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Adventures in Hotwifing - Part 3

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It was three months after her affair with Doug that we moved back to our home town. Marie got a job with her sister, and I was trying to build up my new business. I hadn’t had extensive contact with my family in the ten years or so since I’d moved away. A phone call or two a month, and visited maybe three times a year, despite the 100 mile distance. I talked to my older brother maybe twice a year. After returning home, he called and suggested we go out for a few drinks.

My brother Tim is almost 3 years older than me. He’s a contractor and mostly works alone, and does a lot of outdoor things like roofing, siding, and home remodeling. He was always very athletic in high school, went to the State championships in wrestling, was a star pitcher in little league, and had a reputation for being the toughest kid in our school. He has one of those lean, in-shape, muscular bodies that women love, and because he works outdoors, he’s got a great tan (he loves to work with his shirt off). He likes to hit the bar scene and he gets laid more than anyone I ever knew.

He also has a pretty big dick (nothing like Doug or James) at 7”+, something I was aware of since our relative youth (I have no idea how he got a much bigger dick than me. He always got better presents at Christmas too.) Since returning to our home town, I brought his name up during sex a few times, and always got a good response from my wife.

Well, we went out on the town. Along with us came my brother-in-law, at his wife’s urging. This is the wife that slept with the bartender with the enormous penis on Sister’s Weekend in the previous story. He got completely hammered, mixing coke and beer, and started spouting gibberish about how lucky we were to have wives like we have, and how we could all go up to his house and fuck his wife right now, etc. He then got into a limo and left to go somewhere. All of this was said in front of my brother, who said something to the effect of, “He’s full of shit.” And chalked it up to the effects of the drugs and alcohol.

I basically said I knew what he was talking about (I’d had about a dozen beers by then myself. I don’t do drugs.) and told him that Marie was the same way, that we’d fantasized about her sleeping with him, that I didn’t care who she slept with as long as she had fun and was honest with me about it, etc. etc. Needless to say, he completely freaked and was totally flabbergasted. He said he’d always fantasized about fucking her but since he was my brother, he would have felt really guilty. He also through a few dozen, “No way, I can’t believe this.”, comments in there for effect. He asked if she ever cheated on me, if I ever cheated on her, and a bunch of questions along that vein (it’s all a little blurry). Anyway, I set something up with him for the next weekend, and he was a mixture of excited by the idea, and extremely hesitant given the closeness of all parties.

I went home and told Marie. She was a mixture of sexual excitement and disbelief. She really didn’t know if I was putting her on or not. I assured her I wasn’t, and so, the next day she made arrangements for someone to take the kids for the upcoming Friday night.

Friday night came and my brother was supposed to meet us at the house at 7. I went out and bought some condoms and some wine beforehand, and my wife was pretty tipsy by the time 7 rolled around (all 2 glasses it takes to get her tipsy). Marie put on a full body stocking, black lace, very revealing with an opening in the crotch. I had the video camera all set. She was ready to go. 7:15 came and went. 7:30 came and went. Finally at about 7:45 he called from a bar, said he was having a few to get himself ready, was I sure I wanted to do this? I assured him yes, that she was waiting for him right then, and he should get his ass over.

About 8:30 he arrived. I had the couch folded out into a bed. He had a seat, with an uneasy, “What the hell do we do now?” look on his face. I popped in the video of Marie and Doug and he watched in disbelief as my wife went down on her knees and sucked this enormous, thick cock. He commented on the size, and I think they both got a little embarrassed. After about 5 minutes of everyone sitting there doing nothing, I nudged Marie and told her to go sit on his lap. That was all it took.

After 15 seconds of kissing, he climbed onto the bed, pinned her arms back and peeled the body stocking off her. She helped him with his clothes, and the party began. He mounted her and began thrusting, she tried to suck his cock but he wouldn’t have any of that. She crawled over and began sucking my cock as he fucked her from behind, but that only lasted for about 2 minutes, and then I grabbed the camera, and the two of them went at it full speed.

The two of them were very compatible. Marie likes to be passive (usually) in bed, and loves for her lover to be on top, in the missionary position (though she likes doggy style too), with her legs spread far far apart, and her lover pounding the daylights out of her. That’s exactly what she got. He mounted her like an animal, seemingly, leaning down on her, arching his back, pinning her arms down, pulling her hair back, kissing her, and suddenly thrusting inside of her, making her moan, “Ohhh god!” He fucked her fast and furious and she shrieked (it started as screaming but as she kept it up, her voice began to crack), at the top of her lungs, the entire time. He was clearly in great shape and just kept hammering away at her, as her legs got wider and wider, her toes pointed towards the ceiling, legs bouncing from the force of the fucking. She screamed ‘Oh god!’ about a hundred times, over and over, and yelled, “I don’t ever want you to stop!”, and he replied, “Okay then, I won’t.”

This continued for a good 20 minutes, most of which I got on tape. Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking, and was taping directly facing a lamp, and the video came out dark. I have to say, the sound was amazing, to hear her screaming like that until her voice was hoarse. Still gets me hard just thinking about it. After he’d pounded her raw and swollen, they took a short break, which consisted of her riding his face while he stroked his cock to get it hard again. Then he pulled her over and mounted her again. He pulled her arms over her head, together, and held them with one hand, pinned, and began fucking her again.

Her voice now cracking and hoarse, she proceeded to pick up where she left off, screaming so loud that if we weren’t living in the country, I’m certain someone would have called the police. He pounded and pounded, fucking her incredibly fast, at times pulling her hair so she had to tilt her head up, at other times rising up on his knuckles to give it all he had. Finally, completely exhausted and spent, she begged him to stop, and he did. Her pussy was red and swollen like I’d never seen it before, and she laid there with a dizzy, giddy, bewildered look on her face as he stuck his fingers in her mouth, tracing the outline of her lips, before kissing her and rolling off.

A few minutes later he grabbed the camera and filmed her riding on top of me. I lasted all of 4-5 minutes, tops, as I had been hard the entire time. It was fortunate, because as sore and tired as she was, she wasn’t good for much more. I asked how she was going to explain how hoarse she was, and how bowlegged she was going to be walking, and she jokingly said, “I’m going to tell everyone at work that I spent all night getting my brains fucked out and screaming at the top of my lungs.”

About a week or two later, she was horny and I was in the mood, so I prodded her to call him up and go over to his place, solo. She called, he was more than excited to have her for a return trip, and off she went. She came home three hours later, giddy and sore once again. He’d given her the same incredible fucking, except this time he’d also taken her doggy style the second time they fucked. She said doggy style was incredible, that he’d fucked her so hard and fast, she thought she was going to pass out.

That was the last time they got together, though we still talk about it. She called him a couple of weeks ago to see if he was alone (he has a fairly steady girlfriend now and he was single before), but his girlfriend was there so it was a no go. I’m certain it’ll happen again, despite the almost 3-year drought. It’s just a matter of time. That was the last ‘fun’ she’d have up until about 3 weeks ago, when the dam burst. But that’s for the next story.

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