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Another Man Tries Seducing My Wife

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I had always wanted to see my wife have sex with another man. Even though my wife was very much against the idea, she wound up being seduced by a man when we were vacationing in Mexico a few years ago. We did not talk about her first time with another man very much, I got the feeling that she was uncomfortable with it. I was pretty sure that it was a one time thing.

My wife was a gymnast in her college days. She had plenty of opportunities to date a lot of men, but she was pretty much a one-man woman. I was only the 5th guy she had gone to bed with. She is a typical Midwestern-type girl. She is in her forties and still has a great body as (gymnast are pretty vain about how they look). At 5?6 and about 128 lbs, she still turns heads.

A year of so after the Mexico tryst, we took a summer vacation at Las Vegas. We stayed at Caesars Palace, and spent a lot of the daytime down at the pool. One of those days, a guy starting talking with us at the Venus pool (a topless pool but Annie would not take off her top despite my encouragement!). His name was Danny and he seemed like a nice enough guy. He was not a poster endorsement for GQ, but he was friendly and he made her laugh quite a bit. We were down there for quite a few hours and had lots of those tropical drinks.

We kept talking and drinking and every once and a while Danny would reach over and rub the top of Annie?s shoulders in a chummy, ?one of the boys? way.. She told him that it felt good and he said that he was very good at giving massages. My wife said that she tried one at the spa in Vegas before, and said it made her uncomfortable having another woman move so close to her breast, ass, etc. He said he could make her feel like a million bucks without her even removing her bathing suit. I suggested that he try it, and Annie, with a sigh, said ?Maybe.? We hung out together most of the afternoon drinking and laughing. I started massaging Annie?s shoulders. When she remarked how good it felt, I suggested that we go up to our room and let Danny give her a good rubdown. My wife nodded.

On the way to the room, Annie said for me to watch out that he does not try anything fishy. When we got to the room we opened another drink. Danny said "Let?s get started." With that, Annie, dressed in her bathing suit laid down on the bed. Before, my wife got on the bed, she cautioned Danny that a massage was all that was going to happen and that he better keep his hands in the proper places. Danny leaned over and started rubbing her shoulders. She said that it felt really good. He rubbed her back for a while and did nothing to offend her. After a few minutes, when she was completely relaxed, he suggested that it would feel much better if she slid down her top. To my surprise, she unhooked it, and without exposing anything, tossed it on the floor.

Then he started to work down her laterals. The sides of her breasts were visible, and he worked close to them. It was at this time that he climbed on top of her waist (his suit still on) and said that it gave him better leverage. He kept working her sides and then brushed against the side of her breast. I held my breath, but she did nothing. He did not press it but worked on the rest of her. This guy was actually quite good. After a while he slowly went back to the side of her breast and started to rub it. I could see his hand try to touch more of her breast. My heart stopped when Annie slightly tilted to one side slightly exposing her breast. Danny's hand slipped in and cupped it in his hand. Annie took a deep audible breath. He fondled her breast for a few minutes, Annie?s breathing getting harder, and then went back to her neck and shoulders. Like nothing had ever happened, he then started on her feet and legs which she loves. He had to get off her waist and he kneeled on the bed. He worked his way up her thighs and back down. He then got pretty bold and started to remove her bathing suit bottom. My wife lifted her hips slightly and let him take them off. "This is nice but don?t get any wild ideas, we are not going all the way." Annie said rather sternly. Danny told her that he would respect her wishes.

So here is my naked wife on the bed, getting a massage from a stranger. It was as erotic as could be.

Danny went back to work on her legs, moving closer up her thighs each time. On one of those trips up her thigh, I swear it looked like he brushed her pussy. He did this a few times with no protest from my wife. A few moments later, he rubbed against her and then paused. Annie did not move?I knew he was rubbing Annie's pussy......then it happened, his hand pushed up against her bottom.....his finger had just slipped inside. He started to move his fingers in and out of her pussy that I knew had to be getting very wet. I then saw lift her butt up slightly and a soft moan escaped her lips. Danny removed his suit. Annie must have known that he was now naked, but said nothing. He straddled her back once more, his soft cock laid flaccid on her bottom. His cock slowly grew hard. When he was fully erect, he spread my wife?s ass and laid his cock lengthwise between her cheeks. He started to move his cock back and forth, his cock sawing my wife?s bottom as if it were between a pair of tits. Annie?s hips seductively rolled up and down with his movements. After a few seconds he lifted off her and helped her to turn over on her back. He straddled her waist and started to rub her fully exposed breasts. Annie closed her eyes as his hands caressed her. I saw my wife?s nipples grow hard and erect. He leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. She took her hand and held his head against her breast?her breathing getting faster. When he lifted his head back up, her nipple was straight and firm, glistening from his saliva. He moved over to her other nipple and did the same thing. Annie?s breathing was getting very audible.

