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Forgiveness is sometimes difficult

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Penitence comes to one in life at times and this is why this story is was written. My confession here is to right some wrongs. My name is Bruce and I have done many things in my life that are questionable. There are a costs for these grievances and payments will be made. You see, some time ago, I was being reckless on a rather icy slope during a ski outing with my friends but knowing that my ability to ski was quite advanced compared to most, I pushed the speed for more adrenaline. In the end, I met with a spot that jerked the edges of the skis out beneath me. This moment sent me hurtling towards a rather large maple tree that had no issue with my puny, in comparison to stature, body, blowing my right shoulder to pieces. This of course led to surgery to repair the damage done.

My wife accompanied me to the outpatient surgery ward on the day my shoulder was to be repaired. She wanted to be there for me which is something that a caring and loving wife would do and of course, I was happy to have her there. During the pre-op work up, we chatted about how things were to be handled in my business since I would be out of commission for a good 10 days. I wanted her to keep tabs on my partner of 5 years and provide my input.

We were chatting and I took the moment to admire her long blonde hair with bright blue eyes set into a face that was certainly worthy of being called gorgeous. Her 5? 3? frame was slim and lithe. She possessed a body built for the half marathon training and competition that she had a passion for. Her long legs gave her a sexy gait and the legs were muscled. Her only complaint was that she wanted a boob job due to her 34?B but I loved that her tits had not taken on the sag of those women that have larger breasts as they approach their early forties. In a way, I always felt like I was fucking a young woman and my wife had the desire for sex like a teenager in heat. I was a lucky man.

The routine of prepping for surgery continued during our conversation. The anesthesiologist explained that there would be something put in my IV to help me relax prior to being wheeled to the surgery room and shortly thereafter, a nurse had quietly slipped into the room to put the medication into my IV. Quickly my senses dulled as I admired an awesome looking wife but my words were slightly slurring. I could hear myself speaking but I could not control the clarity of my speech or content.

My wife was laughing at me and rubbed my head to reassure me. ?Oh honey, it looks like you are going down for the count. I will wait here for you but it is nappy time.? I could see her blurred smiling face. I could recall lying there and speaking but could not recall what I had said but I do remember her crying before the darkness fell.

I woke later that afternoon and lying on my back, my throat hurt from being intubated and my right shoulder being stuck to my side. I looked down to see that my right hand and arm all the way to my shoulder was encased in a semi rigid black sling with a little red ball being held by Velcro at my wrist. The only thing flesh colored were my four fingers and thumb protruding out of the end of the sling. Fortunately, I could not feel anything on my right side from the anesthetic.

I did not see my pretty lady but I could hear her on a cell phone talking, ?Okay, that would be great and I would think in an hour or so we should be arriving home. My guess it would be fine to be there around 7:00?Uh huh, there is no doubt about it?.Well, let?s work that out then okay?...Alright, look looking forward to it. Bye.? As she finished her conversation, I could hear her heels clicking on the linoleum as she walked back through the door into my room.

?Hey there sleepy head. So good to see you return to the world of the living. Bet you are feeling pretty rough right now??

I replied with a sore throat and slight smile, ?Uncomfortable for sure but glad to see your face. Feel like they must have put way too much meds in me though. I cannot believe it is 4:00 o?clock in the afternoon.?

?Well baby, your surgery went longer than expected due to the damage severity. You are going to be down a little longer than you thought,? was her response while stroking my head. ?But is okay baby, I have already started the ball in motion to keep this ship righted and put some things in to place that already need attention.?

I was still drowsy and replied, ?So it seems, I could hear you on the phone when I woke up. Something is happening at 7:00 tonight,? was about as much as I could muster?

?Oh I did not realize you were awake then, so sorry for not being here when you did but yes, I called your partner and asked him to come over for a little bit tonight. We have problems already.?

I simply nodded in agreement and drifted back to sleep.

I awoke about an hour later but more clear headed and could see that the doctor had just finished talking to my wife but he addressed me as well since he could see that I was awake, ?Good to see you again and I was just explaining to your wife that you will have your first therapy and checkup a week from today. You need to keep that sling on for the next 6 weeks. You wife can fill you in with everything else on the way home. With that said, he smiled and left the room as we prepared to depart. Thankfully she was there because dressing was an ordeal with a sling ladened right arm.

