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the neighbor needs my help pt4

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If you read parts 1 Thru 3 of (the neighbor needs my help) you already know that I had sex with my friends wife Sandy this story is about some of Sandy and my times together.

The first time we were together we had been at their house had too much to drink and ended up spending the night and swapping Spouses. I had to help Sandy to her bedroom she was pretty wasted. We were already naked from the hot tub so I laid her down on the bed a stood back to get a good look at her it was the first time I had ever seen her naked. I had never really thought about her this way before so this was a sweet treat her tits were smaller then Lynns but with nice nipples. She had her pussy fully shaved and had large dark full lips. She just laid there and smiled but did not say anything I went into the bathroom when I came out she had pulled down the covers she had moved up in the center of the bed with her legs spread wide open rubbing her pussy she looked so fucking hot that all I could do was slip in between her legs and start to eat her she told me she just wanted to feel my cock right now. She said that she had always wanted to see what it would feel like to fuck me and that there would be time for me to eat her later. She was not as tight as Lynn but seem to get a lot wetter much faster. I did not last long because I was so drunk which was ok because we were tired anyway early morning I feel the covers sliding down and her slipping down the bed she starts to stroke my cock and lick the head now I am awake and tell her how good that feels she starts to put it into her mouth and said wow you are so much bigger than Rick. She just takes a little at a time until she has about half of it down her throat. She starts to suck and I reach around her and slip a finger in her cunt from behind she is already slopping wet she blows me a while and then tells me to please fuck her again so I ask her what her favorite position is she tells me she loves to do cowgirl so she gets on top she rides me hard then we both cum together. We can hear talking in the other room so we find are clothes get dressed and go out to the kitchen there is Lynn and Rick drinking coffee. They ask us how we slept they both just smiled we tell them great how about you guys there is just a lot of smiling. Lynn and I leave for home as we drive I ask Lynn how it was. She tells me that they both fell a sleep and when they woke up it was a little weird so they kissed got dressed and went to the kitchen. She told me that they could hear us and she hoped it was good because it was not going to happen again and she did not want to hear anymore about it. (As you know Sandy and I keep seeing each other)

A few weeks later Sandy calls me at my office she tells me that she wants to get together to talk about what happened. I ask her where did she want to meet she tells me to come to her house. I say I will be there at around lunch time when I get there she is wearing her bikini I had seen her in it before but it looked much hotter now we went out by the pool she had made us something to eat. As we talked about what happened she told me that she had wanted to fuck me for some time but was not sure how to get me to do it we finished our lunch she asked if I would like some dessert that she had just the thing just as she reached to pull down my shorts the phone rang she looks at the number it is Rick. She starts talking to him I think this could be fun so I untie her top and start to suck on her nipples she reaches down pulls down my shorts and reaches for my cock with her free hand. Rick tells her he will be home soon they hang up she says shit he was not going to be home until tonight I ask her if I should leave she said not until you have dessert with that she pulls off her bottoms lies back onto one of the pool loungers spreads her legs and says eat up. As I kneel in front of her I get my first good look at her pussy the last time it was dark and my eyes were not working that great she has the biggest darkest lips so I took my fingers spread them started to lick up and down her slit as I got to her clit I noticed that it was much larger then Lynns It was hard just like a tiny dick so I flicked my tongue over it she just about jumped off the lounger I said you must really like that she says very much as I sucked and licked she started to push hard against my face and squeezed my head between her legs as she came I told her I needed to get going back to work so we talked about her meeting me later in the week closer to my work at lunch time for dessert when I got back to work it was hard to think of anything else my phone rings it her she tells me that was so much fun that she went in the house after I left and got her self off again with her favorite toy.

