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Adventures in Hotwifing - Part 2

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Several years had passed since my wife, Marie had sex with my hung best friend Jim. We fantasized a lot about a number of things (and other men), had another child, and life went on. I think she was partially burned by the experience. She’d had the best sex of her life, and had wanted more, and wasn’t able to get more, and maybe she was worried about the possible addiction. I however, was undaunted, and continued to press the issue at every opportunity.

It got to the point where I was bringing up the idea of her fucking another man almost every time we had sex, and she got to the point where she was sick of it, and it turned her off. I think her religious upbringing was kicking in, along with the maternal hormones that go along with having a new child, and along with my pushing, I started to wonder if I’d ever get to hear of her with another man again. I knew in my heart though, that the desire was in her. Desire is in all of us, and just needs to be stoked properly. Also, I’d seen the look on her face after staying up all night, getting pounded by his 9-incher. I knew it was mostly a matter of opportunity. A housewife with three children didn’t have that many chances to screw her brains out.

My wife has 5 sisters, and they all decided to go on a ‘sister’s weekend’. Unfortunately, it turned out that only her two oldest sisters were able to attend, along with her. They rented a cabin at a ski-lodge in the off-season, and went away for the weekend. Marie was having her period, and was with her two oldest sisters, so I wasn’t expecting much, if anything, to happen. They all got pretty drunk (Marie weighed about 105 lbs. at the time and, to this day, two drinks and she’s drunk, three drinks and she could start getting sick), and they began swapping ‘secrets’. This occurred after they all displayed their favorite dildo (which was a required item to bring along for sister’s weekend), and also displayed blow-job techniques on them to one another. One sister revealed how she had cheated on her husband (which the other two already knew), and then it was Marie’s turn. She told them about her night with Jim, about how I helped arrange the whole thing, and how big his cock was, and how he’d fucked her all night long.

The other two exploded in drunken jealousy, saying how lucky she was, and how unfair it was that she got to fuck whoever she wanted and they didn’t, etc. etc. Marie went over her drink limit and began to get sick. She was being sick in the bathroom, when the other two came in topless, and announced they were going to the local bar to flash their breasts and get men. Marie opted out, due to her condition (drunk, sick, and on her period). Off the two sisters went, after barely concealing their breasts (one in a see-through top, the other in a loose vest). As my wife related this story to me afterwards, the vision of this whole scene was enough to make me want to shoot myself, for having missed that whole scene and/or not having captured it on camera. To this day, the fantasy reenactment remains etched on the inside of my retinas.

They returned several hours later (After the bars closed) with two men, a tall man with a French accent and a shorter, slightly heavy-set man. The French guy was the bartender, and the other guy was the owner of the bar. Apparently the two sisters went down and got pretty rowdy and more inebriated, and began dancing around with all the men, breasts easily visible. The other women in the bar were not pleased, needless to say. One sister went into the bedroom with the French guy, and the other sister went into the bathroom with the bar’s owner. Marie was sick as a dog on the couch, working on an early-stage hangover. At 110 lbs, she’s the epitome of the term ‘lightweight’, and it only takes 2 drinks to get her hammered on an empty stomach. She heard the moans of passion as the sister in the bedroom was quite loud, and heard some kind of commotion in the bathroom (which somehow ended up breaking the toilet seat).

A few minutes later, the sister who was with the tall bartender emerged, and began shouting, “Marie! You have GOT to fuck this guy! He has the most ENORMOUS penis! That was EXCELLENT! That was fucking EXCELLENT!” Apparently after fucking my wife’s sister, the gentleman with the enormous penis had asked if she’d mind if he fucked Marie. Sisters being sisters and all, she said no problem. I have yet to understand how that hasn’t translated into me fucking both her sisters, but I guess if I had an enormous penis, things might be different.

The French guy emerged, and sat on the couch talking. The other sister and her gentleman companion emerged from the bathroom as well. The sister who was boasting about the man’s penis size began talking him up to Marie, who was still quite sick, but intrigued by what she’d just heard. Mister big-dick began hitting on her heavy, and Marie informed him that she was on her period, to which he replied, “Baby, I’ll do you any way you want, that doesn’t bother me.” She tried to get up the energy, but the urge to vomit was too much. Since they were staying another day, she asked if he would come back tomorrow, to which he said yes. They all talked for a while and the two men left.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the two men didn’t return. Marie returned, horny as hell, frustrated, and with one heck of a story. The women decided Sisters’ Weekend would be an annual event. Fast forward to one year later.

Due to schedules, it was decided that they couldn’t do a full-blown get-away Sisters’ Weekend. They opted to all come up to where we live (which was about 100 miles away from the nucleus of the family) and go out on the town for the night for Sisters’ Weekend instead. The same three sisters, and a couple of girls they worked with, hit the local sports bar. I’m a huge football fan, and have been teaching Marie about football since we were married. She put many of the guys there to shame (it was a Sunday night they went out, and Sunday Night football was playing at the local sports bar), with her football knowledge, and drew a lot of attention to herself by knowing player’s #s, knowing what penalties were committed before the Refs announced it, etc.

