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Befriending a couple sailor boys comes with unexpected rewards for a shy house wife

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The day I will never forget is the day “they” came into our little book store. My husband, Jeff, and I own a book store down town. The store was opened by my family and we are the third generation to run the store. Sometimes I think it is too much work but the tax write offs are great and it is fun having my own place, so to speak.

One day, during “Fleet Week,” two young sailors came into my store. They were just in town to stretch their legs and were happy to be off the ship. Adonis and Dwayne were their names. Who knew that I would get to know them much better. They were tall, dark, handsome young sailors. Both were of African American descent but with light skin color. Definitely majority of their blood line was caucasian but the African in their blood made them mysterious and oh so attractive. They were the best looking men I have ever seen. From the minute I laid eyes on them, I was so attracted to them. I have never had anything like this happen before.

Let me back up a little. My name is Michelle, and I am an average mother of two kids living in a Port town along the Atlantic coast. I don’t want to say any more than that because I would never want anyone linking this story to us. Anyway, I am 39 years old but everyone tells me I look much younger. At 5’5” and 115 lbs with long light brown hair, I can see why people think I am a college Co-ed. I love it when I get carded when Jeff takes me out to a night club.

Lately, my husband, has asked and encouraged me to dress more provocative. Lower neck line and shorter dresses or skirts. We have an healthy sex life, or, well, we have sex at least once a month, but after going to a night club with Jeff when I have worn one of my “Slutty Dresses,” as I like to call them, we have very passionate sex. At first I thought it was just Jeff, but lately I realize that I am more into sex after having several men, and sometime college boys pay attention to me. Sometime they make it obvious they want me, or should I say, my body!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would never cheat on my husband. That is just not how I was brought up. My parents were conservative church going people, and so are we. But I have to admit, it has been fun living a little on the wild side.

So back to the book store and my sailor boys. They spent the whole afternoon with me at the store. We talked and laughed and flirted, Oh my, did we flirt. It was so much fun. They made it clear that they were into me and I think I let my guard down a little, and flirted right back. They were interested in presidential autobiography books and Adonis also was looking for relationship books. Guess they were going to use some of their free time when they went back out to sea learning from books. After a few hours of looking, with my help, they had exactly what they wanted.

Then they asked me what books I like. Well, that’s easy, Travel. I have alway wanted to travel but we can’t afford to go to the places I want to go, so we camp and visit family, and I read about far away places. When I told them this, they laughed so hard they about wet their pants. In fact, they laughed so hard, I was a little offended. Then they explained that travel is all they do. Hearing them tell me about the Middle East, South Pacific, Mediterranean Sea, and Africa was such a thrill. These two boys had been to the places I have always wanted to go and they were half my age, well not half but lot younger. They were in their twenties.

So we talked about the places they had been and their experiences. It was getting late in the afternoon and none of us had lunch. So Dwayne volunteered to get Subway sandwiches and bring it back to the store. While he was gone, I asked Adonis why two very attractive young men were spending all day in a book store. He told me they had both “been dumped” by their girlfriend of “many years” and did not want anything to do with girls for a while. “Well, it just so happens. . . I am a girl,” I said. Then he turn beet red, it was so adorable, and apologized. Then went on to explained that being with me was the best time he had ever had with a girl and was hoping that we could stay in contact. Showing him my wedding ring, I mentioned that I am happily married. “No No No,” he blurted out, “talking to you today has reaffirmed my desire to date again, well not now but maybe a year from now.” At that I laughed so hard. It was pretty obvious that two girls had broken the hearts of these two nice sailor boys. Why any girl would have wanted to brake up with these two was a mystery to me. If I was still in the dating scene these would be the guys I would go after.

Adonis opened up and confessed that Dwayne and he have been best friends since boot camp. They both had girlfriends and what they thought were great relationships. “What happened?” I asked. He hesitated and then said that all four of them were very close and liked to get together as often as possible, living life in the fast lane. They were four adventurous young adults who wanted to taste everything life had to offer. They drank too much, tried drugs, experimented with sexual relations of every kind. They talk openly about if they found something that turned them on why not try it? And then it would only make sex within the relationship more fun. I wasn’t sure I was following and I think he saw the quizzical look on my face. So he explained their philosophy of sex. If you are in a committed exclusive relationship and one finds something that really turns them on then it is OK as long as it enhances the relationship and they share in the turn on together. I still wasn’t following. So he told me they went to some sex clubs. The four of them. It really turned Dwayne and Adonis on to see all the wild stuff going on in the club. Girls giving blow jobs and letting several guys lick them. Occasionally they saw a gang bang.

“So let me get this straight,” I asked, “you guys would let your girlfriends be in a gang bang?” He had me confused and curious at the same time. “No, they weren’t in a gang bang, we watched another girl in a gang bang.” The most we did was have sex in a room with people watching, mostly guys watching. It really turned me on having horny guys watching me fuck my beautiful girlfriend. Guess I feel sorry for some guys that never get any and this is my way of sharing with them.” Still confused, “You liked sharing your girlfriend with other men?” Now he was raising his voice, “No, No, I only let the guys watch ME have sex with my girlfriend. It was like being in a porno movie and being the star of the film with my girlfriend.” Then I understood, some guys are so visual. He liked to be watched.

After playing at the sex club we would return home and have mind blowing sex. But then the girls started leaving us, going off with guys at the sex club. When Dwayne and Adonis would go looking for them, they would be making out with other guy or girl, and they wouldn’t even acknowledge their boy friends. Dwayne was the one who put his foot down and told them it was not ok to go off all free spirited like. Both girls played it down saying it was no big deal, they had too much to drink and lost control. Then the next time we went to a sex club, and after being there for a couple hours the girls sent us to get drinks. After waiting in line for an hour and buying drink we went to look for the girls. It took a while to find them. We had to search the whole club twice. We found them in a private room getting fucked by two guys and telling them how much they love their cocks inside of them. That crossed a line we had all agreed we would not cross. This whole thing was supposed to enhance our own relationship and bring more excitement to us. . . we were in this together or so we thought. If they had wanted to have a guy fuck them while we watched that would be one thing, but to run off and get fucked in a private room without us. That was not OK. After that I couldn’t trust her anymore and didn’t want to go to clubs but they were hook and didn’t like us telling them what to do.

Suddenly Adonis blurts out, “Oh shit, I can’t believe I told you all that. Talk about TMI! I hope you don’t think we are crazy perverts. We weren’t swingers. There were lots of people that went to these clubs just to watch and be watched.”

Just then Dwayne showed up with sandwiches and we all ate. While eating I asked Dwayne about his break up and he got a little emotional and he became even more attractive to me, if that was even possible. These two hot, sexy sailors were also very sensitive. They were just so cute and it was so fun to be around them.

Well, after we ate we continue to talk and enjoy each other’s company. They came back the next day and we took off right were we ended. Talking like life long friends. Adonis ask me if they could keep in touch with me. “What do you mean?” I asked. Apparently they can Skype with people from the ship and they both got exited hoping to Skype/FaceTime with me from time to time. Thinking about it, I am at the store a lot and there are time when I am a lone. It would be fun to talk to them. So I asked them if they could share their adventures with me. Send picture of the places they visit and stories, Oh I like their stories.

After having two of the most enjoyable days, Adonis and Dwayne were gone. It was strange how much I thought about them, even having a dream I was with them on their ship. I believe that was the first time in my life I woke up in the middle of an orgasm. Their ship is a destroyer.

