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Fantasies do come true

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We all have sexual fantasies. As normal humans, my wife and I have sexual fantasies that we dream about. This story is about some of our sexual fantasies that unbelievable come true all in one night. I would tell you that they are all true, but who can trust anything that anyone says on the internet. So if you believe it or not, I just hope you enjoy the story.

At the time my wife (Nancy) and I (Robert) were in our mid 40’s and have been married for 24 years. We both are active and in shape. Nancy is 5’-7”, 135 lb., with auburn hair, a fully tanned body, and small breast. I know that love is blind but I think that she is as beautiful and sexy as the day that I first saw her 25 years ago. She is also very friendly and has a smile for everyone. I am 5’-10”, 185 lb., brownish red hair and not much of a tan. I read someplace that the avenge cock size, worldwide, is 5-1/2”, but the avenge for a North American male is 5.1”, So I feel good about my almost 6” cock.

Now that the kids are out of the house, my wife and I are back to having sex about 2 or 3 times a week. To keep sex interesting we try to break the routine now and then by anyway we can agree on. Usually this is finding a different place to fuck. This would be something like fucking in the car while in the back of a parking lot someplace or my wife give me a blowjob while visiting her parent’s. This has led to us toking in detail about the sexual fantasies that we each have.

I put these fantasies (or our desires as we call it) into three groups. “Where We Fuck”, “How We Fuck”, and “Who We Fuck”. We have found out that even thou having sex with other people is scary, we were getting turn on a lot more, when we were talking about who we would like to have sex with. This could be like what movie star, or what co-working, or just that someone walking down the street. It was fun finding out who Nancy thought was fuckable and how she would fuck the shit out of them if she had the chance. I am sure that my wife thought the same about me.

This brings us to our stories

About three years ago I was ask by a friend to play on an indoor soccer team. There were 8 men on the team with 6 playing at a time. The average age of the team was about 40, with the youngest being 34. Most of the players on the other teams in the league were in there 20’s and had been playing together on outdoor leagues for years, so our chances of winning a game was slim but it was fun to try.

The team did not have practices so the first game is when I meet most of the other player for the first time. I thought the team looked putty good for a bunch of 40 yo’s. We even won our first game but it was with, by-far, the worst team in the league. The rest of the games would probably not go as well.

After the first game most of the team went out (wives included) for pizza and beer to celebrate the win and to get to know each other a little better. Tom, one of the players, had gotten a little drunk and was bosting on how he were going to kick butt on all the other teams. Tom would not stop talking about beating all the teams in the league witch got kind of annoying. It was about this time that my wife (that had a few beers herself) spoke up and said to Tom “You are full of hot air. If we win the league I will do a strip-tease for you all”. Tom did not know what to say after that. We all laughed that my wife got Tom to finally shut-up.

On the way home my wife noticed that I had a big smile on my face and asked me what was so funny. I told her that I was just thinking of what she was going to do to get out of stripping for the guys if we did win the league. She replied “No way you guys are going win and even if you guys win, everyone was so drunk that they will not remember what I said”.

When we got home, Nancy told me to set on the couch in the living room and she would be right back. 10 minutes later she walked into the living room. She was in an airline stewardess outfit. Blue mini-skirt, white blouse, blue blazer, light blue scarf, and a blue bellboy cap. Of course I was wondering what was going on, but did not say anything. I just waited to see what was going to happen. She put on some sexy music and started to rock and sway her hip with the music. As Nancy was dancing to the music she slowly took her cap off, then her scarf and then her blazer. By now I figured it out that she was giving me a strip-tease show and I was enjoy every minute of it. She had done strip-teases for me before but none so elaborate or sexy.

