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Bound and Cuckold

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It started as just an ordinary evening at home for Lexie and I. Lexie busied herself watching her favorite TV shows while I sat at my computer, alternately surfing the net and working on various projects for work and the site. Much to my delight it did not stay ordinary for long.

Lexie sauntered over to me where I sat at my desk. She had a look of lust in her eyes such as I had not seen for some time. I began to get the feeling I was in for one hell of a ride this evening. I was looking forward to it. ?Are you feeling frisky tonight?? she asked. I didn?t need to answer the growing bulge in my pants spoke for me.

She bent to me and kissed me deeply, taking a seat on my lap as she did so. Our tongues sought each other?s with urgency. All the while, hands were frantically searching out body parts and erogenous zones. My head was swimming in excitement, passion, and yes, lust. Before I knew it, I was stripped of every stitch of clothing. There I sat in my leather office chair, stripped bare, exposed, excited.

In a moment of clarity I realized that Lexie was not nearly as undressed as was I. I reached out to begin to rectify that situation. At least I tried to reach out. It was at that time I realized that not only was I stripped bare, I was also tied to the chair. Totally immobilized, I was helpless. My bonds felt strangely familiar. I turned my head to see what was binding me and say the soft silky lengths of fine sheer stockings that held me helpless.

She stood then and began to dance seductively to the music that somehow was playing through the stereo speakers, though I have no recollection of anyone stopping long enough to tune in the stereo. As she danced she began to strip, ever so slowly. She walked towards me as she dropped the last article of clothing on the floor. There I sat, my member aching with desire and straining to reach her for release. Mere inches in front of me now, she turned and walked away.

She was gone for several minutes. When she returned she was wrapped in a towel and her hair was wet and dripping onto her soft sexy shoulders. She hung up the receiver for the cordless phone (when did she grab that). And walked into the room in which I was bound so helplessly. While I watched, she dropped the towel and began brushing out her hair. When that task was complete, a light coat of make-up came next. It was nothing extravagant, really, just a little blush and some sexy red lipstick. She didn?t need more than that. For that matter, she didn?t even need that, but I can certainly appreciate the effort she was exerting on my behalf.

With her make-up on and her hair properly primped, she picked up the towel and thoroughly dried herself before applying a coat of moisturizer to every inch of her already soft, touchable skin. Then she began to dress. A new outfit I had never seen before emerged from her drawer of delicates. A sexy black and red lace push-up Bra held her breasts oh so firmly and enhanced her already ample cleavage. The matching thong slid up her long luxurious legs and over her hips, hiding her sweet spot but promising so much to come. Next came the black Cuban-heeled stockings to complete the framing of her most womanly parts in such a fashion as to drive a man insane with lust. Topping off the ensemble was a new pair of black high-heeled sandals.

Fully adorned and incredibly sexy, she began to strut (no she didn?t walk) towards me. Still helpless but willing to await my mistress patiently, I sat and watched as she neared my silky nylon prison. I knew it would be an exciting night, and now I was about to find out just how exciting as she approached my naked, helpless body and?.


She turned to answer the door. I could restrain myself no longer and uttered a protest. That is when she produced one last nylon stocking. One she had been saving for just such an occurrence. One that had been well and recently worn and still held the musty scent of her lovely feet. It was with this stocking that I found myself gagged, no longer able to verbally protest.

With my binding complete, she turned and walked to the door to see to the visitor, never stopping to so much as pick up a robe or towel to cover herself. She left the upstairs door to the apartment open and so I could clearly hear her heels click their way down the stairs to the front door. I heard the door open. Then, moments of silence as the visitor apparently overcame the shock of her state of dress. Her heels on the stairs again, this time followed by another, heavier set of footfalls. Silence, and eternity of silence it seemed (though it must have only been moments), and then soft giggles and hushed moans. At last the footsteps resumed their course up the stairs, accompanied by more giggles and murmuring.

The upstairs door closes and I hear the sound of the lock turning. Moments later Lexie appears before me followed by a young man who appears shocked by my presence however still notably aroused. ?Don?t worry? she says, ?He can?t bother us. My dear husband is just so ?tied up? in his work.? At this she laughs a hearty yet wicked laugh as an evil grin spreads across her freshly painted lips.

She approaches me. My own state of arousal even more evident by my exposed, well, everything. She lifts one of her stocking clad legs and places her high heel on the seat of the chair between my legs. ?I am feeling frisky tonight as well. And you will have the pleasure of watching just how frisky I intend to get. Be a good boy and watch carefully.?

With that she turns away from me and leads her visitor to the bed. With one swift motion she pushes him down to the bed as she stands over him. ?Are you ready for me, stud?? she asks is a voice so sexy I feel I will explode from the desire to have this amazing creature. He nods a weak affirmative and she drops to her knees, slowly navigating the bonds of clothing holding his arousal in check. When his member is fully exposed it is easy to see why she chose him. He is quite well equipped to tackle the task that is undoubtedly near at hand.

For the next several hours I am tortured by the site of this well-endowed stud servicing my lovely wife in every manner and position she can think of. I am torn, however, as I cannot help but enjoy the site of such pleasure on Lexie?s face. Her screams of ecstasy fill my heart with joy for her. I always have loved watching her enjoy the pleasures of another man.

Finally spent and exhausted, they lay together on the bed, now soaked in sweat and other bodily fluids. Gently they caress each others bodies and bask in the glow of sexual satisfaction. I am still bound, gagged, and watching this spectacle until finally she rises from the bed, covers herself in a robe and tosses her stud the clothes she so expertly removed from him only hours ago. ?I am done with you now. You may leave.? Stunned and unsure how to react, her visitor remains shocked motionless. ?NOW!!!? she commands and he hurriedly dresses and stumbles for the door. Forgetting it was locked, he nearly runs through the door. Calmly she unlocks the door and follows as her visitor scampers down the stairs and out into the cold dark night. She locks the door behind him and ascends the stairs for the second time that evening.

She approaches me where I still sit bound and gagged, excited ad stunned, aroused and afraid. ?I am not done with you yet, though? she announces as she drops the robe and stands before me, naked, raw, intimidating, exciting.

Without releasing my bonds, she straddles me. In my excited state my own straining member slips easily into her pre-moistened vagina. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly she rides me. ?Don?t you cum until I give you permission? she commands. Another eternity passes as my senses reel from the smell of sex and sweat and arousal, the site of her bare undulating body, the feel of her flesh against my own.

?NOW!!!!? she commands and I explode inside her, filling her with every ounce of my being before collapsing in the chair under her. She kisses me softly and loosens my bonds as she whispers in my ear ?Now I am done with you, for now?

The End

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