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Cuckold By Impotence and Choice

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Cuckold by Impotence and Choice

Part I Revelation and Solution

Impotency, the deep fear of every man. It struck me at the age of 54. The causes were typical: stress from my professional job which brought on high blood pressure. That lead to a heart condition, which required medication that produced the side effect of the a limp noodle. No morning erections, no porn induced wood and absolutely no amount of rubbing could get my male organ to stiffen. Nor could I become hard during lovemaking attempts. After a month of that I spoke to my doctor. He told me that given my heart condition and medication that I was taking, Viagra was out of the question. So, I gave it one more month of futile attempts at achieving erection before I discussed the totality of this condition with my wife.

My wife is a beautiful, shapely, athletic blond of 29 years. She is my second wife, Carol. I became attracted to her the moment she joined the firm I work for. As a successful professional, I had no difficulty at wooing this lovely woman with my charm and wealth. Despite the age differences, our personalities meshed well together. Her intellect and spirit match her beauty. While I had no difficulty at all in providing her with the material comforts she so richly deserves; it was in the bed room that my age and abilities were lacking. My male organ has always been on the small size, barely four and a half inches in length when stiff and corresponding small girth. Since puberty, I have not been able to last more than a few minutes before climaxing. After climax, I am sexually spent for the night. I would, however, use my tongue and fingers to bring Carol to her well deserved orgasm.

During our courtship, we talked about this weakness of mine. Carol, with her usual charm and affection, assured me that all was well in the relationship. That my sexual limitations were more than made up by my love and care for her. The night of that discussion I was able to set a record of five minuets while inside her before climaxing. Of course, Carol was barely warmed up from my short term exertions.

Nevertheless, impotency is a far more serious condition than a simple lack of sexual prowess. I confessed to Carol the true reasons for my chronic ?headache? excuse of sexual avoidance of the previous two months. The devastating humiliation if my impotence brought me to tears as I described the condition. Carol hugged my closely and wept out of sympathy for my loss. Of course, what was not spoken out loud was that the loss of sexuality would be hers fate too.

A husband who cannot perform this marital duty of sexually satisfying his wife, especially a young healthy wife coming into her sexual prime, is not really a husband at all. I knew that if all I could offer Carol that night was simply the honest truth of my condition, then our marriage would not have lasted much more than a year. I valued our marriage too much to allow it to wither and fade away like my masculine abilities. Our relationship as a couple would have become limp and useless as my cock. Carol, through no fault of her own, would have taken on a secret lover within months. She would have committed adultery as a result of my fault, not hers. Who could have blamed her? Any beautiful woman confined to the bonds of a sexless marriage would stray. After that, anger and frustration would have then entered the marriage and driven us into divorce. I was determined not to go down that path.

After we had wiped away each others tears and our breathing had returned to normal, I proposed a solution to our situation that would save our marriage. I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. I wanted her to know that I was both serious and sincere when I said, ?Carol, I would like you to take on a lover, or even multiple lovers, to satisfy the needs that you deserve so much. A husband cannot deny his wife her sexual pleasure. It is a fundamental human need.? I took another deep breath and said, ?I would like to stay as your husband and become your willing cuckold.?

After the shock wore off, her answer, out of sympathy to me I think, was a firm no. Then I put it more bluntly and explained how she would feel the need to cheat on me soon, that our marriage would be doomed and we would lose each other forever without this solution. But, what really convinced her of merits of this solution was the growing erection in my pants as I held her closer to me. We both laughed when I said, ?look how excited this idea has gotten me. It?s the first time I have been hard in ten weeks.?

We laughed away the built up tension. Finally we kissed deeply as Carol slid up against me. She undid my belt and tugged off my pants with the enthusiasm of a person who had been fasting for days. With Carol kneeling between my legs, my cock leapt out of my boxer shorts as she pulled them toward my knees. Her face was radiant with a smile as she took my diminutive, but erect, male organ into her hands. Of course, at that point I lost control and ejaculated forcefully over both her hands and my lap. Always a good spirit, Carol laughed and cleaned herself off. For me, that sexual pleasure was both fleeting and powerful at the same time.

