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Fishing Adventures in Colorado - My Wife Gets Lucky

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We'd been waiting all year for our fly fishing trip. Backwoods, southern Colorado, smelling like Christmas every morning. Red cliffs, dark pines, chuckling streams. We usually hire a guide for the first or second day fishing and this time the guide promised a hike to a secluded stream.

There was a campsite with a remote cabin, but we brought along our small tent, sleeping bags and freeze-dried food. The hike was tiring, especially because of the altitude. I was carrying the heavier load but my wife Cindy was also carrying a frame backpack with most of the fishing gear. She's in great shape, though she always worried that's she's carrying a little extra weight, but she has a nice round butt and big boobs so it's all good to me.

I'd gotten a kick when I noticed our guide, Ken, checking her out when she put the back pack on. It was warm when we headed off and she was wearing one of those nylon shirts with a sports bra built in. She had a cotton button up over it but it gaped wide as she shrugged into the straps and her boobs wobbled and we could see nipple bumps by the time she got it all adjusted. I winked at her when Ken wasn't looking and she stuck her tongue out at me. She knew exactly what I was thinking and when he’d gotten a little ahead of us she whispered, “He’s kind of cute.”

It took us three hours of hard hiking to reach the spot. It was idyllic, a high mountain meadow with a fast moving stream at its edge, a very simple cabin at the side backed up against a red rock cliff. We broke out sandwiches and went though a short exchange of life stories with Ken.

28, PhD student, had guided in the summer for five years. We told ours, Cindy, 45, married to me, 55 for ten years, two kids. Our two-week vacation was our couple time. After lunch we kitted up. Cindy had brought some lightweight bib waders, while I just had wading boots. Ken rigged up with flies he thought would do well and stayed with me at the high end of the stream. We agreed we'd each keep one fish for dinner. Cindy disappeared round the bend to fish a couple of broader pools, she's the more experienced at fly-fishing. I was glad I wasn't wearing full waders as the temperature was definitely warm. I almost immediately had a run of luck, and kept the first rainbow but then the pool dried up, so Ken and I cleaned my fish and wrapped it in cool leaves, putting it in the cold box at the cabin which relied on water from the stream and then hiked down to see what luck Cindy was having.

We took the back way, the way we'd come up and spotted her through the bushes. Her rod was clasped between her knees and her bib overalls were around her waist. She had her hands around the hem of her shirt and I knew what she was going to do and later I realized I could have shouted out and warned her that she had watchers. But I didn’t and as we watched she pulled her shirt up over her head and threw it to the bank, standing there topless. She has large breasts with well-defined dark areolas and her nipples were hard. When she threw the shirt they gave an impressive bounce.

I looked at Ken. His eyes had gotten big, I laughed and said, "looks like we came at the right time." We were only fifteen feet away but completely hidden by the bushes and when we walked out she said, "Hi. It's really hot."

She noticed Ken staring and said, "Ken they're just tits." She raised the bib of the waders and reached around to find the snap end. That did interesting things to her boobs. Ken was closer to her and he waded out to hand her the loose ends of the snaps. When she snapped the top on it only half covered the top of her boobs and they were pretty visible at the sides. It was completely erotic.

When she'd cast, her boobs would wobble and on the second cast I saw one escape the bib. I could tell she knew it was exposed because she gave it a quick glance. The dusky rose nipple on the exposed tit was appetizing. It was so pretty I couldn't resist getting out my iPhone and snapping a few candid shots to add to my collection. When she saw me she laughed and did a few poses. When she'd do an overhand her breasts would rise up and bounce a little. Her nipples were hard as pebbles. She looked completely amazing. Ken was obviously enjoying himself, having found a place on the bank. I wondered if he was sitting down so his erection wouldn't be obvious. I waded out to her and said, "You look amazing."

She looked at me, a question on her lips. She licked them and said, "jealous?" We had a game we played when we went out together for a drink. I'd urge her to forget the bra or wear a short skirt without panties. Sometimes she would, most often she wouldn't but for some reason I got an intense thrill from watching other men get glimpses of her charms. She was often happy to play and a few weeks ago, after a particularly daring exposure at a bar when a couple of good looking young guys were treated to a show from a bar stool of her panty-free I'd discovered that she'd become very wet.

