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Greek Island Cuckold Story

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When we get out of the room, I was already drunk and wet. The whole time we were drinking on the porch he has been teasing me. Whenever my husband slaps my butt or tickles my nipples, he turns me on. We left the room after midnight and starting walking on the "Club Street". It gives me a pleasure to walk wit my husband while I am wearing a little tiny skirt. He usually slaps my butt and lifts my skirt up. I know he wants to show others what he will be fucking tonight.

We walked for a while, had some more drinks and then went into a club where people were dancing like crazy. My husband and I started dancing. My hands were all over his body and he was getting hard. I could feel his penis rubbing on my leg. I decided to tease him so I turned around and started rubbing my butt on his penis. He was all the way hard. Ready for me!. He hugged me and pushed my body against his. I could feel his breath on my neck. He kissed my neck and moved his hands over my breasts. I was really turned on. I wanted him to have me right there at that moment. He put one arm around my waist and with the other, he kept on rubbing my tits. He moved his hand down, teasing me with his fingers, he reached my pussy and rubbed it gently. I was getting wetter and wetter. Then all in a sudden he stopped. I was shocked. I was enjoying my husband teasing me and people watching us.

We left the club and started walking on the crowded streets and went back home and had a wild long sex.

After we were both ran down from our wild sex, we started to talk about swinging. We both wanted to have some special fun but I was really nervous when it came down to the real action part. I enjoyed same room sex and threesome with another girl. But I was not sure about another man. We were trying to set up some "dates" but the time and the place were not working fine together. It was almost towards the end of our trip. 

The next day later in the afternoon we went to the very same nudist beach we have been going for a while. We took of our clothes and lay down enjoying the sun on our bare bodies. Right I was about to fall asleep my husband woke me up: Baby look at the water! he whispered. I turned my head and looked around. There were couples hugging each other, teasing and then there was a couple and a guy around them. The couple was moving very slowly, her arms were around his neck and her eyes were closed. I could feel that she was breathing deeply... The other guy went behind them and got really close to her. We all knew what was going on, and the other couples as well. I was turned on again, I turned and looked at my husband and I could see his boner. The couple got out of the water and sat behind us. I could hear them giggling. We didn't get in the water but I knew when we go back to our room, we would have another wild sex session.... 

Later another couple came near by to say good by to the ones sitting behind us. I saw them naked before they both had wonderful bodies... I thought to myself..they would be a good match for us.

It was time to go home, we put on our clothes, packed our stuff and left for home. Later we saw that hot couple on the bus stop and we offered them a ride. The conversation carried away and we figured out that we met another swinger couple...But that is another story and shall be told another time.

For the last couple nights we have been going to the same karaoke bar, which had some shows going on. All the employees would sing or perform a show. We turned in to regulars. One of the shows was the young dj singing and being stripped by the hot bartender girl. It was really cool. All the girls at the club were screaming... She stripped him down to his underwear. My husband was watching with me and laughing at me. While we were leaving the bar, I told the bartender that I will be back to see the show again, she asked me: would you like to join? I looked at my husband and he nodded with a kinky smile on his face. I said yes...

The next day was usual having wild sex, beach, more sex.. this is what I call a night we went back to the bar and towards the end of the night, I was on stage with the young dj stripping him down to nothing... The whole time I was looking at my husband and I knew it was turning him on to see me being a naughty girl. That was my way of flirting with my husband. This went on for couple nights and I started to improvise and improve my stripping skills. I was dancing around him and trying to see what my husband would do. I knew he was both jealous and enjoying it. especially when I rub my butt against him.... I would strip the dj down to his underwear, then when I took off his underwear he'd cover his cock with his hat. I would grab the hat from him and put it in front of myself, so that his bare cock was rubbing against my ass in my thin silky dress. I told my husband later how I could feel everything? And he could feel me too. His cock was hard, for me, for my married pussy. At the end I found myself talking about swinging with this guy. He was shocked to hear what I was telling him. Basically I told him that my husband wants me to sleep with him and I want my husband to sleep with a hot girl! The things were getting hotter and hotter and this was affecting our wild sex....

We arranged a night, but we could not find a girl for my husband. But he was okay with it. We had threesome with a girl before so he decided that it would be my fun time. I wanted him to be around, so it was decided that he would wait for me outside on the balcony, close to me. I was nervous and I could see my husband was nervous as well.

At the end of the night, my husband and I went to our hotel to wait for my kinky date. When he came we were all really nervous. After a small conversation, I kissed my husband and went inside with the guy.

