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Chapter 1 My Wifes Big Secret

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I?m really in love with my girl. We?ve been together for three years and we get along great in most things. I mean we have arguments every now and again, but I?ve always taken that as a sign that the relationship is healthy. We have a great sex life, even though things have calmed down a little since those early days. Her sexuality has always amazed me ? it used to be a game with me to sneak up on her and find her when she wasn?t wet ? never could. Sometimes she was wetter than others, but maybe because she usually saw me coming and knew what I was about to do.

Anyway in the early days of the relationship we talked a little about our past boyfriends and girlfriends, I guess all couples do that. She?s 28 and I?m 38 so there?s an age difference, hell maybe a generation difference. She was married at an early age and according to her had a wild few years when she got divorced after only a year or so of marriage. We live in a small community, and so I know some of the guys she slept with, but we after we talked those first few times we sort of put that away in our minds and didn?t talk about it again.

I once totaled the women I?d slept with ? not a lot I thought, fifteen to be exact. She?d been shy about giving me a number but when I told her mine she got a little round eyed and wouldn?t say anything more. I guess I?m pretty straight forward about sex ? I love playing with a woman, and female skin drives me wild, but I?m not much for going down on them.

Anyway, on to the point of this story. I bought a house last year and we moved in together and a month later we got married. The house is great. It has room for the kids to come and a nice studio for me (I?m a photographer by trade). There?s a great family room that my wife uses as her office space (she?s an interior designer). One of the nice touches is a whole house intercom that was set up to be able to keep track of the kids; at least I thought it was nice until the day it turned my life upsidedown.

I?d been on a big shoot that ran into some weather problems. Of course when I went for my car the battery was dead. I had my assistant drop me off at the house and I heard voices from the family room so I went straight up the back stairs to my studio to dry off and download the pics I had taken. I swear I accidentally brushed the intercom control, but my wife?s laugh stopped me from returning the lever to off position.

She has a very distinct sex laugh, sort of a throaty purr. I?ve only heard it when she?s either thinking about a fucking or if she?s actually getting fucked. She?s one of the few people I?d describe as a happy fuck. She makes a lot of noise during sex and just seems full of life and joy when she?s getting it. That was the laugh I heard.

I sat down, with the towel in my hand, waiting to hear more. Next I heard a voice I recognized. It was Jill, Nadine?s best friend.

?Still, I bet you do miss it. He was looking so hot the other day. What was he, number 101??

?I can?t believe you?d even remember his number. Yeah, he was the last. One oh one. Like a beginner?s class. I taught him everything I knew.?

?I?ll bet he was a good learner. How old was he then??

?Just turned eighteen. Desire thought he?d be perfect for the lunch club.?

?I think that?s where he still gets most of his business.?

My mind was reeling now. Desire was a well known madam in town. It was one of our town?s dirty little secrets.

Jill was laughing again. ?Maybe you should go give him a refresher course. I?ll bet Desire would be happy for you to pay a visit. I think she has a few new ones now too.?

?Don?t tempt me. I?ve been so good for so long.?

?Is Dave still keeping you happy??

?We have a great life. And yes. Though of course I miss the sex.?

?I know. Sometimes I still go back, you know, for a guest session. Last week we had an out of town football team. They?d made the reservations months before and then one of the girls was sick. They wanted a train.?

?Umm. My favorite. How many girls??

?Four and there were ten on the team. I was walking funny for three days, but my god, I must have cum thirty times. And there was one guy who insisted on eating the girls at the end of it.?

?Stop it. That?s the thing I miss the most. Dave is a great fuck but he doesn?t really like to lick.?

?So you?re telling me you don?t fool around at all? No relief at all? Even when you?re doing one of the guy?s bedrooms??

?No. Well a little. Just once. And then I?d only let him lick me. I found something the other day that made me a little mad though.?

I could hear the interest in Jill?s voice. ?What??

?I was going through his photo files. You know, the erotic ones that he doesn?t know that I know about??

?Yes. They?re all old stuff though aren?t they??

