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Bull Breeding Part II

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In my first story i described how my wife became hooked on black cock and had a child to her black lover. She since has had several black lovers, all well hung and very black. Our son had turned 2 and we decided that we want another child and we wanted a black man to breed her. But this time we didnt want to know who the father was and she wanted it to be during a during a gangbang. She wanted 5 or 6 bulls and i found just the right ones. I also found one who had the biggest black log i had ever seen.

I planned the timing out just right. Her most fertile time fell on a weekend and I set everything up for a great weekend. We arrived at the plush hotel early Friday afternoon. After checking in, we went to dinner at a nice little place to eat and had a wonderful meal. We then proceeded to a little club and had a few drinks. Lisa was dressed in a sun dress that left little to the imagination. In the right light you could tell she was wearing no panties ( she rarely ever wore then anyways...the just got in the way she said) and top barely contained her massive tits. Her nipples poked out so far you could hang a hat on them. When Lisa drinks she gets very horny and tonight was no different. She attracted alot of attention. She danced with several men and they all came back with tents in their pants. She was never without a drink. It was getting close to midnight when she spotted a very good looking a man of color walk in. He was dressed very nice but all she saw was a very impressive lump in his pants. She could not take her eyes off him and soon enough he bought her a drink. He walked over to our table and quickly they fell into a nice conversation. he asked her to dance and after several fast numbers a slow song started. She fell right into his arms and his hand slowly slid down her back to rest on her ass. I could see her press against him and just knew she was feeling the massive lump he had. When they returned to our table he was sporting a nice erection and her nipples were poking out even more. She breathlessly told me she was ready to leave. We all piled into the elevator. Once the door closed, she was all over him. They kissed and her hands were all over his cock. He pulled her tits out and latched on to a nipple. He also had her dress up and was feeling her ass and pussy. We barely made it into the room. Once the door was closed he took control of her. He picked her up and threw her onto the bed. He reached up with his massive hands and ripped her dress off. To describe what i saw always makes me hard. He is well over 6 feet tall and was covered in muscles. He made her little 5' 5" body look small. He was as black as coal. He removed his shirt then ordered her to remove his pants. She slowly opened his belt and pulled down the zipper. She then slowly pushed the pants over his ass. It was then his pole flipped out. It was impressive to say the least. It was 8" soft and her hand didn't fit around it. Lisa licked her lips and then slowly slid the head of his cock in her mouth. His cock slowly began to rise to its full 11" length. Lisa worked the shaft and head in and out of her mouth. Her lover pushed her on to her back and then covered her body with his. He began to kiss her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He sucked on her ears and neck which set her on fire. He clamped onto a nipple, sucking and biting it hard. Lisa let a slow growl escape her lips. All this time he was also running his finger over her bare pussy. From my view i could see her wet, swollen lips and clit. He was pushing a large finger in and out of her hot little cunt. He kept on saying how tight she was and how much he was going to enjoy fucking her white pussy. He slid down and moved his tongue over her pussy. He licked her from clit to asshole and back up again. he slipped his tongue into her little hole. Then licked up and lightly bite her clit. Lisa low growl became a loud purr then she climaxed loudly. Nate( he never told me his name until after he fucked my wife) moved his body up and grabbed his hard cock. He rubbed the massive head of his cock up and down her wet slit. Then lodged the head into the opening of her cunt. Nate told Lisa to relax and let him work his cock in. Lisa would have nothing of slow and she grabbed his cock, worked the head in then arched her hips up to take atleast a good 4" in. Nate rolled his eyes up and groaned with pleasure. He slowly pulled out the slammed in all 11". Once again i Saw the Lisa I have come to love. Her eyes snapped shut, her mouth dropped open and not a sound came out. Nate let her adjust to his size for a few seconds then pulled out and slammed back into her. Lisa's little body shook from the force of his thrusts. The bed rocked and creaked. The headboard slammed against the wall. If anyone was in the next room they were going to be treated to Lisa getting a good fuck. Nate started to saw his cock in and out of her pussy. Lisa began a string of orgasms and i watched in pure love and lust of Lisa getting pounded. After 10 minutes of slow fucking Nate picked Lisa up and rolled on to his back. Lisa began to hump is cock and rub her clit on his pelvis. I could see her pert little asshole open and close with every thrust. for the next 45 minutes they both moaned and groaned through many positions and even more of Lisa's orgasms. Lisa the rolled on her back and told him to pound the hell out of her. Nate gave her all she could handle and more. After a few minutes i could tell he was getting close and he told me he was going to cum. I told Nate to give her all the cum she could handle and to put it in her pussy. He then thrust once then twice and i could see his ass tense up. I could also see his cock swell and then begin to pump his potent black seed into her. I counted at least 10 ropes of baby making sperm blast into her. He fell on top of her and all i could see of was her arms and legs wrapped around his glistening body. It was then i realized i had pulled my cock out and had shot my load all over myself. After resting some, Nate told us he should be getting to his room. Lisa took him to his room and i crawled into bed. Lisa came to bed quite a bit later and told me Nate had fucked her twice more in his room.

this was the beginning of a great weekend that we hoped would result in the birth of our child.

More of Lisa's breeding weekend to follow.

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