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An Evolving Friendship- Our Lake Cabin Experience

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How quickly a friendship can change in a day, under the influence of a lakeside cabin, some drinks, racy conversation, and live music.

That change started on a Thursday afternoon, following an invitation by our friends, Brooke and Greg, to bunk at their place after attending a concert together at a amphitheater just a couple of miles away. ?It?ll be great!? said Brooke. ?We can hang out at the cabin, go to the show, then head back to the lake afterward for some drinks and just crash there!? Granted, when she made the offer, she knew nothing of my wife?s and my sexual interests, nor did we know anything of theirs. Rather, we simply relished the idea of spending some kid-free time with others, hanging out on the water, drinking a bit, and then returning to the lake right after the concert, rather than driving an hour back to our house. Of course, we accepted in a flash.

I?m Evan, and my wife is Carolyn. Like Brooke and Greg, we?re in our late 30s, with all of the pressures and commitments of being busy, professional parents. So we don?t get out a ton; but when we do, we aim to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. That Thursday afternoon, we arrived at Brooke and Greg?s with our overnight bags, some stuff to grill, and fixings for mojitos (Carolyn?s favorite) and margaritas (Brooke?s favorite). The concert began at eight; so we had a few hours to kill on the shore, eating, drinking, and chatting. Carolyn brought two swimsuits for the lake: ?One if the neighbors are nearby, the other if they aren?t,? she winked. Brooke replied, ?Well, lucky for us, the neighbors aren?t around ? or should I say, lucky for the guys.? The girls laughed as they headed inside to change, returning just a couple of minutes later in a pair of bikinis. Carolyn ? a pixie blonde about 5?2?, with full breasts, creamy skin, and a curvy ass ? wore a sporty, beach-volleyball-looking thing, while Brooke ? about 5?6? with long, copper hair, a bit more slender, with smaller breasts and narrower hips ? wore a bikini that looked like it would drop in seconds simply by pulling a string or two.

In the midst of mojitos, margaritas, and discussion, we found ourselves on the topic of vacations, realizing that both couples had visited the same Jamaican resort a couple of years before we knew each other, but a week apart. ?Too funny!? Greg said. ?Imagine if we?d been there at the same time; you guys probably would?ve known us as that couple always trying to sneak into the swingers resort next door!? Brooke looked at him, wide-eyed and a bit red-faced: ?Clearly the mojitos are working their magic on Greg?s internal monologue!? Carolyn and I looked at each other and smirked. ?Well, then,? I said, ?we would?ve been that couple who wanted to sneak over to the swingers resort with you, but were too scared to try!? Laughter; more drinks; but then more conversation about the ?naughty things? we?ve done together, to use Brooke?s language. ?We?ll tell you ours if you tell us yours.?

We had a few things to share ? a strip club tour in Vegas, some public sex on a beach in Costa Rica, a threesome with one of our girlfriends in college ? but we held back on the soft-swapping we?d done with a couple of other friends, wondering if that might be too much information at that point. Clearly, it wouldn?t have been: ?Have you ever been to a sex club?? asked Greg. We admitted that we hadn?t, then flipped the question back to our hosts. Brooke responded, a bit tentatively, ?We did once, while on travel in Toronto, as a sort of dare to ourselves.? Carolyn continued: ?Would you do it again? Was it an experience you?d repeat?? Immediately, Greg shot back, ?Oh, absolutely!? Some laughter, and then Carolyn pressed Brooke directly, clearly a little aroused, adding a slight nibble on her lower lip to the question: ?How about you, Brooke? Would you care to repeat that experience?? Brooke met Carolyn?s gaze, smiled, and said, ?I would.?