A few months go by and out of the blue I get a video call on my computer. Not thinking about who it may be, I pushed answer and there was Adonis and Dwayne smiling from ear to ear. They were so happy to see me and I was just as happy to see them. They were in the Southern part of the Mediterranean Sea and had just returned from spending the day at port. They couldn’t tell me which port. They showed me souvenirs they had purchased and said they both had something for me, but I would have to wait until they were back at my port to see what it was. They showed me pictures and it was just so exciting that they still remembered me.

Now, one of the things that I have heard is how horny sailors get when out to sea without any female companionship. Somehow I got on this subject and OH BOY did they turn red. Again, it was the cutest thing. There are some girls on the ship but it is not allowed to do anything inappropriate with the opposite sex. I guess since the bad press came out about what some officers did with female sailors it was now not allowed to do anything with them.

I kept telling them that I wanted to see what they got me. I wanted to know how big of a deal it was and if I needed to get them something when they return and how expensive to go. I was kind of hoping they got me something inexpensive because I couldn’t afford anything too big. Then Dwayne said he would show me what they got for me if I would show them my boobs. Adonis immediately grabbed Dwayne by the hair on his neck and ordered him to apologize. Hold on a minute, I wanted to see what they had bought for me and I was ok with showing my boob, in fact, it kind of excited me to show my gorgeous sailor friends my breast. As soon as I said that, both their jaws dropped and I think Adonis started to drool. I asked if there was anyone else around where they were and they said no, because it was like midnight there and they had the place all to themselves. The thought of showing my two sailors my naked breast was exhilarating. I told Dwayne to show me first and then I would show him. Dwayne told me to wait just a minute and he would get it and with that he bolted. Adonis then told me that I didn’t have to show my boobs and that Dwayne had no right asking. I told him it was ok and that the thought of them out to Sea for so long made me want to do something for them. Plus I thought to myself, I want to see what they got me. If it was something expensive, I would feel guilty. If it was something cheap, I’m not sure I would even want it. Adonis was so cute, he was truly worried about me. Worried about offending me or making me feel cheap or what ever, but he explained that he really likes me and that he doesn’t what anything to happen that would hurt our friendship or offend my husband.

Just then, Dwayne barges onto the screen holding a wood carving of a boy reading a book. He said it is a big deal to be able to read in the village they were at and even bigger deal to have books to read. When he told the villagers his friend owns a book store they were very impressed. So he hoped every time I looked at the wood carving I would think of him. Then he went silent and looked at me. After a few seconds, I remembered that I made a deal to show him my breast.

Luckily it was about closing time and there was no one in the store. Being in the back with my lap top, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse watching Dwayne the whole time. It was so cute how he stared and smiled as I opened up my blouse and then removed my bra. Adonis was also there, trying not to be too obvious but he was staring also. The “sisters” are my pride and joy. Not huge but on my small frame they are not small either. To be honest, it was fun sharing my breast with these two hot, sexy, sailors that were far away, across the Atlantic Ocean. Talk about safe.

After a few minutes, I put my blouse back on and then reminded Adonis that he hadn’t showed me the gift he got for me. He said that wasn’t part of the bargain, that he wanted to surprise me. “No way, I don’t want to be surprised, I want to see what you got too,” I said. He then smiled and said, “You’ll have to show more than your boobs to see the gift I got you.” Well, I must have been in a good mood because I was not backing down. “What do you want to see?” I asked in a dare you sort of way. Then he stuttered and tried to get out of it. I don’t need to see anything, I just want to surprise you. Thinking I knew what he wanted to see, I offered to show anything he asked if he would show me what he had gotten. This got his attention and he finally got up the nerve and asked to see my naked pussy. Before he could back out I agreed and told him to show me his first. To me it was like a game and I was having fun playing.

So Adonis pulls a small box out of his pocket and shows me a beautiful emerald charm and a gold bracelet. He explained that he got the bracelet thinking it would be fun to get a charm to go on it at different ports and then found the perfect first charm. Both the charm and the bracelet looked very expensive and very nice. I really liked them but I also felt guilty. I wanted to explain to him that he doesn’t know me well enough to spend that kind of money on me but then I saw the excitement in his eyes and the smile on his face, it just melted me. As soon as he put it back in the box, he asked me to show him mine. Well, a deal is a deal, so I stood up so all they could see was my waist. As I undid my pants I watched their faces. They were engrossed in seeing my naked sex. Going really slow, I pulled my pants down and then even slower, I pulled my panties down, watching their faces the whole time. After a couple of minutes, I pulled my panties and pants up and explained to them that there wasn’t much to see. Just my hair and a little bit of my crack. They both claimed that it was a beautiful sight, better than all the sites they had seen at sea. It was very flattering, and made me feel young and sexy.

That night I dreamed again that I was with Dwayne and Adonis and this time I was playing with their cocks trying to get them to ejaculate. When I woke up I tried to go back to sleep because I wanted to continue playing with their erections.

For the next couple weeks I thought about them often, and then they video call me again while I am at the store. I was so excited to see them. What is getting into me? We chatted again and they told me about where they had been and said they each got something else for me. “What do you want to see this time?” I asked. “Nothing, we really want to surprise you.” Adonis said. “That’s not fare.” I explained that I don't like surprised and it would mean more if I knew what they had gotten. Dwayne then asked, “What are you willing to show us.” I figured they had seen everything so I answered, “Anything you would like.” Dwayne got this look on his face like a little school boy who had just answered the teachers question correctly. He immediately pulls out a box and shows me a ruby charm for the soon to be “my bracelet.” Then he says he would like to see me finger myself, and reminded me that I said anything. My mind went blank. When I said anything, I didn’t think of something like that. Then Adonis pulls out a similar box and shows me the prettiest amethyst charm. Amethyst is February birth stone and my birthday is in February. “How did you know. . . ?” I started to say, but Adonis said that was top secret, but asked if I liked the charm. “YES YES!” I said.

After showing me the charms and explaining their significance they reminded me I promised to let them see me finger myself. Well, these boys really do get horny at sea. Just then I had an idea, and I explained to them that it would be hard to finger myself unless I am moist. “What?” they said in a quizzical sort of way. “In order to stick my fingers inside myself, I need to get turned on so my vagina will be wet. Only then can I finger myself.” Maybe I was daring them or maybe I was looking for a way to not finger myself in front of them. Then Adonis asked if it would turn me on to see Dwayne stroke himself until he got hard. Yeah, that would do it, but it would be better if both of you stroked yourself. I’m not sure who was calling who’s bluff, but Adonis agreed that if they let me see them play with their cocks that I would let them see me finger myself. This was my way out, “OK, if you guys can make me good and wet, I will finger myself. Without any hesitation, Dwayne pulls out his limp dick and starts to play with it, and he tells Adonis he has to join him in order to see Michelle finger herself. As they are playing with their limp dicks, they tell me that they will get hard faster if I would pull my pants down.

After thinking about it for a minute and watching these two young attractive sailor boys showing me their soft penis, I pulled my pants down letting them see my pink lace panties. After a couple more minutes I pulled my panties down. Now they were starting to get obviously hard and believe it or not, I was starting to get moist. I could feel my wetness and seeing their now hard cocks, I think I should pull my pants down to my ankles so I could spread my legs and start touching myself. Now I had my lap top camera pointed down so they could only see my pussy, but they were standing back and away from each other. Guess they didn’t want to touch each other’s naked bodies. Guys can be such homophobes. Now I sit back, spread my legs and let them get a birds eye view of my pussy. As I am touching myself, I feel my vagina getting moist. After a few more minutes of lightly touching my pussy, up and down my crack, I start to part my pussy lips and insert a finger. It was all so erotic and I couldn't believe I was actually fingering myself for these two. It was like phone sex but with video. Seeing them stroke their black cocks, I started imagining being with them. Like really being with them, holding them, being held by them, touching and having them make love to me.

