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Birthday Surprise

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My girlfriend, Sheri, is 48 years old and is the sexiest woman I have ever known and I would do anything to make her happy. Sheri is 5 ft 5 in, weighs 114 lbs and has the flattest tummy and most amazing 34 in breasts. She has not had much sexual experience and has only had sex with her ex-husband and me. She made-out pretty heavily with a couple of her teenage boyfriends but was a virgin when she got married at 26. She says she wishes she had had more sexual experience but after a bad marriage she is now very shy and does not think she is attractive or sexy to other men at all.

We have never been unfaithful to each other and we have this deal where each of us has agreed to no secrets in our relationship. If I see a woman I think is sexy, cute or desirable, the deal is I tell Sheri on the spot. She does the same with me if she sees a sexy, cute or desirable guy. She thinks my package is great and she loves to look at all the other guy?s packages. She will say things like He Is Cute, He Has A Nice Package, I Would Do Him, No, I Would Not Do Him, He Is Not My Type. Her ideal man is tall, has a nice smile, sexy eyes, makes her laugh, has a nice build and looks good in a tee shirt and under shorts. But, she loves the Package.

We often kidded each other about who we would sleep with and who made us horny. But we always knew we were just kidding. One night while we were out to dinner Sheri said she thought our waiter was hot. When I kiddingly asked her if she would do him, she immediately said Oh yeah, Definitely, But Only If You Said I Could. He was good looking, about 6 ft 3 in tall, about 32 years old, had a nice build, a nice package and he was black. I could tell he liked Sheri, too and that he thought she was cute and so I watched as they harmlessly flirted with each other all during the meal.

When we got home we had our usually great sex, during which I whispered into her ear and asked her if she was thinking about the waiter and if she was wishing it was him in bed fucking her. She responded with an Ummmmm, Maybe??Wouldn?t you like to know. Well regardless of what she really was thinking we had great sex that night, even better than usual.

During the next few months we ate at that same restaurant several times. About half of those times we had the same waiter and each time they would flirt and kid with each other in a very obvious way. After each of those dinners we would have unusually great sex, which I attributed partially to her thinking about that waiter.

One night during dinner at the restaurant I noticed our waiter go into the rest room and so I excused myself and went in to the bathroom, too. Once in there I approached him and asked if he thought Sheri was cute. He said absolutely he did, for an older woman. I asked if he would consider having sex with her on her birthday, which was coming up in about a month. Again his answer was a very enthusiastic Are You Serious? YES. So I got his cell number and told him I would contact him later to make the arrangements.

On the day of her birthday Sheri and I went to a nice hotel in our city to spend the day and night. After a nice lunch and swim in the pool we headed back to the room for some sex and relaxation. Just as we were really getting heated up and Sheri was extremely wet and ready to be fucked, there was a knock at the door. I quickly told our visitor to wait a minute and then explained to Sheri that I had arranged for a special birthday gift to be delivered here to the room and it had just arrived. She was completely naked in bed and I had her put on a blind fold and told her to pull up the covers and just relax. She had no idea what was going on and was very apprehensive and reluctant. But I convinced her to relax and that everything would be fine.

I then went to the door and let Bradley, our waiter from the restaurant, into the room. He did as we had planned and removed all his clothes except for his tee shirt. I could see he was already extremely excited and was sporting a massive hard-on that was standing straight up. His cock was about three inches longer than mine, which made him about 9-10 inches long and he was very thick and although his skin color was fairly light, his cock was very black. I went back into the bedroom and told Sheri to just relax and prepare to be surprised. I had pulled the curtains earlier so it was fairly dark in the room but you could still see well enough to get around. Bradley walked up to the side of the bed and looked down at Sheri with her blindfold on and just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I took her hand and told her she had to guess what her gift was by feeling it. If her guess was correct she could keep her present for as long as she wanted and use it in anyway she wanted. Her response to this was to say Ooooh, That Sounds Like Fun, So Bring It On. I then took her had and wrapped her fingers around the biggest and the hardest cock she had ever seen or felt. Her immediate reaction was to pull her hand back but I held it on his cock and started to make her stroke his cock very slowly. At that point she quickly removed her blindfold with her other hand and looked at what she was holding and then up at Bradley. Oh My God, I Can Not Do This, was all she could say. Look At The Size Of That Thing. I told her it would be alright and that it was fine with me as long as I could be in the room and watch. Again she continued to object but I noticed that she never stopped stroking Bradleys very large cock. She thought about the situation for a second and said to me that she thought she would rather be alone with her new friend and to have me leave. But I said I make the rules and I say I stay,

