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Blind Date

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D finished drying her long dark hair and looked at herself in the mirror. Not bad for a woman in her mid-forties. She turned and looked at her profile in the mirror checking out her firm round ass, her little belly and her 36b cup breasts.

D placed the palm of her hand across her breast tracing the line on her skin from the sun that afternoon. D was Native American and with a little sun she became cinnamon brown.

She tossed the towel onto the bed and opened the dresser drawer and stared at the stack of panties that filled the drawer. D pulled on the dress she had bought special for her date that night and decided not to wear any panties at all. The green dress clung to her body and panties would show.

D brushed her teeth leaning over the sink watching her breasts jiggle as she moved the tooth brush around inside her mouth. She couldn't believe she was actually getting ready for a date with another man. After months of thinking about it, D had agreed to let G find a date for her.

G had said her date was much younger man ? in his early thirties. Her husband described him as a?massive? ? about six foot three with a muscular, athletic build. Her date's name was Bruce. G said he had met Bruce at a sports bar and chatted him up. G mentioned having a ?step-sister? who was Native American, Bruce was immediately interested. He told G he had always had a secret fantasy of making love to an Indian girl. G told him his sister was a widow, in her forties, but was still very attractive. Bruce said, ?Age ain?t nothin? but a number!? and asked G if he could set up a date with his ?sister.?

G didn't tell D about Bruce ? and what he had told him ? until the next day. D wanted to choke her husband on the spot. She couldn?t believe he had told someone she was his sister and then setup a date under those pretenses. It was just more than she could process. After thinking about it more, D decided to make the best of the situation. If her husband wanted to be her ?brother,? fine. That meant she was single, and she intended to go out on this date with that mindset.

D stood in front of the mirror applying her lipstick than looked at the amount of cleavage that was showing. The dress was cut much lower than she had thought. She tried to pull the dress up, but it didn?t look right. Reluctantly, she tugged it back down. Oh well? a single woman could dress like this if she wanted to. She smirked at the thought.

D wanted to be nice to this man but at the same time didn't want to give him any idea's that he could go further than dinner and maybe a little dancing tonight. Once finished, D walked into the bedroom and slipped her wedding ring off her finger and placed it in a small drawer in her jewelry box. She would be G's widowed sister for the night. She was determined to make the most of her ?date.? She just hoped Bruce was a gentleman. D walked out into the front room and saw G pacing the floor. She sat down on the sofa without saying a word.

G turned to face his wife and said. "Honey, I?m sorry I misled Bruce. I just wanted you to have a good time without having to explain anything."

D gave her husband a wicked glance and smiled. "Well you?re going to get what you want. I intend to have a very good time tonight, and I don?t intend to explain anything ? to anyone."

G looked surprised at her tone. "Honey, I'm really sorry about everything and wished I could take it all back."

D walked over and sat on the sofa as she replied. "Just remember that because of you I?m going out with a big, strong younger man I don't even know. He?s going to want to kiss me, and maybe more and ? since I?m single ? I may want to do the same. This is what you?ve been telling me you want? so don?t act like you?re sorry. I know you?re scared, but you?re not sorry."

They heard a car pull into the driveway. G looked out the window and said. "That?s Bruce."

D walked back into the bedroom to put a final touch on her makeup as she tried to settle her nerves as G answered the door and Bruce walked into the house.

Bruce shook G?s hand. "I can?t tell you how excited I am to meet your sister, G. I?ve been thinking about it all week. And, honestly, the fact that she?s older than me kind of makes it hotter."

G forced a smile as he listened to the rumble of Bruce's deep, masculine voice. As if drawn by it, D walked out of the bedroom and crossed to them. She almost froze in her tracks as she the very attractive young giant standing near her husband. He radiated youth and masculinity. Standing next to him, G ? in his late fifties, and somewhat overweight ? looked practically effeminate. She walked closer and waited for G to introduce them.

G said. "Bruce. I'd like you to meet my sister, D. D, This is my friend Bruce."

Bruce had his eyes fixed on D's exposed cleavage as he took her hand and kissed it and said. "You?re every bit as lovely as your brother told me you were. Your skin is, indeed, like cinnamon silk." D smiled said, simply, "Thank you very much."

D stood next to Bruce staring up at his face. At 5?2" she was dwarfed next to this young Adonis, even wearing 4" heels. Bruce had broad shoulders, a lean waist, huge hands, and a deep, melodious voice. D felt things tighten deep down inside her when he spoke to her. Bruce glanced over at G and smiled, "Everything you promised and more. Thanks, G."

