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Alex Makes Me Watch

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My wife?s boyfriend, Alex, came to our house after work last Friday. He told my D, "We going to make love in front of your husband. I want you to show to him why you want me to fuck you!"

My wife simply ignored his remark.

Alex got slightly irritated .He told her in a dominant tone, "Take off your clothes!"

My wife obediently stood up and without a word let her dress fall to the floor, leaving her standing before Alex (and me) in her tiny black thongs and bra.

"Gorgeous!." Alex said. "You look so good."

Alex started undoing her bra. He took her bare breasts into his hands, fondling, stroking and squeezing them for a good long while. He took both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers; squeezing and rolling them, making them stand out in fully erect arousal. She closed her eyes and sighed Now Alex had his hands on her hips, her still facing him. He took hold of her black thongs and slowly, so slowly lowered then, uncovering her luscious butt, which he held and squeezed not three feet from my face. Then he slipped the thongs down all the way, my wife stepping out of each leg one after the other.

Now my wife stood before both of us completely naked. She was a little shy. She kept covering her pussy with her two hands and was giggling nervously.

Alex told my wife, "C'mon Babes. Don't be shy. Take out those hands from your pussy. You are my girlfriend. Show your husband how much you want me. Show him who owns your pussy! Show him how wet you are."

She hesitated, glancing at me uncertainly. Alex ordered my wife, "Show him how wet you are!"

My wife held again her pussy and opened widely her pink pussy lips. She then put her finger in her wet pussy and showed us how wet the finger was!

Alex told her, "On to the bed. You have such a beautiful body, you do. Show your husband how you beg me to fuck you!"

My wife sat next to him, but then pushed him to his feet. "I want to help you out of all those clothes Alex. You must be so uncomfortable, all confined." She joked.

Alex laughed, standing in just his boxers, his penis enlarging now, pushing his shorts out in the front. I could see her eyes fixing on his crotch. Now her hands were busy in front of her, on Alex.

He pushed her back, "You are such an incredibly hot woman in bed!"

Alex lay down and he and my wife went at each other immediately, like they were in heat. Her hands were all over him, his all over her. I was struck at how his lean, strong body looked so right moving and controlling her.

Now Alex was kissing my wife between her thighs. He put his hands high on each thigh and spread her open, kneeling between her legs, lowering his mouth to her drenched cunt.

Alex told her, "You pussy is so wet!"

She twisted away from him, closing her legs, and saying:" I want to cum with your beautiful cock inside me Alex. I want you inside me now." My wife growled. He just smiled and kept stroking her.

"Dammit Alex! Fuck me now! Please fuck me!! Give it to me. I want your big cock! Now! Please, Baby, fuck me!" she whimpered.

Then, quietly Alex said:"That?s right, Baby. Show your husband how you beg for my big, hard cock. You love it, don?t you baby. That?s why you need me to fuck you, isn?t it. I fuck you so much better than he ever did, don?t I baby. Do you want me to fuck you right here in front of him? Make him watch me give you what he never could??

Alex spoke to me . "Come here, G," he said, standing behind my wife, her pussy exposed to him, his throbbing cock inches from her anus and her cunt lips.

"Put my cock in your wife. Wrap your hand around it and feel how big and hard it is. I?ll only fuck her if you put it in, and she REALLY wants it, don?t? you baby? Tell your husband how bad you want him to put my cock inside you."

My wife replied, "Please, G? put it in me. I really want his cock! Please Alex, fuck me! Make him put it in me! I want your cock inside me Alex! I can't stand it any longer!" D opened her legs and spread her pussy lips with her two hands. She was looking from me to Alex, eagerly waiting for one of us to put his hard cock into her very wet pussy!

Alex took my hand and wrapped it around his cock, which had sprung up toward his belly when he released it. The sensation of having my hand on another man?s hard cock was strange. It felt so much bigger than mine, so much harder, so much?.heavier. I rubbed the head up and down her slit, from top to bottom, spreading the juices that were dripping from D?s hot, wet pussy. Even her thighs shining with her moisture.

My wife begged, "In my pussy! In my pussy! PLEASE! Put it in my pussy NOW!!!"

I lined the head of Alex's engorged member, now oozing precum, up to my brides swollen labia. It looked out of proportion, like it couldn't possibly fit. Alex, holding his hand on mine, slowly slid that huge cock into my wife. I could see how obscenely he stretched her open, how her pussy lips clung to his shaft as he withdrew a few inches to push back in, little by little, allowing her to adjust to his girth. D began moaning and thrashing beneath him, wracked with a massive orgasm that just went on and on as he slowly, methodically worked his cock in and out. He continued to hold my hand around the base of his organ, making me feel it fucking my wife better than I ever could.

As Alex moved in and out, his cock became very slick as it passed through my hand and into my wife. My wife was squirting and the juices were coating his huge, hard cock. Alex stopped his movements briefly as D, after what must have been a full minute or more, stopped cumming. He was determined to continue fucking her! He asked her if he should continue now and she said she needed to wait a few minutes, to recover. He pulled out, his cock popping back to near-vertical as it exited from her steaming cunt. I withdrew my slimy hand and stepped back to keep watching.

"No! Please don't take it out. I want you back! Just keep it there." My wife cried.

Alex placed his hands on each of her luscious plump ass cheeks and rolled her to one side. She got the message and rolled over onto her back spreading her legs, exposing her now-deep red pussy to both of us. Alex lay between her thighs and pushed himself back into her.

Alex pulled out again, again to her protests. This time he lay on his back and held his engorged penis in his hand inviting her to climb onto it. As she moved up to straddle him, he shifted both of them 90 degrees so that I had a view looking up from his feet.

She lowered herself slowly carefully down and down until she had engulfed Alex's penis completely. My wife let out little yelps of pleasure mixed with "ouch" "wow" "easy now" until she was comfortable being so filled. "Don't move. Not yet."

My wife told Alex, "I can feel you right up to my uterus, filling every bit of me Alex. Now let me move. You lay back and feel me."

Alex sighed, "I can feel you baby. Your cunt. So fucking good." Alex sighed.

Within minutes, she was gasping, moaning, and babbling on top of Alex, her body moving convulsively as she came yet again! This time Alex moved a little more quickly, withdrawing much of his dick with each stroke then sliding back in to the base, holding her ass in his two hands, moving her up and down to counter his thrusts. I stroked and stroked, my eyes glued to the point of his entry Alex made moaning sounds and exhaled loudly. That he was about to shoot an enormous load into my sweet wife's cunt pushed me closer and closer. As Alex began to spasm, his legs and feet shaking, she screamed "Oh boy, oh boy!" and I saw her body go back into convulsions yet again. Alex's vigorous throbbing and spurting brought my wife to yet another orgasm.

"Well! That was an incredible fuck! Now tell your husband how much you love my cock." Alex spoke first.

"Hun, I love you, but I will do anything for Alex. His cock makes me feel things I have never imagined. It?s so much bigger and harder than yours. And he fucks me better than you ever could. That?s why I beg him to fuck me. That?s why he can have me anytime, anywhere.? My wife looked at Alex as she said these things her face glowing with desire, one hand idly squeezing his semi-hard cock.

Alex looked at me and smirked, ?There you go, man. She might be your wife, but she?s my girlfriend. She might love you, but she?s mine to fuck anytime I want. Now go for a drive or something. I want to fuck your wife in private.?

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