Once clean, Carol lead me by the hand to our bed. She disrobed and spread herself out across our bed. Glancing down at my limp and now useless organ she said, ?Now, use your tongue and only your tongue, to pleasure me. Continue to pleasure me without stopping until I tell you to stop.? Without giving a verbal response, I knelt and began to eagerly massage my wife?s neither lips with my tongue. I preformed this duty for her fervently as both of our minds raced and swirled with the thought that the next cock to enter those lips of passion of hers would belong to another man. I must have pleasured her with my tongue for over an hour as waves of pleasure and orgasm swept over her many times. In the end, we fell asleep, nude, in each other?s arms. I, in the comfort of the knowledge that I had saved our marriage; Carol in the comfort of the knowledge that my training as a cuckold had just begun.

Part II

Her First Date

It took Carol just over a week to arrange the first date with one of her old boyfriends. For a few nights after my confession, Carol tired everything she could to summon my organ to hardness before we went to sleep. I can only assume she was being the dutiful wife, giving her husband one last chance to regain his virile hardness before she embarked on her consensual affairs. Alas, all the rubbing, tugging and sucking could not bring my male organ to anything close to hardness. By the third night the situation had become embarrassing to both of us. On the fourth night we just hugged each other until we fell asleep. I am greatful to Carol for that final effort.

A few days later she informed me that she had set up a date with one of her old boyfriends. The date was set for two days hence. The next morning I gave her a quick pick on the cheek of a kiss and pressed some money into her hands. I told her to go to the local department store and buy herself a sexy outfit and lingerie. I said that I wanted her to look great for her fist date; that I wanted something sexy next to her skin that was reserved for her and her new lovers exclusively. I received a warm and deep kiss from Carol as a reward for that bit of thoughtfulness.

On the afternoon before her evening date, I don?t know who was more excited. While Carol was showing, I took a peak at the cloths she had bought for the date the day before. She had carefully laid them out on top of our bed. She had chosen a sheer black cocktail dress with a deeply cut front that was sure to show off her ample cleavage. Next to the dress were a pair of back nylon stockings, a black nylon bikini bottom, a black garter belt with red trim and a black nylon bra that had a clasp at the front.

I did not hear Carol walk into the room as I was lost in the thought of her boyfriend freeing her breasts from the confine of the front loading bra. ?So,? she said in a sharp tone, ?I see that curiosity has gotten the best of the cuckold!? I jumped at the sound of her voice but could not suppress a smile at seeing her standing in the doorway, nude and freshly showered. I guess it was my smile that melted away some of her irritation at my rude intrusion into her privacy. I also mentally noted my new, if still soon to be, designation of Cuckold. We both burst out laughing.

?Since you cannot seem to control your curiosity, I might as well put you to work doing something useful.? She looked at me directly and ordered, ?Kneel cuckold husband.? Once I was on my knees she gracefully strode towards me and stood directly in front of my face. ?Kiss what you will not have tonight as a sign of your acceptance of this arrangement,? she said in a playful scolding voice. I could plainly see that she had freshly shaven the area around her neither lips, giving them a very nude, accessible look. Above the lips she had trimmed the hair into a V shape. The entire look was incredibly sexy, and of course, inaccessible to me. In an act of submission, I gently placed my lips against her denuded gate of feminine charms and lightly kissed her sex lips farewell as my exclucive domain. From the faint smell of her feminine musk, I could tell she was as aroused by the situation as I was.

Carol handed me her black nylon bikini bottoms. Without a word, I helped her put one foot and then the next into the bottoms, then slid them up her legs, over her curvy hips and covered her pleasure region with the black nylon triangle of fabric. Next, she sat on the bed and handed me her sheer stockings. I rolled them up and kissed the instep of each foot as I unrolled them up each of her well shaped legs. When she stood up, Carol put on the garter belt herself but had me fasten the straps to her stockings. My hands were shaking as it attached each of the straps. Carol then held out her arms for me to help her slip into the bra. She fastened the front claps of the bra herself as she knew my shaking fingers would be unable to perform the task. All throughout this highly erotic experience, my mind raced with the thoughts of how my wife would be divested of these garments within hours.

Carol had me step back as she slid her dress over her head and shoulders. I was allowed to help her pull the dress down and zip it up from the back. Once that task was completed I knelt back down and slid her high heal shoes onto her feat. Even without makeup, Carol looked ravishing. ?Now, go downstairs and watch some TV while I get my makeup together,? Carol ordered in a stern tone. My services were no longer needed.

