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A Night on the Black Sea

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I don't really know when it started. I can't remember when I first thought about sharing my wife, Tara, with another man. But I do remember the first time I confessed my desire to her. We were entangled with each other, and I was deep inside of her, when I whispered to her, "I have something to confess to you..." "What?," She gasped. "I want to see you fuck another guy...” I could tell that she was turned on by the idea; my cock was drenched.

I know why I got the idea. Tara is so sensual, and she loves sex. She never fails to cum over and over again when we make love. I guess I just wanted to be able to watch her enjoy another man, to see her turned on and wild with her passion. We fantasized about it every time we made love, but I don't think we ever really thought it would happen. At least, I don’t think she ever really believed it could.

Then one summer we went to visit friends from Bulgaria. They lived in the Black Sea city of Varna. Both attractive professionals, Peter and Maria were great hosts showing us the city and introducing us to great restaurants, taking us out to the best night clubs on the beach. Our kids were with Grandma and Grandpa for this trip, so Tara and I were free to enjoy ourselves. Since Peter and Maria had a new baby we had gotten our own hotel room, and we would start the days with hot steamy sex full of the talk of our wildest fantasies.

After one particularly late night out, Peter called the next morning and said that we should join them for a trip to the beach. Some of their friends were coming to town that day from Sofia, and planning on hanging out on the beach all day. We were a bit hung over and bleary eyed, so a quiet day on the beech seemed like the perfect idea.

We drove up the coast from Varna, away from the busy and crowded beaches in town, to a private beach at a resort our friend Peter had access to. When we arrived the friends had already settled in and were clustered in a group under a couple of umbrellas. Alcohol flows freely on Bulgarian beeches, so everyone had beers and cocktails in hand and were in fine spirits. We settled in amongst the group and I headed off to get a couple of beers for Tara and myself.

As I walked towards the beech bar, I was amazed by what lay spread out before me. The beech was clothing optional. And all around me were stunning Bulgarian beauties, slender, tan and all either topless or completely naked enjoying the hot summer sun. I was breathless and stumbled for my meager Bulgarian when I got to the counter at the bar. Walking back I was equally shaken. Everywhere I looked there was another beauty glowing on the sand. “Fuck,” I thought to myself, “I am going to be so busted….Tara is going to catch me staring at these girls around us….” I was trying to look straight ahead at my wife as I approached our group.

We settled in, swam for a bit to cool down, rested in the shade and let the residues from the night before seep out of our skin in the heat of the day. As my wife drifted off to sleep, I was enjoying the view around me taking it all in. One girl in particular, a few feet away had me captivated…she was lying on her back in the sun, her legs spread slightly, her feet just 10 feet from me. I had a perfect view of her completely bare clean-shaven pussy, lips full like a ripe nectarine. I could feel myself swell slightly. After a few minutes I drifted off staring at that delicious pussy.

When I woke, my wife was coming back from the water. She settled next to me, gave me a wet, salty kiss and whispered in my ear, “Wow…there are so many gorgeous women here. I can’t help but check them out…They’re so hot!”

“What?!,” I said, the dozy feeling quickly leaving my head. “I’m feeling horny, baby,” she replied. “And there’s so many great looking woman around here…wow…” WOW is right, I thought to myself.

I should say that Tara is very attractive. She is not the slender beauty of her youth, but the few extra pounds left from carrying our two children had settled on her body perfectly. She has delicious curves, broad shoulders, narrow waist, soft hips, and a full round ass. The perfect apple bottom. Her breasts showed no signs of breastfeeding the two girls and were the same perfect handfuls topped by succulent nipples that I had loved since the first day we met. She had not taken off her suit, but she looked awesome in her one piece. I was in heaven.

“Hey,” a voice boomed a cross the beach and a chorus of “Danchos!” rang back to him from our group. Tara and I looked up to see who was coming.