A few seconds of silence passed; then, a bit surprised by the evolution of the conversation, we all jumped into the lake to cool off. Later, after Greg had gone into the cabin to prepare for dinner, Brooke swam up to Carolyn?s backside, smiled at me, then pressed herself against my wife?s body: ?This lake is cold; got any heat to spare?? To my surprise, my wife responded without pause, ?The front side?s warmer,? then spun around to hug Brooke, mashing their tits together. Fuck this concert, I thought; but as soon as the moment came, it went. They giggled, strode out of the lake, and went inside to change out of their bikinis ? but this time, not so quickly as they?d changed into them. This gave Greg and I a few minutes to chat ? and to wonder aloud what was going on in the change room. He added, ?Brooke?s a bit insatiable. I?m a little more satiable, but I?m cool if she needs attention and I don?t.? I wondered what he meant by that. ?Maybe this is obvious,? he added, ?but I think she kinda likes Carolyn.? Just then, the girls emerged, Brooke wrapping her arms around her husband: ?Oh you think I kinda like Carolyn, do you?? While they laughed, I looked over at Carolyn, sporting a huge grin on her rather flush face. I raised an eyebrow playfully at her; and she raised hers back at me.

After dinner, while Carolyn and I were getting ready for the show, I asked her privately, ?Okay, I?m dying to know; what happened in that bathroom? You took a while in there. And then you looked a little flush when you came out.? Carolyn shot back, flirtatiously, ?I don?t kiss and tell.? To which I responded, ?Aww, come on; you?d tell your husband, right? And you kissed, did you?? She explained, ?At first, it was nothing. Just changing our suits, small talk. But I couldn?t help noticing that her nipples were huge, and standing straight out. Suddenly she asked me if I like them, and of course I do, so she offered them to me for a nibble. I took her up on it for a few seconds, she reached down between my legs to feel my pussy, which was getting really wet, then we kissed for a minute, put our clothes on, and came out.? My cock was straining. Her description was so hot, and so detailed; I wanted to see if her pussy was still primed, and if so, to fuck her right there. But the concert was to start soon, so I thanked her for the confession, then vocalized hope that there might be more to come. ?Me, too,? she said. ?Brooke?s hot.?

We were in a great mood after the show ? it was awesome ? so we poured another round of drinks at the cabin and readied ourselves for a cool-off in the lake. We?d quickly developed a comfort level with Brooke and Greg than made skinny-dipping a no-brainer. (Plus, we were getting a little drunk.) My wife was right; Brooke?s nipples were amazing ? so long and firm. No doubt she was aroused by the moment at hand, by my wife?s shapely ass and tits, and by my half-hard cock, which she stared at for several seconds before smiling and glancing up at Greg. He nodded at her, splashed around for a couple of minutes, then abruptly said, ?I?ve had a bit too much to drink, and today?s been a long day, so if it?s okay with you guys, I?m gonna lie down.? Surprised and disappointed, Carolyn took a few steps toward him so that her voluptuous tits were clearly visible in the moonlight, then asked, ?Are you sure you don?t want to swim for a few minutes longer? The cool water might help you sober up a bit.? She seemed to assume that Greg?s departure would mark the end of any shenanigans before they began, so Carolyn worked hard to keep him interested, even running her fingers over her nipples as she talked. Greg?s cock was at full attention; yet oddly he insisted: ?I?m good. You all stay up and have fun, though.?

Now the booze had compromised my inner monologue: ?That sucks,? I admitted, ?I was hoping the four of us would see if skinny-dipping might lead to skinny something else.? Brooke volleyed back, ?Well? Who?s to say it won?t?? All at once, Carolyn and I were confused, turned on, and a bit apprehensive about the prospect of fucking around with Brooke while Greg was sleeping, until Brooke continued, ?Let me just say that you guys can totally go to bed if you want, no hard feelings, and I hope this doesn?t make you think less of us. But that part about Greg going to bed? Yeah, he won?t be sleeping; he?ll be jerking off. Probably a couple of times. And he?ll be jerking off to the thought of me fucking both of you, right on the other side of that guest room wall. That is, if you?re into the idea. But I would understand if?? Before she could continue, Carolyn interrupted huskily, ?Totally into the idea. Let?s do it.? We spent a couple of minutes scrambling to gather our things on the beach, then we went inside, with Carolyn and I retreating to our room. Brooke noted, ?I?m going to run to the bathroom; then I?ll come in to say goodnight, so to speak.?