I said, "No you have as much fun as you want."


I leaned I and said, "I love the way he's staring at your tits." I reached over and gently pulled a nipple. "I'm going to go further down the stream. I'll be back in a bit."

I did go down the stream but after fifteen minutes I was overcome with curiosity. I went back to the bushes where I could watch from the shade.

She'd just caught one and was fighting it hard; both breasts were now out. When she'd had enough of the challenge she pulled him close and Ken waded in with a net. He held up the fish for inspection and then released. She just stood there, making no effort to put herself away as if daring him and she said something to him that I couldn't catch. He pulled out some sunscreen from his pack and handed it to her and then she laughed and handed it back. Finally, he leaned down and took one full breast in his hand and sucked her nipple and then proceeded to put lotion over both breasts.

She stood there, chest pushed out, and I could see her eyes close. After a minute she laughed and pushed him away, but I could see her fingers trailing over his crotch. I watched for another ten minutes while she fished some more, catching another and then the nipple sucking repeated, this time the other breast getting the treatment. This time she waded to the side of the river and undid the snaps on the waders, shucking them down to her knees along with her pants. We always wore those Columbia all in one trousers, the ones with built in mesh underwear. She bent forward and I could see Ken looking at her. He looked around to where I was, saw nothing and proceed to pull his shorts down. She must have been soaking because he pushed it straight in. I didn’t really get a good look at him. She was folded over, her hands around her ankles while he ploughed away, groaning loudly as he plowed away. Ten minutes solid pounding and then I heard her orgasm and then his. She pulled her pants and waders up and he did the same.

I was crazy Jealous and turned on at the same time. I'd just watched my wife get fucked. Yes I'd told her to have as much fun as she wanted but I really hadn't expected that. I was surprised at Ken too. Maybe women did this more often than I thought, but I had encouraged her. I wondered if she'd tell me. She said matter-of-factly to Ken, "I’m going to head back, you'd better go get Jack."

She didn't put on her shirt, left the waders around her waist, and walked off, boobs swinging. He packed up and I was wondering what I was going to do. We'd had bedroom talk about fooling around with other couples and had fantasies of going to nude resorts but I thought we were faithful.

I quickly walked back to the pool round the bend, got my waders wet and headed back to the trail, meeting Ken halfway. He grinned at me, asking how the fishing had been. We walked back and didn't say much. I figured he was still thinking about Cindy's pussy.

Cindy was sitting on a rock, hands behind her, breasts in the sun. She had a flushed face. I smiled at her and said, "You might have gotten a little too much sun. Your face is flushed. Did you get lucky?"

"Yes indeed; ten trout in all. How about you?"

"I didn't get as lucky as you." She gave me a sharp glance, but I followed it with, "This is a great place."

Ken disappeared in the cabin. She said, "You were right to just bring shoes. It was really hot on the river. I had to take my shirt off." She looked at me speculatively and unclipped the sides. "Will you help me out of my boots?"

She stretched out her legs and I unlaced her, pulling off the wet boots. She was sitting back, her hands behind her, breasts standing proud. I said, "I imagine Ken didn't mind. I hope you didn't burn."

She laughed. "Ken had sunscreen."

"Did he put it on?"

She'd pulled out her top from a pocket and was putting it on. When her head popped out she smiled and said, "Would you mind if he did?"

Ken came out, "I have the filets marinating in salt, olive oil and lime juice. There is a hot spring about half a mile down the trail. Want to come soak?"

Cindy answered, "Sure. I don’t have underwear though." She asked me to pull off her waders. I did and we both saw that her crotch was soaked. I looked up at her and she blushed. I reached my finger and touched the wet, "Looks like you were using the right kind of bait."

Ken walked up and said, "If there's anyone there they'll probably be naked, anyway everything you wear in the mud will stain, so better to be naked. It's Colorado." He saw the wet and went white. I said to Cindy, "maybe you should get out of those trousers." She knew I wanted to see, so she stood up and did a sexy peel, handing me the trousers. The mesh was full of cum and more was pouring out of her, dripping down her leg. He must have cum a cup.

I said, "That must have been a real quickie. How did it happen?"

