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A photo shoot with an old friend

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Annie and I have been married nearly 20 years. We are both in our 40’s and still keep in good shape. She was a gymnast at the University of Wisconsin, Madison until a knee injury ended her career. She transferred colleges and that’s when we met. I was in a fraternity at the time. We dated for three years and then got married.

Our marriage has been wonderful with no out of the ordinary activity. She was raised as a conservative Midwestern girl and is smart as well as beautiful. The fact that she was a gymnast was a plus in the bedroom too! But that was all reserved for me, neither of us had strayed during our marriage.

Fast forward to last year when we went to my old fraternity reunion. It was great to see the guys again. Some were divorced and some were still married to their college sweethearts.

Jerry McCarty was there. Jerry is a big Irish guy who played a little football back in the day. He was the nicest guy in the world even though his large frame could be intimidating. He was a religious guy and polite. But at about 6’5 250 lbs, he posed quite a figure. In reality, he was a gentle giant. We used to stay up all night playing hearts or backgammon in the college days. It was a lot of fun.

Anyway we talked with Jerry for quite a while when we found out that he runs a photography studio out of his home. He asked my wife is he could take some shots of her sometime. She looked at me and asked what I thought. I said go ahead. I asked if I could go along and Jerry said, “By all means.”.

The night arrived for the shoot and we arrived with a six pack of beer and some wine. We went to the room in his house where his equipment is set up. It looked expensive. And the photos adoring the walls looked like pictures you would see in magazines. He evidently was quite good. after about 30 minutes Jerry said, “Let’s get started.” Annie was wearing clothing for a typical night out in the summer. Nothing glamorous, just shorts and a light blouse. I sat in the corner in one of the chairs and kept quiet.

After several pictures and more beer and wine, Jerry asked Annie if she would unbutton her blouse just a bit for some glamour poses. He told her she did not have to show anything. To my surprise, Annie unbuttoned the blouse half way down, but exposing nothing more than a hint of her bra. No biggie. Jerry took a couple more pics and then said, “The bra does not help the pictures much.” We all chucked for a moment. Jerry assured her that nothing out of line would happen, but it would be better to go behind the dressing screen and lose the bra. He told her that when she comes back out to have her blouse buttoned to the point where she would still feel comfortable.

When my wife went behind the screen, I got a strange sensation, part curious and part fear. I was surprised that she would to this, but when she came back out buttoned almost all the way to the top, I relaxed. We had a couple of more glasses of beer/wine and got back to the shoot. We were all feeling pretty good.

After about 10-20 more shots of her, Jerry asked, “Now, Annie, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but it would look really good if you undo a few of the top buttons of your blouse. Some tasteful cleavage shots would be nice.” Annie did so and undid the buttons almost all the way down, leaving only a couple still fastened. She then partially opened the blouse just enough to show some good cleavage. “Excellent.”, Jerry said. I could tell we were all getting a little drunk from the alcohol as the night wore on.

Still, after more shots of my wife showing cleavage but no exposed breasts, Jerry put down the camera and came over to her. He told her he wanted to adjust her blouse a bit. He put his hands up to her shirt and tugged a little bit to straighten it out, and then straightened her shoulders slightly. As he fiddled a bit more, I could swear that his hand grazed her breast through the blouse. Annie showed no reaction. We took one more beverage break and went back to shooting. We weren’t hammered, but our words were a little slurred!

He went back to shoot some more photos. Annie really seemed to enjoy it all at this point. After a couple of minutes, he went back over to her to help her pose again. This time, as he was adjusting her blouse, I could clearly see his hand brush against her breasts. Once, twice, and then a third time left no doubt about what he was doing. I said nothing but when I looked at my wife, she had her eyes closed as if she was in a dream. Then it happened. Jerry took his hand and placed it under her blouse and gently cupped her entire breast. At that time, her blouse became fully open exposing each breast to us. His hand was caressing her right breast and I could see her left nipple stand out fully erect. He took her right nipple and pulled it out hard. Annie inhaled sharply. Jerry removed his hand and placed his mouth on her nipple and started to suck on it. The noise was juicy and erotic. Annie, in one smooth motion, slid her blouse off and onto the floor. She then took both hands and started to rub his hair. He alternated between breasts, sucking and licking each nipple until they stood out like bullets. They were both standing, my wife topless with shorts on, and Jerry in shorts and a tank top. My wife’s face was pointed to the sky when she let out another gasp, “Ahhhh…”. A little over the top I thought, but then noticed that she was reacting to something else. I looked down and Jerry had slid his hand down her shorts. He was rubbing her pussy.