Bruce placed his large arm around D and said. "It?s getting late. We should get going if we want to go dancing after dinner."

G watched as D walked out of the house with Bruce. Then he saw Bruce walking back toward the front door by himself and wondered what was going on. G waited by the door and Bruce stepped inside the house, smiled at G and said. "Your sister is so hot! I just want to make it clear to you, if all goes well tonight, I?m going to bring her back here and fuck her. So don?t mess it up for me by being in the way." He was smiling, but his tone left no room for misunderstanding. This young man would not take interference lightly. G nodded mutely, unsure how to respond. Bruce walked back out shutting the door behind him. G stood there, trembling with adrenalin, wondering what he had gotten himself and D into. G began to hope D would be handle this in a way that Bruce would just disappear and everything would be forgotten.

G paced around the house for the next few hours watching the clock and wondering what was going on with his wife and Bruce, hoping he would drop her back off at the house soon. He sat on the sofa dozed off for a while. He was awakened by the sound of a car pulling into the drive and headlights shining against the front room window. G sat up and watched the front door open and saw his wife walk through the door but was surprised to see Bruce follow her inside. G was surprised as he saw his wife laughing at something that Bruce said. When they came in she said. "I?ll go pour us a drink. Make yourself comfortable." Bruce walked into the room as G stared at him as he sat down on the other end of the sofa and waited for D.

Bruce finally looked over at G and said. "Your sister is a very special lady. She is very different from anyone I?ve dated before. D brings out a gentler side of my personality that many people don't see." G sat there and swallowed hard as he listened to Bruce talk about his wife as if she were already his girlfriend. Bruce sort of chuckled in his deep voice as he leaned over toward G and his deep voice rumbled, "With women like your sister, a man has to take it slow and easy? build their trust and confidence. But the payoff is worth the effort. "

Bruce saw G?s surprised expression and laughed, "You don't know much about women do you?"

G responded with his voice sounding shaky and said. "Well. I think I know my sister fairly well enough to know she doesn't put out on a first date."

Bruce leaned in and put a huge paw on G?s shoulder, "Excuse me. I hate to sound so blunt with you, because I know she is family. But your sister is ready to give me all the pussy I can handle, right now."

G?s stomach tightened as Bruce told him of his plans for D. He tried to smile at the big man, as Bruce continued, "Face it, G. Your sister is woman in need. She has a beautiful body, nice tits, amazing ass, and I could kiss those lips of hers for hours! I can?t wait to see her long, black hair sprawled around her and to see that little black muff between her legs."

Bruce drew back to his seat and smiled beatifically, "It?s all about patience, my friend. Patience." D walked into the room and sat down next to Bruce on the sofa completely ignoring G on the other end. Bruce leaned forward and said. "Show your brother those beautiful earrings I gave you, Baby."

D pushed her long black hair to the side and let him see the pearl studs she was wearing. They were perfect with the green dress and D?s light brown skin. Bruce rumbled, "What do you think G? We saw them in window while we were out walking, and I just had to get them for her. Don?t they look beautiful on her?" G nodded his agreement, then he noticed the triple strand of pearls that dr*ped her bosom, and asked,"Have you worn that necklace before?"

Bruce chuckled and said. "I bought that for your sister too. It just seemed to match the earrings so well. Don?t you agree? "

D put her hand on Bruce's shoulder and leaned forward and said. "Thank you so much for the presents tonight."

D offered her soft, beautiful lips for a kiss, and Bruce kissed once quickly, then again for several seconds. Bruce took D's hand and glanced at G and said." Excuse us while I return the appreciation your sister is showing me."

Bruce drew D?s mouth to his and kissed her hard, locking his lips to hers and thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. G looked on in shock, but was afraid to say anything to Bruce given the young man?s earlier warnings. He consoled himself with the thought that D would manage Bruce, and figured he'd just have to put up with a kiss or two.

Bruce moved closer to D and placed his arm around her, waiting to see what her reaction was going to be. He soon found out as she leaned forward and began kissing him with enthusiasm. After several seconds she pulled back, waiting for Bruce to make the next move. Bruce looked over at G who was sitting in the chair with a blank look on his face. "Would you mind giving us a little privacy, G?"

G got up from the chair and walked toward the kitchen and glanced back to see what was going. Bruce reached across and switched the table lamp off which, shrouding the living room in near-darkness. G poured himself drink and wondered what had gone on while Bruce and D were on their date.

