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Date Nite

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We have a rule with date nite. The first hour we can discuss the events of the week whether that is the kids, work or personal items but after that the evening choice goes into play. Let me explain about the evening choice. I will send a card in the mail to my wife with three choices. She can choose between a roleplaying date or a girl night out or a couples gathering. She will choice one and leave me a note a couple days before the date. Well this time she chose a roleplaying date.

Roleplaying this time was her being a single woman who met a guy at a coffee house and now they are going on a secluded naughty date. So I will get dressed at home but she will go from work to the hotel room I have setup for us and get ready there. This way she can start to forget about the events of the week by having a few drinks while enjoying getting ready.

I will pick her up at the room and we will have a drink on the balcony so we can discuss the events of the week then for this choice I took our wedding rings off and hit the road. This evening I had us going to dinner at a very romantic place then heading to a jumping dance club which was close by. The tone of the evening was set right when we pulled up to valet the car.

As my wife stepped out of the car I noticed a group of men starting to eye fuck her while they waited for their car. She had a tight fitting black strapped dress with open toe high heels on with her blonde hair pulled up slightly. She is about five feet five inches and weighs about one hundred fifteen pounds with beautiful huge breast and sexy curves. So I know the guys liked what they saw. She looked their way and smiled will saying hi. They maturely answered back with hope of her being impressed but they quickly went back to talking among themselves when noticing me getting out of the car.

We went in and sat at the bar for a drink prior to dinner. While waiting I ran to the restroom and upon returning I noticed another man had moved in my open seat and was conversing with her. Now I have fantasized about another man fucking her and even brought this point up during foreplay with her. She is like a lot of other woman at first and denies they ever think about other men but I know a good looking man still catches her eye it is only human nature.

So I stopped across the room to watch and he was an attractive man. I would say six feet two in height and very nice dress probably in his mid forties. What I could tell it did not seem to bother Jennifer that he was there. She was laughing while he spoke close to her ear and she even had her hand on his thigh now and then.

As I watched them an excited feeling throughout my dick came to my attention and I also noticed the wetness in my pants. I was turned on by viewing this strange man seduce my wife. At that moment the eye contact she made with me while he was ordering a drink broke my thought. As she was talking with him she devilishly smiled as she uncrossed her legs and flashed me that she had no panties on. Then she ran her hand up and down his back and talked into his ear. He shook is head in agreement with her while running his hand down her thigh after receiving their drinks.

Our page came softly over the restaurant and I slowly moved to the concierge while watching how she was going to end this meeting. She whispered in his ear while smiling and then kissed him on the cheek. I met up with her at our booth and my pants were soaked with cum. When I told her she smiled and grabbed my cock and could not believe it. I kissed her and reached up her dress to find out she was also turned on by him. She had pussy juice running down her inner thigh. She softly spoke that at first she was nervous but did calm down to reveal that she was getting very horny from his touch. I asked what she said to him at the end. She told him that she was here on a dinner date and maybe they will run into each other another time.

Well we played grab ass during dinner and the club was in walking distance from us so we decide to walk over. The evening was warm and a slight breeze was blowing. The walk over was nice and we got a seat by the bar and ordered. As we sat there the men were taking notice of her and I could tell she loved it. I always tell her that men check her out but she has thoughts that if she does not look like a super model no man will find her attractive. Well this evening she was proven wrong.

The club was full and fun. We danced and drank and really enjoyed the time away from reality. And of course what goes in must come out so off I go to the restroom. When I came back I notice a guy talking with Jennifer and I instantly got turned on again. The guy was also an attractive and well built man probably in his early fifties. He had her laughing then he motioned for them to go dance which she took a sip of her drink and smiled as to say ok. He led her out onto the dance floor and the song was a quicker pace one but it then ended and moved to a slower pace. He moved quickly to not give her a choice and moved her into him and placed his hand right on her ass. She did not move it and even let him pull her into him. I moved over to the open bar seats and enjoyed what I was watching. The floor was very crowded so I could see them ok but they did not notice me at all.

I quickly noticed why she let him pull her into him they were grind good and that is when I notice the nice bulge he had going on. She was enjoying it to by rubbing up against it and he had a good handful of her ass then started to softly kiss her neck. I notice he gently reached for her hand and moved it down on to his cock. She squeezed it and started to slowly stroke it over is pants. He was still kissing her neck and really enjoying the firmness of her ass when the song came to an end. He wanted to stay but she noticed me back at the seats and started to me. He stood there for a second when he noticed me but she motioned him to come and he followed.

She came back and introduced me as her friend Chris and his name was Brad. We shook hands and he was a little stand offish but she ordered more drinks and he relaxed soon. We talked and got to know each other and of course he was trying to figure out if I was her boyfriend or what. But Jennifer came up with this story of how we are friends with benefits and she could never have too many friends and he liked that idea.