I could not believe what was happening. My heretofore faithful wife was being groped by an old fraternity brother right in front of me. I had always fantasized about a moment like this, seeing Annie with another man, but when I would bring it up she would shoot it down, almost to the point of being angry with me for suggesting it. But there was no doubt about what I was witnessing now.

With surprising skill, Jerry unbuttoned and unzipped my wife’s shorts and they fell to the floor. He then looked into her eyes and she looked into his. As they stared into each others eyes (like I wasn’t even there), Jerry dropped his shorts and removed his shirt. Annie’s hands immediately went to his chest; he obviously kept in great shape. As he looked at her, his hands went to her panties and slid them off her hips. With a few sensual shakes of her lower body, the panties fell to the ground. Then they fell into each other arms. Still standing, they engaged in a long, wet, passionate kiss. It looked a little awkward with Jerry being so tall and my wife standing at about 5’ 6”. He was bent over slightly and she was on her toes. They continued to kiss when his hand wandered back down to her pussy. Annie responded by spreading her feet apart slightly giving him better access. I heard a sticky wet sound as his finger plunged deep inside her. The photo lights were still on and I could see them both starting to perspire. His finger was working had and fast in her cunt and her hips started to buck back and forth. She then reached out her hand and grabbed his cock. Not a horse cock, but pretty damn thick. Much thicker than mine. They stood there masturbating each other when Jerry made a move to put his cock in her.

Annie pulled back slightly and said, “No, Jerry. I can’t do that…..WE can’t do that.” She kept stroking him but he moved her hand away and said, “Okay, okay…..”. I was surprisingly relieved. It was over. “Now what?”, I thought.

But it wasn’t over.

She was still massaging his cock and even though her head was clear about no intercourse, she was not ready to stop all together. Then almost immediately, Jerry said, “We can do this instead.” With that, Jerry quickly moved her over to a nearby chair and put her legs up on the arms of the chair. She knew what he was up to and she appeared to be very okay with it. Jerry went down on my wife. He made no bones about slurping noises as he aggressively sucked her pussy lips. She told me later that his tongue was like a conductor’s baton, weaving in and out of her pussy, alternately sucking and licking her clit. Annie looked like a wanton woman in that chair: her legs up on the arms and her head tilted back as far as it could go, her hands on the back of Jerry’s head pulling him tight into her cunt. Jerry was really working on it when I heard a familiar noise. Yep, there was not doubt about it…. Annie was about to cum. As he kept his mouth firmly planted on her pussy, my wife started to convulse, her legs and feet weren’t shaking as much they appeared to be vibrating. Her head leaned back, her eyes closed, and her mouth open slightly. I was about to witness my wife’s first orgasm given to her by another man in our 20 plus years of marriage. With her hands still firmly pulling his head into her, her legs suddenly shot straight up into the air into a “V” shape and were spread as wide as the chair would allow I have never seen her in such a spread eagle pose. All her conservativeness and shyness went out the window as she cried out, “Ohhh my gawddd…..…ohhhhh..”. Annie came.

The orgasm subsided. Jerry stood up and started to masturbate in front of her. I thought, “He was going to have his fun too.”. After a couple of moments to gather herself, Annie took notice of what he was doing. She watched him stroking his cock, and kept watching until she reached out and grabbed it. They started to stroke it together. After a few moments, she could tell that he was about ready to cum. He murmured something like, “….on your tits…..”. She shifted her position and he exploded on her. Huge ropes of sperm shot out of his cock and splashed all over her chest and breasts. His hips so violently thrusted that she had a hard time keeping her hand on his cock. Soon, the wave passed and he was finished cumming.

But he was not finished with her. He moved slightly and poised his cock right at her mouth. She is not much for this type of action, but he kept his cock aimed at her lips. She turned her head away, but he was persistent. His cock was literally pressing against her closed lips when she relented and opened her mouth. She said that she almost gagged from the taste as his cock slid between her lips. Jerry grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. “Amazing.”, I thought. I would have had to take about 20 minutes before another round but this guy was ready to go again. Annie said that even though he had started to get soft, within minutes of her sucking his cock, he started to spring back to life. As I said, she was not really into this type of sex, but she confessed that the more he got into it, the more he thrust into her mouth, the more turned on she started to get. She reached up her hand and started to stroke his cock while she sucked. With her free hand, she reached down and started to stoke her pussy. My wife may be mostly conservative, but she does enjoy masturbating in front of me, even as we fuck. I have always had a feeling that she masturbates alone quite a bit. As she was sucking his cock and masturbating, she heard Jerry blurt out, “…….Oh god!!” With that exclamation, he started to cum in her mouth. It was not the amount he had sprayed her tits with earlier, but it was plenty enough that it started to overflow with gobs of cum spilling from her lips and on to the floor. She said she actually swallowed a lot of it, but that it was too much for her to take it all. His dick almost immediately went limp. Jerry fell back onto the couch.

