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Getting My Husband to Think It Was His Idea

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My husband, bless his heart, likes to talk dirty to me during sex and he?s pretty good at it, but we?ve been doing it now for ten years and the stories really haven?t changed much. His (and my) favorite stories involve me getting put into a situation where I have to put out for some guy and he invents all sorts of unlikely scenarios where it?s my pussy that saves the day.

For a long time I thought that his fantasy about sharing me with another man was just a test to see if I was attracted to other men, but then I realized the thought really turned both of us on. He had a game he?d play when we?d go out to lunch or dinner on the weekend about asking me which guy I?d service if it came down to solving some crisis. This week his fantasy was that he had a big lender who was going to foreclose and he desperately needed only a week?s extension to get his bridge financing in place. We were at dinner in a really nice restaurant and were close together in a booth.

I leaned in close, batted my eyes at him and said, ?Honey I know we?re so desperate that I?ll fuck anyone to help us out.?

He looked at me and said, ?Really??

I figured we were still in fantasy mode, so I said, ?Sure.?

He leaned in close, ?And what will you do to him??

?Why anything that would get what you needed. I imagine a blow job for starters and letting him eat my pussy followed by fucking me in both holes.?

?What if he had a partner??

?Oh they could both fuck me at the same time. And if you needed the deal badly enough they could double penetrate me as well.? I?d never gone that far in our dirty talk in public before but it had been a tough week and I figured I?d get him wound up so he could give me a proper fucking.

We?d finished dinner by now and we were about to order dessert. I said, ?See that tall guy by the bar??

My husband nodded. I said, in a girlish voice, ?I saw him with you at that meeting earlier and I know he?s the one with the authority we need to get this deal done. Why don?t I go up to him and see if I can get him interested in me.?

His eyes stuck out a little. ?Wow, let?s see if you can do that. You think it?s that easy??

Now my husband Harry is a sweet guy and he?s actually fifteen years older than I am. It?s not that he can?t keep up, but even though he works out and is pretty active it?s not like he?s going to win a Mr. America award, but I love him and love teasing him. I suspected that seeing me with another guy was high on his list of fantasies, but had no idea if he would ever want to make it a reality. I winked at him and, making sure no one was looking, unhooked my bra and slid it off under my dress. I was wearing a black cocktail dress with a plunging scalloped front that was only decent with a bra. Without one all it would take was for me to lean forward just a little before my entire breast would be visible. I turned to Harry before I walked off and leaned forward to give him a kiss, knowing he could see an entire titty with its hard nipple.

He looked a little nervous. I put a little swing to my hips and sashayed to the bar. I was only about five feet away when the guy at the bar turned and I got the shock of my life. It was one of my company?s biggest buyers. Tod was probably about ten years younger than me, but was fairly senior in his company. He grinned and said ?Hi Karen. What?s going on.?

I was so flustered that I actually blushed and stumbled into him, saying, ?Tod, I didn?t recognize you.?

He had stood up and caught me, though I twisted as I fell forward and his hand accidentally went down the front of my dress, grabbing my boob. Now I started laughing and we both straightened up. He said, ?Well that was an unexpected pleasure.?

He had the cutest dimple and nice brown eyes. He pulled out the bar chair and said, ?I was watching you in the mirror. Is that your husband??

I said ?Yes.?

He looked at me and said, ?OK so now I?m really curious. You took your bra off before you came over here and you didn?t know it was me. Do you come to the bar and pick up guys??

I stammered ?No? and then I realized I?d have to give him an explanation. ?Look it sounds silly but we have a fantasy we play that I have to fuck someone to save our business. I was taking it a little far. I was going to come up to you, not knowing it was you, lean over let you see my titty and flirt with you. Then I was going to go back to my husband and take him home.?

He nodded and I could see he was thinking about it. ?OK, I can buy it. Odd but hey whatever makes your little man in the boat float.? He paused, ?So show me the titties.?

I laughed, this was outrageous but kinda fun. ?I don?t have to show you since you already copped a feel.?

?Come on, play the game.?

I leaned forward and he said, ?Very nice. Pretty nipples. Bigger than I ever thought. You dress very demurely at work. Let me buy you a drink and you can tell me what happens in your fantasy.?

I sat on the bar chair, ?Well this week you?re a lender who is about to foreclose and we only need a week to get our new financing in place.?

?What are you prepared to do??

He was grinning and end enjoying this. ?Well, oral sex for starters, mutual. Then penetration.?

He stroked his lip and said, ?Penetration where??

I was starting to get a tingle between my legs talking about this. I looked him straight in those beautiful eyes. ?Both holes.?

?Does your husband get to watch??

?We haven?t talked about that but I imagine so since double penetration may be on the menu.? I had sucked up my drink and a refill appeared immediately. I looked in the mirror and saw my husband watching us intently. I saw his hand disappear under the tablecloth and I wondered if he was touching himself. The dirty bird.