Danny moved back off of her and parted her legs slightly and he started playing with her pussy once more. Annie parted them a little further?.he now had a great view of her wet pussy. He moved the head of his dick and touched her. ?No?.no?no.?, she said. He paused and said ok. With that he just rubbed his cock around her pussy area making no penetration just like she asked. Her hips were responding to his teasing as she made circular motions, sighs coming from her every few seconds. I thought he was going to make her cum right there. They rolled on their sides and started kissing. She put her upper leg over his leg. His cock only inches from her pussy. As his cock touched her labia, she pulled back. As she did, he rolled her back over on her back.

He laid down on top of her. With her legs spread, his hips moved around in a slow dry hump. She responded to him and undulated her hips up and down. I knew she was getting excited by his cock rubbing against her clit. Without warning his hips suddenly drove into her hard. ?Oh!? cried out Annie, ?Oh No?.oh no?.!? Her words expressed shock, but her tone expressed passion. Danny?s cock had found her pussy. He pumped into her one more time then immediately withdrew and apologized. Annie didn?t move. She just laid there panting. I thought that it was over and that she would try to get up. Instead she was still under him with her legs still spread. They looked in each others eyes for a moment when Danny leaned down and kissed my wife on the mouth. I could see Annie open her mouth to accept his tongue. They had kissed passionately for a while when Danny's cock re-entered her again. His cock very slowly sank balls deep into my wife with one push. This time Annie did nothing.... except moan into his mouth as they kissed, "Mmmmmm....". Danny slowly withdrew partway, then pushed in again, then again, then again. My wife began to move her hips to meet his thrusts. Just moments after she had said no, my wife began to be a willing participant. Soon each thrust brought a grunt from her lips, ?uhh?..uhh?.uhh?.? They made love like this for a very short time when he pulled out and sat back. He quickly leaned down over her wet pussy and put his mouth on her cunt.. Annie pulled her legs back and gave him full access to her openness. This was a sight. Here was my normally conservative bride on her back with her legs spread wide giving a virtual stranger total access to her most intimate areas. The slopping noises were very apparent as he sucked and pulled hard at her pussy lips. He sat up again and started pulling at his own cock while staring at her open pussy. Her hand moved down and she started to masturbate in front of us.

Danny watched and then fell on top of her again. She opened her legs wide for him as he penetrated her once more. This time they fucked hard. He was slamming against her crotch and you could hear skin slapping skin. She wrapped her legs around his waist giving limitless access to her. I am sure he was hitting her cervix with every thrust, Annie?s hips rolling with passion. They kissed again. It was such an erotic sight to watch her completely surrender herself to this man. As their tongues explored and their bodies moved in a rythmic motion, Annie unwrapped her legs from his waist and just let then hang in the air. With her arms around him, it looked like she was trying to pull his whole body inside hers. Her breathing was getting much heavier, signaling an impending orgasm. She looked over and said, ?Buddy,.. I think he?s gonna make me cum???. With that statement, Danny groaned, tensed his ass and pressed hard against my wife. He was about to orgasm.

I think the start of his orgasm put her back into reality. She realized that this strange man was sending sperm into her. A different sound came from from my wife?..with each spasm Danny made that sent another rope of cum deep inside her, Annie?s only response would be in what could only be described as a high pitched, surprised voice, ?Oh!?.?, another spasm, ?Oh!??, still another thrust, ?Ohh!??. But as his thrusting orgasm continued, Annie relented. Her head sank deep into the pillow, this was all she could take. My wife finally cried out, ?Ahhhh gawd?.I?m cumming??..?. She shut her eyes in an almost painful look of forbidden pleasure. With Danny still thrusting, she raised her legs high in the air, her feet pointing to the sky, her toes arched as if she were a ballet dancer. I could see his cock withdraw and then disappear back into her pussy. They were fucking with a fury. As his hips repeatedly slammed into her pelvis, her legs and feet would violently shake. Her surrender was now complete. With her legs obscenely splayed, she was letting a guy she had never met cream the inside of her pussy...and she was loving it. As his sperm flooded my wife, Annie finally gave it all at the peak of her orgasm. She drew in a deep breath, and as his thrusting continued, she let out a soulful sounding finale, ?Ahhhh gawd.....ahhhhh??ahhhhhh?ahhhhhh!!!...?. Their bodies slowed down, their erotic dance nearly done. He jerked once or twice more. Then it was over.

They kissed, Annie hugged him tight. As he withdrew and got up, there was a huge wet area on the bed. Both his cum and my wife?s overflowing juices combined as proof of unbridled spontaneous passion.

The first time Annie did this with the guy in Mexico was something I will never forget, but this guy?s whole seduction of my wife from the innocence at the pool to her shaking orgasm was a sight to see.

We have been to Vegas numerous time since than and I have had the pleasure of watching those two fuck a few times more?the last time was February 2005?.I hope to watch her again.

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