Later that week she called and asked if I could meet her at the park by my work I told her sure that I would be there about noon time. When I got there she was already there I got out of the truck and walked over to her SUV she says hello I see that she has on a short little sun dress we start to kiss which is something that we had not really done before next I open the door push her back across the seats sure enough no panties just one wet pussy so I stick my finger in she says that feels good but I want to take care of you today just like you did me the last time so I let her up she says let me get out you sit here as I get in she pulls down my jeans and underwear she tells me to sit facing out the door she reaches down starts to stroke me then she bends down starts to tongue the head which already is starting to leak precum she then starts to feed my cock into her mouth a little at a time until she stops says I do not think I can take it all I reach behind her head and feed her some more she starts to gag but then it just slid the rest of the way in until my balls where against her lips. No one has ever got the whole cock in their mouth before so I was impressed she started to work it in and out what a feeling my balls start to tingle and I know what is coming next I tell her I am going to cum she says she is not sure if she can take it all but says go ahead she pulls out part way and I start to cum she starts to sallow but there is just to much for her and it spills out of sides of her mouth she takes her fingers and wipes it up and licks them clean I tell her that I need to get back to work so we kiss I can taste myself I pull up my jeans give her a quick finger we kiss goodbye she calls me later and tells me that she has never let Rick cum in her mouth it tasted better then she thought it would.

It was hard the next few weeks each time we were with Sandy and Rick we would try to just get a little feel when possible we were at their house for dinner after we ate they said lets go in the hot tub the kids were all there Lynn said she was going to take them to our house for a sleep over I had my own truck because I came from work so Lynn takes the kids and leaves we always had extra swimsuits that we left there so I changed and joined Sandy and Rick in the tub we had some more drinks before I knew it I had more to drink then I thought and did not think I should drive so I called Lynn and told her I could not drive I asked her if she wanted to come get me or if it was ok for me to stay there she said she needed to stay home because of the kids so for me to spend the night Rick said he had to get up early the next day so he was going to bed I could feel my dick getting hard Sandy and I were sitting talking about what has happened what we each like to do the first thing I asked her is if she likes anal she says that it is a favorite of hers but that she did not think she could take anything as big as me I told her Lynn and I had tried it and she was not able to and that she would not even let me finger her ass now she starts to rub my cock with her foot then she tells me to take off my suit that it will be ok because once Rick is asleep he is out for the night so I slip off my trunks I tell her she needs to get naked also she says wait a little that she would go to check on Rick so we start kissing now this was different she was French kissing and so I did back then she comes over sits in my lap I am sure she can fell my rising cock against her ass I reach for her tits start to pinch her nipples thru her top they are now hard as stones she starts to moan and rotating around on top of my cock I know she can for sure feel how hard I am so I reached down and started to rub her pussy thru her bottoms she says let me go in and check on Rick while she is gone I start to think about what might happen to night when she comes back out she is naked she has a couple of beers for us she climbs back into the tub squats down starting to feed my cock in her pussy it feels like she may have lubed up because it is going all the way in she starts to bounce up and down so I take one of nipples into my mouth I start to bite down softly she starts to moan so I switch nipples she starts to rotate and shove back and forth on my cock which is about to explode she can feel it and says fuck me fuck me fill me with your hot cum the harder I cum the harder she pushes down she just keep cumming so