?Well they were. Last week I checked them again. He?s been doing this fashion layout . He did some private portfolio work for her too. Some of the shots were the sort of things a girl does when she wants to get fucked. In one photo she left a great big wet spot on the paper. What would you do if a sexy young thing left a wet spot on your background paper while you were shooting her??

?Me? I?d just clean it up.? There was a laugh. ?Using my tongue. Dave took pictures of it??

?Oh yes. A nice close shot of her pussy. Beautifully lit of course, but you could see the moisture just running down her lips.?

?But that?s all??

?Well there was one shot after that where you could just see the edge of her pussy. Her lips looked swollen. You know the way they get after they?ve been pounded.?

?You?re making me hot. What are you going to do about it??

?I haven?t decided. I mean the next day was when I let Jeremy lick me. Funny though the entire time I was thinking about Dave getting it on with that girl. I wish he?d invite me.?

Jill said, ?Do you?? There was a rustling noise. ?Oh baby you are wet. You?ve soaked your panties.? Another rustling noise. ?How much time do I have??

Nadine?s voice was thick. ?Maybe it?d solve everything if he walked in. God that feels good. Oh yes. Lick the inside. Bite me.?

There?s no point in repeating the rest of the conversation. I sat there listening while her best friend brought her to about six climaxes. Of course she then returned the favor and I had to listen to her friend?s noisy orgasm. I?d brought my dick out of my pants when I first heard Jill?s noisy licking and I?d managed to stop from blowing my load until Nadine had finished, but I got hard as soon as she started working on Jill and came again more quickly this time.

I could hear them putting themselves together. ?Darling that was wonderful. You want me to call you next time there?s a train in town??

?No. Definitely not.? The sound of a kiss. ?Maybe.?

They left the room, heels clattering onto the marble hallway and I shut the intercom off. Wow. I?d discovered that my wife was a former hooker and that she liked licking pussy and had had a guy go down on her last week after she suspected I?d fooled around on her. I hadn?t, though truthfully I?d been tempted. The little model I?d photographed had been a tiny bit peculiar. She?d gotten wet, told me about it and proceeded to play with herself in front of the camera. I?d erased those pics. At one point I had made a move to help but she?d given me a warning finger and continued until she?d cum. She asked if I wanted her to watch me, but I declined.

What to do? I waited fifteen minutes, sitting there, thinking and then made my way back down the stairs and slammed the front door, shouting out hello. My wife called to me from her work room and when I went in she was sitting at her desk, looking demure. I noticed a little flush on her cheeks and couldn?t resist going over and putting my hand on her brow, commenting that she looked a little feverish

?No I don?t think so.? The room smelled of pussy. I said, ?The room smells like pussy.?

?Maybe its just me. Want to check. I know how you love to do that.? She stood up and bent over her desk. Her panties were just as soaked as Jill had said they were.

?You?re panties are completely wet. If I didn?t know better I?d say you?d been playing with yourself.?

She looked up at me. ?Well maybe I was. Maybe it was my secret lover.?

I peeled her panties down. It was definitely swollen and very pink. ?It certainly looks pink enough to have been your lover.? I put a finger onto her clit. It was hard and the hood was slightly peeled back. ?I think I?d better have a closer look.? I pushed her around so her butt was on the desk and parted her legs. As I did a drip of moisture oozed onto her butthole. I reached my thumb down and circled it, feeling the soft ridges. I put my nose close to her and inhaled. ?Doesn?t smell like a man?s jizz. I guess you could have cleaned up any cum, but maybe you left some behind. I?d better check closely.? I stuck my tongue out and parted her lips. They were slippery soft, and I drove my tongue in deep, swirling it around. I pulled it out.

?I don?t taste any cum. Maybe I should see if any comes out on my finger.? I stuck my index in deep, moving it all around, pulling it out slowly, feeling that little coarse ridge at the top that seemed to drive her while when I fingered her. She was moaning now. The greedy little bitch was ready for another orgasm. ?No, there?s no cum in there, but you?re very wet. Maybe your lover is a woman. Were you with a woman??

