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the ride

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She had been at the party for hours. The big attraction was the mechanical bull. She had watched men and women climb aboard ride the bull and it looked like fun. She was dying to get on the machine but new that the way she was dressed it was not possible, why did I have to wear a short skirt and no panties she thought.

As the night wore on she envied all of those that climbed onto the mechanical monster and wondered what it would feel like. Once or twice she had noticed that the bull operator had been eyeing her but she shrank back into the crowd.

The bell rang for last call and she was startled as the bull operator placed his hand on her shoulder. ?You want to ride?, he asked. ?Excuse me? was all she could reply. The tall man grinned a slightly evil grin and said, ?Talking about the bull? ?No I cant ?she stammered. ?Look? he said ? I have been watching you watch the bull all night, everybody will be gone soon and I can let you ride?

The crowd finally left and he locked the door, ?right this way lady he said?. She followed him to the bull and wondered if it was the alcohol that was causing her to feel adventurous. ?Climb aboard?, he said, ? I will go easy on you?

She managed to get on the bull and did a respectable job of not exposing herself. She could feel the coolness of the machine on her ass and pussy..this is going to be interesting she thought. ?I?ll start slow? he said. With that he turned on the machine, at first slowly moving it in circles. This is not bad she thought, but suddenly the machine started to dip and rock. The friction on her thighs was uncomfortable but not painful, she actually quite enjoyed the rocking motion. The speed started to increase and she could feel her pussy rubbing on the machine causing her juices to flow?a small gasp escaped her lips and she closed her eyes?suddenly the machine stopped she opened her eyes to see the operator staring at her. ?Rides over let me help you down, he said. She slid slowly off the bull and was embarrassed to see the wet spot left on the machine. As she wondered what would happen the man pressed up against her. She could feel his hardness pressing into her ass. He whispered in her ear, ?enjoy the ride?? Before she could answer he reached around her and massaged her breast as he nibbled her neck. Let?s see just how wet you are, with a quick motion he reached down and started to stroke her damp pussy. Very nice he said as he inserted a finger and started to slowly move it in and out. Almost against her will she moaned and pushed back against his hand. She started to move her ass and felt him raise her skirt above her hips. She gasped as he undid his jeans and she felt his cock slowly enter her from behind. She found herself lying across the bull as he started to stroke in and out. His pounded quicken and she quickly felt herself start to orgasm. As she was the feelings were building in here he suddenly stopped pulled out his cock and there was a resounding slap as he smacked her on the ass. ?you turn to ride? he said.

I roughly spun her around pulled her shirt over her head and pulled her skirt down. He laid on the floor and said, ?Climb on? She slowly did as instructed lowering herself onto his stiff cock, feeling full she slowly rocked back and forth. He reached up and held her hips causing her to be locked onto him..she slowly moved up and down feeling in control as his cock moved in and out. She raced towards orgasm?the feeling building. He reached up and grabbed her nipples sending her over the top. She screamed and her body convulsed as she felt herself come. At that moment she heard a groan and felt his hot cum shoot deep into her?but she could not move feeling the afterglow of orgasm. She looked done and saw their juices running down his thighs. She noticed a smile on his lips, as he looked up and said, ?Rides over darling? With that he stood up and said, ?do come back anytime? he handed her clothes to her and watched as she got dressed. Once she was ready he ushered her to the door, slapped her on the ass and told her to go on home.

One the lonely walk him she wondered how this had happened but smiled as she thought about her ride.

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