the day that one does. She has frequent sleep overs with three of her best girl friends and I'm sure they masturbate themselves and maybe finger fuck each other for all I know. I don't know if she's a full-on lesbian or will turn out to be bisexual, she's just experimenting with her sexuality now. But I've smelled some pretty funky musk on her panties when she returns from the overnight play sessions with her friends. And I know she frequently masturbates in her room because I do her laundry and our towels often have lube on them plus her panties in the hamper are usually wet. She's a horny little mink....a lot like her mom!"

"Amen to horny little minks," I replied. I was really turned on by just sitting next to this liberated woman. We sat like this for maybe five more minutes with my hand over her pussy, two fingers in her twat and another deep into her ass as we talked. She then wiggled her ass a bit and said, "Rob, I hate to ask you this but could you resume rubbing a bit more? I feel another lovely orgasm coming on. I usually don't have three within a ten minute time span but I also don't usually get to feel my ass stretched out like this by your finger and it feels so damn good!"

Of course I wanted to bring this incredibly sexy woman more pleasure so I resumed sliding in and out of her cunt, making sure to rub against her g-spot on the way in. I circled her clit with my thumb and wiggled my third finger against her sphincter. "She moaned and bucked, finally again slamming her legs together on my hand and uttering a soft, "Ooooh, god, that was so big!"

We sat like this for a minute then she said, "Now," she smiled, "It's your turn." As she began to rub me again, she reached in and freed my boner from the fabric. It felt great to be out of the constricting suit and in the hot pulsing water. Of course, just then the damn bubbles quit again.

"I guess I'll have to get that," she laughed. "You're in no condition to walk around with that pole sticking out. You might hurt someone and I sure don't want Angie to see this beautiful 9-inch cock." She wriggled back into her bottoms and jumped out of the spa. As she turned on the jets she looked over at her husband and asked, "Ben, honey, are you ok with watching the kids a bit more? I am in heaven right now from the action in this hot tub." [another double entendre, I later discovered]. He smiled as she asked him, then he looked directly at me. "Oh, crap," I thought. "She may have thought he was OK with her being fingered in the tub by some strange dude but he likely would be giving me the business end of his massive fists now." Then I swear he winked at me as he returned to playing with T.J. and she trotted back over to the hot tub.

Back under cover of bubbles again, she began pumping my dick up and down with gusto. I scooted my ass up so the tip of my cock was just at waterline. The foaming water felt so wonderful on the head. The spa and the pool both have a raised lip so that we were mostly hidden from Ben and the kids as long as no one stood up. But they continued splashing away, oblivious to the incredible handjob I was getting from this gorgeous blond vixen.

"I'm very close to busting my nut," I said breathlessly. "I'm sure management doesn't want a bunch of cum floating around their spa when the action stops. Maybe I could go into the bathroom and finish the job by beating myself off."

She continued to stroke with gusto and, looking at me smiled and said, "Don't worry, Rob. Let me know when you feel you are about to erupt." Oh, it felt so good and I could see she was into it too. She had slipped completely out of her suit bottoms again and was fingering her cunt with her other hand as she worked my pole up and down. "What a horny little babe," I thought. "She must have not had sex for a month." Then my mind went white as I could feel my climax rapidly approaching.

"Now...right now," I panted.

Cheryl just leaned over, put both hands behind me on my ass cheeks, pulled the tip of my cock head up out of the water and put her mouth around it. I felt my balls boiling as I shot what felt like a gallon of cum, pulse after pulse of hot jizz spurted out of the tip and into her waiting mouth. She was sucking and swallowing as fast as she could but some still leaked out around her lips and fizzled away in the water. It seemed like five minutes that my prick continued to erupt before calming down. She kept her mouth firmly attached and sucking on my dick as it finally began to soften. Only then did she disconnect with what I thought was a very loud slurp and let my ass sink back down into the tub.

I was drained, literally. And weak kneed. So I just sank back down as she scooted over to rest on the back bench. "Yum," she exclaimed. "You really taste good! I don't care much for the taste of Ben's sperm but I love yours. When I suck his dick, he cums in about 10 seconds. He's always begging me to suck him, he loves that at least as much as having regular sex. When I do suck him off, he is so grateful that he'll eat my pussy for hours. And I really, really love to have my pussy licked."

"That's my speciality," I answered. "Not just that, but I'd bet you'd love to have my tongue shoved deep into your ass as well. You would cum and cum and cum when I do it."

"Really," she squeaked. "That would be a first for me. We've done anal of course, but never tried that. Ben is pretty straight so I don't know if he'd go for licking my ass. I do know that he'd like to watch us do it, however."

Suddenly, my cock began to twitch with that revelation. Not only was she a smoking hot babe, her husband didn't mind if she got some on the side, but now he was open to being cuckolded. I think I just died and went to hot tub heaven. My prick jumped to full attention, which caught Cheryl's eye.

"Um, what is this I see?" she said, again sliding her fingers along the shaft.

"I have always dreamed about having someone watch me as I eat a woman out and lick her asshole," I exclaimed. "It makes me hot to just think of finally being able to fulfill my dream."

"Well, Angie is old enough to baby sit her brothers tonight, if you're up for it," she winked. "I'll have to check with Ben, but I'd bet he'll jump at the offer."

"Up for it?" I laughed. "I think you can plainly see and feel that I already am."

"I'm in room 428, here's my key," I said as I passed her the plastic disk for the room. "If he doesn't agree, just leave the key in your room when you check out. The Holiday Inn won't know which room it came from. Call me one way or the other."

I gradually softened enough to put my cock back in my trunks, climbed out on shaky legs, showered and toweled off then went up to my room. My erection returned to life as I lay on my bed and considered that I'd get a threesome tonight. So, I put on some mild porn and gently rubbed my dick with the soothing lotion the hotel provides, just keeping it warm and ready.

The phone rang after about 30 minutes but it was Cheryl calling, unfortunately to cancel our tryst. "I'm on the house phone in the lobby so the kids can't hear," she added, "But Bobby our 14 year old is puking and has a fever so we are going to have to stay in and care for him."

I thought about asking her to have Ben care for the kid by himself while I cared for Cheryl in my bed but didn't know their situation well enough to ask. There's a big difference between letting one partner fool around in the other's company and just allowing a partner to go fuck some stranger alone in his room.

Then I thought about asking if I could care for Angie instead while they did their nursing thing since she wasn't sick. But that might open a whole different can of worms. I didn't know how they would feel about a fifty-some guy shagging their teenager. Especially for maybe the first time. [But, my oh my, did it ever happen later]

So, I just said, "It would have been excellent, Cheryl, but I understand a parent's first responsibility. My two kids are up and grown but I remember sleepless nights when they were sick."

Then I asked, "Is there any possibility for a rain check?"

She replied, "Absolutely. In fact we talked about coming back down part of next week to see the sights we missed on this trip. If we can't connect then, we also have a cabin up at Government Camp that we like to use over a weekend. We could meet you up there sometime when we can get Angie to babysit."

"I'm looking forward to either or both," I smiled. "See you here next week?"

"Yep. Here's our Portland phone number. Call us later to firm up the plans. I loved tonight, Rob. I really do want to see more of you and I'm tingling to try out that tongue thing. Bye for now," she said.

As I began to hang up the phone she added, "Oh and Rob, Ben said he is thrilled to have us try that in front of him. He was rock hard as I explained what you had planned. I told you he'd be OK with us having fun."

Suddenly my dick popped up as I thought about French kissing her asshole while her buff husband sat nearby watching and masturbating. So I switched to hard porn and beat my cock until it was limp.

I love the Holiday Inn hot tub.

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