Within an hour I heard the sound of Carol?s heels click down the stairs. I turned to see my beautiful wife descend the stairs in the image of a goddess. Her blond hair, tight fitting black cocktail dress highlighting her curves and exposing her cleavage, along with her well shaped strong legs clad in nylon stockings was a sight that I shall never forget. I was speechless, almost at the point of drooling as she kissed me on the cheek and tickled me under my chin with her index finger. Looking me in the eyes she said, ?I?ll be back late after Robert satisfies me with his cock at his place. Be good while I am gone; I know you will be.? I took her right hand and placed a gentile kiss on it as said, ?Enjoy, my sweet wife.? To which she replied, ?I will, my sweet cuckold?. We were both shaken and excited by the enormity to the event that was about to take place.

I closed my eyes to preserve a mental picture of her beauty. The scent of her perfume overpowered my olfactory senses. A moment later I heard the door close with a sharp retort that filled the house. My eyes opened before the echo faded; she was gone.

As the hours of her absence slowly ticked away I became more frantic. I paced between the kitchen and living room, I paced in front of the TV, I tried to sit and read a magazine but the words jumped out at me. Images of my wife, my beautiful Carol, removing her cloths and taking this man Robert?s cock inside of her flashed across my mind. I thought of what they were doing, how they were doing it and how many times they would do it. The house was empty and silent, apart from my pacing. I felt alone and left out.

Part III The Return Of the Wife

I heard the car pull into the driveway exactly four hours and thirty seven minutes from the time she left. Her high healed shoes echoed in the silence of the night, seventeen steps, exactly, before she reached the front door. I knew she had sex at first glance as she stepped through the door. Carol?s beautiful blond hair was fluffed up and twisted out of place, her lipstick had been kissed off, her dress looked like it had been hastily replaced and she was no longer wearing her stockings. Within seconds of her arrival, the scent of another man?s sperm, combined with her musk, overpowered the smell of her perfume. My Carol had been fucked. All four inches of mine became instantly hard at this realization.

?Well, tell me,? I demanded with the excitement of an over eager child expecting a surprise gift. Carol strode past me and wordless sunk down into the sofa in the living room. Instead of indulging my selfish curiosity, she requested that I pour her a scotch and get her a cigarette. I dutifully performed these tasks for my disheveled, but glorious, wife. The confident and content look in her eyes told me that she had had a wonderful experience. I ached to hear the details.

Carol asked me to rub her back before she would say anything. We were both keenly aware of the tent in the front of my pants. Then Carol ordered me to remove her shoes and massage her tire feet. I knelt in front of her, my Queen, and kissed and massaged the soreness out of those lovely feet. Only when she was satisfied with my word did she motion to me to sit next to her.

By this point I was bursting to what had happened, she had stretched out the torment until it was almost beyond unbearable. We both knew that. Carol pressed herself against me, her breasts against my chest and worked her hands down to the front of my pants. ?I?ve just been fucked many times by a man who?s cock is twice the size of yours,? she whispered in my ear. I begged her to tell me the details. I think she was having as much fun tormenting me as she?s had taking Robert?s cock.

With a devilish look in her eyes, Carol unfastened my belt and slowly unzipped my pants. My stiff organ popped straight out into the open. I placed my hands on Carol?s hips and attempted to position her over my merger manhood. I expected that we would have sex.

Instead, Carol pushed away my hand and brought her face directly in front of mine. Her hand circled around my cock as she said, ?we aren?t going to be doing that anymore?. It was a simple and direct statement. I offered no protest. Somehow I knew from the beginning that Carol would no longer tolerate my inadequate manhood once she began to take on lovers.

Without allowing me a chance to process this decree, Carol sunk back into the sofa and began to stroke my cock. Very slowly and with a firm grip, Carol recounted the events of her date with Robert as she masturbated me. Her details were graphic and explicit. She had explained to Robert that her lingerie was new and recently purchased by her husband for the date. Robert enjoyed removing her undergarments and placed his stiff hard cock on top of her pussy almost the moment her panties were yanked off. She urged him to enter her by asking him to, ?take me with that huge cock of yours?. Robert obliged and tunneled into her tight pussy. He give Carol a message to thank me for keeping her so tight for his enjoyment. The thought of him whispering that message to Carol as he began to take my wife almost drove me over the edge.

