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First Share - long, but true - loaded with detail

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My wife and I had an extremely sexual relationship, and because the only birth control we practiced was withdrawal, surprise! She became pregnant (though it took years of fucking multiple times daily before it happened!) After our daughter was born, we went back to fucking like rabbits any time, any place. I had always been very jealous. One time we were at the beach and a crashing wave disoriented her, and she came up out of the wave with both boobs out of her bathing suit. She didn't even know anything was wrong 'til I shouted to her. I was so angry that everyone on the beach saw her tits that I wouldn't speak to her for the rest of the day! I couldn't stand the thought of another man seeing her "private areas", or even accidentally touching them! At the same time, because it was such forbidden territory to me, the thought of another man invading my personal territory excited me for some reason beyond all measure. In bed one night, I confessed my thoughts to her. Slowly stroking my cock she said "So, you want to see me doing this to another man?" I said "I think so, I don't know." Throughout the next months we discussed this thought in depth. We started by exploring why I would want such a thing. This was before the term "hotwife" was coined, and it definitely was not cool! "Wife Swapping" was in vogue - things like key clubs, where the key to everyone's house was put in a hat; the women picked a key out of the hat, and that's who they went home with and fucked all night. Things like that - but NOT bringing another man home to share your wife with! A women who did that was a slut. It was not a complimentary term, and a slut's husband was the lowest form of life on earth. So, it was deeply ingrained by society on men and women that the kind of behavior we were discussing was far outide what society accepted. So, as we discussed, it became more exciting to talk about simply because it was so forbidden! Don't know if this makes any sense, but that is the way it was.

So, the next step was to role-play in bed. She would close her eyes, and I would pretend to be another man. To do this, we tried different positions, and I would do things to her that were not normal for me. I bit her nipples, treated her roughly, talked dirty, tried "chinese style", ate her in different ways, even tried anal. She loved the changes, and so did I.

Next step was to decide if we wanted to take it to the next level - and let another guy really have her. Maybe I should say that her youthful figure snapped back immeidately after our daughter was born. Her breasts never changed during pregnancy. They remained high and firm, with those perfect pink tips. So, all 5'7", 34-26-32, 97 lbs of her was total sexual energy. She had no doubt she could do it - and I had no doubt she could do it. Conflict arose in that she wanted it to be someone she knew, she wasn't comfortable letting someone she didn't know have access to her deepest parts. Though I understood, my male ego migrated more toward the anonomity of the unknown one night stand. I wasn't sure how I would or could deal with someone having her that I would have to deal with on a sociall or business level afterwords.

We were at a social event, and the owners son was showing off their new lawn tractor. There were two girls flanking him on each side of the tractor - one was my wife! It was a small tractor, and the girls had to hang on close to the kid to keep from falling off. Both girls had their boobs crushed into the side of his face, and the look on his face told us that he wasn't in any hurry to end the ride. We argued all the way home from the party. She at first maintained that it was totally innocent - he asked if they wanted a ride, they said yes. It was the only way to ride. When we got home, we settled the argument the way we usually did - we got undressed and got in bed. When I put my hand on her pussy, it was wetter than I had felt in a long time. I said "that tractor ride really turned you on!" She admitted that it had, and that she had clung a little more than she had to, and enjoyed crushing her boobs into his face. She also said that when they got back to the garage he turned and nuzzled his face in her cleavage for a minute, as she held his head. While I was pounding her I asked her if she wanted him, and she said yes. He was young, good looking, good personality, and he was a virgin - which was a major turn on for her. I reminded her that he was a minor - still in high school, and that we socialized with his parents on a regular basis, and that they were very prominent in our community - and that I didn't think it was a good idea.