we sit for a while resting talking then she climbs out and tells me to follow her to the pool lounger she asks me if I have ever had a golden shower I told her no that I had heard of them so she tells me to lay on my back I lie down she climbs above me with her sweet pussy right over my face I can see my cum starting to weep out see says open up she grunts and starts to push my cum out its dripping on to my face and in to my mouth I had never really tasted my own cum before then she lowers her pussy onto my face she starts rubbing it all over she then bends forward and takes my cock into her mouth she starts to suck deep so I reach up wet my finger and insert it into her ass she starts wiggling her pussy tighter on my face so I keep pushing in until I have my whole finger in by now she has most of my cock into her mouth so I start to move my finger in and out faster fucking her ass with it she starts to bite softly on my cock knowing I am ready to cum again she starts to cum again all over my face I can hardly breathe so I push her up off my face as I start to cum she pulls my cock out of her mouth some then takes the whole load we go to the pool to rise off then back to the tub to soak it is about 3am but neither one of us wants to stop I tell her that I want to try her ass so we go into the changing room there is a dressing bench so she lies down face first with her legs spread on each side and her sweet brown eye looking right at me so I get down on my knees behind her and start to lick all around her tight little rear door I have a long tongue it works good for tongue fucking as I lick I start darting in deeper now the hole is getting a pool of moisture so I stick my tongue in as far as possible she starts to moan and squirm around so I grab her hips and tell her are you sure you want to try she pushes back so I take that as a yes I start out with one finger she is really tight but I keep working it in she says just go slow I insert a second and start to work them in and out I am soft right now so I walk around in front of her without removing my fingers she takes my dick into her mouth and sucks until I am about half hard she says ok lets try before you get hard so I go back reach down and lube up my fingers from her hot twat and stick two back in rub them around and pull them out then I squat down behind her I start to feed my dick in I work the head in but it will not go she says wait you are just to big we are going to have to get some lube. She says lets try this another time when I can lube up good it is almost sun up so we go in the house we kiss I go into one of the kids room to crash she goes into her bedroom and goes to sleep Later that morning after Rick leaves I feel something wet on my cock and realize its Sandys mouth she says good morning I have a surprise for you just lay here on your back she starts to get me hard then climbs up over me and lowers her body down I think she is going to squat on my cock when feel something warm and slippery I realize that she has lubed her ass and is sitting down onto my cock she works her ass around in circles and pushes down about the same time the head pops thru her tight ring and then she pushes all the way in at once screaming oh yes this is such a different feeling than I would have thought it was so warm and tight now she is really squeezing my cock with her muscles she starts bouncing up and down slowly at first then harder and harder I think to myself I can not hold out very long it just fells to good she is facing away from me so I grab her hips and help her then she lays back on to my chest I reach around squeeze her tits she sits back up she tells me that she wants to switch places I tell her I do not know if I can hold back any longer she says ok fill my ass I can feel cum rising so I pump her full with 5 or 6 hard strokes she climbs off and says that she has never been so filled up before that when Rick fucks her ass it is never that full now it is time for me to get going so she cleans me up a little and I get dressed and head home to get ready for work by the time I get there Lynn has left to take the kids to school so I jump in the shower as I wash my cock it is so sore that I hope Lynn does not want any for a couple of days I get dressed and go to work Sandy calls and tells me that she can hardly sit down she says we have to get together soon that she needs her ass filled again so I tell her sure.