Dancho was ruggedly handsome. Dark skinned from the summer sun. Hard abs, ripped to washboard perfection, a massive toned chest, chiseled features. His tiny speedo clung tightly to his frame dripping from the sea. I could feel my wife shudder a little beside me, and I new why. Outlined in black cloth was an enormous flaccid cock. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen outside of porno movies, certainly more than the mildly robust average that I had in my own swim trunks. Even I could not help but stare at it as he walked up toward us, greeting everyone around us.

“Hi,” he said to us, “My name is Dancho…” Hand extended, perfect English, tinted with the most sexy accent. “Hi,” I barely stammered, jumping up to shake his hand. “I’m Cliff and this is my wife, Tara.” She blushed slightly as she shook his hand and I could only imagine where her eyes were focused behind her dark glasses.

The afternoon passed, with everyone drinking, swimming, laughing and making plans for the evening. It was agreed that we would all meet for dinner later and then go out to a favorite nightclub of the group. As we headed up the path to the car, Tara and I were trailing behind our friends. “Did you see Dancho?” I asked her whispering in her ear. “I don’t know if I should answer that,” she said. “Aw, come on,” I replied.

“Do you really want to know?,” she asked turning to me, and looking me squarely in the eye. “Of course, sweetie!” “When I saw his cock, it took my breath away. I got wet just looking at it. I’ve never seen a cock that size before,” she confessed to me. “It was all I could do not to stare all afternoon—I felt almost as lecherous as you were staring at the girl next to us,” she said playfully jabbing me in the ribs. My mind was racing.

We all met later for dinner at a restaurant with a beautiful patio over looking the sea, as the sun set to the west, the sea turned ever darker shades of blue and a cool breeze drifted across the water. Dancho was there, looking like a model in his dark slacks and white shirt buttoned low on his chest. He sat across from us and over dinner we learned that he was a lawyer and had been at the beech for a couple of weeks unwinding and his vacation was coming to a close this weekend. As we talked with him my wife’s hand settled in my lap under the table and she rubbed my cock gently through the fabric of my pants.

Later we all arrived at the club. The evening was stunning. Across the Black Sea a full moon rose out of the far horizon, moonlight shimmering across the water to where we stood. Behind us the club was spread out along the beach, entirely open to the evening air, the walls and ceilings just billowing fabrics illuminated by deep hues of perfect lighting that changed with the music. The air was filled with the rhythms of ambient and chill music, sensual and perfect for the mood in the club.

Dancho paid little attention to us. We drank, danced a little, laughed with friends and soaked up the ambience of the place. The waitresses were all tall, long legged beauties dressed in tight cropped tank tops and high cut shorts which outlined the V between their thighs perfectly. At some point, while I was paying for a round of drinks and flirting in broken Bulgarian with our waitress I noticed that my wife was not around. No big deal, the bathrooms were around the corner out of sight off of a different patio, and with in a few minutes she was back.

“How are you doing?” I asked. “I love you,” she said as she gave me a sensuous kiss. “This is just the perfect night in the perfect club with the perfect music and the perfect company,” she added her eyes glowing. She leaned close, “I ran into Dancho when I came out of the women’s room” she said. My cock stirred in my pants. “We talked for a few minutes. He’s really a nice guy, “ Tara added. I could barely find words. After a few seconds, I leaned close and whispered to her, “You know what we always talk about. Maybe tonight’s the night and he’s the one…” “Stop,’ she said. “Don’t even think it, its not going to happen.”

As the evening wore on the music got louder and the beat got harder. Some of the female bartenders and waitresses were dancing on the bar and the club was getting wilder. Before I knew who it was, someone dashed by me and vaulted up onto the bar and started dancing with the girls from the club. His body moved in perfect rhythm to the music his hips rolling with the beat. It was Dancho and he was dirty dancing between two girls, their bodies moving in total synchronicity. I turned to look at Tara and she was fixated. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was struggling with something.

“What’s up?” I asked. “You know what you said to me before…” She looked deeply into my eyes. “Are you serious? I mean it,” she said. “Are you really serious?” “Fuck baby,” I said. “Yes, I want it”

She looked at me for a second silently. Then said quietly to me, “I want to ask him back to our hotel. I want to fuck him, Cliff.” “Go for it, baby” I said gently.