?Wow. I?m impressed. I?d give you the extension in a New York minute. Not only am I impressed, but I?m actually aroused. Want to check it out??

I laughed and leaned in closer so he could see my titty again. The bartender was putting new coasters under the drinks and also got an eyeful. We were sitting very close together and I leaned forward to pick up my drink and moved my hand to his lap. He was not only hard but impressively large. I said, ?Very nice. Now I?ve got to get back to my husband.?

He looked at me speculatively, ?You know you could always tell him that I?m a very important buyer for your company and that I?ll rat out your slutty ways unless you fuck me.?

I leaned back, wondering just how much of a game this was but I saw his grin. I?d known him for three years and we?d always had a certain amount of banter but I always figured he was a good guy. I cocked an eyebrow, ?Really??

?Well, of course not.? His dimple reappeared. ?Unless you wanted me to. I mean I?d love to fuck you.? He paused, ?It does seem like a great excuse though.?

I leaned forward, watching his eyes track my boob. ?Look I?m going to stand up put my hands on my hips and stick my finger in your face and act outraged. Give me five minutes.?

He said, ?I?ll play along on one condition.?

I stood up and put my hands on my hips. ?What.?

?That if he doesn?t go along with it I get to fuck you anyway.?

I pointed my finger at him, ?Buster that might be a deal.?

I walked back to our table. My husband was looking concerned. ?That didn?t look as if it went well.?

?You have no idea. Let?s get out of here.?

?No, tell me what went on.?

?I didn?t recognize him. He?s one of Securicon?s biggest customers. When I realized it was him I was so shocked I stumbled and then he wanted to know what we were up to. He watched me take my bra off in the mirror. He wormed the game we?re playing out of me.? I paused. Now was the real test. I?ve to admit that the entire by-play had aroused me a lot. Part of me just wanted to get out of there and fuck Harry. Part of me wanted to punish Harry for putting me up to something that could actually harm my career. And part of me wanted to fuck Tod, making Harry watch and participate. I said, ?He threatened to tell my boss what a slut I am.?

Harry said, ?Let me go talk to him and inform him about blackmail.? He looked at me speculatively and said, ?Unless you figure it?d just be easier to give in and do him.?

I put my fingers to my mouth and said, ?Harry you?d have me do that? Let?s just leave and call his bluff. He?s always been a nice guy and I just don?t think he?d do it.?

Harry looked at me, ?A nice guy, huh? Maybe we should just give in and do it if it wouldn?t bother you too much.?

I leaned into him so he could see my titties again and see that my nipples were hard. I reached down to his lap and found him rock hard. I laughed, ?I can just see you going over to have a word with him with that pole sticking out.? I batted my eyes, ?Do I have to fuck him to save my job??

?Well it would be a real hardship to have to live on one salary.?

?It?s just not worth it honey to have to suck another man?s cock and then have him use me. He?d probably want to humiliate you by having you fuck my pussy while he took my ass.? I thought he was going to cum in his seat. His eyes got real big and he said, ?Karen let?s save your job. Go over there and tell him we?re taking him home right now.?

Harry was settling the check the moment I left the table. Tod was watching me walk towards him and I put a little bounce in my step so he could see my big boobs jiggle. I leaned in and whispered, ?Hook, line and sinker. You?re going home with us to fuck me silly. He?s prepared to be humiliated in the cause of saving my job. Just play your part, knowing he?ll be loving every minute.?

Harry was carrying his jacket in front of his trousers and had the car waiting at the valet. I said, ?Tod?s insisting that I ride with him so he doesn?t get lost. You can make sure the bedroom is ready.?

Tod?s car was pulled up a few seconds later. I leaned towards the valet as I got into the seat and watched him trip on the curb. This was fun. Tod said, ?I kinda feel bad about this; you?re sure you just don?t want me to drop you off??

I reached up my dress and pulled my panties off, putting a finger in my wet lips and then smearing it on his lips. I leaned over and pulled his zipper down, pulling out an impressive tool. I didn?t say a word as I put as much as I could in my mouth, and then worked it with my tongue. I leaned back in my seat, watching it bob in the air. ?Oh I?m sure. He?s had this fantasy for years. He?s so excited about being forced to do it.? I reached over and worked his knob with my fingers, tracing the underside of the glans with my fingernails. ?Take a left here and then right after two stop signs.? I went back to work on his cock. He wasn?t anywhere near coming when he said, ?OK, which house.?

He whistled when he saw the house. ?I guess you don?t have to worry about being fired.?

?Well since I own two-thirds of the company not really. Don?t forget your lines though.?

I made him leave his cock out as we walked through the front door. Harry was at the top of the grand staircase. ?He made me suck him on the way home.?

Harry was staring at his cock all the way down the stairs. ?Well you gotta do what you gotta do.?

Tod said, ?Suck it again in front of Harry.?