At that point Bradley reached under the covers and started caressing her breasts. He then pinched her nipples and gave her a very erotic kiss. It was at that point that she looked at me, smiled and said OK you Can Stay If That Is What You Want and then she pulled his cock into her waiting mouth and started sucking him off, as if she was going to devour him. She immediately started moaning and sighing as she both sucked and stroked his gigantic cock at the same time. Bradley then threw off the remaining covers and went straight for her pussy. Sheri moaned another approving sigh as she opened her legs so he could have access to her very wet and very luscious pussy. It took about 5 seconds for them to move into a perfect 69 position with her on top of him sucking and stroking his cock and him under her with his face buried in her pussy and his hands caressing her cute little ass. He licked her lips and her clit with his tongue and inserted his finger into her pussy with no problems what so ever. This combination immediately sent her over the edge and she had her first massive orgasm. OH GOD IM CUMING, IM CUMING was all she could say.

After she came down from her orgasm she continued to suck his cock and he continued to push his fingers in and out of her pussy and to lick her enlarged pussy lips. Then she gave out with a screaming moan as he inserted two fingers into her and then three. With each additional insertion her hips thrust forward and she stopped sucking him long enough to cry out and to say how good it felt. Then she went right back down on him, sucking. Every few minutes she would raise her mouth off his cock and say how big he was, how good he felt and how hard he was. But it was not until he inserted a very long and very wet finger into her ass hole that she had an immediate second organism. OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD and YOUR COCK IS SO BIG AND SO HARD, was all she could say between orgasms. It was at this point that Bradley let out with a very loud moan of his own and said IM CUMING, IM CUMING. Sheris response was Cum In My Mouth, Please Cum In My Mouth, and Dont Stop, Dont Stop, Don?t Ever Stop.

To Bradleys, credit he never missed a lick and never stopped thrusting his fingers into her pussy and ass as he came. He just thrust his hips upward, driving his cock into her mouth as he filled her with his cum to the point of having it squirting out of the side of her mouth and down onto his balls and legs and onto her still stroking hand. And to Sheris credit she swallowed as much as she could while continuing to suck and stroke his still very big and very hard cock.

You Have To Fuck Me Now, she said, And I Mean NOW. As she said those words she climbed off of him and rolled onto her back, with her long, sexy legs open wide and waited for his wet and dripping cock to penetrate her wet and waiting pussy. Hurry, Hurry, she said, I Can Not Wait Any Longer, Get Over Here and Fuck Me With That Gorgeous, Huge, Black Cock Of Yours. And then looking at me she said, Oh Honey, I Love This, I Just Love This. It Is Exactly What I Have Always Wanted To happen. Thank You So Much, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

And with that said, I watched as he climbed between her open legs. He rested his cock on her pussy while he gripped her hips and pulled her closer. Her hips were now resting on his thighs and she was pushing her pussy into him. Then she reached down, gripped his huge cock directed it into her pussy. As she continued to push into him he began thrust his massive cock into her waiting pussy. He went slowly at first and then faster and deeper, with each successive thrust. Each thrust brought a scream of ecstasy from her lips as she was having a part of her penetrated and probed that had never felt a cock before. Five inches, then six, then seven, then eight and finally all of his cock was being enveloped by her anxious, tight and receptive pussy. Oh My God that Feels So Good, she said and I Love It When Your balls Bounce Off My Ass. My God You Are So Tight, he said. You Feel So Good And You Are So Wet. It Feels So Good Fucking You. But I do not think she heard a word of what he said. Her moans and screams were so intense that she could not have heard him. I was surprised the hotel management was not called to investigate all the screams and moaning coming from our room. His face was now next to hers, her legs clamped tightly around his waist as she thrust her hips and pussy onto his cock, his chest was on her breasts and his mouth whispering into her ear. Every once in a while she would respond to something he had whispered into her ear. Sometimes she would smile and say YES, YES, I LOVE IT, other times she would just nod in approval and sigh. Once she replied to his whisper OH GOD YES, I WOULD LOVE THAT, COULD YOU REALLY DO THAT TO ME? And finally she said NO, DONT STOP, IM SORRY, I?ll DO BETTER, I PROMISE, JUST DONT EVER STOP. I wondered what he was saying to her and made a mental note to ask her later.