The next time Dancho headed for the men’s room, Tara followed a little later. She came back after a few minutes and said nothing. I couldn’t stand it. “So?” I asked. “So I told him what I wanted and he bent down and gave me a deep kiss. And asked me what hotel we were staying in and what room we were in.” “And…” I asked impatiently. “And we’ll see,” she said.

The evening came to an end not too much later. After a day on the beach and a solid day and evening of drinking, everyone decided it was better to head home before the sun came up. We got back to our hotel a little after thre. Dancho had headed off with some of the guys, so I was suspecting a no show. I was feeling a bit disappointed.

We had just gotten back to our room and had not said anything to each other. I sat on the edge of the bed taking off my shoes, while Tara slipped her earings out. She looked delicious in her short black dress and I was surprised Dancho had not taken her up on her invitation. I was lost in thought, when we heard a soft rap on the door. Tara looked at me. “Sit in the chair. Don’t move, “ she commanded me. I stumbled into the chair as my wife turned out all but one light in the room. The knock came again, just a little louder. Tara turned to me, blew me a kiss, and opened the door.

The moment Dancho was in the room Tara bolted the door, grabbed him and shoved him backwards. Tara is about 5’4” and Dancho was easily a couple of inches over 6 feet, but he yielded to her, letting his massive frame lean gracefully back against the wall. She was in control, and she looked up into his eyes as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. His arms were slack at his side. She began to caress his chest, rubbing her hands up and down his firm body and then she leaned into him and licked his nipples. I could see his back arch in the dim light as she gently nibbled and rolled his nipples in her mouth. He reached around her and began to caress her ass. I sat transfixed in the chair staring as my wife slowly worked her way down his stomach one gentle kiss at a time.

Her hands began to undo his belt and pants and she reached inside and began to rub his cock. He was slightly in shadows so I could not clearly see him, but Tara dropped to her knees, slid his pants to the floor, and lifted Danchos cock to her mouth. As his erection grew, I was stunned. He was easily 11 inches long and thick. His cock more than filled Tara’s small hands. My own cock was hard now and I slipped my pants off and began to rub myself as I watched Tara slowly lick Danchos cock.

She took her time. She rubbed his cock on her check, licked the bottom of it slowly, bent to suck his massive balls into her mouth, while she caressed his cock with one hand, and fingered one of his nipples with the other. Dancho was pressing back into the wall, arching his hips toward her. With his hands he slowly twisted her hair, tightening his grip on her head. I could tell Tara loved it. She loved to play rough sometimes. Seeing his cock next to her face I did not think it would be possible for her to take it into her mouth. But it looked so hot to see her licking it, and stroking it. Then as she kissed her way back to the head, she opened her mouth and slipped his cock inside.

I couldn’t believe it. She had it in her mouth. Dancho’s grip tightened and he began gently thrusting into her. “This will spoil it,” I thought. Tara did not like to take a cock too deeply. She gave great head, but she did not deep throat me. I figured she would back away from him. I was stunned to see her lean into him instead. She was like an animal. Her stroke quickened on his cock, and I could see drool dripping from her mouth as she gagged slightly on the deep strokes. She seemed to want as much of his cock as she could get in her mouth. I had never seen her so hungry for cock. Dancho leaned back against the wall, arching his cock into her mouth as she sucked him vigorously. I was breathless in my chair watching what was unfolding in front of me. I could see his legs tense, and new he was a few strokes away from filling Tara’s mouth with cum. She could feel it too, and she pulled away from him. “Not yet,” she said to him rising from the floor. She looked at me, I think to be sure I was still alive, and then turned to Dancho and pulled his mouth to her lips.

As they kissed, Dancho reached around her, pulled her dress up to grab her luscious ass and he lifted her from the floor and carried her to the bed. Before I knew it, he had the delicate straps of her dress off of her shoulders and his face was buried in her neck as he nibbled her neck and ears. She loved that. I knew that she would be absolutely insane with desire, and I could see her body tense under him as he worked her pert breasts free from her bra. One hand massaged her breasts while he kissed the nape of her neck. The hand on my side of the bed slipped down her side and up under her dress. He pressed more deeply into her, spreading her legs with the shear mass of his body. Tara rolled her head back to expose more of her neck to him.