She laughed, "It was. I got so horny when he put sun tan lotion on my tits, I just dropped my waders and bent over on the bank. Ken was ready too so he just stuck it in."

I put my hand out and touched her. She was swollen and wet and she gave a little push and another glop of cum slid into my hand. She giggled, "He came buckets." I rubbed the cum into her legs and put two fingers inside. It was very slippery.

I said, "I don't know whether to fuck you now or wait till you wash so I can go down on you. You're so swollen it'll feel different."

She said, "I like the idea of making you wait."

Ken said, "You guys are cool. I'm relieved you're not angry. I couldn't help myself. She's amazing."

We closed up the cabin and trooped off, making sure we had flashlights and our microfiber towels. It was probably an hour or so from dark. When we arrived there was in fact a couple there and they were in fact naked. We asked if they minded sharing the pool and the girl laughed and said, "We're all for sharing."

The pool was muddy at one end, but clear at the other, where a thin stream of hot water came over a bolder to splash in the pool. The girl waded over and said, "I'm Sherrie and that's Billy. The mud is really amazing if you smear it on, let it dry and then wash it off." She stood out of the water and I could see firm B cups. Pretty. Cindy had walked to the stream with just a towel and when she took it off Sherrie stared at the trail of cum that had made its way down her leg.

"Wow, you've just had sex. Neat."

I was just taking off my trousers when I turned and caught sight of Ken. Now there are showers and there are growers. I hoped he was a shower because I'd feel inadequate if he grew any. He was probably eight inches flaccid. Now I've never had complaints but I think I'm probably six and a half hard. Cindy was half way in when she turned and saw what she hadn’t really only felt in her pussy and I saw her eyes go big. She quickly looked at me and grinned; I have no idea why. OK maybe once when we were fucking I might have said I loved to see her filled by a big cock, but that had been sex talk.

Cindy scooped up handfuls of mud and covered her front and Sherry said, "I'll get your back." Cindy looked at me and raised an eyebrow as Sherrie scooped mud on her back and ass and said, "you should sit there and let it dry," pointing to a rock. Cindy sat and said, "it's warm, the spring must go under it"

Ken had gone straight into the spring and was chatting to Jack.

I covered myself in mud and went to sit beside Cindy. In a few minutes I could feel the mud tightening. I said, "Just like a really expensive spa."

She was watching Ken who was clearly being hit on by Sherrie. I looked at her and said, "We've fallen in with a band of swingers."

She didn't smile so I said, "it's OK honey, I’m sure she’ll share"

She looked at me, swinging her legs. "I was having a dirty fantasy while I was fishing and then you said it was OK and I just invited him in. I felt like such a slut." My cock immediately sprang to attention. She looked down. "I can see the idea doesn't offend you."

Her nipples had cracked the mud on her breasts.

I said, "You want to do him again don't you?"

She looked down; almost shy. "Yes. When I let him touch my boobs and kissed my nipples I got really wet. I felt so naughty especially when he stared at my boobs. I asked to borrow his suntan lotion and he came really close. I asked if he wanted to touch them. I'm still so fucking horny. I came just from being fucked, that's unusual but imagine just bending over and getting it without any foreplay or even getting undressed. See?"

Her words were tripping over themselves. I guess she must have been seeing herself in a new light. She spread her legs and I could see her lips covered in wet peeking between her mud covered legs, she reached over and put her hand around my mud slick cock, running her finger along the bottom ridge. I felt close to cumming and was so pre-occupied that I didn't notice Ken until he was a few feet away.

He noticed what Cindy was doing and stopped, embarrassed, "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt."

Cindy said, "That's OK." She pulled her hand away.

I realized they were both staring at my cock, so I lowered myself off the rock and started rubbing the mud off. Ken said, "I couldn't stay over there, she's a freak, she wants to see her boyfriend have sex with a guy. I'm about to head back, I'll meet you at the camp."

Cindy said, "If you help me get this mud off, we'll come back with you."

