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workout partner (couple)

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My wife Tina and I have been playing around for a few years now, she has a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. We go to a gym here in town and we are both in our early 50's and I think in pretty good shape. There is a guy there that is about 20 years younger than us, he and I work out together alot when there, he talks to Tina and flirts with here when we are out and run into him. We use him in our fantasy talk sometimes while we our having sex and Tina has said she thinks he is sexy and attractive. One night while we were out having a few drinks, we ran into our friend, Mark, and I whispered to Tina, "would you like to fuck him?" She smiled and said if I didn't care, she would love to. I told her I was very OK with it and to just follow my lead and we would see what happened.

Mark was flirting with my wife as usual, and finally he excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he came back, I faked that I was talking on my cell phone, after I hung up I went back to Tina and Mark and said that was work and they were calling me in. It was about 10 oclock and I said I really needed to go right there and not take time to take Tina home. I asked Mark if it wasn't too much trouble, would he give Tina a ride home when ever they got ready to leave. He hid it well but I could tell he was very excited at the chance he now had. I said there was no hurry to get home, I wouldn't get home until about 3 or 4 in the morning.

I left and went by the liqour store and got a six pack , then made tracks back to our house. I pulled up behind the barn where I had a good view of our house but my car was hidden from their view. I sat back, popped a beer and started to wait. Finally about 11:30 Mark's car pulled into our driveway, I watched as he abnd Tina got out and headed for the house. As she unlocked the door, he and her were laughing, he smacked her on the ass as they went in. I waited for what seemed like forever with a raging hardon with the thought of what was going on in our house. Finally about 2:30 Mark came out, got in his car and left. I went in with all the excitement of a kid on Christmas. When I got in to the bed room, there was my wife laying there naked, with a beautiful creampie between her legs. I stripped off and told her I wanted all the details as I dipped my finger into her wet, sloppy hole.

Tina started telling me that they dance alot of slow songs at the bar, he held her close and she could feel his bulge through his jeans. When they got to our house and they came in she told him to get them a beer out of the refridgerator while she went and change clothes. She said she got naked and just went back on with her robe and nothing under it. As she walked up to Mark in the kitchen her grabbed her and started to kiss her, they kissed for along time then he told her he had wanted to do that for along time. She told him she had wanted to kiss him also, they kissed again, this time his hand opened up her robe to expose her naked body. He groped her tits as they kissed then her reached down and stuck his fingers into her wet pussy. She said she was so turned on she almost came as soon as his fingers entered her. She took him by the hand and led him to our bedroom. She undid his pants and pulled them down, she said she was very happy to see he had a hard cock about 8 or 9 inched and very thick. Tina said she nelt down and sucked his cock until he exploded into her mouth. She said it was so much it ran out of her mouth and down her chin. He stood her up, wiped her chin with his finger and she licked it off clean. Mark then layed her down on the bed and kissed her tummy then moved down to her pussy. She said he was very good at eating pussy and it didn't take long before she was cuming harder than she had for along time. He then started kissing his way back up until he kissed her lips, she could feel his cock head at the entrance to her pussy. He slowly pushed forward as it started to enter her, she said it felt so good as it went into her, so big , thick asnd hard. He started fucking her slow pulling all the way out and then plunging back deep into her pussy. It didn't take too long until she said she was cuming which sent him over the edge and he shot his hot load into her pussy. Tina said over the next few hours mark fucked her in about every position you could think of, she said she came about six or seven times and he came about 4 or 5 more times. She said she walked him to the door naked as he left and she could feel his cum running out of her pussy and down her legs. Needless to say I was so turned on, I fucked her until the sun came up in the morning and I was drained dry of cum.

Mark has since become Tina's new "special friend" and pays her a visit every time I go out of town or have to "work" late at night or just go out with the boys for the night. He can fuck her all he wants as long as it turns her on and make our sex hotter than ever.

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