Just then I heard the bell ring, meaning someone had just walked into my book store. Instinctively I pulled my clothes back on, shut my computer and quickly walked up to meet my customer.

Well, it wasn’t until the next day that we hooked back up on video chat. They were laughing but told me I left them hanging. “What are you doing at 6 o’clock my time? That’s when I close the store and we won’t be interrupted.” They thought for a moment and then said they could make it work. The day seemed to drag on so slowly. I guess I was either nervous or excited about having video sex with these two. Now, just to be clear. Video sex is not really sex. It is not cheating if we are not really touching, even if I did imagine wanting them to penetrate every fiber of my being. Lets just say, I imagined them inside of me.

Right at 6 pm I lock the door and open my computer. They are already calling me and I answer with two limp cocks starring at me. Then laughter. “Didn’t want to waste any time.” Adonis says. “Don’t want to get interrupted before we get to see you this time,” Dwayne chimes in. So I go to the back of the store for privacy and start to set up for privacy. I am smiling and laughing but a little shocked from seeing two cocks on my computer. Adonis is asking me to help them get hard and they will help me get good and wet. I asked them what will help you get hard? Dwayne says to see my boobs and Adonis says to see my pussy. As I am unbuttoning my blouse, Dwayne says something about, he wishes he could kiss and taste my nipples. Adonis says his wish is to lick and eat my pussy. I asked them where they were that they could talk like that, and Dwayne says they have a private room with a lock on the door so I don’t have to worry about anybody else seeing, hearing or saying anything. By now I have my breast exposed and Dwayne says if he was with me, he would be worshiping my body, kissing my breasts, sucking on my nipples and touching all over. Then I asked Adonis what he would be doing if we were together. He didn’t need to think about it, he immediately says, “I would start by telling you how beautiful you are, then take you in my arms and kiss until you get weak in the knees. Then I would lay you down and kiss down your chest, your stomach, and your legs. Then back up until I was between your legs and kissing your pussy. I would lick your crack up and down and then suck on your clitoris until you shake and cum.” As he was saying this I was removing my clothes so now I am naked, sitting in the chair with the computer camera pointed at my waist, and I am starting to touch my sex. I can’t believe I am doing this, but it is harmless and my two sailors are so horny and getting excited. It doesn’t take long for their cocks to get rock hard as they are stroking themselves. Adonis tells me over and over again that he thinks I am so beautiful and begs me to finger myself. Well, I am starting to get moist and I spread my pussy lips so they can see my wetness. I am watching their faces stare at my sex as I start to insert a finger into my now lubricated vagina.

As I am fingering myself, they are stroking their magnificent big hard cocks. Oh, did I mention they are definitely above average in size. Biggest cocks I have ever seen. I still can’t believe I am doing this. Dwayne asks me to move so he can see my breast so I adjust my computer. A couple minutes go by with all of us masturbating and watching each other, Adonis ask if I can move closer to the camera so he can see my pussy better, so I point the computer down a little and scoot to the edge of my chair. Now he has a close up of me fingering myself. I am putting pressure on my clitoris with the palm of my hand and fingering my vagina with my middle finger. I really wanted them to orgasm so I kept doing what ever they asked. Dwayne then says he wishes so bad he were with me so he could bury his manhood inside of me. A minute later Adonis says that he wished he could be with me and hold me as I cum. I don’t know if it was seeing them, hearing them or being seen by them, but I started to feel myself approach orgasm. It was building and as I continued to watch my two sailor boys stroking their magnificent cock, and I couldn’t help but wish they were inside me right at that moment. First Dwayne shoot his cum into his hand and then Adonis shoot cum and I swear some of it landed on the camera lens. After they both came I continued to wiggle my finger inside of my vagina. I imagined it was their cocks inside of me as I pushed harder on my clitoris, and moving my hips and then it hit me. I tensed up and had the most intense orgasm. It took my breath away.

As I started to relax, it hit me what we had just done and I couldn’t believe a good girl like me would do something like that. As we are coming down from our little erotic adventure, Adonis quietly says that he wished he would have been shooting his load inside of my love hold. Well, crazy thing was, I was thinking the same thing, but I reminded myself, I would never cheat on my husband. So then I told them I had to get home, but then I said, “Phone sex has one advantage, there is no mess for the girl to clean up.” I thought that was funny, but they didn’t get the humor. I think I like phone, or should I say video sex.

For the next few months we emailed and messaged each other. It got to be almost everyday I would have something from them. If I didn’t hear from them, I felt like something was missing from my day. They sent lots of pictures and I even sent them one of me in my book store. Then I got an email from them asking if I could video chat tonight at closing. It just so happened my husband was out of town visiting family so I told them I would see them at closing.

1800 hours sharp as they call it my computer rang with two adorable faces looking at me. “HELLO beautiful,” they said as soon as they saw me. What girl doesn’t like to hear that once in a while, and with them I felt young and attractive and desired. They have a great effect on my self esteem. “What’s up my handsome sailor boys,” I said. “We have the communication room all to ourselves and the door is locked, and we wanted to show you something if you want to see.” They both had big ass grins on their faces and I knew something was up. “Of course I want to see, what did you get?” I asked innocently. Dwayne sticks his head in the camera and says, “This is going to cost you, but you don’t have to see it today. We are going to be in your port in one month.” He had the silliest smile and I could hear the excitement in his voice. Then Adonis pushes him out of the way and explains they just found out about being in my home town and they are hoping to see me. Plus they have something for me that they were hoping to surprise me with it. “You know I don't like surprises,” I said sternly. Adonis explained that they know but they were hoping to change my mind. They said if I really really wanted to see it I would have to do something really sexy. Go farther than before, but that if I wanted to just wait, then they would surprise me with it.

Thinking about it for a minute, I told them that I didn’t know how much farther we could go than what we have already done. “You’ve seen all of me and we have all had happy ending,” I told them. Adonis answers, “Well then, we’ll just have to wait until we see you.” “No way, I don’t like surprised.” I emphatically say with a raised voice. “What do you want me to do?” Dwayne chimes in, “We don’t know, surprise us. Get a little crazy.” My mind goes blank. Crazy isn’t what I do, boring is more my style. These two have been the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time.

Just then I got an idea, but it was really kinky and perverted, but I knew they would like it. So then I told them, “I know what you will like, but how do I know it is worth it to put myself out there just to see something I may not like.” “Well, you can just wait and see when we get into port, or you can take a chance and be our sexy diva.” Adonis says with a mischievous grin on his face. “Ok Ok!” I say. “Show me what you got and I’ll give you a show. But for this show to work, you have to do exactly what I say without questioning me. Deal?” They are so cute, as they both agree to do whatever I say as long as I give them a show. I love that they are so excited about my show and they don’t even know what it is yet. Actually, I’m not sure I know what it is exactly yet either.