Dancho moved slightly to one side. Away from me. I could see his hand now working into Taras panties his fingers gently rubbing the outer lips of her pussy. Meanwhile his mouth had moved down to her nipples and he was hungrily sucking her breasts. I could see her nipples glistening in the dim light wet and hard from his mouth.

I knew his fingers slipped into her when her body tensed and arched and she grabbed his hair in her hands. In one motion, Dancho lifted her and pulled her panties from her waist. He looked at me for the first time and winked. I nodded hungrily my own cock rigid in my hand. He balled Taras panties and tossed them to me. They were soaking wet, drenched with her sex. I smelled them, inhaling deeply the scent of her desire.

Dancho pulled Tara to the edge of the bed, lifted her legs, and kneeled before her, burying his face in her pussy. His hands pinned her arms to the bed. She squirmed under his tongue, and I heard her say, “Ok fuck…fuck” as he went down on her. He would not let her free. He was much stronger than Tara and as much as she struggled to free her hands, he pinned them harder against her side. Dancho’s tongue was driving her mad. Occasionally he would rise up from her and I could see the tip of his tongue as it traced what I imagined to be crease between her lips. She was in agony, and I watched her shudder and bite her lip as the first orgasm rolled through her body.

His face wet with her, Dancho worked his way back up her body one gentle kiss at a time. As he kissed her shoulders again, Taras face rolled towards me. Her eyes were closed and a look of intense pleasure shined from her face. Dancho let go of her hands, and lifter her back up onto the bed. He pulled Tara’s legs up and spread her knees. As he rose above her I could see his rigid cock tense with his own desire. He kneeled between her legs, rubbing the head of his penis into her waiting pussy. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to see this. I jumped out of the chair, shed the few cloths I still had on, and climbed onto the bed next to my wife.

As I caressed her breasts, I watched Dancho slowly work the huge head of his cock into Terra. I knew her pussy was tight. She has amazing muscles and my average 6 inch cock is milked by her pussy everytime we make love. I could not believe what I was watching. As Dancho began to push his cock ever more slightly into her waiting pussy, Tara grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands against her breasts. I started rubbing her nipples and massaging her breasts more intensely. As I did Danchos massive cock slipped inside my wife and her back arched off the bed. She let out a loud gasp as Dancho pulled back gently and pushed back into her. He obviously knew how to handle his massive cock. He held Tara’s legs up as he slowly inched his cock just a little deeper with each gentle push of his hips. My wife’s pussy was spread wider than I had ever seen it. His cock looked huge in her.

As he began to inch deeper and deeper into her, I could feel Tara reaching for my cock. I kneeled close to her; my legs split around her shoulders and head I let her mouth reach for my cock and my hands massaged her breasts. Her mouth was hot, wet and hungry for my cock. Dancho pressed fully into her now and began to increase his rhythm. Tara was moaning and sighing, “oh fuck, oh fuck…” almost continually as he thrust into her. I struggled to keep my cock in her mouth as her body moved with every thrust of his hips. One hand was tight around my cock pulling me into her mouth as deep as I had ever been, while her other hand held the covers of the bed in a tight not. I looked down at Taras pussy. It seemed with every stroke Dancho’s cock was pulling her vagina a little inside out. God, I thought. She must be so fucking tight on his cock. I looked at Dancho. He had her feet in has hands as he kneeled gently thrusting between her legs with his back arched and his head back. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.

Dancho broke the spell. “I think she needs to taste her cum,” he said pulling out of her and rolling her onto her side. “Your turn,” he said. He was in control now. I traded places with him and slipped into my wife as she lay on her side on the bed. She looked up at me and shook her head in amazement. But before she could say anything, Danchos cock, slick with her cum was in her mouth. Tara’s pussy felt loose around me stretched by Dancho. As I fucked her, I felt like I was rattling around in a loose sock. But with each successive stroke, Tara’s amazing muscles found their tone and I could feel her vagina tightening. The feeling was incredible. My wife had just been fucked by this massive stud, who had left her gaping, and now her pussy was clenching tight around my cock. I had no idea how many times she must have come by now.