I went down on my knees and he directed my every move. ?Lick up the back. Lick my balls. Now suck the head.? I was watching Harry and the erection that was tenting his dress trousers.

After a minute he said, ?OK lets go to your bedroom.? Once we got there he sat the straight back chair at my dressing table. ?Harry go get some of your ties so we can tie you to that chair. I want you to watch your wife?s humiliation.?

I thought Harry was going to break a leg. He came back seconds later and handed me a half dozen ties. Tod directed me to undress him and then I leaned down and secured his hands and legs to the chair and then, I tied one over his mouth. His erection was bibbing to his heart beat and a small drop of pre-cum was oozing from its tip. Tod stood me five feet away in front of Harry?s chair and unzipped me and let my dress drop to the floor. There I was standing in front of Harry in nothing but my pearls and my high heels. Tod reached around and cupped my breasts, letting them fall through his hands so he could fondle my nipples. ?You?re wife has great tits Harry. About a double D right?? Harrys cock twitched. Tod held onto me and moved his foot between my legs so that my legs were forced apart. He was still behind me and I felt one ran run down my back, caressing my buttocks and then felt his entire hand cover my mound. I was so wet that his palm was wet when he squished my lips together. ?She?s wet Harry. Do you think she?s scared of being fucked or excited Harry. Nod if you think she?s scared Harry.? Harry nodded. ?Is she scared??

He reached up one of his fingers and penetrated me. I shivered and then he put two fingers in. He went down on his knees to give himself a better angle and pistoned three fingers inside me. It only took a few seconds before I started cumming. ?Harry your wife just came all over my fingers. I want you to lick it off.? He walked me over to Harry and pulled the tie down and then fed his fingers to Harry?s mouth. ?You?re pretty good at sucking Harry. I might just have you suck something else later.? Harry?s cock seemed to get bigger and bigger. I?d never seen it so red and angry.

?Now Harry have a close look at the treat I?m going to give your slut wife.? He stripped and wagged his tool just inches from Harry?s face. He dragged over a bench that we keep at the foot of the bed and motioned me to straddle it. ?I want you to watch it going in Harry.? He had me move al eg forward and then he wiped his big cock up and down my pussy from behind. ?See that Harry?? Harry nodded. ?Balls deep Harry.? He drove himself into me. I moaned from the sensation. He was really thick. ?Harry, now I?m going to fuck her silly.? He did too. This guy had some stamina. He lasted twenty minutes before he announced he was going to fill my pussy with cum. ?Karen I want you to look at Harry just before you cum. I know you?re going to cum a lot.?

I had three orgasms before the event and I?d stared at Harry?s face just before each one. When he pulled out a thick rope of cum followed. We lay beside each other on the bed and I figured we were done, but then he got up and walked over to Harry. ?I?m going to untie you Harry because I want you to lay on the bed and watch your wife suck my cock until I?m hard again.?

Harry walked over to the bed and watched while I cleaned Tod?s cock. ?See what a good little cocksucker she is? I?ll bet you trained her didn?t you Harry?? Harry nodded. ?Lay flat on your back Harry, because now your wife is going to mount you and I?m going to ass fuck her so you?re forced to feel my cock invading your wife. Where?s your lube??

I slipped down Harry?s hard rod and leaned forward to feel him cup my boobs. I felt Tod?s hand rubbing the ky into my butt and then I looked down and saw him coating Harry?s nutsack and then he reached down and rubbed some on his butthole. I felt Harry stiffen inside me. Tod pushed me forward and I felt fingers and then his cockhead stretch me and I concentrated on relaxing. Soon he was past the ring and he said, ?I can feel you Harry. Let?s start moving so you can feel me.?

We all started on a slow movement and soon both of them got pretty coordinated. I?d never felt this full. At first it was uncomfortable but then it started getting really warm and Harry?s hands had continued their expert caress of my breasts and nipples. After they?d only been fucking me for about four minutes I had my first big one. It was like a tidal wave and they both held on. Tod kept on telling Harry what a slut his wife was and how he could feel Harry?s cock in my cum drenched pussy. It only too the two of them another five minutes to unload, and I?d had another by then. We all felt back into a heap. Tod went to the bathroom and threw us some towels. ?I?m going now, but first I want to watch you lick all of that cum out of her pussy.?

He stood there watching while he got dressed. I didn?t think I had it in me but I came one more time from my licking. Tod stood quiet the whole time and then he said, ?I?ll see myself out. Next time I?ll have some more tasks for you both.?

We heard the front door close and his car start up. I put Harry?s head on a breast, ?Poor honey having to watch your wife get ravaged.?

Harry lifted his head and said, ?It was terrible. How you suffered.? He paused, ?You think you?ve got one more fuck in you, because I?ve definitely got one more in me.?

He put my legs behind my head and stared at my red pussy. There was still some cum welling up. He said, ?What are we going to do if he brings a friend next time??


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