Carol held my cockhead firmly to suppress my climax, she had much more to tell me before she would allow me the relief of release. She wisped into my ear how big Robert?s cock was compared to mine. How he filled her, how the base of his cock rubbed against her clitoris as the head of his cock rubbed against her G-Spot deep inside of her. ?It was so good to have a proper cock inside of me that I came in five minutes?, she chuckled with delight. ?But,? she went on, ?Robert was still hard and in control, he continued to thrust inside of me once my orgasm subsided. I came again in another few minutes; Robert plunged his cock inside of me more forcefully than before. He made me so wet. Of course, he lasted past my second orgasm and slowed this pace. He slid all the way inside of me until the tip of his cock was touching my cervix. The hilt of his cock rubbing against my clit. Then he slid out of me almost all the way, paused for a second, and then plunged every inch of his Great Cock back inside of me. That thick, long, hard cock of his had my head spinning. Soon he began his Cum Stroke. Oh, how he owned me with his manly tool.?

?Dear?, Carol said as if talking to a child, ?I raised my legs up to allow Robert to fully penetrate me. I had my ankles up touching his ears, my ass in the air, as Robert rode me to his orgasm. His cock exploded inside of me, his hot cum flooded my pussy as his cock pumped his seed into me. My entire body quivered from head to as Robert took me.?

My jaw hug went slack as my wife told me how this stud, this Bull, took sexual ownership of her. My excitement grew with each new revelation. The image of another man riding my wife with her legs spread, hips in the air and feet up on his shoulders drove me beyond control. Carol, sensing my own climax, directed my cock up towards my belly. My diminutive prick squirted my emissions onto my belly. Carol did not allow even one drop to of my male fluid to touch her.

Carol released me as my four and a half inches went limp, retracting back to the diminutive two inch soft state. As I recover my breath, Carol stood up and removed her cloths. She did this not to strip show, but a display of her sex ravaged body; a show of how her lover had taken her body. Her breasts were swollen and red in some areas, her nipples looked raw. I guess Robert had used this teeth on them. Before she removed her panties I got a good glimpse of how crusty they had become with her own fluids of desire and her lover?s male deposits. Once totally nude, Carol stood tall above me and spread her legs shoulder width apart.

She delighted in showing me her recently ravaged pussy. Her neather region was complety swollen and red. Her lips, those heavenly gates to the temple of pleasure, still bore testament to the exertions of that evening. They protruded outward, a gap between them clearly testifying to Robert?s male girth. She stood in front of me for only moments before she pointed to her cloths heaped on the floor and ordered, ?take those to the laundry room now.? As I picked up the cloths sullied by her sexual experiences she said, ?tomorrow you will clean and iron my cloths. It will be one of your new duties.?

When I finished with my chore, I found Carol mostly asleep in our bed. I spooned up next to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I was rewarded my a simple ?hum? of pleasure from Carol. Her lover?s scent was still on her as I snuggled close to my recently fucked bride. I cried for a few minutes, out of self-pity, my face nuzzled up into Carol?s hair.

I was filled with conflicting emotions: humiliation at my impotency and lack of virility, shame for allowing my wife to take another man as a lover, anger at my new status as a cuckold, jealousy over her lover?s sexual prowess and happiness that Carol had found pleasure and sexual satisfaction again. In the end, I contented my self in the knowledge that I had brought sexual satisfaction and happiness to my wife, even though it was through another man. It was a full mind-blowing experience for both me and Carol. We slept motionless in each other?s embrace the whole night.

In the morning I awoke to the sound of the shower. Quickly, I threw on some cloths and raced down to prepare breakfast for us. Carol entered the kitchen dressed in a simple robe just as I was finishing getting the breakfast together. Her smile was delightful as she realized breakfast was on the table. During the meal Carol could not stop smiling. My heart and spirit was delighted. She had regained her sexuality, her sexual spirit, her exhilaration at her sexual independence.

Later that morning we sat down close to one another on the sofa and talked about this experience. I told Carol how frantic I had become at watching the minutes, even the seconds, tick by on the clock. I told her that I felt separated, left out of the experience while she was gone. She too agreed that going to Robert?s home had made her feel like a cheating tramp at first. I suggested that Carol bring her lovers into our home, make love on our nuptial bed in the future. Carol pleased with this suggestion, however there would be rules. I was to stay in my small study the entire time Carol was with her lover, I could not watch TV or the radio. It would be Carol?s decision as to weather I would be introduced to her lovers. Of course, Carol would tell me in full detail about her experiences and allow me to masturbate only at a time of her discretion. What was left out was any discussion as to if I would ever be allowed to watch her lover. Carol reminded me that my new chores would include washing the soiled cloths and bed sheets after her sexual activities. Lastly, I was forbidden to pleasure my self outside of Carol?s presence and only with her permission. I was not aware of it at the time, but this stipulation would bring a complete end to my sexual freedom. That is, what megar freedom I had left.

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