?Okay baby, I am going to go and pull the car around while they wheel you down. They will help me get you in the car which might be a little tricky but you will be more mobile when home due to the medication wearing off.?

The ride home was quiet with idle small talk and traffic was heavier than normal so we were not making very good time. I could sense that there was something on my wife?s mind. It is that sixth sense you develop when you have lived with someone for a long time. You just know when something is amiss and I finally asked Vickie if something was wrong.

?Relax sweetie, you have had quite the day. You know I think I?ll call Tom and have him meet us at the house earlier than expected. You did have trouble getting into the car and I am not sure that I can handle you,? she replied.

?Good idea. I need to talk to him longer since this injury recovery is longer than expected and the near future is different than anticipated.?

?Geez baby, I could not have said it better myself,? she countered with a wry smile and reached down for her cell phone to make the call to my partner.

Tom was waiting at our posh home. Tom always felt that I had been over the top with buying the place as well as some of the toys that I had bought in the past. He felt that I was taking too much money from the company to spend on toys. Nonetheless, he did not let it be an issue.

?Vickie, where do you want to park his sorry ass,? Tom said as he helped me out of the Escalade?s passenger seat?

Vickie said, ?I think we should put him on the sectional in his man cave for right now. He is going to want to watch sports for a couple of days and it is easy for him to get to the bathroom in there as well as the kitchen to feed himself.? With those directions and my agreement, Tom helped me to my sanctuary while my wife headed to our bedroom to drop off things.

He placed me at the lazy boy end of the sectional so I could prop my feet up and recline my head. I knew that this was going to be my resting place for a couple of days, I did not want to bang my shoulder either by my rolling over or my wife bumping into me for a few days while lying in bed.

Tom sat down and said, ?Bruce, I was sort of surprised to hear from Vickie while you were in surgery,? were the first words that came out of his mouth. ?Also it seems, you have been cheating on the business and the books. I have suspected it all along but when you showed up at the office with a brand new Mercedes then my radar really started to buzz.?

?What the hell are you talking about Tom? You know that I would not fuck you. You are my business partner. Yes, I did buy a new Mercedes and what business is that of yours anyway. I have good credit,? I replied somewhat in a hostile manner.

?Yeppers Bruce, you do have good credit but a lot of that comes from my ability to provide the necessary income to our business and keeps us going. I contribute way more to our business in bringing in the revenues from our clients than you. I have to tell you that I have more than once spoken with our accountant about things but he never could find anything to prove my fears.?

?Then what the fuck Tom. What is the problem? You are really pissing me off right now and even more so since I am hurting from surgery,? I yelled back.

?Boys, why all the yelling,? asked Vickie as she entered my man cave? I could not help noticing that she was wearing her silky bathrobe and had refreshed herself with new perfume, make up and earrings.

?Vickie, Tom is accusing me of shorting the business and I am not going to stand for it. He is full of shit!?

?Now why would Tom say such a thing baby,? cooed Vickie in a teasingly sultry tone? As she said that, she sexily sauntered over to Tom and positioned herself on the arm of his chair and coached Tom, ?Go head Tom, tell him.?

?Well Bruce old buddy. It seems while you were waiting to go into surgery, the meds appeared to affect your brain. Your loose lips spit out to Vickie that you had hidden money from the company and the toys that you have: the boat, the motorcycle, the new Mercedes and what not have been purchased through that money. How can you would fuck me like that??

Vickie mockingly added, ?Good God Bruce, you are such a shithead to treat your business partner like that. You were being greedy only to make yourself happy. But I would like to know something if you do not mind, who is Michelle??

?What the hell are you talking about Vickie? I do not know a Michelle,? I shouted back at her and my mind was racing because I could not recall meeting anyone by that name. I could only recall a Michael that I had met recently but nothing else made sense.

?Bruce you told me in the hospital while you were out of it, you had fucked someone by the name of Michelle when you went to last month?s convention in Vegas. You mother fucker, how could you do that to me,? my wife screeched at me. ?Do not bother to lie, you fuck. I looked at your cell phone and there was a Vegas number in your history. I called the number you bastard. Guess what shithead, some girl by the name of Michael answered and then said it was Michelle.?