Nancy had unbutton all but the bottom button of her blouse and I noticed that she had no bra on. Her tits were now popping in and out of her blouse as she was dancing around. Even thou Nancy’s tits are small her nipples would stick out about ¾” when she was excited so I could tell that she was now as turned-on as I was. By this time I was slumped down in the couch with my hard dick pocking out of my soccer shorts and my hand stroking it slowly. Nancy likes to watch me jerking-off, so she came over and pulled my short down to my knees, giving her a better view. She then leaned forward, placing her hands on the back of the couch on each side of my head and gave me a nonstop open mouth, insert tongue type kiss for the next 2 minutes. Nancy finally brook the kiss off and went back to dancing in front of me. She turn her back to me as she unbutton the last button on her blouse and slowly took it off. Still with her back to me, Nancy unzipped her mini-skirt and very slowly pulled it down reviling a light blue thong and a great pair of butt cheeks. At this point she turned around and I gazed my eyes on the sexiest thing in my life. By now I had taken my soccer short off and was stroking my cock as fast as I could, but trying not to cum. Nancy came to within a foot of me. She was still swaying and rocking to the music but her hands were now move around her body. One hand would be fingering her pussy while the other would be squeezing her tits. Then she would suck on the fingers that was just in her pussy a second ago and be pulling her thong down with the other By now the strip teases show was over. We were both beyond the point of no return. Nancy had her eyes focused on me stroking my rock hard cock. She had pulled her thong off and was back to fingering her pussy and rubbing her tits.

It was then that she said

“Did you like my outfit?” “ God Yes ” I said

“ Did you like how I danced?” “ Yes, God Yes ” I said “Do you like to see me play with my pussy?”.

“fucking Yes Yes Yes “ I said

“Would you like me to strip for your soccer team?”

I paused for just a second to make sure that I understood what she asked Then I said “Fucking yes, I would love to see that. The guys would go ape. ”

The show was over and my cock was not going to take much more. I grabbed Nancy by the hips place her on her back on the couch next to me. I pulled her legs apart and barred my face and tongue into her very wet pussy. She pulled my head in as tight as she could. She came in about five minutes with an earth shaking scream, a head crushing leg clamp, and a hair pulling hand action. It was great to see and feel her orgasm. I keep sucking on her clit until she pushed my head away. I was ready, I was so ready to stick my cock in the swollen wet pussy of my wife’s. She knows how I like it, so she slowly turned over on to her knees so I could fuck her from behind. I wasted no time sliding my painfully hard cock into Nancy’s pussy. I started pumping away as fast as I could. No more warm up, No more foreplay. My cock wanted to cum and nothing I did was going to stop that. I thought that I would only last a minute but it was about 7 or 8 minutes when I filled my sexy wife with all the cum that had been boiling in my balls for the last 35 minutes.

We both fell asleep on the couch with her head on the arm of the couch and my head resting on Nancy’s butt. About an hour later Nancy woke up and then woke me. We cleaned up the living room a little and made our way to the bedroom. As we cuddled up in bed I ask her what made her want to do the strip show and where did she get that outfit. Nancy replied “So you really did like the outfit and the show?” “That outfit was great and you were so sexy.” “Do you thing that I could make it as a striper?”

“You bet you could “ I said

This is when she told me that she has been having a fantasy about being a striper at a bachelor party. She said that she had found the outfit at a goodwill store a few week ago. With the talk about her doing a strip-tease for my soccer team and the smile I had on my face on the way home, she thought it would be a good time to try it out. Nancy then ask me if I meant it when I said that I would love to see her strip for the soccer team. As I thought about my answer, I started getting hard again. I notice that Nancy was getting excited also. At this point I rolled over and gave her a big kiss and lowered my hand to her pussy. As my hand slowly played with my wife’s pussy I said “If you striped for the soccer team, you would have every guy in the room with a rock hard dick, including mine”. Nancy smiled and gave me a big kiss and then said “Are you going to fuck me or what? “. We sucked and fucked for the next hour.

The next few weeks was full. We had plan a 4 day get away at a local resort, so the striper fantasy went on the back burners and we went back to fantasizing about fucking the bell boy or the bar maid.. We never did act on any of these fantasies. Mainly because fantasies come out better than real life and besides we would get so nerves to really try anything. We did manage to fuck each other in the tree house that over looked the ocean at the resort and of course we fucked a lot in our hotel room.

“So back to the soccer team”

Nancy invited her best friend Carol to my next soccer game. Carol is 41 YO. 5’-6”, 145lb. and is not bad on the eyes. She has a big pair of boobs that you would just love to stick your face into. Carol has been divorced for about 3 years. The main reason that my wife was able to talk Carol into going to the game is that one of the guys on the team (Jeff) was also recently divorced. Carol became a regular at all the games, taking picture and movies of all the action. But mostly she was hoping that Jeff would ask her out. 9 games later the unbelievable happen. With a record of 7-1-1 we won the league’s championship. Besides a trophy, the league order new soccer jerseys for the whole team and we were to pick them up in a week. I told everyone that we would like to have then all over next week for a BBQ to celebrate and we would pick up the new jerseys for everyone. Carol said that she would like to take pictures of the team in the new jerseys, so being your soccer short too.