I had my little tiny shorts, the guy was staring at my butt. He took off his shirt while I was helping him and then the shorts... He was standing by the bed with his underwear... He came closer to me, started kissing my neck and touching my body. I was doing the same. I was really nervous. Since I met my husband, I haven't touched another guy. It was a weird feeling. He asked me if he can take off my shirt I said yes... He took off my shirt, I had no bra. My nipples were hard. He touched my nipples and kissed them. He gently played with my nipples and tits. Then he made me lay down on the bed. He went on top off me and kept on kissing my tits. With one hand, he was playing with my tits and with the other hand, he took off my shorts. I was all the way naked. He put his hand on my belly and went down to my clit. I was playing with his body and kissing it. I reached and grabbed his balls. I played with them. I could hear him breathing heavily. He lay down next to me and we were playing with each other. His hand was on my clit, rubbing it. I wanted him to eat my pussy but I could not tell him. I grabbed his dick and started playing with it. I jacked him off. His eyes were closed, he was having good times. He moved his hand down to my pussy and played with it. My pussy was wet. All the way wet. He moved one finger inside and with his thumb he was rubbing my clit. Then he put another finger inside me. I moaned. I made him suck my nipples, while I was kissing his neck...

Then he went on top off me, put his condom on and rubbed his dick on my clit.....

He rubbed his cock on my clit. He held his dick and rubbed it against my pussy. I was getting wetter. Then he slid his cock into my pussy. He was moving slow. I closed my eyes and wait for him to go inside me. He slowly went inside me. I could not believe that another dick was in my pussy and my husband was just outside the window hearing everything. I was sure he was getting hard, thinking about me getting fucked.  I wanted him to come in and watch me getting fucked. 

The guy moved in me slowly at first. Then he found his pace and started moving a little bit faster. He was kissing my neck and grabbing my tits. I opened my legs more. He was moving in me faster. He stopped for a second and moved his hips. I was feeling his dick moving in me. He moved my leg up to his shoulder and he fucked me with my leg up. I reached and grabbed his balls. I played with them for a little bit. That made him moan and fuck me faster. He reached and touched my clit. When I moaned, he kept on doing that. I was having more pleasure. He kept on moving in me. I stopped playing with his balls and I reached and grab my own tits. I was playing with my nipples. He lifted my other leg. My both legs were up in the air. He started to fuck me harder. He was moving faster in me. I was moaning and hoping my husband was able to hear me. I wanted him to hear and get turned on by all this. My legs were wide open, shaking from the movement and I was getting fucked by another man.

Then he stopped. He got out of me and started rubbing my pussy. He was playing both with my clit and fingering me. I let him play with me. He had long fingers.  I started to moan and cum on his fingers. My juice was running down his hands. 

After I came, I went to the porch all naked and got a cigarette from my husband and went in to the room.. We chatted for a little bit. Then I went back to the porch, had another cig with my man and then I showered.. I cleaned myself and waited for my husband to fuck me hard. 

I needed to be fucked hard, because I acted like a bitch. I was the slut who got fucked. My husband fucked me wildly... i rode his cock like a slut, he fucked me like he was fucking a slut...

This went on for a long time, and I am sure he will have to punish me more because I will cuckold him again....


We began our vacation looking for something wild, though we didn't know what to expect. We had tried to make contact with some local swingers and didn't have much luck. We haven't actually fully 'swung' before. We had an experience with a girl once and then soft swinging with a couple. We wanted to try the full monte so to speak to see if we could go through with it and see if it was as big a turn-on as we imagined it would be. We had no idea what would happen.

We stayed in a very wild town, full of partiers and clubs. Each night we got dressed for the town, which meant my wife was full-on hot! There were lots of scantily clad girls around, so she felt comfortable being sexier than usual...

We went to the usual club scenes and saw lots of people dancing and we did too. It was sexy and fun, but we kept wandering from bar to bar trying to find the best place. Being kind of exhausted from the loud music we settled into a relaxed little bar with music and karaoke music. My wife was dressed sexy and we danced naughty; I rubbed my hands all over her body and people could see us. I knew I had the hottest woman in the club, so I didn't mind people watching us. In fact, it turned me on.

By the end of the night, a song came on and the 'act' ended up being a waitress stripping the dj naked! My wife and I laughed as it was so crazy, and we didn't expect it. We were surprised that the most chilled club we found turned out to be kind of a naughty place.

The next night we came back, and my wife insisted that the same spectacle be performed again. This time however, she stripped the guy! Some young guy, and she obviously was getting turned on by doing this naughty show. I sat and watched my wife strip this guy naked in front of the whole bar. I had never seen her get so wild and it turned me on. I left the guy a tip for tolerating my naughty wife, but I am sure he quite enjoyed it.