Now it is time for them to show me what they got. I’m not even sure it is for me. They have a duffle bag and first thing Dwayne pulls out is a sailor hat. One of those official white round ones. He says it is a real US Navy sailor cap for me. Then they pull out a photo album and open it to a few pages. They have printed pictures of all the places they have visited and made a photo album for me. It is so amazing and I am truly touched that my eyes start to water up. Now I really what to show my appreciation. So now it is my turn.

My idea was to tell them a story and use this black tube of hand lotion as I tell them a sexy story. The tube is about the thickness of my finger and about 4 inches long. I begin by telling them I had a dream we were all together on a remote island in the South Pacific. In my dream we are dancing to Bob Marly and then you two are naked. So I tell them to take their clothes off, which they do without argument. Love how obedient they are for me. In my dream we are all in a private hut on the beach with no body else around. In my dream Adonis takes my shirt off. Then I take my shirt off there in front of them. In my dream, Dwayne takes my bra off, and I remove my bra showing them my naked breast. Next thing I know one of you is kissing me while the other if removing my pants. So now I tell them to hug each other and pretend I am in the middle of them. The expressions on their faces were priceless as they timidly moved their naked bodies close together keeping their pelvis away so as to not touch penises.

As I am slowly removing my pants, I remind them that they are sandwiching me between their naked bodies and I ask them if that is how they would hold me. “If I am going to recreate this dream for you, you have to do your part.” I explain to them. “Picture my naked body between the two of you and pretend you are holding me. I can’t take off my pants until I see you have me sandwiched between you.” Slowly and very reluctantly they get a little closer. As I start to remove my pants they back away and I pull my pants back on. Then they get the idea and hold each other tight. Their cocks are touching as I remove my pants and I start to giggle as I watch them hold their naked bodies together but not too close. This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Then I tell them my naked body is between them and I want them to grind into my ass and pussy, and I start to remove my panties. They stop and so I stop. Then they move into each other and I pull my panties down and then back up. “I don’t think you are using your imagination,” I say. “If you had me between you, would you be getting hard?” They start to complain and make excuses, but I stop them saying, “No excuses men! I want to see you get hard for me. Do you want me or not?!” With that they do this pretend kissing and grinding their hips together and I finish removing my panties. I am really having a fun time watching them struggle with the closeness of their nakedness.

So now I grab the black lotion container that is shaped like a four inch finger and I tell them that in my dream I had one of the cocks in my hand. Dwayne immediately says, “That must be Adonis because I am much bigger than that.” and he laughs hard. Just as Adonis is about to rebuttal I stop them and ask them if they want me to continue or if they are bored I can just stop right now. They both apologize and ask me to continue. I remind them that the black phallic shaped container represents one of their cocks and to try to imagine that it is their cock I am playing with. Now I have their attention, I start to hold it close to my face. Slowly I kiss it and then lick it and as I am watching them I start to very slowly put it into my mouth. Suddenly I stop and tell them to show me their cocks. “What?” I say, “still soft?” In reality they were only semi-soft, but not the rock hard cocks that I am used to. Adonis asks me to point the camera at my pussy so he can get hard. I do and I ask them to keep their camera pointed at both their cocks. I wanted to see the effects of my story on both their cocks. Sure enough as I point the camera down and see my pussy come into view, they get hard. Then I take the lotion tube and start touching my pussy with it and telling them that one of them is making me so wet. I remind them to imagine the tube in actually their cock, as I continue to touch myself with it. Now they are rock hard and I can see them getting into the story.

Now in my dream you promise me that you won’t penetrate me or go inside me because that would make me a cheater so you just rub your cock up and down my crack. As I tell them this, I am rubbing the lotion tube up and down my crack and I tell them that they are making me so wet and horny. Then I ask them to stroke themselves and imagine they are rubbing my pussy. It is obvious they have vivid imaginations and in their minds they are touching me with their cocks. Truth be told, in my dream they both stick their cocks inside of me and we passionately make love, but I can’t tell them that.

Now I am getting wet and the tube is getting lubricated with my juices as it slides up and down my crack. The purpose is to get them to cum so I tell them how bad I want to feel them inside of me but they are too much of a gentleman to penetrate me with their huge cock. “But I want you inside me so bad.” I tell them as I insert just a little of the lotion tube inside my love opening. As they start to stroke faster I moan and tell them how good they feel rubbing me and I insert the tube a little further and then back out and rub my clitoris with it and then back to my vagina opening and I insert half of it and then out and I rub my clitoris some more. Then I tell them I want to feel them bury their cock inside me and I push the lotion tube in all the way with my left hand and my right fingers are rubbing my clitoris. “Oh yeah, you feel so good. I can feel you all the way inside my belly.” As I push harder on my clitoris and push the tube even deeper. Now the tube has disappeared inside of me and my middle finger is also buried inside me. I am imagining Adonis pushing his cock balls deep inside of me as I continue to work my clit. After about 10 minutes I can feel my orgasm start to build deep inside my womb. Dwayne is the first to cum and he moans and I see his sperm shoot out onto the floor. A couple minutes later Adonis moans and shoots his and I see stream after stream shoot out of his penis hole. Right as he is finishing his orgasm mine starts and I hold my breath and push hard on my clit as I imagine they are both taking turns fucking me. What a great imagination I have as I tremble and shake for almost a full minute. When I am done I have to reach inside my vagina with two of my fingers to get the tube out of me. It takes me a couple of minutes and I start to wonder if I will be able to get it out or am I going to need to go to the doctor and admit I was using it to masturbate. But I finally get it out and I resolve to get an actually dildo so I won’t be in this situation ever again.

They both tell me I am the best show they have seen and they love our video sex. “Video Sex,” we should call it Video play so it doesn’t sound like we had sex. It wouldn’t sound right if anybody heard we had sex. I am a good girl and would never cheat on my husband. Come to think of it, what would Jeff think if he knew these two attractive sailors had not only seen me naked but seen me bring myself to orgasm? He has been hinting he wishes I would get a little bit more adventurous in our sex life. Maybe he would be impressed with my new adventure.

You have probably heard of “Adam and Eve” store. With Jeff visiting family, I got online and ordered a 10” black vibrating dido. The end of it moved around kind of like those big inflatable guys at the car dealer sales events. Guess I was wondering what it would feel like inside of me. For the next few days I worried about Jeff coming home and finding my new dido in the mail and wondered what he would think about it being black. Luckily it arrived in a couple days and I was the only one home. The thought of using it by myself did not turn me on, but thinking of showing it to my sailor boys really excited me.

We continued to email and voice chatted once and then about a week before they were scheduled to come in our port they said they had been delayed but would make it for “Fleet Week.” That was the week I met them in my store one year ago. They were excited because there was lots going on during fleet week and our port was really fun. We discussed that would be fun and then I got nervous and told them that we could only do things if my husband could join us. The were not only OK with that, but really wanted to meet him. It was kind of a relief that they weren’t after a secret affair or anything.

However, then they asked if Jeff was into anything kinky, like seeing his wife with another man. “No! not at all,” I said emphatically. Then they quizzed me a little more. Like, hasn’t he ever asked you to be a little bit naughty or dress a little provocative? “Well actually, he has,” I thought to myself, and just the little hesitation convinced them that Jeff was into “kinky shit.” Even though I denied it, they were convinced that all husbands like to watch their wives be flirted with and to be picked up by strangers. Some kind of primal Neanderthal deep seated need of all men with hot sexy wives. Sounded bull shit to me, but they were right about Jeff asking me to be more open to sexual adventures. Maybe my husband did have these desires and he never spoke of them.