I was preoccupied with my own mud, so of course Ken helped her and of course he focused on scrubbing the mud off her front. She kneeled in the water and I could see his hands groping her breasts, and then of course I saw he was a grower, but not too much. But it was a lot thicker and longer and it curved upward. Cindy had one hand around him and the other cupping his balls. His balls were large too. I asked Cindy to get my back while he got hers and she let him go to do so and then I felt her hand around my cock, which was still rock hard. I wondered if she was comparing it to the monster she'd just been handling. Sherrie and Billy had left. We rinsed under the stream and then toweled dry, both Ken and I looking slightly ridiculous with our bobbing cocks. We dressed and headed back to the camp. The sexual tension was almost electric.

Cindy said, "I hate to get dirty again, but I'd like to feel your mouth on me."

I looked around and said, "Where?"

"How about the cabin?”

Ken had gone inside and we knocked and entered. He was just slipping into some boxer shorts and said, “I was just about the start dinner.” He had started a fire in the small fireplace and she put her towel on one of the wood Adirondack chairs, leaned back and spread her legs. I folded my towel to make it easy on my knees and dove in. Cindy breathlessly said, “Jack was going to have an appetizer, but don’t let us interfere with your cooking.” She was still wet and she did feel different and there was a slight salty taste. She came too quickly for my complete satisfaction and then said, “Let’s eat before you fuck me.” It didn’t bother me too much, I knew Id only last a minute before filling her.

Dinner was trout grilled in butter and olive oil with freeze dried green beans and mashed potatoes. It was really good. After we cleaned up I wondered if Cindy would bring up sex. I figured I'd start the ball rolling, so I said, "what scared you off with Sherrie.”

“I’d only talked to her for a couple of minutes before she asked if I’d have sex with her and her boyfriend. She said she wanted to see her boyfriend being blown.”

“Does that happen often to you here?” Cindy asked.

“No. In fact it’s really unusual, but I’ve had a lot of fun with you guys.”

I laughed, “especially with Cindy’s breasts and of course the quickie.”

Ken looked at me, “They are amazing. When she took her shirt off on the river I was amazed, especially when they kept on getting away from her waders.”

Cindy laughed, “Well you shocked me too when you walked up with the suntan lotion and offered to put it on.” she looked down, “That was fun.”

“The mud baths were pretty amazing too. All in all this has been a pretty adventurous trip.”

Ken looked at us, “You mean you guys don’t do this kind of thing a lot?”

Cindy looked up, “No, actually you’re the first guy to play with my breasts since we stopped dating others.”

I had a little flask of Jack and shared a shot in our coffee mugs. Cindy asked about his girlfriend and then asked whether he'd ever shared a girl with another guy. He said, "You mean like both having sex with her at the same time?"

She laughed, "Well I guess both at the same time, there are lots of variations." She paused as if figuring out what she wanted to say, "Both in the pussy at the same time, one in the ass and one in the pussy, one in and the other in the mouth, and then just one after the other. That sums it up."

I was surprised she'd be that graphic, and my mind locked up around whether we'd both fit in her pussy at the same time, but I guess I'd seen it stretch pretty far. Two kids. She looked at me and said, "Do you mind if I blow him?"

It was the matter of fact way she said it. I shook my head. He stood up and dropped his trousers and she went to her knees and did her masterful slow blowjob , the one she does when she really wants to drive you wild. I said, "Do you mind if I take a souvenir pic? I'll keep your face out." He said no and I went to the tent, got my iphone and took a few. In one she pulled out and grinned at me with his cock at the corner of her mouth. She got naked and then sat on her heels with his curved cock resting on her lips, and then she went back to blowing him. He hadn't come after about ten minutes and she looked at him and said, "I like you to come on my tits and then fuck me in the tent." She paused, “After Jack fills me.”

He was naked and hard as he walked the dozen steps to the tent. Cindy waited until I zipped the tent shut to keep out the bugs. It was a little cramped. She opened her arms to Ken and kissed him. I guess I hadn't expected that. It went on for a long time, but I saw her hand was stroking him and one of his was pulling a nipple. I wondered if it would have been better if I'd told her to fuck him while they were fishing. Hell she'd probably fuck him fishing tomorrow anyway.

After a minute she pushed him away and wriggled around so she could suck his cock. Usually she was pretty passive while having sex. She enjoyed it immensely and I always thought that the sensations were so intense that she became self absorbed. Tonight she was aggressive, almost showing off.