The following night, we returned, and it was known to everyone that my wife would repeat the same thing again. She went and told the guy she was going to strip him again. She would go and chat with him, play flirting while she looked back at me giggling. She returned to our table and told me that she told him she was going to strip him again. He told her laughing: I going to fucking kill you! She replied to him: No, you're going to fucking fuck me! When she told me this I couldn't believe it! We were making plans for this guy to fuck my wife. He said he might be able to arrange a chick for me, which I doubted, but he probably would have said anything for a chance with my wife. So, it was a plan. We would return the next night, and after the bar closed he was going to come back to our hotel and fuck her. She got a preview of what was to come, since this night, during the strip show she deliberately moved in front of him after she stripped him in order to feel his bare dick against her ass. Her dress was thin, so surely both of them could feel everything. My wife was rubbing her ass on some guy's boner, and the next night she'd not only feel it, it would be inside her!

My mind was spinning. I was pretty turned on by the whole thing, but I really didn't know how I'd react once it happened! My wife seemed relaxed and ready for anything, which also turned me on. We even went shopping the next day to find her a sexy dress and panties for her 'date.' We were at the store, and I was helping her find the sexiest clothing we could find. I was imagining each thing she tried on-some other guy was going to be pulling it off her and rubbing his hands all over her body. I wanted her to be fucking hot, and she was!

That night she asked my help selecting her sexy clothes, even which panties she was going to wear. I was still in shock--I was helping my wife find the dress and panties which some other guy was going to strip off her before the two of them fuck. I was getting turned on watching her get dressed and made up sexy to attract this young guy to come back and fuck her. She was really going to do it! What was I going to do during the whole thing? I didn't know yet.

The next night we went to the bar late. Who were we kidding, we didn't come to dance or drink. We came to arrange a fuck-date for my wife. Tonight was to be the night. I could tell my wife was excited; I was excited too, but I was still nervous as to how I'd react once it really happened. I washed down my doubts with a few shots of vodka and waited for the bar to close. Then we arranged it. He'd meet us in front of the hotel. It was like 4 in the morning. I was afraid he might not show up, as we knew he was nervous. But then I thought, my wife who is super hot, is offering him How could he refuse that? And he did, he showed up. We sat on the porch smoking cigarettes and chatting, all knowing what was about to happen but not mentioning it.

My wife left for a few minutes and showered. She came back wearing short shorts and a tight shirt with no bra. She was fucking hot. I sent them inside and waited on the porch with a pack of cigarettes and my laptop to pass the time. Unfortunately, they closed the door completely when they went in; our plan had been to leave it cracked so I could hear what was going on. Anyway, I lit my cigarette and waited if I might hear what was going on. My mind was again racing, and I could not really just sit and relax. I wanted to know what was going on. I heard rustling around but nothing was clear what was going on. Then I saw them lying on the bed just as silhouettes through the curtain. He was on top of her; they were naked or it seemed so. But nothing was happening yet. This went on for a while and I sat down and read the news on my laptop. Then I couldn't help but look again. I saw their legs extended; my wife's were spread, but I didn't see any movement. I thought maybe he was eating her pussy. She wanted that. Turned out later, she told me he was fingering her while she jacked him off and played with his nuts.

After a while I looked again and I saw my wife's legs spread, her feet in the air shaking back and forth. They were fucking. I mean really fucking. I couldn't believe what I was watching. My wife was getting railed by some other guy while I sat outside and waited for her. I got so turned on thinking about it. My wife had another cock in her and she was getting fucked right there a few feet away from me. I rubbed my dick watching, annoyed that I couldn't see more of what was going on. I looked again and they had shifted. I didn't know what they were doing, perhaps another position. I figured she was on top. She likes that (and I do too). I couldn't stop thinking: my wife is right in there getting fucked. Wow! Am I turned on, jealous? What? I was a mixture of both--but especially turned on. Later when I looked her legs were spread again and she was getting fucked missionary again. Then, I heard the sound of their skin slapping together. She was getting pumped hard. There she was, my bride, getting fucking drilled by another guy. I was in shock! We actually did it. We talked about it so many times, and it was surreal that it was really happening right there.

It seemed like forever out there waiting. Actually it had been almost an hour since they went inside. I sat down again as I heard movement and assumed they were finally finished. My wife opened the door totally naked, giggling, and said whew! I need a cigarette. I gave her one and she went back inside. They sat for another 10 minutes or so, and then she came back, clothed and recently fucked. I went into the room and there were like 4 used condoms lying on the floor and on the bed. I assumed they either wore them out, or he came several times, and they just kept fucking. We sat and had a cigarette, and she told me the whole story which I was anxious to hear, as I had only seen and heard bits of what was going on. Then she went and took a shower. I was going to give her a hard revenge/punishment fuck for what she did. It so turned me on, but it made me want to just fuck the shit out of here. Which I did! Her pussy was noticeably loose, and I fucked her hard. In fact, the next day I fucked her like 5 times. We fucked constantly, talking dirty about how she had been such a bad girl. She told me all the dirty details and she'd say: yeah, I got fucked by another cock right here in our bed, right where we're fucking now--and you sat outside waiting for me while I cuckolded you, and it fucking turned you on! It did--we are still talking about it in bed, and I know we'll do it again.

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