The week before fleet week, I was talking to my two sailor boys and they asked if we could video chat after my work. It was innovatory time at the store, so I completed the inventorying of the store before closing and then sat in the back and as soon as I open my computer there was a video call. When I pressed the answer button, I saw my two happy attractive sailor boys. It is so nice how excited they always are to see me. “What ya doing?” I asked.

“We have the perfect gift for you!” the both exclaimed. Just before I could object, they acknowledged that I don’t like surprised and if I would tell them another story, they would show it to me. Well, funny thing, I brought my new play toy with me and had another dream about all of us. So I agreed and they showed me a new charm for my bracelet. It was a silver anchor like you see on big ships, with a sparkling diamond in the middle. It was elegant and looked very expensive. Forgetting about the story and my new dildo, I started scolding the boys for spending too much and I could never repay and as I am telling them, Adonis stops me and tells me that I am the one who has given so much. They are appreciative beyond word for what I have done and they feel like it is the least they can do plus it makes going to shore in some of the countries they visit a lot more fun. Now they have purpose and I have given that to them. Dwayne chimes in and pleaded with me not to take away or belittle their new sense of purpose. They really liked buying me gifts, and they love seeing me and hearing my stories. If I would tell them another story they would be in my debt. Well, if that is the way they feel about it, then who am I to take away their purpose, even if it is all about buying me more charms.

As I start to tell them about my new dream, I am a little hesitant, because my dream was a little bit out there. It started in a my bedroom and they were watching me strip for my husband. Next thing I know we are in a strip club and the three of them are watching me take my close off. Then I am back in my bed room and Jeff is laying me down on our bed, but before he gets on top of me, we are back at a club and Jeff watches me laying down on a very plush round bed. They are listening intensely as I am telling them my dream. Now in my dream there are many sailors watching me and coming closer like they are going to all fuck me, but I leave that out as I tell Adonis and Dwayne that it is just them and my husband looking at my naked body lying on this very plush bed. I tell them to take their clothes off and to play with their cocks for me. Without hesitation, they’re quickly naked with their cocks in their hands. I love how willing they are to play for me and that they do it in front of each other. Seeing them makes it easier to continue with the story. My husband says he is tired and asked these two sailor boys if they would help pleasure his wife, but says they cannot fuck her, just pleasure her. As I am tell them about Dwayne kissing and sucking on my breast, I remove my blouse and bra, showing them my naked breast. Lightly I touch my breast so my nipples harden. Continuing with my story, in my dream, Adonis starts to kiss my feet and proceeds up until he is kissing my sex. As I am telling them this, I take off my pants and panties, showing them all my nakedness. My husband is so impressing with their respect and tells Adonis to rub his cock up and down my wet crack. Now I grab my new play toy and start touch it to my pussy lips. I see both of them gasp like they just saw a ghost and then big smiles as they compliment me on my choice of dildo. As I am touching myself with it, I am watching them stroke their cocks which are now rock hard. This makes me start to lubricate and the play toy is slipping between my wet lips.

The whole scenario is really getting to me and I tell them that Adonis is sliding his big black cock up and down my crack and then the tip of his cock is at my very wet love hole. I have the dildo at my love hole and as I tell them the head of Adonis’s cock starts to enter me, I insert the black dildo inside of me. They are practically drooling as they stare at this black dildo penetrate my sex. Adonis asks if I want all of him and I answer back “Oh Yes,” as I push the dildo deep inside of me and turn it on. Oh my, it feels really good as it vibrates and wiggles inside of my oh so moist love cannel. I tried to take it slow and make it as sexy as I could but seeing them playing with themselves and how they stare at my nakedness, just is so erotic I can feel my orgasm start to build. After a few minutes, as I am loosing myself to the moment, Adonis moans and cums. Seeing him shoot his load does something to me and my orgasm hits me. I am quivering when asked if he is inside me yet. Not wanting to leave him out, I kind of yell in my moment of passion, OH YES, Dwayne is now deep inside me. Just then he tells me he is filling me up with so much cum and he shoots his load. Now I am recovering from a orgasm, I am out of breath and Adonis is telling me that I am that hottest, sexiest girl he has ever met and the best time he has ever had “not having sex.” This makes me laugh as I start to dress. I can never tell them that in reality I would like nothing better but to have them make love to me. In my dreams they are inside of me.

They both ask me to stop dressing and to insert the dildo one more time. Now it is I who is willing to do anything they ask and I spread my legs and rub the tip of the dildo up and down my crack and finding my hole still lubricated I slip the black dildo inside of me as Dwayne and Adonis watch. They ask me to turn in on and obediently, I turn it on and feel the vibration and the rotation of the tip. The dildo doesn’t do near as much for me as watching their faces as they stare at my vagina with the dildo buried deep inside of her. They ask me to move it in and out as fast as I can and again, with no hesitation I begin to pump it in and out of me. At first I am pushing it all the way in and pulling it all the way out, but then it feels better to move it fast but barely moving in and out. I hear Adonis say that he would give anything if that were his cock going inside of me, and Dwayne agrees that would be the “ultimate experience.”

Well, the next time I talk with them, they are emailing me their itinerary of their time in our town. Oh shit! They will be here tomorrow. They want to make plans but I don’t want to make it like a date or that we are any more than just pen pals. “Just come by the store and we’ll figure things out then,” I tell them. But they are like a couple school girls, giddy with excitement. This can’t get out of control, they can’t expect anything to happen, and this cannot even come close to looking like I am cheating on my husband. Even though they are the most attractive, sexy men I have ever seen this just can’t get out of control. For the next 24 hours I worry about what kind of expectations they may have and how am I going to make it clear that we are just friends with NO benefits.

It was a Friday never to be forgotten. In walked the sexiest, most attractive guys on earth, with big silly grins. All my reluctance faded away the minute those two smiles came into the book store. No hesitation, they hurried over to me and gave me the biggest hugs and we kissed like long lost lovers. First Adonis then Dwayne passionately kissed me and told me how much they missed me. So much with me holding my ground and explaining how I am a faithfully married lady. They were so excited to give me the gifts. First the little statue of the boy reading a book, which knowing the story behind it, I really liked. Then the bracelet with several of the most amazing charms. Words cannot explain how much it meant to me. They were so pleased when I started to cry and explain how much I loved the bracelet. How am I ever going to do something for them that will be as nice as what they have given me? Then they gave me the photo book. Each picture had an explanation by it telling about where the picture was taken, date, and interesting information about the place. Like one was of a mosque and it was the site of a suicide bomber that killed 10 people including a child. We went through the book page by page and they explained every picture. Only a few of the picture had them in the pictures and they were back like just casual passer-by. They explained that they wanted me to be able to have people look at my picture book without having to explain who the two guys were. Then I started noticing them in more but with their backs turned or faces covered. How thoughtful of them.

After talking and catching up on their adventures and my boring life, we starting talking about what to do. This is when I put my foot down. Can’t do anything without my husband! They were fine with this, in fact they seemed genuinely OK with my husband being apart of our evening together. Well, what am I going to tell him? They just said to tell him the truth, two sailors really wanted to spend their time at port with a book store owner. Adonis says that several of the guys on the ship talk about husbands that like to watch their wives with other guys. “What do you mean,” I asked. They explained that it is not an uncommon fantasy for a man to get turned on by watching his wife seduced by another man and see her have sex with other men. Well, that is not my husband, I told them with no uncertainty. At least I don't think so. . . He has wanted me to dress more provocatively lately and has left me dancing on the dance floor. Our sex is infrequent but that’s just life, Right? Apparently there is a web site devoted to hooking up couples with single guys so the husband can watch his wife have sex and sometime with multiple guys.