No more was said for months. Then one afternoon when I got home, wifey greeted me when I got home in an old sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off. Doesn't seem very sexy, but noone ever made an old sweatshirt a totaly sexy outfit like her. It highlighted the curves of her breasts, and they swayed so perfectly when she walked, and those beautiful little points stuck out, and you could follow them under the material as her breasts moved. Add to that the fact that since the sleeves were torn off, the arm openings were large enough that you could see her breasts from the side very easily. This was enough to tent my pants 'til I thought the zipper would bust. After kissing me she said that "P" was over. Then she went on to say that he didn't really realize that she wasn't wearing a bra til he felt her breasts. She said "don't worry - he felt them outside the sweatshirt" I went off the deep end and we had a major row! Finally, I called him and told him to meet us at a local restaurant. During the meeting we all had it out. According to him, she encouraged him, and he said he didn't think it was any big deal until he put his hands on her breasts and felt her nipples harden. What she hadn't told me was that feeling her nipples harden was such an instant turn on that he came in his pants, and he had to take his pants off and let my wife try to clean them off so he could wear them home. She kept his briefs, and I have them to this day. He could see that I was steamed, and a look at my wife told him that he shouldn't have said that. He then apologized to me and said that it wouldn't happen again, and that the friendship between our two families was too important to loose. We ended as friends, and decided to return to our house to watch some football. We sat on the couch with wife between us and watched the game. On a commercial she turned to me and said "are you all right?" I said "yes", and we kissed. It was a deep, extended kiss. When we broke, she said "it's not really fair to 'P'", so I suggested she might kiss him. When they broke, she turned around so that she was laying in my lap with her legs down accross him. We kissed some more, and I let my hands lay accross her breasts. They started moving on their own as we watched the game. She had worn a shirtwaist to the restaurant, and as we watched, I undid the buttons, and moved the bra up over her breasts and began massaging her nipples, which rose to the occasion. "P" looked over, and was at this point watching less and less of the game. She reached over and grabbed his hand and put it on one of her breasts. I removed my hand and watched. She pulled on his arm, and he moved over and began sucking on a nipple. Then they kissed, and when they broke, I pulled up on her and began to stand. She got up also, and I took her back to the bedroom. I asked her if she really wanted this. She said yes, and asked if it was ok with me. I spoke with my other brain and said yes. I stripped her, laid her in bed and kissed her. Then I went back out to the living room leaving the door open, and a nightlight to illumine the room. "P" was back to watching the game and was surprised when I came out. He thought that we were horny, and had gone back to the bedroom to take care of it. I said he was partially right, and told him to follow me. When we got to the bedroom, I stood aside and told him to go over to the bed, that wife had something she wanted to ask him. As he moved cautiously to the bed, I went back to the living room and tried to watch the game. 15 minutes later wife came out and said that he was so nervous he had not managed to enter her, but had cum twice on her and the bed without getting in. She asked if it was ok for him to stay for a while, and see if she could get him to calm down enough to gain penetration. I told her to go for it. An hour later, he left. I remember making a smart comment like "Cum again when you can stay longer. She was naked, and saw him out to his car and gave him a goodbye kiss. When she came in, she took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom. There was a major pool in the middle of the bed. We kissed long and hard as I ran my hands over her body. Her breasts were swollen, and the convergence of her legs was a major disaster area. She asked me if I liked. I responded honestly that I didn't know, but I had a raging hard-on. She sat me down on the bed, and I found myself lying back in the middle of the pool. For some reason that excited me even more to know I was laying in a pool of his cum. She then straddled me played with my cock, and sucked it teasingly. Then she moved up my body, leaving a trail of wetness as she slid up. When she got up to my head, she lowered her pussy down on my face. I tasted for the first time the exquisite flavor of cum and pussy juice mixed together. I sucked her out like my life depended on it. When I had sucked it 'til it was as dry as I could get it, she slid back down and impaled herself on my cock. She said I was a lot harder than he was. Then she lowered her face to mine, gave me a deep kiss, and then said "I've been a very bad girl!" I said "yes, you have." She asked me if I was ok, and I said yes. She asked if she could see him again, and I said yes - still speaking with my other brain. I asked her how it came out - if he finally got in. She said "yes, but only for a minute. I hope that if he has more opportunity, he'll get comfortable enough to last longer." So, for the next six months, he was there almost every night when I got home. I would wait in the living room until he left, then go back to the bedroom to have my liquid dinner. However, all good things must come to an end, and when he went off to college, she went with him. He told her that if he was her husband, he would never let her have another man, that he loved her far to much to ever allow anythng like that to happen. We divorced, and she married him, and the rest, so they say, is history. Had many girlfriends afterwords who I enjoyed sharing with other guys. Finally met the perfect woman, and that will be the next story.

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