The day of the BBQ party came. It started about 5:00 PM. All the team members were there along with some of their wives. All the guys were in there soccer outfit as request. Carol had made a DVD of all the game highlight, along with the bloopers and gave all the team members a copy. The team put on the new jerseys and Carol had us all pose for pictures. The BBQ was going great. I put on the DVD that Carol had made. There was a lot of laughing and talk about next season. We all seemed to have kind of forgotten about the promises that Nancy had made about striping if we won, so life was great.

By 9:00 the party was down to only three members of the team (Mike, Tom and Jeff). Mike was one of our forward’s on the team. He was a light skinned black man, Looked to be over 6’and about 210 lb. He had no fat on him at all. I think Mike was around 37/38 YO but could play soccer like a 20 YO. He was married to a nice looking gal but she was unable to come to the party. Now Tom was 34 YO and the youngest on the team. He was a skinny white guy about 5’-8” and was the wise ass on the team. He was also married. When he was out with the guys, he would do a lot of wife bashing but I would hear him on the phone with her and he was all lovey dovey. From what I could tell she made twice the money, always keep the house clean, always had dinner ready, and had a beer in her hand when Tom got home. Most men I know would kill for a wife like that. Tom’s wife also was not able to make it to the party. Jeff was 40 YO, 5’-10”, 195 lb. A little shy, and did not talk much, but was always willing to help out. He had been divorced for a few years. Carol was still there also, mainly because Jeff was still there and she was still hoping that Jeff would ask her out. I think Jeff liked Carol also but was too shy to do anything about it.

At this time, Mike and Tom was on the couch. Jeff was on the love seat and of course Carol was on the Love set also. The couch and love set was placed in the typical “L” shape. I was sitting across the room on one of the dining room chairs that we brought in. Nancy was running around making sure that everyone was happy. Little did I know the adventure that was about to begin. Nancy does her striping act

Then it happen. As Nancy was making sure that everyone had a full glass of whatever they were drinking, Tom reminder her about her promising to strip if we won. Nancy get a little red in the face and replied with “Yes but I did not say when” and quickly went back to the kitchen. For the next 15 minutes Tom would bring it up to Nancy every time she would pass by. Mike also got into it and even some comments were made from Jeff. Of course this brought back the memory of Nancy’s fantasy of striping for a group of guys. A smile came on my face and that funny feeling in my crotch came back. I did not say anything but I think Nancy know what I was thinking. At this point Nancy looked a little frustrated and said loudly “O you guys, I am going to do my nails. You guys have fun” and then left the room.

All the guys looked at me and asked if they had pissed Nancy off. I said that I did not think so and she may have been a little tired. Tom was a little drunk so kept bring up Nancy promise. Finally Mike said to Tom to drop it. Well 10 minutes later out came Nancy form the bedroom. She was in the same airline stewardess outfit that she had when she striped for me. (Remember the Blue mini-skirt, white blouse, blue blazer, light blue scarf, and a blue bellboy cap.) I thought to myself “O my god she is really going to do this“ and my dick stiffened up more.

The guys all were staring at her. Mike finally ask what was with the cute outfit. Nancy replayed “You guys are never going to let me alone about this strip-teases promise, so guess I better pay up”. Tom quickly replied with ”Take it off baby ”. The rest of the people looked over at me, waiting to see what I was going to do or say. With a long pauses I finally said “You guys are in for a treat. She did this for me once and it was great”. Surprising Carol yelled out “Show then what you got girl”. We did not know it at the time but Carol turned on her video camera and set it on a book shelf in the corner of the room. It was tucked behind a picture and none of us noticed.