When he was cumming in her mouth, she had been so taken aback at swallowing his sperm that she had stopped masturbating. She later told me that she suspects that the sight of her diddling herself while watching her suck his dick was all he could take because he came so suddenly.

Annie, however, still appeared to be worked up over the whole situation. She was dripping wet and was not ready to call it a night. She looked right in his eyes and asked if he had liked watching her. He nodded. With that she pulled the chair up close to Jerry where he was sitting back on the couch. Now remember, I told you she likes to get herself off with me watching; now she had two captive people. I could not believe what she did next. She slowly placed her legs back up on the chair arms exposing her wet pussy to him. She then said to him, “Watch me….but don’t touch me….”. She then placed her hand down there and started to masturbate in front of us, (but mostly for him, I think). She continued to rub herself much to her own delight. She kept caressing her pussy as Jerry kept watching. When she started inserting her fingers into her pussy, I noticed, and so did she, that he started to get more “interested”. She watched his flaccid cock begin to rise. This turned her on and she kept on performing for him. Annie said that she expected him to grab his cock and start masturbating with her. She was expecting him to join him in one final masturbatory orgasm.

She was expecting him to stay on the couch.

Jerry did none of the above.

He stood up and walked to her. I thought that she was going to have his dick in her mouth one more time. However, that was not the case. Try to picture what happened: Annie is on a chair with her legs spread and resting on each arm of the chair. Jerry reached down his arms and placed them under each knee and started to lift gently. Jerry said, “Put your arms around my neck”. With him slightly lifting her legs, it was the only thing she could do or she would end up falling backward in the chair. She put her arms around his neck and he lifted her completely out of the chair. She was positioned with her arms around his neck and her legs high on either side of his bulging biceps. Her pussy dangerously close to his erect cock. Annie and I both distinctly remember what he said next. He said, “We’re going to do what I have wanted to do to you all night.” She said that for a moment she felt frightened. This was not what was supposed to happen when the evening began. It was supposed to be a friendly photo shoot with her husband’s old fraternity brother.

He walked over to the wall and pinned her against it. She looked like she was in the missionary position with her legs high and wide, except that she and Jerry were not horizontal on a bed, they were upright against a wall.

With his cock poised to enter my wife’s pussy, Annie said, “Jerry, WAIT!, We shouldn’t do this. Let’s stop, please, lets stop.”.

She then looked at me and said, “Buddy, what’s going on here??”. I said nothing but I did note that her words did not match the sound of her voice. I knew what was happening. She was ready to quit, but there was still the sound of lust in her voice, not panic or concern.

Again she said, “Buddy???”. I said and did nothing.

Annie repeated, “Buddy…..oh no.”

In a few short seconds, everything changed.

Jerry thrust his hips forward in one smooth fluid moment. Jerry ‘s cock slid into her pussy right as she called out to me again, “Budd…..JERRY!!", she cried out in surprise.

He thrust again, this time more sharply, “JERrrryyyy......arrrrggghh………”, she cried out again. This time with more lust in her voice. Again, he thrust. This time Annie let out a soulful moan, “Ohhhhhhhhhh………..”.

One more thrust.








She had surrendered. My lovely wife, had given in to him and accepted what was happening. Accepted may not be the work, she was becoming a willing participant.

This was not supposed to happen.

Jerry started to fuck her.

She had said earlier that they were not going to do this.

Jerry kept fucking her.

Jerry’s cock kept slamming her.

Jerry stopped. His cock firmly planted deep in her pussy. For a moment, they just looked into each others eyes. Then it was my wife, my Annie who took the lead. She moved close to his mouth and opened her lips, her tongue partially protruding. Jerry opened his as well and took her tongue and started sucking on it. Her mouth was now wide open with her tongue fully extended, allowing him to suck and tug on it in an incredibly lustful sight. Then their open mouths came together and then engaged in one of the most erotic kisses I have ever seen. His hips began to move in a slow circle, undulating against my wife’s pelvis, his cock doing pulsating dances inside her pussy. So there they were, up against the wall in what was an incredible sight. This ex-football player’s massive body, practically enveloping my wife (an ex gymnast). Her body contortioned in such a way that his cock was hitting bottom with each thrust, her legs and feet wildly flailing high in the air. They were drenched with sweat, eagerly kissing, and starting to really heat up. What was then a slow sensuous thrusting session, turned quickly into a massive jungle fuck. Their pace started to quicken as he started to go at her with more violence. You could hear the noise made by her body against the wall as he was thrusting so hard into her. It became a rhythmic cadence. He would pull out and slam back in, over and over again. With her legs be splayed out so obscenely, I could clearly see his thick cock withdraw to the point of nearly coming out of her followed by a return thrust that would shake my wife’s entire body. She was getting royally fucked by this man.