As soon as we got into the guestroom, my wife and I began kissing furiously, her hands all over my cock, and my fingers on her pussy. It was soaked; juices coating her outer lips and running into the crack of her ass. ?You are so fucking hot now, aren?t you?? I growled. ?Yes,? she said. ?Is this okay with you? I want to fuck her, so bad. I want her clit in my mouth.? I responded, ?Mmm, I?d love to see that. Would you like to see me fuck her, too?? A bit more cautiously, she said, ?I?m not sure; we haven?t done that. I mean, we?ve talked about it, but I don?t know how I feel about you fucking someone else. It sounds hot, but??

Just then, Brooke knocked quietly then came in, completely nude ? like us ? gliding into our room and closing the door behind her. ?Looks like you two got started without me,? she pouted playfully. ?May I cut in?? she asked. ?I don?t know, who are you cutting into?? Carolyn retorted. ?Both of you,? said Brooke. She kissed Carolyn, pulling my wife?s ass into her pelvis; then me, extending her hand down my chest and belly and onto my engorged penis. ?Mmm, he?s got a nice cock,? she said to Carolyn. ?May I play with it for a bit?? She pushed me onto the bed, kneeled between my legs, then began stroking my cock up and down, right in front of her eyes. She asked Carolyn to come over and put her mouth on the head of my cock, which she did enthusiastically. It was hot; and after a couple of minutes, it almost made me come. So I suggested that the girls spend some time on each other, and I would sit on the bed and watch.

Brooke laid down on her back, and Carolyn climbed over the top of her, swinging her knee over Brook?s head to straddled her face in a 69 position. Carolyn?s mouth was inches from Brooke?s pussy. ?Oh. My. God,? said Carolyn. ?Babe, you need to come check out Brooke?s amazing clit! Hottest ever!? Side note: Carolyn has a bit of a big clit fetish; I?ve caught her masturbating a couple of times to videos of women with huge, hard clits. And Brooke?s looked like one of the clits in those videos. At least an inch long, it extended prominently from her lips, quivering for Carolyn?s tongue. So fucking hot. As soon as my wife wrapped her lips around Brooke?s cunt, Brooke let out a wail, thrust her hips into my wife?s face, and plunged her fingers into Carolyn?s dripping pussy. Within a couple of minutes, Brooke?s mouth on Carolyn?s clit, along with two fingers in a ?come hither? motion inside my wife?s vagina, sent Carolyn into a series of orgasms that the neighbors probably could hear; certainly Greg, in the room next door, was aware.

Carolyn climbed off Brooke?s face, then laid on top of her, pressing their tits together and entangling their come-covered tongues. Then, Carolyn finger-fucking Brooke?s pussy the way Brooke had done hers. At that moment, all of my wife?s filthy thoughts were coming out of her mouth, as she stared into Brooke?s eyes with lust and whispered: ?Do you like it when I finger fuck you? God, I love your big, hard clit in my mouth. It?s what made me come, do you know that? Your fucking hard clit. I bet your husband heard me come. I?ll be he shot his load all over his stomach while I was screaming over here, with your fingers deep inside me. Just like my fingers are deep inside you. Is that going to make you come?? Amidst my wife?s commentary, Brooke?s gasps, moans, and half-intelligible cries of ?yes? and ?more? betrayed her pending orgasm. ?Oh, I?m gonna come,? she shouted. ?Do you hear that, Greg? I?m gonna come with Carolyn?s fingers deep in my soaking, wet pussy. Think about that while you?re over there jacking off.? The vibe felt kind of cuckoldish; we?d never been part of something like that before, but admittedly, it was pretty hot.

Brooke exploded on my wife?s fingers, with Carolyn pressing her g-spot in an attempt to push her even higher. It worked, and Brooke sent a bit of juice into Carolyn?s hand, over her wrist, and onto our bed. In the meantime, I positioned myself behind Carolyn, pulled her hips up to meet mine, and dropped my thick cock into her in a single, swift thrust. She shrieked, which made me a little nervous; but I knew it was a pleasurable shriek as soon as she reached back between her legs with her free hand to tug on her clit. I pumped her long and slow, primarily to keep myself from coming, since I was so close to the edge. ?That?s it,? panted Carolyn, ?don?t stop, I?m gonna come again!? While I fucked her deeply from behind, she frigged her clit at a frenzied pace, and Brooke leaned forward to grab her tits. That did it; Carolyn was over the edge in no time, and I was inside her, balls-deep, unable to move, as a single stroke would?ve sent me into orgasm. Ah, fuck it, I thought; the girls had theirs; what am I waiting for?