Dancho was holding her head, whispering to her. “Taste it, taste your pussy. Lick your cum off my cock, suck my balls, taste your cum on my balls” as he rose up over her allowing her tongue to find his scrotum. “Do you like it, Tara?” he asked her. “Yes,” she moaned. “Fuck yes…” I was struggling not to come.

I think Dancho could tell what was coming. “Cliff,” he said touching my shoulder. “I think she needs something very special. Tara, do you want to feel something very good?” “Yes,” she said in an almost trance like voice. “Get on your knees,” Dancho told her. “Cliff, get under her and let her suck your cock while you lick her pussy.” Tara and I quickly got into a 69 position and I began licking her pussy. The musty smell and flavor of her sex were overwhelming. She was stroking my cock and sucking me lustily. “Good Cliff,” I heard Dancho say. “I want her wet. Get her pussy wet for me…” I pulled Tara down into my mouth and tried to get her as wet as I could.

I felt the weight shift on the bed. Dancho’s hands gently released mine from my wife’s hips, and I felt him lift her up from me. I looked up and there above me was his beautiful cock, slipping into my wife’s pussy again. Tara lifter her mouth from me at that moment, “Fuck! Fuck me!” Her grip was like iron on my cock as Dancho slid his cock deep into her. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I could barely focus. His balls were brushing my face with every stroke. I could smell their sex above me. “Cliff,” Dancho said. “I want to you lick my balls.” I swear I could feel her cum when he said that. Her mouth was on me again, but I had to pull away slightly as I leaned my head back and let my tongue find Dancho’s massive balls. I had never done this before, but I was so turned on by the whole moment that it just seemed like the perfect thing to do. I let my tongue drift all over his balls, and tried to reach the place up behind them. I could feel his thighs around my head, rubbing my ears, and I could feel Tara leaning into the bed with her head next to my leg as Dancho fucked her deeply.

In an instant, Dancho pulled out of her and pressed his cock against my mouth. “Lick it,” he commanded. “Lick your wife’s come off my cock. Do you taste her?” I nodded as I tried to lick as much as I could of her from his cock. The size of it against my tongue was amazing; I wondered how she got it in her mouth. I felt Tara get off of me and turn towards Dancho. She was there with me now, her tongue touching mine, as we both liked his cock. “Roll over,” Tara said to me. So I rolled onto my side facing her. “Suck his cock,” she said holding it in front of my mouth.

I had never sucked a guy before. Once in high school sleeping over at a friend’s house, I woke to find him sucking me, but when he asked me to suck him, I refused. Our friendship was over the next day. Now, there I was with my wife who was drenched with sweat, holding this beautiful big cock in front of me. I hesitated. “Suck it,” Tara said firmly. I obeyed her command. Danchos cock felt huge in my mouth straining my lips. Tara was rubbing my hair and caressing my face as I reached up and began to stroke Dancho the way I had felt Tara stroke me. She slid up Dancho’s body and began to kiss his nipples and his lips, with her hand behind his head. Then she reached down to me, pulled me towards her and bent and gave me a deep and passionate kiss.

She was between us, kneeling, rubbing both of our bodies, as we caressed her. Both Dancho and I were rock hard. I was stunned I had not cum yet, but Dancho and Tara had managed the rhythm perfectly, pausing just before one of the guys was about to cum. Dancho and I began to kiss her, one on either side of her neck, our hands rubbing her ass and breasts. I could feel Tara take my cock in her hand and glanced to see her stroking both of us. In unison Dancho and I moved to her nipples, her head rolling back as we both licked and sucked her.

Dancho helped her lie back on the bed, and we continued to kiss her, each of us following the others lead and moving together over her body. She was writhing under us and rolling her legs open and closed. We both worked our way down her body, and then face to face, with her legs wide under us, Dancho and I licked her pussy, our tongues sometimes touching as we both struggled to reach into her wetness. It was almost like we were locked in a passionate kiss together, except Tara was there between our tongues. She was clenching the sheets with both hands and rocking her hips under us.