As we are talking about this, Dwayne comes up behind me and whispers in my ear, “wouldn’t it be great if Jeff was open to watching us do what all three of us really want to do?” And as he whispers he holds me in his strong arms. “Don’t worry about a thing, we won’t do anything that both of you don’t want us to do, we just want to spend time with you. We don’t want to do anything that would jeopardize our friendship.” Just then I really want him, I liked his touch, I liked being in his arms and I trust him. I liked being wanted and desired. It made me feel young and attractive. As he is holding me I relax and lay my head against his shoulder. Adonis comes up in front of me and holds me so now I am sandwiched between these two cute sailors. As Dwayne’s hand moves up a little I am very aware of where their hands are. He moves his right hand so it is on my left breast and Adonis hands are on my hips. Suddenly I take Adonis face in my hands and we kiss. Not just any kiss, the most passionate kiss of my life. Perhaps we had pent up passion that need to be released. As we are kissing, Dwayne moves his hand inside my blouse so he is touching my bare breast and at the same time Adonis moves his hip back and using both hands unsnaps then unzips my pants. He reaches his hand down the front of my pants and feels my pussy. At first he places his hand over my pussy and just holds it there as we continue to kiss. My body has a mind of its own because I am thinking we shouldn’t do this, but my feet move apart thus spreading my legs and giving Adonis better access to my sex. He softly touches my crack from my clitoris to my vagina and back to my clitoris. It made my clitoris get firm and his touch feel even better. His fingers move up and down my crack while we kiss for 10 or 15 minutes. Then as his finger goes down to the bottom of my crack he finds my wetness and slides first one then two fingers inside of me. Somewhere in my mind I heard stop, this is wrong, but my body wouldn’t listen. As orgasm started to build deep in my loins and I could feel it getting stronger; however, before I could climax the bell rang signaling someone had just opened the front door to the store. We all jumped and I rushed to the front to help my would be customer, hoping they wouldn’t noticed how flushed and out of breath I was. As I was walking to the front I looked back and saw Adonis sucking my juice off his fingers. Any other time in my life I would have thought that was gross but when he sucked my juice it was so sexy.

The customer wanted some relationship books and I help them find a couple. They made the purchase and were gone leaving us alone again. Dwayne apologized telling me they were not planning on taking advantage of me like that but the electricity between us was so strong they couldn’t help themselves and asked me to forgive them. I admitted I felt it too and of course forgave them. Then I told them I was going to have to close the store soon and as I said that they both got this very hopeful, excited look and their face. Then I said I had to get home it was like someone let the wind out of their sails. They begged me to spend this evening with them. “Your husband is invited, we can all just go out to dinner together.” one of them said. Adonis wrote a note and asked me to give it to my husband.

It was 6:30 and I really had to get home. So as we are walking out of the store they remind me to give the note to my husband. Dwayne then tells me Adonis got to taste my juice and he felt cheated. “I’ll do anything if you’ll let me taste you.” he said with puppy dog eyes.

When I got home, I didn’t know what to do. My friendship with these two sailor boys cannot hurt my marriage, but I really wanted to see them tonight. After thinking long and hard about everything, I decided to give the note Adonis wrote to my husband. Of course I read it first: “Hi Mr. Wright, we met your wife today in the book store. She helped us find some books and we had so much fun talking to her. She was very upfront that she had to get home to her HUSBAND and family, but we were hoping we could do something with the two of you tonight. Dinner, nightclub, piano bar, bowling. . . Anything that sounds fun to you, we just want to hang out while we are free from the ship. Hope to meet you later, Adonis and Dwayne 555-3142. Please call, promise it will be fun.”

To make a long story short, Jeff was not only ok with doing something with my sailor boys but he seemed excited about it. He didn’t even hesitate before calling them, and setting up a meeting place. After he hung up the phone, I started to panic. What if Jeff finds out about this afternoon? What if he finds out about the video sex? Oh shit! But we didn’t have real sex, I didn’t cheat on him, I didn’t have an affair. Plus, Adonis and Dwayne would never say anything. So then I started getting ready for a night on the town. I wanted to look hot and sexy without looking like I wanted to look sexy. I didn’t want my husband to think I was “dressing up” for these guys. So I asked Jeff what he thought I should wear. To my surprise he picked the sexiest outfit I owned. A black cocktail dress that showed cleavage and leg almost up to my butt. A long shower to settle me down and then make-up and hair. When I finally put the dress on it surprised me how sexy or maybe even slutty it looked. I was about to change it when Jeff suggested I go without panties. Oh shit! What was he thinking. Actually I wanted to wear a pair of g-string panties but was worried Jeff would think I looked like a slut so now it was perfect to wear the thong. Plus, now I have no panty lines.

Well, I could go on all night about how nervous I felt going out with my husband and sailor boys, but it will be better to just share what happened. Now you must realize that at this time, I hadn’t admitted to myself that I so badly wanted these boys.

Jeff was dressed in his best black slacks and silk button up light blue shirt. He looked very handsome. We met Adonis and Dwayne at a nightclub down town. It seemed Jeff and the boys hit it off right from the start. The boys were so complimentary and respectful. They called Jeff “sir” and me “ma’am” the whole night, and several times I heard them tell Jeff he had a beautiful wife and fun/kind wife. Once they were talking about some young hot sexy college girls out on the dance floor and Adonis told Jeff “those girls have nothing on your wife. You are a very lucky guy.” I had to talk to my husband so I grabbed his hand and dragged him out on the dance floor. I need to feel him out to see if he was ok with my sailor boys and if he was having a good time. Turns out, Jeff loved having others compliment his wife and it appeared he liked seeing me with other men. We danced a couple songs and I tried to make conversation with Jeff. He told me several times that Adonis and Dwayne have a crush on me and how cute puppy love was. I tried to get him to take me and go home but he was having fun. When we got back to our table, Dwayne asked if he could dance with me and before I could say no, Jeff is all excited giving him permission to take me out on the dance floor. Well who I am to refuse? I really did want to dance with Dwayne but I just didn’t want Jeff to get jealous. Turns out Dwayne is a very good dancer and I had so much fun dancing with him. He told me that Jeff told them he was glad to meet them and had given them his cell phone number so they could get together next time they are in town. Holy shit, how convenient. My sailor boys and my husband want to be best friends. This has disaster written all over it. After dancing with Dwayne for several songs, Adonis comes out and says it is his turn. If Dwayne was a good dancer, Adonis was a pro. He could move and looked so natural as he moved to the music. Then he started dirty dancing with me, at first it was fun but then I got self conscience and didn’t want to offend Jeff. So we went back to the table and Jeff was all complimentary on what great dance moves Adonis has and how everyone was watching the Dances with the Stars couple. Jeff encouraged us to dance some more, even suggested all three of us go out. So we did and talk about the bumping and grinding. I literally had two erections pushing into me the whole time, and hands all over my body. At first I was nervous but then I thought, Jeff arranged this so why not enjoy dancing with two of the best dancers I have ever met. That is saying a lot since I was on a dance team in college. Did I mention that sailors got 2 for 1 drink specials and keep us in the alcohol all night. I had maybe two drinks but Jeff was slurring his words and needed help walking.