?Oh yes. Right there, lick me. Suck me. Right there. Harder. Bite me. Oh yes now the fingers. More fingers.? She kept it up like that until she came and then I plowed her with my cock, making her spasm until I did too.? After I pulled out I looked at her pussy again. A little trail of cum was leaking out. I told her to wait and then I brought a towel and cleaned her, telling her to squeeze it out. After she did I leaned down and said, ?See it still smells like cum. I sucked her clit into my mouth. ?Tastes a little like it too.?

She was ready for more so I licked her again. While I was doing that she was shouting at me, ?Would you have liked to have found some cum in there? Huh, would you have liked to lick it out of me? Oh you?re a dirty bastard.?

We both came again. I was a little disappointed that she hadn?t just fessed up about Jill but maybe I could see what she was concerned about. My first marriage had dissolved after I?d found my wife cheating on me. I didn?t really like deception. I wondered whether this second marriage was going to go the same way. That night when we were in bed she snuggled up to my chest.

?I want to talk about our sex earlier. You know we?ve never really talked about fidelity, but I know when you found out about the bitch fucking around on you that?s when you got a divorce.?

I nodded. ?I don?t think it was the sex. It was the deception.?

She leaned up on her elbow. One breast hung down, its soft point touching my nipple. ?What do you mean it wasn?t the sex??

?I think its very difficult for people who deal with others, I mean in a public sense, not to be sometimes attracted to others. I guess if you work alone, or in a very structured environment then temptation wouldn?t happen, but if you get out and see others, like we both do, then its natural to feel attraction and curiosity.?

?Really, you believe that??

?Sure. I guess an element of self-control is necessary but yeah the temptation is probably always there and I understand that it?s pretty hard to give up that sense of newness.?

I looked at her. She said, ?Are you saying you get tempted??

?I try to bring out a woman?s sensuality when I photograph her. It would be bad if I didn?t feel that myself. Of course I really believe that you can?t take advantage of that. In my business it would be easy to get a bad reputation. You can?t persuade a woman to show you that side of herself and then take advantage.?

?So its OK to be tempted just not to act on it??

?Well that?s the way it is for me. It might be different for you.?

?You seemed to get really excited about the idea that I?d been with another man. You shocked me a little. Do you have fantasies about watching me with another man??

?Fantasies? No, I don?t think so.?

She lay back down on my chest. There was an air of disappointment, but then her hand curled around me and she moved the sheet aside. ?No fantasies about my sucking another cock?? She moved her head down and traced a fingernail up the back side of me. ?How about a fantasy of my bringing home another woman? All men have those fantasies.?

She was talking to my cock now. Having already cum four times today I didn?t think I had it in me, but she was nibbling on me, asking me to tall her about my fantasies, leading me on. She was a great cock sucker, and she could get me there and hold me there for as long as she wanted. I?d never really thought of hers as a professional skill but I guess this afternoon?s conversation led my thoughts in a new direction. I was drifting along when she said, ?Would it be OK if I brought Jill home to fuck??

Just after she said that she plunged down on me and did that thing with her throat that felt like I was being milked. I grabbed the sheets. ?You think she?d want to??

?Oh she?d love to have your cock inside her. She likes to be ass fucked though. She?d probably want you to do that.?

She was holding me up as she told me this, her mouth perched above me. ?Do you think you could bring yourself to fuck my friend in the ass??

Nadine didn?t really like it, saying I was too big to be comfortable. ?Maybe I?d be too big for her.?

?Oh not Jill. I?ve watched her get ass fucked. She likes them all.?

I was close to cumming now, but Nadine put her hand around my nutsack and squeezed. ?Tell me if I should invite her over. She likes sex.?

?Does she like sex with you?? I asked.

?Oh yes. She?s a good pussy licker.?

?So if I fuck her does that mean you get to fuck her boyfriend??