He imagined Bruce smiling and charming his wife, stroking her hair, touching her shoulder, making her feel attractive and desirable. Bruce had mentioned dancing and G could picture them on the floor, tight against one another as the young giant ran his big strong hands over D?s body. He wondered if the kiss he saw was their first, or if they had kissed in the club, or in the car before driving home. G wondered if his wife had wanted to go home with Bruce, but only returned because she knew he would worry.

G couldn?t stand the waiting any more. He crept back into the front room moving as close to the sofa as he could. Through the gloom, he could see D was sitting on Bruce's lap. From where he stood silently watching, G had a view of the rear of the sofa and could only see D sitting and a small portion of Bruce's head. G thought he heard kissing noises and his body felt weak wondering if Bruce was sucking D's tits.

G started to return to the kitchen, but was startled when Bruce called out, "G. Can you come in here for a minute?"

G's heart sank as he thought that Bruce had seen him skulking. He slowly walked toward the front of the sofa to see what the big man wanted. Bruce had dimmed the light but G could clearly see his wife still sitting on Bruce's lap, the straps to D's dress were pulled down and she was holding the top of her dress against her tits keeping them covered.

G waited for Bruce to say something terrible but actually smiled at him and said. "I want to be a gentleman about this and ask you a question if you don't mind?"

G's voice was shaky as he glanced at his wife and noticed her dress was hiked up around her thigh in addition to the straps being pulled off her shoulders. "OK. Ask away."

D interrupted, "Bruce. G is my brother. I'll tell him."

G swallowed hard as his wife turned and looked him straight in the eye. "Bruce was going to ask you if it?s all right for him to stay the night. I told him that it isn't for you to decide. Besides, we wouldn't have even met if it wasn?t for you. I told him, if I want him to stay you won't mind at all."

G swallowed again as his eyes stayed focused on D. He could see she was paying back for bringing her into this mess, "No. You're right ?Sis.? I don't mind if Bruce spends the night here. I'll get the guest room ready for him."

Bruce chuckled as he looked at G, "You don't have to worry about doing that for me. Your sister has everything arranged for me."

D stood up holding her dress in place as she looked back at Bruce, "I'll see you in a few minutes."

D stared at G as she walked past him and not saying another word and went directly into their bedroom and shut the door. Bruce got up and crossed to G, putting a big hand on the older man?s shoulder, "G. I want you to do me a big favor. Go out into the kitchen and get the bottle of wine we brought home with us. Bring that, a bucket of ice and two wine glasses to D's room in a few minutes."

G stood there looking down at the floor wanting to call this all off and tell Bruce the truth. He couldn?t think of any way to do it without completely humiliating himself and possibly causing this behemoth to get violent. So he chickened out thinking he certainly didn?t want Bruce to kill him, maim him, break any bones. Plus, he rationalized, the guy might harm D if he found out she was in on this too.

G was thinking that maybe D would only take things so far. He still didn?t think she would actually have sex with someone she just met. He resolved to talk to her when he brought the drinks into the bedroom.

Bruce put his other hand on G's shoulder and said. "Listen. I saw the look on your face when D told you I was staying. Don?t worry. Your sister is a big girl. She can speak for herself and make her own decisions."

G objected, "Oh, no! I?m not worried about D's decisions at all. I was just surprised she decided to have sex with you on a first date. It?s not like her at all."

Bruce chucked as he replied. "I got it. You don't want to see your sister bang a strange young man. Is that it?" Bruce continued to say. "G. Have you ever been with a much younger woman?"

G lied, "No. Never." His wife was twelve years younger than him.

Bruce replied. "Well, maybe I?ll see what I can do for you. Now go get the wine. I'll see you in D?s room."

G was in the kitchen getting everything together and was getting ice from the refrigerator when he heard a cabinet door open and slam shut. He turned to see his wife standing next to the counter wearing a filmy black nightie. G started to walk toward D, but she warned him off, "Just stay away from me right now."

G tried to engage her, "Honey. I'm sorry for getting us into this mess and I'll make it up to you." D didn't say a word or give a sign she heard. She just kept walking toward the bedroom where her eager young lover awaited. G could see her naked ass beneath the sheer fabric. He couldn?t help admiring the way her hips swayed as went to Bruce.

G?s hands were shaking as he put the ice bucket on a tray along with the wine and the glasses. G knew he had crossed a line this time. He wondered if D would forgive him. Was there any way he could he stop this man from fucking his wife without the risk of someone getting hurt? He couldn?t think of one. G promised himself that he'd never do anything this stupid again. He would treat D better, and not pressure her to do things she didn?t want. All he wanted was one more chance and he would show her how he could change.

G took the tray and walked toward the bedroom. The door was closed when he got there. G sat the tray down on the floor as he knocked on the door. Bruce yelled, ?Come on in, G. The door is open."