She got on her knees to get at his cock, presenting me with her vagina so I leaned forward to lick her only to find his fingers in the way. He moved them to her clit and I stuck my tongue in deep. She was very wet. I heard her moan as my tongue reached deep and she pressed herself against my face. She pulled off his cock long enough to say to him, "play with my tits." Apparently he hadn't been touching her clit right, a thought that pleased me. I licked down where his fingers had been and felt a shudder and flicked it gently with my tongue. I backed up to see; he had his hands full of tit and she was holding his cock up so she could lick and suck the head. I went back to Oral service and pulled her cheeks apart to lick close to her butthole. It didn't take her long to have an orgasm and then I couldn’t stand it any more. I slipped it in and felt her gasp. “Oh that feels so good. You’ve been so patient honey, why don’t you just pound me and cum quickly.”

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I was determined to make it last longer, but she started squeezing mKen moved down and she said, “Put him in me.” I wondered if I should go first but I wrapped my hand around him and lined him up and as she lowered moved him between he lips a few times, though he was already wet from her mouth and she was dripping. She took it very slowly and a deep “Ahhhh” escaped her lips as she sank most of the way down. She pulled out to make sure he was fully wet and then sank all the way. She started a slow ride and I lay beside them watching the penetration, his hands on her breasts and her expressions. I could tell when she arched back that his curved cock was rubbing against her g-spot as she would make small grinding motions, and her tongue would touch her top lip. I was seeing her sexuality in a whole new light. Ken was just along for the ride, but it was a wonderful ride. He just couldn’t get enough of her breasts, letting them slide through his hands, capturing them by their nipples and letting the weight of them pull her nipples tight as she moved back and forth. At one point he had to have one in his mouth and folded forward to capture it, sucking hard, causing her to moan and hold his head tight. She was so wet that she started making wet smacking sounds whenever she’d bottom out.

Ken looked at me, “Can you hear her, she’s so fucking wet it’s going to make me cum.”

She heard this and immediately pulled off and rolled onto her back. She put her legs up and and her knees back and slightly apart. Her vagina was red and wet and quite beautiful. I leaned over and took her clit in my mouth and gently sucked it. I pulled off and she said, “I want Ken to fuck me hard and cum and you jump right in.”

Ken was waiting with his cock red, I watched as he put it between her lips; it looked even bigger now. When he pushed it in I could see her tummy rise behind her pubic bone. She said, “Feel how he fills me.” I put my hand on her stomach while he pushed. It was pretty erotic. He started moving faster and I watched her breasts move in counter-rotating circles. I placed my fingertips just above them to feel her nipples slide by. I thought of putting my cock in her face, but I could tell she was in another place with lust. Her eyes started bunching and then opening wide as his thrusts grew more frantic, finally she started a low continuous moaning and I could see that he was close. Finally he started to climax and she must have been there too as her heels started drumming on his ass, urging him deeper. He came for a long time and then he pulled out very slowly and rolled to her side. She looked happy; I moved to her other side and put my hand over her vagina, she giggled and gave a little push, flooding my hand with his cum. I took the handful and coated her breasts, lifted one leg and slipped in. She gasped as she felt me enter, "You're so hard." She was sloppy wet. I talked dirty to her as I stroked in and out occasionally pulling her lips and running my fingers around her hardened clit. Within minutes she was cumming, harder than I'd ever seen before and she didn't stop. I kept stroking in and out and she kept cumming. Ken was hard again and moved so his cock so it was laying against her cheek. She moved her head to the side and grabbed it with both hands, licking the head, sliding it in and out of her mouth.

We didn't get to sleep until 3. Ken and I both came three times. I don't know if Cindy could total her orgasms. Ken slipped out of the tent sometime and we snuggled until the sun woke us. Cindy stretched and I kissed a nipple, remembering why it tasted a little salty.

Cindy said, "I have to go to the hot spring and wash off. You both came a lot and it's everywhere." She wriggled into panties and jeans and slipped on a shirt and puffy jacket, took the towel and left.

Ken had a fire going in the cabin and I said, "That feels good. Cindy's gone to wash. What's for breakfast?"

"Bacon, eggs, toast, juice and coffee, ingredients all arriving by drone in a few minutes."

Sure enough there was a high pitched hum and a black drone with a package underneath flew into the clearing. It stopped, released its load and flew off over the trees.