Annie was totally lost in all this, complete abandon had taken her over. She was fucking this guy and was enveloped in a lustful fog. I don’t think she had ever been fucked like this before. I know I never got her to this level. Moans, cries, and gasps all ran into one another as she became more vocal. Not the “Porn Star” fake yells and cries like you hear so much, but much more of a sensual, emotional, even primal expressionism. Jerry had tapped into her sexual being like no other man had before. And she was loving it all. The way that he was banging his hips and cock into her looked like violence, but she was putty in his strong arms. I’ll never forget their sounds. He kept grunting loudly and she was a stream of emotion.

Then she said the magic words. “Jerry, fuck me…fuck me….Jerry, gawd...fuck me!.”. A pang of jealousy went to my heart to hear her say that. Then it got worse. Annie cried out to him. “Gawd…. I have…. never been….. fucked like….. this….before!”. Then the final arrow into my heart. “Oh gawd, Jerry……I love you…..I love you…..I love you!!...........I want you…..cum in me, cum in me now…..!!!!”,

Jerry then threw his head back and started grunting out loud. Without stopping his thrusts into Annie, I knew that he was started to cum. Annie then looked right at me and said nothing. She didn’t have to. Her face said it all. Her hair and face were drenched with sweat, there was the look in her eyes that told me she was somewhere else, but it was her mouth that got me. It was open in a large O shape, completing her total look as being taken to a place she had not been before. Jerry’s groans got louder and he started to thrust in a spastic, uneven tempo that left no doubt that he was gushing hot sperm into my wife. While he was unloading in her, Annie was still looking at me. With each gush of sperm that he shot into her, she closed her eyes briefly, only to open again in-between shots of batter. She then spoke to me. She said in a hushed whisper, “Buddy,… he’s… gonna make me…..cum……..”. That was the moment. It was all over for her as she went over the edge and cried out in the beginnings of a deep, deep orgasm, “Ahhhhhhhhh…..”. Annie was cumming. Jerry was sending great streams of cum deep inside her. He thrusted over and over again, each new thrust resulting in more sperm being ejaculated into Annie. It was his third orgasm of the night, something I could never do She cried out, “I’m cumming…..Ohhhhhhh….Ahhhhh…..gawddddddd!!!!!…....”, totally lost in feeling the emotion of pure all out lust as he kept creaming in her pussy. Their undulating hips kept moving, the sound of skin slapping against skin was prevalent. She could feel his cum jetting into her during her own orgasm and she loved it. She loved it all. And, for a brief moment…..I think she loved him.

When they slowed down and finally stopped, she did not want it to end. For this had been a totally unplanned spur of the moment action that she had never been a part of before. As his cock slipped out, there was a very audible sound as a big load of cum dripped out of her pussy and on to the carpet.

Nobody said a word, we were taking it in….trying to digest what had just taken place in his photo studio. It was just supposed to be a photo shoot. Nothing more. It turned into a night that we will never forget. Then they looked at each other and shared a brief kiss, no tongues, just a peck on the lips. And still without a word, they both reached for their clothes and started to get dressed. Still silent, we headed for the front door. Jerry called out, “I should have the pictures developed in a few days.”. Annie said, “Thank you.” , and then we left. After all that had happened, she had taken his cum on her tits, in her mouth and in her pussy, and the whole thing ended with hardly a word.

Annie and I went home and made love. I told her she was so beautiful that night and that I will never forget it. I asked her, “So, do you love him?”, She said no, but it was an experience that she never thought she would have. I told her that anytime in the future, if she wants to, she can repeat tonight’s. She smiled and said, “No that’s okay”

The pictures were ready in a couple of weeks. Annie went to Jerry’s to pick them up. When we looked at them, they were very good. Very tasteful, the cleavage shots were nothing more than you seen in any supermarket magazine.

I asked her what took so long to get back from picking up the pictures. She looked down and smiled. She reached into her purse and took out a video tape and put it on the counter. She said, “Jerry and I thought you might like this.”, and then she winked at me. As I looked at her, I thought I noticed that her hair looked a little out of place. “I think I will like it.”, I replied, “I think I’m gonna like it a lot.”.

What was on the video tape you ask. Well, that is for another time. But let me assure you, Jerry was in fine form and so was Annie………………………..and so was Jerry’s friend, Doug.

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