G turned the knob, then picked up the tray and pushed the door open. As he entered, G saw Bruce standing on the other side of the bed, facing away from him. Bruce was holding D against him, gently rocking together as if they were dancing. He could hear the muffled moans of two people kissing.

G asked, "Where would you like me to put the tray?"

As he stood there, they continued to kissing. G suddenlty realized that Bruce was naked. He saw D's hands around Bruce lightly caressing the young man?s lean, muscular hips. The contrast of D's tawny skin against Bruce's lightly tanned skin allowed G to clearly see her fingers as they clung to Bruce. D looked so tiny in his arms. G stood there uncertainly, watching and waiting for them to tell him where they wanted him to put the wine.

Bruce turned around, and G saw the young man?s cock for the first time. It was enormous. Bruce's cock was jutting upward at an angle that brought it nearly to his sternum. It looked primal and massively heavy. It was almost comically big against his lean stomach, so long and unbelievably thick. G blanched, thinking of his wife trying to accommodate this after twenty years enjoying only his more modest appendage.

Bruce nodded toward the dresser, "Just put that over there. Thanks, G.? G placed the tray on the dresser. He couldn?t help glancing at the couple as they returned to kissing, completely ignoring him. Bruce was squeezing D's ass with his big hands as they remained locked in a passionate embrace. Bruce's cock lay against D's tummy, jutting almost between her breasts. She seemed to be rotating her hips causing huge testicles to move around on her belly button. G watched as D wrapped a tiny hand partway around of the enormous cock. Bruce groaned and rumbled, "Wait until you feel it inside you, Baby."

Bruce turned his head and saw that G was still standing in the room. He chuckled, "You can leave now, G. We're not putting on a sex show here."

G hesitated, wanting to find a way to stop this. Bruce gently drew from D?s embrace. He walked over and put his arm around G, guiding him to the bedroom door and out into the hallway. The young man gently, but firmly, turned G around to face him, "Listen, G. You?re worried about your sister. I get it. I'll be really gentle with her? unless she wants me to do otherwise. She?s going to have the time of her life. I promise! Now go and get some sleep."

G stood in the hallway as the big man turned and shut the door. The last thing G saw was a glimpse of Bruce's massive cock swinging toward his wife. G stood there thinking how he shouldn't have come up with this silly idea in the first place. Why did he have to do this to D and himself? G walked into the living room and sat on the chair and grabbed the drink he had put on the table but never finished and drained it. He lay his head back, wondering what they were doing in his bedroom ? no, D?s bedroom ? then he fell asleep.

G heard a noise and opened his eyes to see Bruce sitting on the sofa in front of him with a drink in his hand. G lifted his head and looked toward the big guy with his eyes a little fuzzy from being asleep. Sitting up, G saw the young man was naked. His cock lay limp between his legs still impossibly large. Bruce said in a low but deep voice, "Sorry, G. I didn't mean to wake you up. I just came out here to have a drink and get a little fresh air. That bedroom is really hot."

G looked around, "Where's my sister?"

Bruce replied. "D is in the bathroom freshening up. She got all sticky and sweaty. Whew, that girl is amazing!"

G's body went weak again. He looked at his watch and noticed it was three in the morning which meant they had been going at it for almost four hours. G asked. "Is D all right?"

Bruce leaned forward and gave a rumbling chuckle, shaking his head in amazement, "D's just fine. Better than fine. Oh she?s a little stretched, and she?ll be sore tomorrow, but she?s very, very, happy."

G put his head back on the chair and closed his eyes as Bruce turned off the lamp. A few minutes later, D walked out of the bedroom with a blanket wrapped around herself. She sat on the sofa next to Bruce, leaning against him like a lover. The room was dark except the light from the moon shining into the front window.

G kept his eyes closed except to slightly glance at the couple as they sat on the sofa just a few feet in front of them. G watched as Bruce put his arm around D. He again heard the sounds of hungry, passionate kissing, though he couldn?t make out their faces. G sat perfectly still in the chair and pretended to be asleep. He heard D whisper something to Bruce. Then, "Don?t worry. He's asleep. Climb on top of me."

"But he might wake up. Why don't we go back to bed?"

"Come on, Sugar. I want you to ride here on the sofa. And you want to feel my big old cock inside you again, don?t you?"

D giggled and struggled as Bruce slowly, gently, relentlessly pulled her into his lap. Then her giggles were replaced by kissing and moaning. G had his eyes open enough to see what was going on and saw that D was holding the blanket around her body, keeping herself covered as she sat on Bruce's lap. D was sitting with her face toward Bruce and the movements G could see with the blanket looked as if she was playing with his cock as they continued to kiss.