Dancho slipped back up the bed and rolled onto his back. Reaching to Tara he pulled her onto his cock. She rode him with such frenzy, I could not believe it was my wife. I alternated between licking her nipples, kissing her, giving her my cock to suck while she moaned and ground her hips into him.

I slipped behind her, and pushed her forward over Dancho so that I could see his cock slip in and out of her pussy. As I reached around her to pinch her nipples and caress her back, she was chanting “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…” again. I watched her pussy intently as a roll of skin seemed to slip from inside her every time she rose up on his cock. Her anus was pulsing with every thrust, and then I remembered it. The lube, we had lube in the drawer next to the bed. We had brought it with us for those moments when she feels extra randy or in case she got a little dry. I grabbed the bottled and squeezed a few drops onto her ass. She shuddered. I began to gently rub her ass with my fingers and Tara slowed down and altered her stroke to push her ass against me.

“Oh god fuck me. Fuck me Cliff!” Tara begged. I could not believe it. All our wildest fantasies were being fulfilled in one night.

I was a little awkward at first. But Dancho helped by pulling Tara down closer to him, kissing her and holding her head close against him. Her ass was arched into the air, his cock stroking slowly and gently into her, I stood above her like a center over the ball, and pressed my cock against Tara’s ass. Dancho slowed and let Tara lift up a bit into me. My cock slipped into her ass.

Tara arched her back. I could see her hands pressing Dancho’s shoulders into the bed, his skin white where her nails dug into him. Dancho began to move and I could feel his cock against mine through the thin membrane of Tara’s body. I followed and moved slowly, gently in my wife’s ass. “Oh fuck, oh my fuck….oh fuck…” She chanted over and over again. “Fuck that’s amazing, that feels so amazing…Fuck!” I couldn’t hold back any longer. The whole sensation, the whole visual of my cock in my wife’s ass, as she arched back with Dancho’s cock buried in her pussy was too much for me and I pumped my cum into. “I’m cumming,” she screamed. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming…!” As I pulled out of her she collapsed onto Dancho, his cock still thick inside her and his hands caressing her glistening back.

As I lay back on the bed, Dancho whispered to her “Tara, I want to fuck your mouth. I want to cum in your mouth.” NO WAY, I thought, NO FUCKIN’ WAY she goes for that. Tara hates cum in her mouth more than anything. That was not going to happen. But as I thought that, Tara slipped off of Dancho’s cock and down between his legs. She took him in her mouth and began to stroke his cock with both hands, twisting expertly as she slid up and down his shaft. Her mouth greedily taking as much as she could, her head bobbing with each stroke.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I was stunned. And with that, Dancho’s body tensed, his legs stiffened, and I watched his cum run from my wifes mouth down his shaft while she continued to lick and suck his cock.

Tara and I had made a deal long ago. If I ever came in her mouth, I had to kiss her and let her share it with me. I had forgotten that until she climbed off of Dancho and over to me, and before I could stop her kissed me deeply her tongue rolling Dancho’s salty sweet cum into my mouth.

I got up to wash my cock and when I came back Dancho and Tara were drifting off to sleep together, caressing each other. Tara motioned for me to slip in behind her and the three of us fell asleep together with Tara between us. I woke once in the night to the sounds of sex and the rhythmic shifting of the bed as Dancho mounted Tara fucking her in the dark. I lay there quietly listening to them fuck for what seemed like hours. At some point, I woke again. Tara was whispering in my ear, “I love you Cliff, I love you so much. Thank you baby.” We kissed in the dark.

When we woke in the morning. Dancho had gone. He left behind a short note, “There are some simple pleasures and moments of free expression that bring full color to life. I will enjoy the memory I share with you both. Remember, love each other. You are one. I am but a moment in your journey together.”

We lay there in the morning light in tight embrace, Tara’s naked body warm against me, the sounds of the street rising to our window. We drifted in and out of sleep together and I wondered if maybe it had just been a dream…

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