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wife finds a new boy toy

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This happen back when we were living in an apartment in the city. Early on a Saturday morning, we went down to the laundry room to wash some clothes. The one closest our apartment had new machines but was full. So we walked down to the old laundry room where they kept a few older machines running.

As we approached the laundry room, we could see through the one small window that there was a kid inside. We stopped and stared! He had his huge dick out and was stroking it back and forth as he waited for his laundry to dry. There was no one else around.

We moved back, and I made some noise before we came inside. He quickly put his dick away, smiled, and said good morning. We went inside and started putting the clothes in the washers. He kept staring at my sexy wife. My wife kept staring at the big bulge in his pants.

He was wearing mesh basketball shorts and obviously didn't have anything on under it! You could see the outline of his huge dick, even the big head, and his swollen balls. It must have been obvious that he knew we saw his huge cock because proudly strutted around. He leaned back against the counter, showing off what he had!

I started the washers as he gathered up his laundry, and went into the apartment right in front of the laundry room. The only window of the laundry room faced the window of his apartment. My wife was staring at his window but the blinds were drawn. A few minutes later, he opened the blinds and you could see right into his bedroom.

He knew she was watching, and stripped off all his clothes, and was walking around naked. He was playing with his big dick again, and soon had it rock hard! The young kid was putting on a show for my wife, and she was loving it. My own dick was now hard as I watched my wife peeking into the window.

Finally, I went over, and knocked on the door. He answered the door. Rock music was playing loud in the back. I told him my wife loved his big dick, and I loved to watch! He smiled from ear to ear! My wife was putting the clothes in the dryer. I told her the deal and we went into the kid's apartment.

I am not a good judge of age but I was not sure if even had a driver's license. He was slender, obviously in good shape, with a tone hairless chest, and a flat stomach. My wife walked over to him and rubbed her hands over his chest and stomach. He played with her tits, and then she guided his fingers inside her hot little pussy. He helped her out of her clothes, and she moaned as she took his big dick in her hands.

My wife played with his big balls. His big dick seemed to get even bigger and harder as she leaned down and kissed, and licked his dick all over! She was taking great pleasure in the opportunity of having such a huge cock to play with. I took out my iphone and started taking some pics and video clips. She sat down on the bed, and took the head of his dick in her mouth. Then she ran her tongue around and around it until it was glistening with her saliva.

My wife ran her mouth up and down the smooth shaft, and soon had it all wet,too. Her head bobbed back and forth as she took more and more of his dick into her mouth and throat. She wanted it all, but it was just too big! I watched my wife suck his dick a long time. Then he let out a big groan, threw his head back, and exploded! She moved her mouth just in time as he spurted thick streams of cum across her tits! He just kept on spurting! My wife held onto his dick, and smiled at me!

To our surprise, his huge dick stayed hard after he stopped cumming! My wife was trembling, and moaning softly, as he positioned himself between her legs. His huge dick was throbbing in the air over her wet pussy! I handed him a condom. H said he was going to fuck my wife good, but he kept fumbling with the condom. It was obvious he never used one before and a virgin. He had unrolled the condom and was trying to pull it over his huge cock. With out touching I was trying to tell him that he needed to roll it back up. Before I could fully explain, my wife said fuck me..... NOW!

And he did! He dropped the condom and pushed his hard dick inside her, He fucked her relentlessly for nearly an hour. I took some pics as he fucked her long and hard! I watched his big dick slip in and out of her! She him move from one position to another. He had no real technique just brute force and stamina. He wound up back on top of her, with her legs up around him, and his big dick driving in and out of her at a furious pace!

His balls bounced up and down on her ass cheeks as he fucked her a long time! The force of his big cock made my wife cum several times over the coarse of their fuck session! He had fucked his way through his refractory period, built up a fresh load of cum, and unleashed his seed into my wife. Again, he just seemed to keep on cumming and cumming. It was something to see!

My wife held onto his ass saying she wanted to fell his huge cock inside of her as long as she could. Finally he went soft and slipped out. My wife did not bother to clean herself up. She slipped on her dress and tossed me her underwear. As we left she announced how we do laundry about this time every week. We to picked up our laundry and headed back up to our apartment. My wife said for the first time, she really enjoyed doing the laundry!

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