Nancy handed me the music CD and ask me to start it for her. Just like she did with me, she started to rock her hips to the beet of the music. As Nancy was swaying to the music she slowly took her cap off, then her scarf and then her blazer. The guys were going wild and yelling out things like “Go baby”, “Take It off”, “Let’s see those tits “. Of course Tom was the loudest. Nancy was now standing in front of me and slowly unbutton the top button of her blouse. Then she danced over to Jeff and undid the next button. Tom was the next. As Nancy was undoing the next button, Tom got a little grabby and tried to get a feel of her boobs. Nancy pushed Tom’s hand away but he would not give up. Finally Mike grabbed Tom’s hands and told him “Nock-it-off. Let the lady dance”. Tom stopped and Nancy moved over in front of Mike. Nancy leaned over and gave a quick kiss and thank him for helping out with Tom. She then told Mike for his reward that he could undo the last two buttons on her blouse. Mike took his time with the buttons but finally did get then undone. I did notice that as Mike was unbuttoning my wife’s bottoms, he kept rubbing along her breasts with the back of his hand, which Nancy, did not seem to have a problem with. Nancy was also kept looking down at Mikes crotch. Another one of my wife’s fantasies is to be fucked by a black man. You know it is that big black cock that all black guys are supposed to have. I could tell by the bulge in his shorts that Mike was getting excited and it did look like he had a good size cock. I am sure that my wife was also trying to figure out how big it was. Nancy finally left Mike and went back to striping in the middle of the living room. Over the next 10 minutes the blouse and mini-skirt came off. Unlike the time that she striped for me, under her outfit she had a black lacey bra and matching panties on. She continued with her sexy dancing. She would flash a tit or a butt check now and then. About this time the music ended, Nancy thanked the guys for their interest and started picking up her outfit that was on the floor. The guys were begging her to continue. Both Mike and Tom got out their wallet, pulled out a $20 and was waved it in the air, yelling “More, More”. I got in to the act and pulled out $100. Even Jeff got out the last $10 that he had on him and was yelling more.

Nancy does a lap dance

Nancy’s stripper fantasy had come true and it looked like it was going to be even better than she had dream. With all the attention she was getting, she could not refuse. She said “OK boys, just a little longer”. She walk over and started the music again. My wife was now really into the showmanship of stripping. She was bending over and waving her butt in each of the guy’s faces and letting then slap her butt. She even slowly took off her bra leaving only her panties. Nancy was turned on, her nipples were poking out more than I had ever seen and her panties had a wet spot showing. All of us guys were going complete berserk now. We were yelling and clapping ever time Nancy would move or shake anything.

She now walked up to each one of us starting with Jeff. She would wiggle her hips, pull out the waistband on her panties and let him slide his money into it. After words she would turn and give them a 3 or 4 minute lap-dance, making sure that she was grinding her butt into their crotch in order to feel how turned on they were and how big their manhood was. Nancy was also allowing then to reach around her body and play with her tits a little. Before she would leave each guy, she would turn and give then a kiss allowing her hand to brush across their crotch.

Tom was next, but when she went to get off his lap, he would hold her down. Jeff and Mike both had to come to her rescue to help her get away. When Nancy got to Mike the Lap dance and the kissing seemed to last a little longer that the others. I could tell that Mike was really getting to her. It was now my turn. After I slipped my $100 in her panties, instead of turning to sit on my lap, she continued to face me and straddled my right lag. She then started very slowly to dry hump my leg. All I could think about was the fucking I was going to get when we want to bed tonight. The other guys were clapping and yelling so loud that I was sure that the neighbors would call the cops. Tom started yelling “Fuck her. Fuck her” witch seem to make my wife dry hump my leg a little faster. I leaned over and whispered in her ear “We are going to need to throw a bucket of ice water on these guys to calm them down”. Then came the surprise of my life. Nancy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. Then came the sexiest kiss ever. Then she whispered in my ear “I am so horny. Do you mind if I let these guys fuck me?” My mind flashed on a 100 responses in two seconds. We had talked many times about sex with others. I know that my wife’s favorite fantasy is being the center of attention in a gang-bang and I have always wanted to see her get fucked by another guy. This was the perfect situation with the perfect group of guys. It was just not going to get any better than this. There was just no way that I was going to say “no”. I quickly kiss her and said ”GO FOR IT and have fun. Just remember to sleep in our bed with me when it is all over”

Nancy has her fantasies

With the smile that came on her face, would have thought that she just won the lottery. Nancy then got off my leg and pulled me out of the chair to a standing position. She danced around me a few time sliding her hand along my crotch as she pass by each time. Nancy stopped in front of me and asked “Are you sure you want me to do this”. I shook my head yes and grabbed one for her tits. She gave me another kiss but this time as we finished the kiss, she grabbed the waistband of my soccer short and underwear and pulled then down to my knees. She started to stroke my cock.