After having my body on display for what seemed like hours, I suggested we call it a night. Jeff was quick to say no way, the night is young and we are just getting started. Adonis had a paper with advertisements of what was going on in our city during Fleet Week. One club was having a wet t-shirt contest and the winner got $2,000 plus all the drinks you could drink for free for the rest of the night. I had purposely stopped drinking because I didn’t want to do something I might regret. But Jeff wanted to go to the wet t-shirt contest. Dwayne and Adonis were absolutely positive I would win. So after trying to say no a hundred time, we all got into our car and I drove to the club. Turns out it is a strip club. Adonis was so excited because apparently Dwayne had never been to a strip club. Jeff then volunteered that when guys go to a strip club with a pretty girl they get special treatment. Holy shit, when has Jeff ever been to a strip club and what special treatment did he get and who was he with? Questions I’ll have to ask him later.

My sailor boys offer to pay our door fees which worked out well since anyone in uniform got in for free. Somehow they got all of us in for free. I think they told the doorman Jeff was their CO and a decorated war hero.

So the contest was about to start and they entered me. Try as I might, they were determined to have me compete in this contest. For what ever reason, they were sure I would win. So I finally agree and as I go into the room with all the girls, it is obvious that I am the oldest girl in the contest. What did I, I mean my boys, get me into? The rule were, there were no rule. They gave each of us a thin white t-shirt with the club’s logo. One of the girls was complaining that she didn’t have any other clothes to wear after they poured water on us. Oh Shit! I don’t either. Then I remembered I had my gym bag in the car. I was able to find Jeff and he sent Dwayne out to the car to retrieve my gym bag. I just had a towel, pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. Well I didn’t need the t-shirt but it would be nice to not get my dress wet. So I took the dress off and as I was about to put on the yoga pants I quickly took off my panties too. I wanted to have dry panties to put on afterwards. So I have nothing but yoga pants and a thin white t-shirt. The Yoga pants were thin, skin tight as was the t-shirt. Guess the club really wanted a revealing show. Just before we were call out, I used the rest room. I got a paper towel, wetted half of it, so after I went pee I cleaned myself well and dried with the not wet part of the paper towel. Then the other 24 girls and I are lead out on stage. It was a stage used by the strippers. The lights were shining in our faces so I couldn’t really see who all was watching. When I did put my hand up to block the light all I could see was countless boys in sailor uniforms. Oh shit! what have I gotten myself into?

So they dragged the contest on for what seemed forever. They had each girl introduce themselves and say a little about themselves, then they doused her with a pitcher of water. I was one of the last ones to go and I just said I am here under protest and that my husband and our two sailor friends are going to be in big trouble when I get even with them. Everyone laughed. Then I made some comment about swearing everyone to secrecy because I didn’t want my two kids to ever know about their mom being a stripper. Again everyone laughed and it broke the ice for me and I smiled just before suddenly getting water dumbed on me. One of the girls said to lean your head back and your tits would get most of the water, so that is what I did. Well, now my t-shirt is see through and I found out later I had a very obvious “camel toe” showing through my wet yoga pants. Well, the crowd loved that I was a “MILF” which I had never heard the term before. Turns out the judges liked me and I won $2,000 and all the drinks I wanted for the night. Who doesn’t like to win money and drinks?

After changing, Jeff and the boys were so happy that I won. The bar tender asked me what I wanted and I hesitated so he gave me one of his specials. It was like a Long Island Ice Tea, but fruity and tasted really good. I liked it, but it had a lot of alcohol. Before I knew it, the drink was gone and other got put into my hand. I gave it to Jeff because I wanted him to taste it, but before he could give it back I had another handed to me. So I had my sailor boys taste it and another was handed to me and another. They were serious about giving me all the drinks I could drink.

Well, we all gave Dwayne one dollar bills and had him go up to the stage where a very pretty, petit blond was doing her strip show. He sat there shyly trying to get up the nerve to put money in her g-string. It was so cute and we were laughing for what reason I don’t know. The drinks had me in rare form because I went up and helped him. As soon as I got there the girl came over, squatted down and moved her g-string so Dwayne got a view of her pussy. She was clean shaven which made me think of a little girl. Some of the girls looked under age to me and with a bare pussy, this one didn’t look old enough to be there. But hell, we were having fun and Dwayne reached up and put a dollar in her string then did this thing where he held the bills in one hand and used the other to quickly push out one at a time. The girl rubbed her boobs in his face and kissed him on the cheek. He was blushing and smiling from ear to ear. Then he leaned over and told me he would rather be seeing me naked, and then stuttered, taking back what he said, saying he would not want me stripping for anyone else. It was funny and he was blushing even more. His red face turned even more red.

We got back and Adonis wanted to buy Jeff a lap dance. Just then a girl comes up that was one of Adonis and Dwayne’s friends from the ship. She was one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. Young with light brown hair and perfect skin and beautiful features and defined muscles. She could have been a body builder but with nice breast. It seems like women body builders loose their breast. Well, Adonis asked her how much for a lap dance and pointed to Jeff. She said $20 and then said she would be right back. Jeff tried to decline the generous offer of a lap dance, but Adonis insisted and they bantered back and forth. Then Jasmine, the $20 lap dance girl, comes back and says we can have a private room. Thinking that this is all for Jeff to get a lap dance, I follow Jasmine down a hall to a private room. It was small room with one chair and a couch. We could still hear the music but it wasn’t so loud that we couldn’t carry on a conversation. My boys directed Jeff into the chair and Jasmine started to flirt with Jeff. She whispered in his ear and he smiled and nodded, then she unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. She then removed Jeff’s shirt and touched his chest. Next she removed her bra and rubbed her bare breast on Jeff’s chest. She was really good at teasing him. Few minutes later she removed her tight shorts so now she was just in a tiny string throng. She continued to rub all over Jeff and flirt. Now as she is playing with my husband, Adonis and Dwayne were getting closer and closer to me. By the time Jasmine was down to her thong, Dwayne was behind me and Adonis was in front of me. I was sandwiched between my two sailor boys, just like in my story. I wanted to go over and ask Jeff if he was OK with all of this but then Jasmine asked him if he wanted to see Adonis and Dwayne tease his wife. I think he was quite drunk because he smiled and nodded. So Jasmine got off Jeff’s lap, walked over to us and removed Adonis then Dwayne’s shirts. After going back to Jeff’s lap, she ordered the boys to remove my bra. It was kind of like she was in charge of the whole situation. Actually, she did kind of take charge and everyone was doing what she said, so it turns out, she was in charge.

So there I was, in my sexy cocktail dress with no bra with Dwayne and Adonis holding me, with their bare chests. Jasmine, who is down to her g-string panties, is still giving Jeff a lap dance. Then Jasmine says she wants to see the effect she is having and she removes my husband’s pants. Every part of me wanted to tell her no but I just stood there and watched Jasmine remove Jeff’s pants then underwear, showing his full on erection. She said, “There, that must feel better than having him all cramped in those slacks,” as she starts to sit back on Jeff’s lap. She starts to grind her almost naked pussy against my husband’s hard cock and as I am watching this, Dwayne moves his hands up my side until he is lightly rubbing the sides of my breast. After touching me there for a few minutes, he moves his hands forward and Adonis leans back so Dwayne reaches in my dress starts to softly caresses my whole breast and plays with my nipples, which starts getting me crazy horny. But I’m not the kind of girl to cheat on my husband and anyway, he is sitting right there watching me as he is getting a lap dance from a beautiful girl who is taking his pants off. OH SHIT! What are we doing? But he looks so excited smiling from ear to ear. Thinking back on it, I really wanted to not only be with my two sailor boys, I want to go all the way with them. However, I just stand there frozen like time is standing still, while Dwayne’s hands are all over my breast and Adonis now has one hand up my dress feeling my pussy through my silk panties. OH SHIT! He’s feeling my pussy and the only thing between his fingers and my vagina is my very skimpy g-string.