Now you must remember Jennifer thinks this is just a roleplaying date and we will say good bye soon to Brad and go back to the hotel and fuck. But my first thought was hell she is really taking this roleplaying shit to heart. I mean letting him kiss her on the neck and rubbing his cock but I am thinking she did not realize I could see them and she got turned on by Brad. So I figured why not go with all this and try to fulfill my fantasy and see if I can get Brad to fuck her. So within the conversation we find out Brad lives in the area. He throws out there that we should head back to his place for a drink. I am like okay let us go but quickly Jennifer looks at me with those eyes of let us wait a minute. Well Brad goes to the restroom and Jennifer starts telling me she does not want to go. But I tell her that if at any time she feels uncomfortable we will go. She agrees as Brad walks back up and then he gives us a ride over to our car and we follow him to his house.

We pull up in front of this huge house and what a place. Go inside and he puts some smooth jazz on pours all of us a drink and reveals the houses view of the city lights. Very nice settings guess he is some over seas banker which creates tons of money. So we sit with a blazing fire going now and small talk about the view when a good song comes on and he ask if Jennifer would like to dance. She says of course and puts down her drink. He reaches for her hand and walks her to the middle of the sofa area and takes her into his arms as they being to move slowly.

I am sitting across from them in a big comfy chair as they slowly move to the rhythm of the song. Jennifer as her eyes closed and Brad is being a true gentleman with his hands. It takes about the second song when things start to change. He slowly slides his hand down from the small of her back onto her ass. She does not move it so he gently squeezes and pulls her into him. We know this move and as I sip my drink they separate so slightly that it reveals he is turned on again. He is a healthy man I must say and the grinding starts again slowly. She still has her eyes close while really swaying to the music when he kisses her neck softly and then waits for her reaction.

I start to notice wetness in my pants again as she moves slowly cheek to cheek with him as to wanting to kiss. She moves her hand up behind his head and runs her fingers slowly through his hair as he kisses her neck. She is moaning with pleasure so softly when they come close to kissing when she leans her head on his shoulder facing my way and with a breathless cry says oh Chris no baby. I sip my drink and reply as my cock swells with excitement to go ahead and kiss the gentleman if you want.

They move with the music as she raises her mouth up to meet his mouth. They gently touch lips at first then apply more pressure until their tongues meet. She moves her hand to the base of his neck as to pull him into her and he squeezes her ass with one hand as the other one moves down to hold her hand at the same time. She releases an erotic moan as the sound of their wet kiss feels the room. He moves back down to kissing her neck as she leans to the side with her head as to say yes. He at the same time slides his hand from hers and moves it to the outside of her dress and slowly touches her breast which made her passionately start to kiss him again.

They rustle has lovers do when kissing then he moves his hand up from her breast and slides the dress strap off her shoulder which drops the dress and reveals her beautiful breast and her very excited nipple. When he touches it she breaks their kiss with a gasp of pleasure and when he moves his warm mouth onto her nipple and starts to lick and suck it gently she cries once again no Chris no honey.

Before I could respond to her comment Brad moves up and kisses her once again and when she moves her hands up to play with his hair he pulls the other strap off her shoulder which drops the dress to the floor leaving her standing there completely naked. The view was incredible of my beautiful naked wife with her nipples fully erected with just her high heels on kissing another man.

He runs one hand up her arm to take hold of the back of her head while with the other hand he softly places it onto her ass and squeezes as he kisses her neck. She moans with pleasure as her eyes close slowly. This went on for a few moments when he moves his hand gently from her ass cheek around and between her legs until he touches her pussy. Her stomach reveals a quiver motion of pure pleasure as his finger separates her pussy lips. He circles his finger around the opening which is wet and the sound makes me squirt cum from my cock. She breaks apart from kissing him and moans once again Chris baby no.

I can not take it anymore and unzip my pants and take my cock out and stroke it slowly then take a sip of my drink when I say to her that maybe she should find out if our host is built well. She leans back slightly looks him in his eyes while biting her finger then smiles devilishly as she reaches to unbutton his shirt. After undoing the buttons down to his pants she opens his shirt which reveals his nice chest as she smiles then moves into lick is nipples with slow circles using care but with a definite purpose. He runs his hand through her hair while he closes his eyes and releases a moan of pleasure.

She starts kissing his chest and running her hands over his upper body when I say for her to do what her naughty mind wants to do to our host. She speaks softly to me that no baby I could not. She looked over and saw me stroking my cock and I told her that it would turn me on even more. She moaned while closing her eyes as she nodded her head yes as she started to kiss down his stomach. She kneeled down in front of him and with a look of anticipation while unzipping his pants she reached her hand in and took hold of his cock. As she got her first looked at it she spoke erotically of oh my.