By now the music had stopped. Nancy turned to the other guys and said “If you all want to see what is under these panties, you will all need to show your manhood”. Tom took his short off right away. Mike was a minute later. Jeff still looked confused on what was going on. Tom and Mike was ordering Jeff to get has short off. I them said “You know Jeff, Nancy shaves her pussy “. That did it, Jeff started slowly pulling his short off. Nancy started to go over to help him but Carol was already there, pulling them down for him. All the guys had big hard-ons. Jeff‘s cock was about my size ( 6”). Tom’s cock was a little shorter but was as thick as Jeff’s and mine. Of course Mike’s had the biggest cock. It looked to be about an inch longer than mine and also fatter. Nancy and Carol were both eyeing all the lovely tools for fucking that was now swaying in the air.

As promised. Nancy slowly pulled down her panties and took then off. She was now completely naked. This was sure a night of surprises. Nancy next move stunned us all. She walked over to where Carol was sitting on the couch and gave her a long sexy kiss on the lips. At this point I think that Carol was also so horny that she was willing to kiss anything with lips. As Nancy pull away, she pull Carol up with her. They kissed again but this time as she pull away, Nancy pulled Carol’s T-shirt off. Carol just stood there as Nancy continued to remove Carol’s bra and then her the short pants that she was wearing. This only left a pair of pussy socked white panties that Carol had on. Nancy then grabbed Carol’s hands and place them on my wife’s tits. Nancy then grabbed Carol’s big boobs and they kissed and fondled each other breasts for the next few minutes. This girl/girl action had all us guys rubbing our cocks and yelling loader.

Nancy had Carol sit back down but real close to Jeff and told her to kept Jeff’s Cock warm. She then turned to Mike and Tom and told then to stand up. They both popped right up. Nancy grabbed each by their cocks and pulled then in closer. Then came another one of Nancy’s fantasy. She dropped to her knees and started sucking one of cocks and stroking the other. Nancy would go from one cock to the other then back. Ever since we saw this in the porno movies she been wanting to try this. Mike and Tom was also bent over a little and was fondling Nancy tits.

After 6 or 7 minutes at sucking the two cocks. She stood up and said “it is time to start the show“. With that she pushed Mike back onto the end of the couch, she pulled Tom around so he was facing Mike but Nancy was between them. All three was within a foot of each other. Nancy turned to face Mike, placed one knee on the couch but left the other leg on the floor. She bent over Mike’s lap, grabbed his cock with one hand and want back to sucking Mike’s big cock. This left Nancy’s butt waving in the air next to Tom’s hard cock. Tom did not need any more of an invitation than that to start fucking my wife’s soaking wet pussy. Tom grabbed Nancy’s hips and slammed his cock into her. Tom want right at it, fucking Nancy fast and hard. With Tom being somewhat drunk he was having trouble standing and keeping his cock in Nancy’s pussy. I thought that Tom would have cum in a minute but with him being drunk he lasted almost 10 minutes. Also at this time Jeff and Carol was making out. Carol had one of her hands around Jeff’s cock. Jeff was sucking on Carol’s right tit and had a hand inside her panties.

So to make sure that you got the picture of the great view that I was looking at. I will describing it the best I can. Going from Left to right. First was Mike slumped down on the end of the couch with nothing on below the waist. His big hard dick was sticking strait up and my wife’s hand and mouth was wrapped around it. Next was my wife completely nude, with one knee on the couch but the other leg on the floor. Her nipples were pocking way out from her tits. She was bent over Mike’s lap, sucking his cock while Mike’s hand was play with one of her tits. Now Tom was also nude and standing right behind her with his cock going fast in and out of my wife’s swollen wet pussy. As we make the turn to the love set we have Jeff slumped down on the end of the love set and was also nude from the waist down. He was just a few feet away from where Tom was fucking my wife. Jeff was bent over sucking on Carol’s right tit. He also had pulled her panties down and was finger fucking her. Next was Carol rubbing up to Jeff and had one of her hands around Jeff’s cock. She was starting to breath heavy and was make soft moaning sounds. I thought that I was in a real life porno movie.