G could see his wife as she continued to move her body around on Bruce's lap. Then he heard his wife whisper, "Shhh? Don't make so much noise. Put it in me. I want it."

"Say ?Please? Sugar.?

?Please? I want you inside me. Please, Bruce.?

A chuckle, ?Since you ask so nicely. Raise your ass a little higher That's it. Now just ease on down."

"Oh God . . . it?s so big! Easy? go slow . . . Don't wake him . . . OK, more? give me more . . . That's it . . . Yeah . . . Oh Yeah . . . Good . . . Ohhh please fuck me, Baby."

G watched as D began to move herself around on top of Bruce but all he could see was the blanket and what looked like his wife impaled on Bruce's huge young cock. G had to admit he was turned on watching his wife mount this young man across from him on the sofa and continued to watch and listen to his wife begging this young stud to fuck her.

"Oh yeah . . . That's it . . . give it to me . . . Don't wake him up . . . That's it ? Ohh God, Baby? You feel so good. I?ve never been fucked like this. Ohhhh."

As G watched the blanket slid down off D's shoulders. She quickly pulled it back up trying to keep herself concealed. G saw that D had wrapped her arms around Bruce's neck and it looked like his hands were placed on her ass guiding her around on top of his lap.

As D?s moans and encouragements continued, G began to hear Bruce, "Uh Baby . . . So tight . . . Pussy . . . That's it . . . That's it . . . Come on . . . Squeeze it . . . Yeah . . . I can feel it . . . Feels so good? Your pussy is sooooo fucking good, Baby!"

The blanket again started to slip down again. The couple didn't seem to notice as it pooled on the floor below Bruce's feet. G could see the young man?s big cock sliding in and out of D's pussy as she worked her hips and Bruce raised her up and down movements with his hands on her ass. They were kissing again the sounds of Bruce driving in and out of D's wet pussy, the moans and kisses, made G?s modest cock strain with excitement. He started to rub it through his pants.

Bruce raised D higher as he sucked on her tits and drove his hips up. Keeping her body in the air, he began to suck and bit her nipples. Bruce increased his rhythm, holding onto D's hips and bouncing her body on his cock much faster. Her tits bounced with every thrust and she looked like a rag doll attached to the big man at their genitals. Bruce let out a groan as he began to shoot his load into D's pussy. She too reached her orgasm and as hard as she tried not to make much noise, their moans and cries could have been heard anywhere in the house.

Finally, D wriggled her pussy down onto Bruce's lap squeezing to pull every last drop of his cum into her belly. The only sounds now were the two of them trying to catch their breath and the light smack of the little kisses that D was giving Bruce. They seemed to have forgotten G was sitting right across the room.

G pretended he was still asleep as he saw D stand up. Bruce also arose. Saying he needed to piss, the young man went through the bedroom into the master bath. As D approached her husband, her pussy made a loud squishing sound from the mixture of air and Bruce's cum inside her pussy. G imagined the other man?s cum dripping down his wife?s legs at that very moment.

D leaned in very close to him, and could see that his eyes were open. The light was very dim but they just stared at each other for a moment. G finally broke the silence, whispering, "I love you very much. Please don?t let this ruin that."

D looked into her husband's eyes for a few more moments than stood, "I love you too. Nothing is ruined. In fact, I?m very happy right now. If you?re going to sleep out here, get a blanket from the hall closet.? She turned to go back into the bedroom with her new lover.

"Honey. I didn't know it would move this fast. I really do love you."

D looked at her husband and smiled, "G. We'll talk about this in the morning ? after my boyfriend leaves. Go to bed now and get some sleep."

G got up and went to guest room. He lay down on the bed he stroked his cock as he remembered the incredible scene he had just witnessed. G was so turned on by it, but he could never tell D the truth. If she knew his true feelings, she would strangle him. And what would Bruce do when he found out D was G?s wife? G finally went to sleep thinking about what he would say to them in the morning. He decided he would get up early and make everyone breakfast.

D slipped into bed and snuggled up next to Bruce. ?He?s going to be fine,? she told her young lover. ?He has no idea I told you everything, and it?s driving him crazy! I can?t believe you fucked me right in front of him!? She giggled. ?We can let him off the hook at breakfast.?

A deep chuckle rumbled in the young man?s chest. ?G?s a good guy. You?re lucky to have him. Now, what shall we do til morning?? With an eager squeal, D gave herself to her strong young boyfriend.

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