Brad asked if she liked what she sees. She smiled while nodding her head in agreement and giggled oh yes. She looked over at me and asked are you sure. I smiled and while stroking my dick answered yes baby. She looked up at Brad and smiled then licked the head of his dick then closed her eyes and placed his cock into her mouth and slide down the shaft. She moaned with a gagging sound then started a strong in and out motion. It did not take but seconds before Brad was moaning with pleasure himself. Jennifer can give a blowjob with the best of them. She was sucking with a wet action up and down his shaft and also stroking his shaft with her hand all the while moaning sounds of a sexy pitch. She starts grabbing and pinching her nipple then runs her hand around to his ass cheek and squeezes.

He groans that he is going to cum and the growth of his cock reveals that. She takes it out of her mouth but keeps stroking it and spits on his cock. She says it is time to cum baby and dives right back down to the base of his cock again and Brad tightens his ass and screams with an animal yell. Jennifer moans with a mouth full of cum and releases his ass cheek but starts massaging his tight balls. He must have shot 3 or 4 loads of cum down her throat. She had white cum running out the side of her mouth. I was rubbing my dick raw when I noticed she let go of his balls and started to rub her pussy.

Brad must have noticed it also and said no way baby and pulled his dick out her mouth and stood her up and aggressively walked her over to the sofa and laid her down and spread her legs saying it is my turn. He started to move his mouth closer to her pussy when she stopped him and cried to me no Chris but I said let our guest enjoy his company. He pushed his way onto her pussy and she grabbed onto the back of his head while arcing her back with erotic pleasure. He licked and sucked her pussy juice with a loud slurping sound. She was wet and began yelling Brad yea baby more just like that. Her nipples were fully excited and she cried I am going to cum. She flexed her entire body and looked over at me and moaned when she watch me cum all over the chair. Her orgasm lasted for awhile until she screamed again to not stop with a forceful voice. She grabbed the heels of her shoes and spread her legs widely apart and watched him eat her soaked pussy and the juices flowed from her warm pussy all over his face when she orgasmed again.

Jennifer relaxed her legs onto the sofa after her orgasm but Brad was not done. He rose up with a fully erected cock and spread her legs slightly as grabbing his cock with one hand and guiding the head up and down her wet hairy pussy looking for the hole to fuck her. As the head of his hard cock enter her pussy he kissed her but her erotic purr was easily heard. He slowly moved his cock into until his full ten inches was deep into her. She wrapped her legs around him and he started to fuck my wife like a cheap dirty whore.

My dick instantly grew hard and I stroked my dick with my fantasy being played out right in front of me. This strange man was fucking the shit out of wife and she was begging for more of his huge cock to fuck her. The slapping of human flesh against one another and the sight of his hairy balls banging against my wife asshole was incredible and it was not long before I cummed again with warm white streams all over the chair. The sound and view was just an erotic experience Jennifer was screaming for him to fuck her harder and deeper and Brad grunting like a wild animal. He was sucking her tits and after a good straight ten minutes of him fucking her she yelled that she was going to cum. I notice Brad had Jennifer suck his middle finger then reached down to her ass then spread her cheeks which he placed his finger deep up into her asshole which made her flex her entire body and moan you fucking dirty man and the smacking sound of his cock pounding her pussy from her wetness flowing from her pussy drowned out the music in the room.

After a minute or so he pulled his red cock and finger out of her and grabbed her by her hip and said to turn over and he was going to fuck her like a dog. She moaned with a smile and got on all fours and waved her ass at him. He leaned up to her and while grabbing his cock again led the head into her pussy and started right were he left off and was fucking her. She buried her head into the pillows on the sofa for a bit until she raised her head and begged for Brad to cum with her. He grabbed her hand and placed it on her pussy and then took his dick out of her and when she felt his cock touch her asshole she moaned yes baby hell yes then he drove it deep into her. Boy the whole game rose to a different level. She yelled with an erotic pleasure and rubbed her pussy with a fierce motion until pussy juice dripped all over her hand and onto the sofa and then Brad grunted this is what I have been waiting for Jennifer and his cock swelled as the loads of cum moved down his huge shaft releasing into her. They moaned together then with the third load of cum that were cumming he pulled it out of her asshole and she quickly spun around to suck it all gone. There was a load of his warm white cream which sprayed onto her face and tits until she took control of it within her mouth. But this gave her something to rub all over her while she drained his balls sack dry.

Within a few minutes of Jennifer cleaning Brads cock clean they laid back on the sofa and held each other as they caught their breathes. She looked over at me and asked if I enjoyed what I saw and all I could do was smile while shaking my head yes. Brad said we could take a dip in the pool or shower but Jennifer started for her clothes and said that Chris and I have a little business to complete back at our hotel room. He stated that we were more than welcome to clean up before leaving and she answered again oh no the new lubricate will come in handy.

So as I lay here with her in my arms in our hotel room after having the best date nite sex ever. I still have the taste of Brad in my mouth after pleasuring Jennifer and the sticky warm feeling that my cock experienced as I entered her from his cum which was left made me cum within seconds. Now I wonder after my fantasy has been fulfilled what her fantasy is.

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