She spent the next minute or so going up and down my shaft till I thought I was going to go ballistic. She took me to that point where you think if you don?t cum it?ll affect you for life and a big knot of cum will harden inside you. I thought she wasn?t going to answer me but then she pulled off and held my dick upright. She kneeled over me, her tits wobbling a little and said, ?I won?t fuck him unless you invite him over and beg him to put his cock into my pussy and then you?d have to guide it in with your own hand.? She paused, ?You have to promise to lick his jizz out of me too.?

I don?t know whether she actually touched me while she said that but with Nadine you never knew. What I did know was she moved slightly so that her tits wobbled just over my cock, her long nipples only a touch away, and then I erupted, shooting cum at her so hard that I swear it splattered off her tits. Her hand was on her pussy then, and while the cum dripped off me she started her orgasm.

We were out if the house early the next morning. I had my assistant pick me up and we finished the shoot. The garage had towed my vehicle but my assistant had a pickup and we loaded everything up at the end of the day and dropped it all in my garage. My assistant was a young girl I?d gotten from the Art Institute on an internship. She was about twenty, mousy, very intense and slightly shy. She?d gotten very nervous the first few times models had shucked their clothes on a set, but I?d pretended not to notice. I had her bring the bag with the compact flash cards up to my studio and I put her to work organizing them. I went into the bathroom to shower and change, but then I remembered I?d forgotten to tell her not to access the last card because they were the private portfolio pics of the model. I opened the door but then I heard my wife?s voice over the intercom. I opened the door and listened. My assistant was listening to my wife, who was talking to Jill. I made a noise with the door and stuck my head around the corner and gave her instructions.

When I came out of the bathroom I was dressed. Nicky motioned me over. ?I know you caught me listening to your wife. I?m sorry. I did it for the first time two weeks ago and I heard some stuff that made me want to listen some more. I know I shouldn?t have and I?ll understand if you want to fire me.? There were tears in her eyes.

?It?s OK. Just don?t do it again.?

?It?s not OK. She?s down there right now and I think she?s having sex.? Nicky turned and flipped the switch. My wife?s breathy cries filled the room.

?I know he?s ready to have you come over,? she purred, ?I think he wants to watch your boyfriend fuck me. Oh yes right there.?

Nicky turned back to me. ?It?s a girl. She?s having sex with a girl.? Nicky?s eyes had gotten bright and I noticed that two bumps had appeared on her shirt. I felt myself start to grow in my pants. The sound of Nadine?s orgasm came from the tinny speaker. ?Aren?t you upset??

We heard Nadine?s voice. ?I told him you wanted his big cock in your ass. You should see it Jill. It?s really nice. It?d stretch you so good. It?s even bigger than my hand.? We heard the wet sounds that were probably that hand.

Nicky looked at me. ?We should turn it off. I?m so embarrassed.? I caught her looking at my trousers, where the evidence of the truth of Nadine?s statements was now stretching my pants. ?Is it really that big?? She moved towards me and I felt her tiny hands on my zipper. ?Oh. My. God.? The pauses between her words were enough to make me cum right then, but I felt her hand around me and she sank to her knees looking up at me through her glasses. She took them off and proceeded to kiss and lick me. She couldn?t get me very far down her throat, but then she did something that surprised me; she reached between my legs and grabbed my balls, lifting them momentarily before finding my asshole and working her finger in deep. I shifted my legs and relaxed, but then she said, ?Drop your trousers and turn around.? I felt her tongue on my butt cheeks and then she parted them and I felt her little tongue up my ass, her hands around my cock.

That night in bed Nadine snuggled up to me and said, ?I saw Jill today. I told her we were thinking about having her over.?

My mouth went dry. ?You think that?s a good idea??

I could feel my cock filling. She grabbed me and said, ?He does.?

?Yes but I like to think with this part. I don?t know if I want the complication of having other people in our bed.?

She said, ?What complication? We fuck and then she goes home. She?s fun to have sex with.?

I looked at her, ?You?ve had sex with her a lot??

?Look, I?m going to be honest. Yes, we?ve had sex lots. She was my lover for years.?

I felt myself start to soften. ?She?s still your lover isn?t she??