I could see the anger in her blue eyes and knew that I had been trapped. I had called a Backpage number when I was in Vegas because I was curious about seeing a tranny. One caught my eye that sort of looked like my wife and I thought what the hell if I am ever going to do this then this one is it. As this was being recalled in my mind, I grasped that I had called a tranny by the name of Michelle but called him Michael after our session because we talked for quite a while and that was her real name. She had answered in her girl?s voice as Michael since she must have recognized my number when my wife called. All I could do was confess to my wife.

My wife was discernibly angered and I could see my partner wanting to beat my ass and in the condition I was in, I was pretty much defenseless. I did not know what to say to either one of them, both of them had controls to make my life a living hell no matter what I did.

As the tension continued to rise in the room, Vickie stood up from the arm of the chair. She stood directly in front of me and let her lacy bathrobe fall to the floor. ?Do you see how hot this body is? Can you see that I am made up and smell appealing? You know when I come to you like this that I want to be fucked senseless don?t you,? she asked of me with a revengeful looking smile?

?Tom and I are going to teach you a lesson. Unfortunately, we all have way too much devoted in our relationships with you so this is the plan. You are going to watch me fuck your partner. You will say nothing unless asked. Do you understand or do you want to go through a divorce where I drain you as much as possible and fight an embezzlement charge by your business partner?? As Vickie finished her questioning, she walked back over to Tom exposing her frontal side to him. She reached for his hands to pull him to his feet.

What can I possibly do now was all I could think of. She knew that she had me by the balls because I truly did not want to lose her. I also knew that losing the business to Tom would devastate my life forever. I had only one option and that was to pay the fiddler for the dance in Vegas. ?I agree but that does not mean that I will forget what the two of you are doing to me right now,? I asserted.

I watched as Vickie put her hands around Tom?s neck pulling him to kiss her. She responded fervidly and reckless. She tugged his shirt from his pants in a feverish way, continuing to bare him as if his body were the unwrapped present she had never received. I was astounded to watch her be almost fierce.

Tom seemed to be amazed by her assertiveness and being completely bare and with her on her knees in front of his cock, he did not waver. He clutched the back of her blond head and plunged his semi erect cock headlong. As he drove the 8 inch cut and thick cock between Vickie?s lips, he watched me and said, ?I am going to relish this buddy!?

I was in astonishment and had no idea what to do. And yet, my cock was stirring from the spectacle of pure demonstrative sex.

Vickie was bobbing her head on his cock like a demon possessed and since she had mastered her gag reflex over the years of sucking me, she was taking every prod that Tom could rally. I could see her mouth wide open with salivate running down onto her tits and see her throat swell as he drove deeper. He was patently face fucking my wife like a common porn star. It was astounding and I could feel my cock hardening because I had always wanted to do this to her.

At times, Vickie would turn her head to let the slobber drip from her mouth, ?Come on big boy fuck my mouth like you hunger to. Show this piece of shit how good my sweet mouth is,? and then return to slurping his cock. After seemingly forever of watching this oral demonstration, she emptied her mouth of cock and asked me, ?Did you suck Michelle?s cock when you were with her??

I denied it by turning my head which was true. I was afraid to say anything but now my foreign left hand was fondling my cock through my pants and Vickie could see it.

?Ah so you like seeing me recycled like a whore??

Tom only laughed at all of this and said to me, ?You know something Bruce, I would never fuck your wife in a million years. I do not play that way with any man?s wife. I even told your wife that. So she understands that I am not going to enter your playground.?

I could not believe my ears. He is actually not going to fuck my wife? So is he going to just cum in her mouth and that is it? All of these thoughts were running rampant in my mind as I beheld the titanic spittle that had ran down my wife?s perfect sized tits and the swollen dick that was still directed at my wife?s face.

Vickie spoke up now and said to me, ?Tom told me that he would not fuck me. I pleaded him to do it and in front of you. He has no interest in fucking my pussy because of you. You fuck Bruce, look at this pussy, it is smooth, bare as a baby?s ass and has the sweetest set of lips that both of you will ever have in your life and yet, he will not put his cock in your pot.?