From that attention, she got hit on A LOT that night. Guys of all ages were coming on to her. One guy in his late 40s was groping her in a booth (she was pretty drunk), and began saying how he wanted to fuck her. He told her, “It’s not very big but I can last a long time.” That turned her off, since she figured she could get someone with a small cock that can last a long time at home. She ended up with a much younger guy, Doug, in his late 20s (we were in our late 20s at the time), that she liked and had a decent conversation with. He worked in the real estate business and had just gotten out of a 5-year romance. Because of this, he wasn’t looking for anything serious. They went to Denny’s afterwards, and talked and ate, and he kissed her and gave her his phone number.

She came home horny as hell, and was looking for a little nudging. Needless to say, she got it from me. She called him up the next day, and arranged to go out with him. They went to a social function for his business, where she took off her wedding ring and acted as his date for the night. Afterwards they went back to his place.

My wife came home around 3am, giddy, elated, and horny as hell. I was waiting up, butterflies in my stomach (I always wait up with butterflies in my stomach). If ever someone really wants to know one of the biggest reasons I like to have my wife sleep with other men, beyond the voyeuristic aspects, beyond the thrill of seeing her screaming at the top of her lungs in sexual ecstasy, it’s how once she gets started, she does NOT like to stop, and the absolute best fucking we’ve ever done is right after she’s been with some guy with a big cock and lots of stamina. She came in and practically r*ped me.

She gave me the details, and I was shocked (again). Doug had a huge cock, not so much in length, which was very impressive at around 7-8 inches, but the girth. He was a little shorter than Jim had been, but he was much thicker. She told me he was great in bed, and focused solely on her pleasure. She said he was very good at eating pussy, and really knew how to work her clit (she’s not big on receiving oral). He came three times, and each time he was hard again within 3 minutes. The first time he only lasted about 2 minutes, but the second time he lasted 15-20, and the last time lasted a half hour. She said she was amazed at how hard his cock got, that it was like a bar of steel, and when he came, she could feel it pulsing and throbbing inside her. He brought her to a half-dozen orgasms. She told him how I allowed her to sleep with whomever he chose, and how I knew all about what she was doing, and how I had a small cock, and she really liked his big one. They made arrangements to meet again.

Over the next 3 weeks, Marie met with Doug 3-4 times a week. She was totally hooked on his enormous cock, how hard it got, how big it got, and how quickly it got hard again after he came. She would literally think about it all day long, and had a hard time focusing on anything else. She couldn’t wait for the next time with him. It was the perfect arrangement in many ways. He was not looking for love or marriage, he just wanted to fuck. They were friendly but not intimate, romantically, and he didn’t want children (and Marie could never leave her children). It was non-threatening in just the ways I needed it to be.

She met him at his office for lunch and fucked him in the building where he worked. She would go over to his apartment and fuck for hours, coming home and giving me all the details. I got curious; I wanted to see how big his dick was. I wanted to see the look on my wife’s face as she came for him. I wanted to see her suck his cock. Doug felt nervous about having me present (she’d told him I was a Marine and he assumed the worst, which was odd in light of the situation). Finally, she relented and agreed to videotape the two of them. She took the video camera over to his place along with a bottle of wine and went to town. She came home several hours later, her usual ‘cat-that-ate-the-big-cock’ look on her face, with the video.

I’ve watched that videotape at least a hundred times since then, and it never ceases to get me hard. I’ve posted vidcaps of it on the net. Unfortunately there was no cameraman, so there are some parts where parts of the action are half off the screen, but there’s almost an hour of solid fucking and sucking, and 45 minutes of it are outstanding.

I watched her come harder than I ever had seen (thus far), I watched her slide down to her knees and suck his enormous thick cock for what seemed like an hour. I watched her climb on top, and heard her moan in absolute orgasmic thrill as she slid down onto his cock for the first time (that night). I heard her say, over and over, “Oh god I love that big cock!”, and “Oh yes, Fuck me with that big dick!”. I saw how quickly she came, how she came over and over. I saw her run her hands through his hair as she kissed him, tongues mingling. I heard them whisper quietly, and giggle together, after climaxing for the first of several times. I watched her stroke his big cock at the edge of the bed, as he fingered her, before she got on all fours and he took her doggie style, slamming into her from behind. I saw him leap onto the bed, on his back, his huge erect dick bouncing around as my wife restarted the camera (after taking a break). I saw him look into the camera, a proud grin on his face, arms folded behind his head, as he said, “Hi Matt. Don’t be threatened Matt.” I felt the subtext as if he had spoken telepathically: Don’t be threatened by the fact that your wife loves my huge cock and that I fuck her better than you ever could. I saw him take her in a half dozen positions, pounding her over and over. I was, half-off screen (unfortunately), as he pulled out for the final time, and came all over my wife’s breasts and stomach, as he rubbed it in and whispered to her, “That was for Matt, do you think he’ll like it?” I heard my wife laugh conspiratorially and reply, “Oh yes.” I saw her stand up, giggling, a little drunk, and very giddy, and walk over, his come smeared all over her chest and belly, and shut the camera off. I saw it all.

Afterwards Marie felt a little guilty about the amount of time she was spending with him and called it off. Shortly thereafter for financial reasons, we had to leave the city we were living in, and move someplace else. We never saw or heard from him again, and I never even got to meet him face to face. It’s funny how times change your perspective (well, Marie’s not mine). At the time she was infatuated with his dick. Now if I bring him up, she talks about how he was ‘too big’, and he couldn’t ‘go crazy’ on her fast and furious like she liked. She sure wasn’t complaining at the time. It was 5 months before anything ‘exciting’ happened again, but that’s another story.

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