They fucked like this for a long time and Sheri came three more times before she finally took a big breath, patted him on the back and said You Have To Stop Now. I Can Not Take You Any More. It took about a minute for Bradley to stop thrusting completely; And just before he stopped he said it was too late and that he was coming again and that he could not stop. This brought a smile to Sheris face as she yelled out YES, YES, YES, CUM IN ME, CUM IN ME, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM, GIVE IT ALL TO ME, DONT STOP, DONT STOP, DONT EVER STOP. And then he exploded into her willing pussy, while thrusting deeper and deeper with each squirt of cum.

When he had stopped cuming, Bradley pulled his dripping cock out of Sheris wet and dripping pussy and collapsed onto the bed next to her. Sheri looked at me and said how she could not believe what she had just done. I told her how beautiful and sexy she looked and how it was so erotic to see how excited and involved she became when she realized she was actually going to have sex with another man. She told me how good it felt and how I could not have made a better choice for her first experience. She wondered if I was still ok and I assured her that I was fine. She then said she wanted me to eat her pussy and fuck her now and that Bradley could watch or join in if he wanted. Then she reached down and started stroking my very hard cock and brought it to her mouth and started sucking and running her tongue up and down my hard shaft. She gripped my balls and caressed them as only she could do and then sucked each of my balls into her mouth and sucked on them while still stroking my cock. Bradley decided he did want to join in and he immediately started licking the dripping cum out of her pussy. This brought an immediate reaction from her as she intensified her sucking. Bradley was laying on the bed in such a way that his now limp cock was right next to Sheris face. She saw this and stopped sucking me while she took his wet and dripping cock into her mouth and started cleaning him up. Ummmmmm?.Your Cum Tastes So Good, she said to him. And his response was Yes It Does, Especially When Mixed With Your Pussy Juices Down Here.

She sucked us both and stroked the one she was not sucking for about a half hour, while Bradley continued to eat her pussy. Every few minutes she would become very excited and start moaning and telling us how great Bradley was as a lover. Then she would become very silent and let go with another violent and quivering orgasm. This happened three times before she finally said she wanted me to eat and fuck her. Always one to obey, I immediately told Bradley to move over and make room for me. He complied and went to the head of the bed so that Sheri could caress and suck his cock back to life and so she could lick and clean his balls of his cum, while I started eating her pussy. She tasted different than I was used to because her juices were mixed with Bradley cum. It was different but very erotic knowing that she had just been filled and fucked by Bradleys very big and very black cock.

It was not long before Bradley became hard again and announced in a very excited and loud voice that he was CUMING AGAIN. And cum he did, right in Sheris mouth and all over her face and chest. Knowing how she loves that, I watched as she rubbed his cum all over her body and licked it off her face and lips. So Good, she said, You Taste So Good. Then she looked at me and said she wanted me to fuck her in our special way. This meant that she would lie on her stomach at the edge of the bed, while I stood between her legs and lifted her legs up to my waist and entered her from behind (you need a very high bed to do this, which we had at home and here in the hotel room.). She would remain flat on her stomach while I held her legs at my sides and I would thrust in and out, hitting her G-spot with every thrust. This usually brought her to climax within just a few minutes, but she lasted a lot longer this time, due, I guess, to the numerous number of orgasms she had had already. This time I came first, and when she realized I was about to cum she too let loose with another violent orgasm. We both finished at the same time and I collapsed onto the bed next to her beautiful body.

After a short while Cheri raised her head off the bed, took Bradleys now hard cock back into her mouth and started sucking him again. She did this for just a few minutes and then looked at Bradley, said Thank You Very Much and told him he could leave now. With that he went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and stepped in. When he came out he was semi-hard, his cock was hanging over his balls and was still longer and thicker than mine in its most erect state. Sheri and I noticed this at the same time and she told him what an amazing cock he had and what a great lover he was. He asked if he could come back again sometime and she immediately said that we would have to see about that. With that said Bradley put on his clothes and started to leave. He then stopped looked at me and then at Cheri and said that she was the sexiest woman, the best lover and most responsive partner he had ever been with. And then he said goodbye and left.

After a while Cheri said again that she could not believe what had just happened. And then we both started to laugh. We laughed as we showered and as we lay down together to relive the afternoon. We agreed it was an amazing afternoon as we replayed each aspect of what had happened. She tried to explain to me her feelings about what was happening and how it felt to be so totally fucked by such a big cock. I was about to ask her what he was saying to her as they fucked but I thought I would wait until another time for that. In the end and just before we both fell asleep, she just looked at me, kissed me gently on the lips and said Thanks, You Must Really Love Me and Now I Own You One.

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