At this time I was still setting in my chair about 8’ across the room from all the action. It was time for me to join in. I walked over and knelt down next to my wife. As she was leaning over sucking on Mike’s big cock, I reached under her and started fondling her Left tit. Mike was still playing with her Right tit. Nancy stopped sucking Mike’s cock just long enough to give me a wink and blow me a kiss then back to sucking on that big black sucker of Mike’s.

With a lot of grunting and yelling “fuck I am coming” Tom came about a minute later after I got there. The first shot of cum was on the out stroke so hit Nancy’s ass. He was able to quickly stuff it back in my wife’s pussy and dump the rest of his load in her. At that point he was barely able to stand up. He fell back on to the couch still holding on to my wife’s hips, pulling her on top of him. Nancy quickly wiggled free of Tom and went back to sucking Mike’s cock.

I was sure that my wife wanted to save Mike’s big cock for last, so I looked over at Jeff who was still suckng on Carol’s tit and said “Jeff, it is your turn to get your dick wet”. Carol looked a little disappointed as Jeff stopped sucking on her tit and stood up. Tom was almost past out on the couch and was in the way of Jeff fucking my wife. Jeff got Tom to move off the couch. Tom crawled across the floor and laid down in front of the chair that I was sitting at before. He was out cold in seconds.

Nancy was still bent over sucking Mike’s cock with her now well fucked cunt waving in the air right at cock level. Jeff went to work but instead of sticking his hard dick in my wife’s cum covered pussy, he knelt down behind her and placed his right thumb in her cum socked love tunnel. Moving his thumb in and out of Nancy’s pussy also allowed his finders to rub against her clit. This was diffidently getting to my wife. She was having a hard time staying focused on Mike’s cock. Jeff pulled his thumb out and replaced it with his lips and tongue. I could tell that Nancy was very close to coming. She raised her hips higher to allow Jeff better access to her sweet spot and was pushing back hard into Jeff’s face. At this point, Jeff took the thumb that was soaking wet from Nancy’s pussy juices and slowly was pushing it into my wife’s ass hole. It took a minute but Jeff’s thumb popped in up to the second knuckle. That was the last straw for my wife. She was coming and there was no way to stop it. Nancy pulled her mouth off of Mike’s cock and rested her head on his lap. She was now breathing heavy and with every breath she would moan loudly. Her back arched up and then down several times. Nancy was moving so much that Jeff had to remove his thumb from her ass and grab her hips to hold them still while he was still sucking on her clit.

Nancy was spent. As she was trying to catch her breath, Jeff stood up still holding on to her hips so she would not collapse on to the couch. This was such a turn-on to see my wife cum even if it was not me causing her to have an orgasm. Jeff was still having to hold Nancy hips up but now stuck his rock hard cock into my wife pussy.

Carol get into the action The night was sure full of surprises and Nancy had one more for me. As she was still trying to catch her breath, she mumble something. I did not catch what see said so I asked her. She spoke louder and said ”I want to see you fuck Carol“. Everyone heard it this time. Carol and I looked at each other not sure what to do.

I stood up and went over to Carol and said “That is ok with me” as I gave her a kiss and rubbed my hands over her boobs. Carol then grabbed my cock and said “It is definitely ok with me also”. By now Nancy went back to sucking on Mike’s big cock but was eyeing Carol and I to see what was going to happen. Jeff was pumping his dick in and out of my wife pussy but was also wondering what was going to happen. I grabbed the blanket that was on the back of the Love set and then I pulled Carol over near my wife. I spread the blanket out on the floor and had Carol lay down on her back so my wife could get a good look at us.

What my wife did not know is that I had fucked Carol a few times over the last three years. Carol had not had a real date since her divorce. So when Nancy would go out of town for more than a few day, I would take Carol on a “Friends with benefits” date. You know like Dinner, movie or dancing and a night of fucking. It was a big up-lift for Carol and solve my being horny issues. I laid down alongside of Carol. For the next few minutes, I kissed and sucked on her big tits while my hand had two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her. It was time to get my dick wet so I rolled over on top of Carol and my dick was able to slide right into her hot swollen pussy. I know how Carol liked to fucked so after a minute of hard fucking with me on top of her, I rolled us over so Carol was now on top with my dick still in her pussy. As Carol settled in riding my cock she said “You sure know how I like to fuck “. I did not think too much of it at the time but I found out later that Nancy did wonder how I know how Carol likes to fuck.