Just as I began to pick up the pace, Carolyn detached from me, turned around, and commanded, ?Evan, you need to fuck Brooke; NOW!? ?You?re sure?? I replied playfully, but also seriously. ?Yes, I?m sure! I want to see your cock going in an out of her pussy!? Brooke took position on her back, with her legs spread as wide as possible, her cunt on full display to me. ?You heard the woman!? she exclaimed. ?Now, fuck this wet pussy.? In no time, I was between her legs, with the head of my cock positioned at the entry point. I paused: ?Would you like to guide it in?? I asked my wife, spontaneously. She grabbed the base of my dick, rubbed it up and down Brooke?s hot snatch, and pulled me inside. Immediately, Brooke clamped her legs around my waist and began thrusting her hips upward, meeting me in the middle as our bodies slammed together. ?This isn?t going to last long, is it?? Brooke chided. ??Nope,? I gasped, pounding her as my wife placed her hand on Brooke?s pussy to feel my cock slide in and out between her middle and ring fingers. ?Can he come in you?? Carolyn asked. (Both Carolyn and Brooke knew that Greg and I had vasectomies.) Brooke responded, ?He better fucking come in me.? Within seconds, I felt the familiar build-up, holding on as long as possible; and then? boom! I buried myself inside Brooke. And as Carolyn kept her hand around my cock during the orgasm, her palm brushed against Brooke?s massive clit, which sent Brooke over the edge, too.

After a couple of minutes of suspended animation, I rolled off Brooke and flopped onto the bed, exhausted. She stood up, smiling and looking down between her spread legs as my semen dripped onto the floor. ?Yum,? said Carolyn with a grin. Both girls laughed, then headed off to the bathroom together. While waiting for them to return, I drifted off to sleep. Some time later ? I wasn?t sure how much time had passed since I dozed off, maybe an hour ? I woke up to a familiar sound, coming from the living room; that familiar sound being my wife?s ramp-up to orgasm. I shot out of bed, opened the bedroom door, and there, on the living room couch, sat Brooke, with her legs wide in the air, my wife sucking on her clit with abandon. Carolyn was kneeling on the floor, fingering her own clit fiercely, approaching orgasm while she bore down on Brooke?s pussy with her mouth. Both of them erupted simultaneously. It was only then I noticed Greg, standing a few feet away, beating his slender, but lengthy cock to the scene in front of him. He saw me and stammered a bit, ?I was gonna wake you up, but, uh?? ?No worries,? I shot back. ?Carolyn, honey, what do you think about Greg coming on your tits??

My wife moaned her approval, turning around to offer her breasts to Greg. Brooke giggled, ?There probably isn?t much left; how many times have you come tonight, honey?? Greg smiled and answered, ?This will be number three.? He walked up to Carolyn, who grabbed his cock from him and sucked it into her mouth quickly before taking it back out and stroking him to completion. Surprisingly, there was a decent amount of come on my wife?s breasts, which she spread around gleefully. ?Now I?m really going to bed,? sighed Greg, who stumbled into the bathroom, and then back into the room next to ours. For a few minutes, Carolyn, Brooke, and I sat in the living room, glowing, talking about what we?d just done, and speculating on how this might change our friendship. ?Funny how we didn?t know this one little thing about each other until now,? Brooke exclaimed, ?and now I?m wishing we knew this one little thing much earlier.?

After a few minutes, I signaled my intention to get some sleep and asked Carolyn if she was coming with me. She and Brooke looked at each other, smiled, and wiggled closer together: ?Well, maybe in just a little bit.? ?Okay,? I shrugged, suspecting it might be more than just a little bit before my wife settled in beside me. Once again, I hopped into bed and drifted off to sleep, this time with the door open and the sounds of heavy breathing in the background, drifting in from the living room.

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