Suddenly Jasmine stops what she is doing, stands up, comes over to us and exclaims, “Do I have to do everything myself?!” She moves Adonis out of the way, gabs the hem of my dress, and pulls it over my head and off of me. Then she returns to Jeff saying, “I think you boys can finish it from here.” She continues kissing Jeff and rubbing her pussy on his erection. Then she stands up, removes her g-string, turns around and sits back on Jeff’s big hard cock. What should I do? Does he want this? Where is this going? Jeff started it, or did Jasmine? OH SHIT! What have we gotten ourselves into? As all this is going through my head, Adonis starts to kiss my breast as he is touching my pussy. My g-string is still on, but Dwayne finishes what Jasmine started and quickly removes my last bit of clothing. Without giving me a chance to mentally process the situation, the boys sandwich me as Adonis continues to kiss my breast and play with my naked pussy. I look over at Jeff and I could swear he nods his head like he approves of what they are doing and is OK with things proceeding. Which they do. The boys seem to read each other’s mind, as they both stop, ease me over to the couch, lay me down, and team up on my body. Dwayne starts to kissing then sucking on my breast and nipples. Adonis holds my feet and starts kissing my toes, slowly moving up. He kisses my calves, then my thighs, and then he is at my sex. I can feel his hot breath as he inhales my scent for a moment before tasting me. Oh! his tongue feels so good as he licks my crack up and down and then gives my clitoris the attention she has been craving the whole evening. I was so horny and I so much wanted to be had by these two sailors. Maybe the desire had been building in me for the entire year, but right now all I wanted was for these two young, handsome sailors to make love to my body and soul. I was in erotic heaven as these two had their way with my body. After Dwayne had feasted on my breast, he brought his head up and looked into my eyes with those baby blue eye of his and we kissed. It was electrifying. Never had I been so lost in a kiss as I was right then. As Dwayne is kissing me, Adonis take the opportunity to move his naked body onto mine and now instead of his tongue licking up and down my crack it is the head of his cock sliding up and down my very lubricated pussy. I was kissing Dwayne and enjoying the wonderful feeling of his cock rubbing up my sex, when suddenly his cock finds my love whole and easily slips inside me. Just like that he buried his cock all the way inside me and all I could think of was how good it felt. OH SHIT! He is inside of me. I can feel his hard cock deep inside me. In fact, I can feel him all the way inside my belly. I have never had something that big inside of me. He started to pump in and out of me and as he did he found my g-spot. The most intense orgasm of my life was building deep inside of me. Pushing Dwayne away, I grabbed Adonis by the head and pulled him to me and we kissed as we fucked. Oh his cock felt so good and it hit parts of me that had never been touched. We fucked passionately for ten minutes and then it was too much and my orgasm hit me like a freight train. It took my breath away as I trembled for a full minute. Just as I think I am coming down, Adonis moans, pushes into me hard and I feel him unloading a month’s worth of cum inside my unprotected vagina. OH SHIT! We didn’t use protection. OH SHIT! We just made love right in front of my husband! OH SHIT! Now Dwayne is climbing on top of me! He easily inserts his manhood into my very wet, cum filled pussy and starts to pump in and out of me. This time it wasn’t passion like Adonis, it was electrical, hard and fast and I liked it. I was getting fucked by a very horny, out-of-control sailor and I liked it. In fact, as he rammed into me, I started to feel something. At first I expected it to be unpleasant but then another orgasm hit me and I held onto Dwayne for all I was worth riding out a second orgasm. Then he made this noise like a soft roar like a lion about to pounce and he push hard into me as he unloaded his balls inside of me. OH SHIT! More sperm inside of me. OH WHAT THE HELL! I am too horny to care right now.

Just as I am thinking the whole thing is over, Jeff climbs on top of me and his cock easily finds my slippery, wet, cum filled whole and he fucks me like another horny sailor but now this is my husband so out of control. He kissed me but then just concentrated on pumping his cock in and out of me until he groaned and added his seaman to what was already inside of me. OH SHIT! I have now been fuck by two sailors and my husband. Does that make me a slut? A Whore? No, I think I just enjoyed three very horny men pleasure themselves with my body and I liked it. NO, I loved it. If they would have been up for more, I would have been alright with that.

As Jeff rolls off of me, I see Dwayne, Adonis and Jasmine have dressed and are smiling from ear to ear looking at my naked body. I wonder if they can see all the milky cum oozing out of my hole right now. As I try to stand up, I feel cum leak out of me and run down my thighs. Adonis helps me up and Jasmine holds my dress and helps me put it on. I don’t see my bra or panties but I don’t really care. Jeff gets dressed and we all slowly make our way out the door and down the hall. Dwayne and Adonis compliment Jeff and his lap dance and beautiful sexy wife. I think I heard one of them say, “Oh man, that was so amazing. I hope you are ok with everything. We just got so turned on, we just lost control. You are an amazing man with the sexiest wife.” I think they were trying to make him feel ok about seeing his wife fucked right before his eyes by two sailors. What is Jeff going to think? What will he say when we are alone? OH SHIT! What am I going to do?

As we come down the hall from our private room, the bar tender had another drink for me. I take a couple sips from it and offer it to Jeff who excepts and drinks the whole thing. Just as he finishes it, I get handed another and I sip on it until I am not worrying about what just happened. After another round of drinks I mention that we should get home. Adonis claims that he has not had a drink since going to the private room and kindly orders Jeff to hand over his keys. Just as Jeff starts to protest, I hug Jeff and retrieve his keys from his pants pocket. I think I said something about friends don’t let friends drive and that we are now all friends. Jeff drives us home and the two of them call for a cab. Funny thing was, I was trying to come up with an excuse so they could stay the night at our place but I was afraid what Jeff would think. Oh my legs get weak, when I think about having my two sailor boys make wild passionate love to me. It is hard to explain how satisfying it was to have my handsome sailor boys go all the way with me.

The next day, Jeff and I acted like nothing had happened. Not wanting to stir up potentially sore topic, I didn’t say anything about last night. Time went on, and I continue to FaceTime with my sailor boys. They bought me gifts and I had to show them my sex in order to see what they got. Then one even as I was getting home, Jeff had an awkward smile on his face and I knew something was not right. He asked me how my day was and then said, “Guess who called me?” First I thought my mother or maybe my brother who Jeff doesn’t get along with called saying he was stopping by our home. But then Jeff asks if I remember those two sailors? Like I’d ever forget the best sex of my life. “Well, they are coming here next week,” he says very quietly, like he is trying to judge my reaction. My thought are, “Wouldn’t they have told me first?” as I say “Oh, really, so what do you what to do?” Jeff blows my mind by saying, “Maybe we can just have dinner and hang out with them like last time.” Oh Shit! Does he even remember last time? Is he suggesting we have another gang bang? Well, at least I know he was OK with last time and even wants to do it again. I wonder where this will lead to. . . As my mind races with the possibilities.

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