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the soap, romantic, shower scene

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Stepping into the shower, she knew it would be about the only alone time she would have in her day. As she started to rinse her hair, she realized that even then she wouldn?t get that. Opening her eyes and clearing the shampoo laced water from them; she knew what she would see. Standing there naked in the 4 person shower with a dopey look on his face he asked in his best ?puppy dog voice;

Need your back washed?

In mock disgust she said; Oh geez, you are incorrigible.

Sorry, character flaw. Is that a yes or no?

Turning away from him to finish getting the soap out of her hair she just grumbled; FINE.

As she continued to purge her hair with her eyes closed she just couldn?t seem to wash out the image of his half erect pole he walked in with. Although he wasn?t doing a very good job at washing her back he was definitely doing a great job massaging it and she felt better now about relenting to his request.

Somewhere in the process of conditioning her hair he lost track of his original offer. It wasn?t her back being washed any more it was her bottom and the back of her thighs. As the water continued to flow over both of them she decided to keep going with it. The conditioner was just starting to cascade down her tiny frame when he pulled in closer to her. Taking advantage of the fact that her arms were up he began to fondle her breast. She realized that not only was the shower starting to steam up so was she. It was as if her tits were arguing who deserved more attention.

That argument ended when he took one in each hand and began to play with her now sensitive nipples. Her eyebrows knitted a bit in pure concentration; she was trying to focus on what she was doing. Left over conditioner always makes for a bad hair day.

The rinse was now making her torso silky smooth and his hands took off on their own exploration of her body. She was holding her own resolve pretty good up until she felt his rigid stick get pressed between her cheeks and his lower abdomen. Intensifying this new turn of event worsened as he began to feel the erect softness of her labia. Leaning back into him and with one hand; she reached around and pulled his lips down onto her shoulder and neck. It was as if each time he nibbled on her a new surge of passion laced venom entered her body. Slowly she began to succumb to this potion and was over taken by it when he inserted his finger inside of her love canal. As she gasped; trying to steady herself, she reached for the soap dish on the wall sending the bar flying across the shower. She decided to find that damn thing later. Every muscle in her seemed to contract at once and he jumped when her glutes squeezed his pecker and wouldn?t let go. Releasing his head and neck from her hand she heard her mind scream.


She was sure she didn?t say that out loud; but, the bench combination self in the corner of the shower beckoned to her and in a fluid motion they both turned to face in unison. She was barely set in her sexual position when she felt him glide into her from behind. Expecting to be pounded like a monkey on a football she was pleasantly surprised that he was swaying and swirling his hips in a way that touched every part of her except 2. And then he touched those 2 spots too.

There was never an official signal with him, she just knew. He pushed into her to his maximum depth and cupping her breasts in each hand firmly he began to fill her with his seed. With her eyes still closed there were little flashes of light in her brain. Tendrils of picky tickles crossed her little form each time he sent another thread of jism into her. It wasn?t an earth moving experience for her but the sensations she was having were enjoyed in their own right.

While he still held her in the aftermath she could feel him soften inside of her and she opened her eyes There it was on the bench.

That damn bar of soap.

jeff g © 2010

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