Tom was caressing his cock as Vickie spoke. I knew then that his plan was to shoot his cum load all over my wife?s face so I could smell his juice on her. Ironically, I had now found all of this to be so hot they were giving me what I wanted. Then Vickie said, ?You loved fucking that shemale in the ass. I know that is all you wanted! I would never give my ass to you though you beseeched for it for years. Do not lie, Michelle told me you fucked her ass and that you were into it? Well, Tom is going to be the first one in my ass. I think that is a good penance for your sin.?

Tom leered and said, ?Hell yes, Vickie I would love to shove my cock up your virgin ass!? After he said that, he led Vickie over to where I was sitting, bent her over the end of the sectional so her head was beneath my crotch. Her tight glutes were exposed and Tom positioned his cock to enter my wife?s ass. He bent down slightly and let a large load of saliva drip onto his cock and her ass crack. I watched him put his middle finger into his mouth. When he withdrew his well lubed finger, he told Vickie, ?Take a deep breath and relax baby, I am going to open up that taut little asshole before I put this mammoth cock inside.?

I could see Vickie?s shoulders lift as she inhaled and then she tensed with a sudden, ?Oh my God.? I knew then that his finger had entered her ass.

I watch him finger fuck her ass slowly and listened to Vickie?s quiet whines but she had started to move her body in rhythm with his motion. I did not know if she was relishing it or punishing me but I did know that I could not take my eyes away and my cock was killing me.

He then told her that he was going to put a second finger in and Vickie seemed to be calmer. After several strokes she said, ?I think this feels kind of good baby. Put your dick in me. I want to be ass fucked for the first time.?

I could see Tom smiling as he positioned his big cock in my wife?s ass. I could feel the weight of her body and her position kept me from playing with my cock. I knew that my wife could feel my rock hard boner against her left bicep. He slowly entered her and her body went rigid. She turned to look at me and I could see in her eyes she was in agony but she only smiled forcefully with, ?Oh baby, I can feel you splitting my ass wide open. Push it slowly baby but push it all in.? And to me directly, ?You like seeing this don?t you perv boy. I can feel your stiff cock. You worthless piece shit. You fuck a guy?s ass and now you like seeing me being fucked in the ass.?

Tom was past the point of being tender and he started bucking his cock in and out of her ass like it was well oiled. Vickie was crying from pain and laughing from revenge. She wanted me to see her face and watch for the pain that she had to endure. She was being fucked so hard that the sectional was moving and with all this motion, it was hurting my shoulder. I continued to flinch and my wife thought it was from the pain of watching her being fucked in the ass. This thought only pushed her to buck back onto Tom?s hard cock which in turn made her body move more against me and hurting me more physically.

?Come on Tom fill my ass with cum. This is driving him crazy. His eyes show the pain he deserves by watching his wife being taken by his partner.?

Tom could not hold out any longer and shot a massive load in her ass. As his load hit the inside of her ass, Vickie cried out, ?All my God, I can feel hot cum showering my ass!?

In that moment, I shot my load in my pants. The excitement of watching my wife being abused and the chafing of her arm against my cock much like a stripper?s lap dance made me cum like a horse. I was breathing hard and could see Tom straightening his body. As he stood, his cock made a popping sound as it left Vickie?s puckered ass. Vickie had no sphincter control and her gaping ass shot out cum with a small amount of blood and crap. Tom?s still semi swollen cock had traces of blood, crap, and a copious amount of man juice.

Vickie righted herself slowly due to the position and the physicality of being ass fucked by such an enormous cock. She was slightly in astonishment and had plenty of fluid dripping down her legs. ?My God Tom, I thought you were going to kill me at first but once I relaxed, I actually think I might have cum. And you, you bastard, do not think that I could not feel your cock against me? You got off because I felt your pants swamped with cum,? she had said as she dressed herself with her bathrobe!

Tom said nothing more but picked up his clothes and excused himself to clean up and then quietly left the house. Vickie also left the room behind Tom leaving me alone. I was in total disbelief.

Vickie returned to me more composed. She lifted her bathrobe, turned around and pointed her ass towards me. ?Can you see my ass? It is still stretched open and leaking cum. Hope you liked what you saw. It is not over yet sweetie, you will be showing me the same thing. While I was cleaning up in our bathroom, I called your Michelle and asked if she would like fuck your virgin ass in front of me. You know what she said??

?Honey, send me a plane ticket. Fucking virgin ass is my specialty!?

All I could think of was, Oh my God, that guy has a twelve inch dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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