I know with Carol in control she could give herself a rip-roaring orgasm in less than 5 minutes. She immediately started rocking her hips, grinding her clit into my pubic bone. Her big tits were right at sucking distance and my mouth wasted no time finding one of her hard nipples to suck on. My wife had a great view of my cock in Carol’s pussy. I yelled over to my wife to see if she liked the view. Nancy stopped sucking Mike’s dick just long enough to shake her head “YES”. Mike chimed in and agreed that the view was great. Of course Carol and I had a great view of Jeff’s cock going in and out of my wife’s now welled fucked pussy. With all the so call Foreplay that Carol have had, she reach her climax in record time. Carol does not “cum” quietly. I am sure that the neighbors knew that someone had an orgasm in the house.

After a minute of shaking and rocking, Carol collapsed on to my chest, saying “ GOD FUCKING DAM I NEEDED THAT”. I gave her another minute to calm down, then I rolled out from under her. I grabbed a pillow form the love set and put it under her head. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up to her knees. Carol knew that I was now going to fuck her doggy stile and raised her hips up higher. I got on my knees behind Carol and slid my cock into Carol’s pussy. I had been only pumping away into Carol when Jeff spoke up to say that he was cuming and if it was ok to cum inside of my wife (he is so polite). Nancy and I both replied at the same time “YES”. Jeff took three more pumps with his cock in my wife’s pussy and then slammed it in up to his balls. He held it there by pulling tight on Nancy’s hips. You could see the contractions in his balls with every squirt of cum that was going into my now slut of a wife. Jeff waited a minute to make sure that every drip of cum was now in my wife before pulling out. Jeff stepped back a few feet and collapsed back onto the Love set.

I was still fucking Carol and I was getting chose to blowing my load. I know that Nancy would want Mike’s cum in her also. I figured that Nancy would get more of a treat or bragging rights if she had four loads of cum in her, so as she was just getting ready to let Mike fuck her I said that it was my turn.

I stood up and helped Carol to her feet. Nancy took this opportunity to relocate slightly. She now moved in front of Mike with her kneeled on the floor between Mike’s legs. She again want back to sucking that big black cock that she was so looking forward to fucking to cap off the perfect fantasy come true.

As Carol went to the love to set next to Jeff, I knelt behind my wife and slid my read and willing cock into her. I thought that I would not last a minute but she was so full of cum and pussy juice that I could not get any traction. It took me about 10 minutes but I finally dump my load with Tom’s and Jeff’s cum.

As soon as Nancy figured that I was done she leaned forward a little to let my cock slid out of her pussy. By now Nancy wanted Mike’s cock in her in the worst way. As I laid back down on the floor to catch my breath, she immediately climbed up on to Mike’s lap, grabbed Mike’s big fat cock, placed the head of his cock at her pussy opening, and eased herself down on it. Even with her well fucked pussy, Nancy had to slip a little of his big cock in her pussy at a time. Finally Nancy got his cock in up to his balls. For a while Nancy was just moving her hips up and down on his cock, but soon she was grinding her clit on Mike’s pubic bone just like Carol did to me. Mike also had his mouth sucking hard on one of my wife’s tits and two finger lightly pinching the erected nipple of the other. Nancy was now moaning with every breath. I could tell that she had another orgasm coming on.

About this time I glances over at Jeff and Carol. Carol had sucked Jeff’s dick hard again. Jeff had pushed Carol on her back, onto the edge of the love sit and had his face buried into her pussy. Carol was moaning as load as my wife. It was going to be a race to see what lady was going to reach orgasm first. My attention want back to my wife and Mike, as Nancy let out a big “Fuck I am cumming”. Mike started pinching and sucking Nancy nipples even harder. My wife wrapped her arms around Mike’s head and was pulling it hard into her tits to keep her balance. Nancy‘s hips and ass were slamming down onto Mike’s cock trying to get every inch of it in her. She was in the height of her orgasm. Then I heard a yell form Carol. She had started her climax. Both ladies were shaking hard and fast, enjoying every second of it. I was getting hard again watching both ladies climax. I was also surprised that Mike was able to last so long with Nancy either sucking or riding his cock, but there was no more waiting for him. As Nancy was trying to relax for her orgasm, Mike rolled her over on to her back, but still on the couch. His big cock still in her. He raised her knees almost to her shoulders and drove his dick into her pussy. Nancy reached up and grabbed Mike shoulders to keep from being pushed off the couch. By this time, Jeff had moved up Carol’s body and was sucking on her tits. Carol keep repeating “fuck me, fuck me, just fuck me”. As Jeff moved more up her body to give her a sloppy kiss with the mouth that was just a moment ago was eating here pussy to a great climax. Carol wrapped her legs around Jeff’s hips and pulled his stiff cock into her pussy. Both Mike and Jeff were now humping the ladies hard and fast. Both ladies were just holding on tight waiting to feel that rush of warm cum in there pussy.