She removed her hand from me and I could see the tears in her eyes. ?Yes. I love her, but you?re my man. I just like having sex with her. I?ll stop if you want. I think I can. You ought to see her pussy though. You know how mine is all inside. Hers is on the outside. She really fills your mouth.? A tear rolled down her face. ?Maybe I should get help. I like sex too much.?

?And sex with other men? Do you miss that??

?Sometimes. I mean maybe just the physical act. But it?s more than that. I guess I am sick.?

She got up out of the bed and went into the spare room. I was really confused. In the morning she wasn?t in the bedroom but I hadn?t heard her go out. My assistant picked me up an hour later. She seemed embarrassed and I said, ?Look yesterday was a mistake. I should have stopped it.?

?Oh no it wasn?t. It was really fun. I hope you don?t think I?m a freak.?

?No, why.?

?Well I just get off on men?s butts. I don?t know why. I?ve always wanted to be fucked while I?ve got my tongue up another guy, but I?ve never been able to ask my boyfriend.?

?Do you think that all women have these multiple men fantasies??

?Sure. I mean guys have them all the time and the truth is that one guy has a tough time satisfying one woman if she?s really horny. One woman can take on a lot more men then the other way around. All my girlfriends have fantasies like that. Not many have got to make them real though. I guess a lot of guys are scared. But when my boyfriend comes its over for the night. I have to be really careful not to make him cum when I lick his ass or I don?t get any. He won?t even go down on me if he comes first.?

I felt bad that I hadn?t offered to relieve her, but we?d heard Nadine moving around downstairs. ?I feel guilty I didn?t get you off.?

?Oh you did. I came without even being touched. Sucking your cock and licking your ass was so wicked it made me cream.?

?Well we?re not doing it again. I felt guilty all last night and then Nadine ended up sleeping in a different bed.?

?You didn?t tell her did you? I?d never be able to se her again.?

?No. But she confessed to having sex with her friend and wanting to fuck other guys. She started crying and left the bed.?

?Your girl mustered the courage to tell you she wants a multiple and you didn?t support her? That?s wrong. Men.? She glared at me. ?It?s OK for you to get your cock sucked but if she wants to be honest about getting some strange you don?t even go after her. You see that?s wrong don?t you??

I had to nod my head, though part of me was saying that this whole mess had been created by my turning on the intercom. I?d liked my simple life. Now for the first time in our three year relationship I didn?t know where Nadine was or what she was doing.

I turned in my seat to look at Nicky. ?So I guess you must have told your boyfriend you got me off??

?Are you crazy??

?Well what?s the difference? Maybe you should bring him over and we?ll all get it on. Get it out in the open. I think you?re too chickenshit.?

?Look. Sucking cock doesn?t count and ass licking isn?t even sucking cock. I don?t know it its even a sexual act. But I?m not as chickenshit as you.?

The conversation had definitely gone over the boss/employee lines and we were both fuming. We didn?t say another word for the rest of the trip. We had to do another shoot in the rain and this time when we were done Nicky made very sure she stripped off her wet t-shirt in front of me. She saw I was watching and mouthed, ?chickenshit? at me. She had pretty breasts, b-cups with very pink tight nipples.

In the car on the way back she said, ?I?ve never had a woman. I?ve been thinking about it all day. Does Nadine like having her ass licked??

I wasn?t about to start the discussion again so I was silent. She looked over at me. ?Giving me the silent treatment. I saw how you looked at my tits. I know you want to fuck me.?

?We?re not going to do that. Yesterday was a mistake. I felt guilty and you should too.?

?Don?t you tell me what I should feel. I want to experience things. I don?t want to end up like you. Your wife wants to open up whole new horizons to you and you?re like afraid. Sheesh.?

I looked at her ?Sheesh??

?Well you know.? We arrived at my house and carried in the equipment. I slammed the door and went into the family room. Nadine was there along with a guy who stood when I walked in. He was tall and big and good-looking. I wondered if he was the guy who Nadine had blown. She looked a little guilty, but maybe it was just a reflection of the way I was feeling. I gave her a kiss and told her I?d be working upstairs. When I went up Nicky was sitting on my desk, leaning back. The intercom was on. Nadine was going on about different marble selections.