Ken said, "thanks for last night. That was the wildest time I've ever had. She is something else. You guys really haven’t done that before?”

"No never before."

"Wow, I feel even more privileged. Why me?"

"You'll have to ask Cindy. I think I'll walk down to the hot springs and tell her breakfast will be ready in twenty." I trudged to the spring and found her with her back to me under the waterfall being watched by three young guys. I took off my clothes waded in and washed off and then waded over to Cindy. She turned around, saw me and hopped into the pool. "Breakfast will be ready by the time we get back. You'll have to leave your fan club though. She laughed and said, "You two made me a little sore. Some other day I might be tempted but not today." We dressed and walked back to the camp arm in arm. "Thanks for last night. You were very generous to share me. I had a lot of fun."

"Me too. I've never loved you more. You were incredible."

Ken had everything ready and we finished and headed out to fish. Today Ken stuck with me down by the pools while Cindy fished the Rapids. The fishing was as good as yesterday and I'd caught a dozen by 11. Ken worked with me and definitely improved my cast. I said, "I think you should go check on Cindy."

I gave him a fifteen minute head start and went by the back way to the cabin. Cindy was completely naked except for her fishing boots, standing in shallow water fishing a good sized trout. Ken was undressing and when she'd released the trout she walked over to the bank, her boobs swinging as she navigated over the rocks in the stream. She went to him and dropped to her knees, taking him in her mouth. After a few minutes she put her head down and he mounted her from behind. Despite all that had happened I was overcome with a jealous fit. I felt like charging towards them shouting. Then I noticed one of the guys I'd seen this morning at the baths standing by our tent watching. My wife's head was turned towards him. Did she see him? I watched as he dropped his shorts and started stroking himself. I walked out into the open and watched him scramble back.

Cindy was still getting it doggy while I were walking up, but now she pulled off and rolled over. Ken took her legs and raised them and slipped back in. I said, “Having fun?” She nodded. The young guy stepped out of his trousers. I was amazed to see he was probably the same size as Ken. He leaned over and started playing with her tits, sucking nipple and generally pawing them. She reached for his cock and started licking the head. Ken was watching obviously getting turned on by Cindy’s sucking this young guy’s cock. It only took him a few minutes to get close and he came a lttle inside her before pulling out and spraying both Cindy’s tits and the young guys dick, which caused the young guy to erupt. Cindy pulled him out of her mouth and pointed his dick at her breasts, which were now completely coated. The guy just kept on cumming. Ken leaned down and start lapping it all up, which kind of grossed me out. Cindy however, masturbated, her fingers a blur, her breasts jiggling. Finally she had her last orgasm and got up on unsteady legs. The young guy was hard again, but she said, “That’s enough.” She wobbled off to the stream and washed.

We packed everything up and set out on the trail. She seemed a little subdued. “Was I too crazy?”

“No, just think of it as a really unusual fishing trip.” I laughed. It was a three-hour hike back to the camp. I asked if she was sore, and she said, “Not in my pussy. I was plenty well lubricated. Why, you want to take a trail break?”

“I’ll do you when we stop for lunch.” She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “I’ve never had so much so in my life and yet I’m still looking forward to having your cock in me.”

“I’ll lick you before I fuck you. You’ll probably taste a little of cum.”

Of course after I did all that Ken asked if he could have her again and gave her a pretty long goodbye. Her hair was matted with sweat and there were little drips of sweat running off her nipples when they finished. I got hard again watching them, so I had a last go. I didn’t think I’d be able to cum because she was so slick but I managed. We all bathed in that ice cold stream and then finished the walk to the camp. There were others there so we managed hand-shakes and a not too obvious hug before Ken got in his F-150 and disappeared down the road.

That evening we went down to the sauna. There was another couple already inside which disappointed us, but they were naked, which was OK. We asked if they minded us being naked too and in a few were companionably enjoying the heat. The wife said, “I saw Ken leaving earlier. Were you fishing the meadow yesterday?”

We confirmed that we were and the wife said, “Isn’t it wonderful? Gorgeous camping, hot springs and all the sex you could want!”

My wife looked at her and laughed, “You too?”

The woman spread her legs, pointed and said, “Two days later and I’m still recovering.”


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