Jeff dumped his load first, filling Carol‘s pussy up for her first load of cum for the night. Mike lasted another 6 to 7 minutes more before he let out a big grunt and release all the cum that he had been saving up for the last 60 or 70 minutes. Nancy had just gotten her forth load of cum and was loving it. Both Jeff and Mike, collapsed on top of the ladies that they had just fucked. They did not stay there long. They did not want to keep all their weight on the ladies so they moved back to where they were sitting. All four of them were spent. They just laid there with their eyes closed trying to relax. The night of “Fantasy Come True” was for the most part, was over and with a very happen ending.

Tom was still out cold but the rest of us was starting to come back to reality. I went to the bathroom and brought back a few damp hand towels to help clean up the sweat and cum that was all over us all. We all talked for a while mostly about what had just happen, then Mike said that he better get home. Mike was Tom’s ride home so we had to get Tom up also. Nancy and Carol made sure that Mike and Tom were clean up nice and neat with all the clothes. We did not want their wives finding out what just happen.

On the way out the door Mike ask how long have Nancy and I been swinging. I laugh and told him that this was the first time. He then ask if I would like to swap wives someday if he could talk his wife into it. I know his wife was vary vary pretty so I replied “It is alright with me but I will talk to Nancy about it“. Jeff and Carol was cuddled up on the love set. We could tell that they did not want to go home. Jeff had moved back in with his parents when he got divorced and carol still had her 19 yo son staying with her. So going to either of their places was not an option. Nancy offered to let them stay in the guest room and they jump at the chance. We all helped clean up the living room and then headed for bed.

Pillow talk Nancy and I were tired but still could not sleep do to we were still absorbing what just happen. We summed up the fanatics that came true tonight. • Nancy was a stripper for a group of guys and made $150. • Nancy got to suck two guys hard cocks at the same time • Nancy was the center of attention in a gang-bang • Nancy got her first taste of black cock • Nancy got to see me fuck another woman • I got to see her Kiss another lady and play with her tits • I got to see Nancy get fucked by three other guys.

Nancy making out with Carol got me wondering, since the two of them spend a lot time together, if they had done this before. I asked Nancy if her and Carol had a thing going on. Nancy replied that this was the only time that she had ever kissed a woman. She just wanted to give the guys a night to remember. Nancy was also surprised that Carol went along with it so easily. She then remarked that kissing Carol was a bit of a turn-on and she is now fantasying about being with a woman. She wanted to know if I had a problem, if she had sex with a woman. I of course said “No problem, ---can I watch”. My wife laughed and said sure. One other topic came up. Nancy ask me how I knew that Carol liked to be on top when I was fucking her. I figured I better tell the truth. She could not get to mad at me since she just fucked three other guys. So I told her when she would go out of town for the week, I would take Carol on a “Friends with benefits” date. It was a big up lift for Carol and solve my being horny issues. Nancy said that she thought that we may have been fucking and she was not mad.

Nancy then told me that she had a one-night-stand with a 25 yo Air Force guy when she was out of town. I said to her that she never could resist a man in uniform. It was a very good sexy story. I am trying to get her to write it down. Well the next morning, we could hear Jeff and Carol fucking up a storm. Nancy was still sore from the night before but she did suck me off until I came in her mouth. She does not like me to cum in her mouth so I think that it was a “thank you” for letting her having her fantasy. I hope you enjoyed the story. If any of our “sexual fantasies” come true I will write it up and submit it for your pleaser. It does look like two of these may be coming true in the next few mounts but we will see. The end

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