Nicky said, ?I think she?s fucking him.?

I snorted, ?You?ve got sex on the brain. Let?s have a look at today?s work.?

?Not until you lick my pussy.?

?No, I told you we?re not doing any more of that.?

?You owe me. If you don?t I?m going to quit. Just this once to make it even.?

She opened her legs and pulled up her skirt. She wasn?t wearing any underwear and she?d shaved it clean. Her lips were thick and I could see a bead of moisture form. I touched it and ran my fingers over her lips and got down on my knees. Steven was talking.

?So do you think he suspects??

?He doesn?t have anything to suspect Steven.?

An unpleasant laugh, ?Only that I?ve had my cock in your mouth.?

?That?s not such a big deal. I mean it?s only oral.?

?If its not such a big deal let me lick yours then.?

?I told you no. Now are we finished? Let me write up the order.?

I put my face closer to Nicky. This wasn?t really something that I wanted, but then I was close enough to smell her and the frustration of sitting here with a bitchy female who was just barely young enough to be the daughter I didn?t have welled up inside. I stuck my tongue out. I really didn?t feel like doing this. I put it at the bottom of her slit and dragged it up. Her pussy suddenly became very wet and she leaned further back on her hands which had the effect of putting my tongue deep inside her. She actually tasted pretty good. I sucked her lips in my mouth and nibbled and then put my finger at the bottom of her pussy and rubbed it around. She moaned and I slipped it into her ass. She muttered ?Oh yes,? pushing against me.

We heard Nadine say. ?You can put it away. Nothing is going to happen.?

?Desire told me you were more fun. She told me you were quite the party girl.?

?Really. Well I guess she misled you. The blowjob just happened. You should be happy in the memory.?

Nicky was moving against my face now. ?I want to hear her blow him. I hope she gives in and sucks him off.?

As if on cue Nadine said. ?Look I?ll suck it for a minute if that will make you happy. But stand over here so I can zip you if I hear anyone on the stairs.?

Nicky put her hand on the top of my head and said, ?Stop. Shush I want to hear.?

I was silent and we heard movement and a groan. ?God you suck good cock.?

Nicky ground herself against my face. ?OK lick me hard now make me cum.? I did so and a few minutes later I felt Nicky?s heels start to drum against my back. Just as we finished I heard Steven give a groan. ?Swallow it all.?

I sat in my office after Nicky left, reviewing the pictures. Nadine came up to my office. I said, ?Your client is gone.?

?Yes. I guess Nicky went too.? She sat in the chair in front of my desk. ?Look, I?ve got something I want to tell you.? She paused and said, ?I smell pussy.?

I leaned back and had to laugh, ?That was my line from the other day.? I turned off the computer monitor.

?No I really smell pussy. Is that Nicky??

?Yes she made me lick her after we heard you on the intercom.?

Nadine stuck her lip out. ?Have you been fucking her for long??

?Actually I haven?t been fucking her at all. She heard you with Jill on the intercom and then I guess I lost control of the situation. Today she said she?d quit or go to you if I didn?t go down on you and then we heard you with Jeremy.?

?Oh. So I guess you?ve heard a lot. I?m sorry sweetheart. What should we do??

I sighed. I?d been thinking about this for the last two days but looking at her made it much more difficult. I opened my mouth to tell her that I didn?t think things were going to work out between us.

She held up a finger and said, ?First, you need to know that I worked for Desire for a year and decided I didn?t like it. I mean I liked the sex but I wanted to have more choice in the partners and there was just too much pressure. Second, I don?t think its natural for anyone to have just one partner, but I can understand if you don?t think that way. But listen what if we agreed to only do things together? I mean part of what happened over the last couple of days was being put into a position of being blackmailed by others. I really love sex with you, but you know sometimes its just about adventure and pleasure. I know it?s the same for you. Let?s fuck other people together.?

That was one of the longest speeches she?d ever made.

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