For the next few months are schedules do not allow us to get together but we still see each other when all 4 of us are together they are at our house one night for dinner Sandy tells us that she got a part time job as a representative for a pleasure party company I think to my self this will be awesome all the sex toys in the world to try I sure Lynn could tell something was up because she gave me a nasty look right after Sandy said it her first party was the next weekend she sold a lot of product and really had a good time it seemed like the sex got a little better with Lynn after I had spent the night at Rick and Sandys but I would always wish it was Sandy.

There was a bar near where I worked that after work some of us would stop. On Friday nights they would have lingerie shows. So I stopped with a couple of the guys after we had a couple of beers they said that they needed to get going I had told Sandy about the shows and she said she would like to go sometime so after the guys left I called her and asked what she was doing she said that she had been out naked by the pool and was just going in to take a shower I told her that the show was going and had about an hour to go she told me that she would throw on something and meet me in 15 minutes when she got there she had on her favorite little sun dress without a bra or panties she comes in and sits facing me on a bar stool so I can see her pussy up her dress I tell her that her show is better she hits me and says stop it the next girl came out wearing a sweet little blue lace outfit with nipple cutouts and was crotch less she was just about the same size as Sandy so Sandy says how you think I would look in that I said great tell you what I will buy a bunch of tickets and try to win it sure enough I won it the girl went back and took it off then brought it out and handed it to Sandy well that was the last girl but she told us that they were going to a bar near Rick and Sandys house so we finish our drinks I called Lynn and told her that I was going did she want to come she said no that it was not her thing and that she had Rick and Sandys kids for there for the night so I follow Sandy to the bar which was about 2 blocks from their house but that they had never been to it we get some drinks then find a table to sit at the first girl had on a long lacy type gown but we did not win it the next was a 2 pc foxy little bra and panty set but did not win it either the last girl was tall she had on a top that was short on her and a matching thong I told Sandy I was going to see if I could win it for Lynn but no luck just after the show ended the dancing started now I hate to dance but she dragged me out on to the floor when she pulled me real close I could feel her tits pushing against my chest so I reached behind her and started rubbing her ass as I did I turned her so no one was behind her pulled up the back of her dress and squeezed her ass with both hands what a nice firm bubble butt when the dance was over we had just sat down when in walked Rick she had called him and told him where we were he came over and gave her a big hug then shook my hand he could tell she was naked under her dress she told me later he wanted to know why she did not have any underwear on she told him that she was just fucking horny and was hoping he would get worked up and fuck her later that night well that backfired he got all mad and left I think he knew she did it for me anyway we stayed drank and danced for a while we were both getting pretty drunk when we went out to leave my truck had a flat tire their was no way I could have changed it so she said I will drive you home but when she went to get her keys they were not in her purse Rick must have came and seen us while we were dancing and took her keys I called Lynn and told her about the tire and asked her if she wanted to come get me but she said no I think by now she knew I was trying to fuck Sandy well there was motel right next door that I should have got a room at but we decided to walk back to their house its late now as we walk I have my hand up the back of her dress fingering her ass she is rubbing my bulge thru the front of my pants there is a school on the way she asks me if I have ever fucked on a swing set before I tell her no so we walk over to the swing I pull up her dress up she sits in the swing I take down my pants and underwear she strokes me a while I get between her legs and slip into her as we fuck we talk about how crazy this is that anybody could come by and see us which I think made it far more fun anyway I start to feel that I am going to cum I tell her she says no not in my pussy just in case Rick wants to fuck when I get home so I pull out she turns around and sucks me clean up we walk to their house I ask her do you think it will be ok for me to stay there she says yes that the kids are at your house and Rick is more than likely a sleep anyway we kiss good night I go lay on the couch I took off my pants and shirt but left on my underwear well during the night she walks in comes over to me she is naked she says I need you to eat me so badly I stick my finger in her and she is soaked so she climbs up a straddles my face as I lick her I can tell she is full of cum I ask her what is up she tells me that Rick wanted to fuck but that he did not get her off that he fell asleep as so as he came she tells me to finger her so I put a couple of fingers in she starts to moan so I stick the other 2 in she is really moaning now so I pull them out a stick my thumb in and lube it up and stick it up her ass she cries out that she is cumming and starts to squirt all over me I tell her to take off my underwear and blow me but she says no that she needed to go back to bed I found out later that Rick had watched us from the hallway and that it was his idea.

About 2 weeks later Sandy calls me and says what are you doing for lunch I said nothing she told me to meet her at the park I said ok it was raining when I got there so I got in the SUV with her she had on sweat pants and sweatshirt she says I do not think we have enough room in here lets go to the rest rooms we walk over and go into the womans thinking there will less chance of someone coming in we get undressed I see now that she has on the outfit that we had won it did look fucking hot on her she took off my clothes we put the clothes in the stall she tells me to sit on the toilet she starts giving me a quick blowjob when I am part way hard she turns around sits right down on my cock she was pretty wet so I slide right in as we fuck I play with her nipples thru the outfit we hear someone walking in so we stop and sit there really still well I guess it was to much excitement for Sandy because she starts to cum all over me when we hear the person flush and leave Sandy says I am sorry that she just could not hold back I tell her I thought it was awesome I start fucking her again after I cum in her she stands up my cum is dripping all over so she tells me to move she squats down and lets it go in the toilet I sit back down and she sits in my lap and pushes my still hard cock in I reach behind her and pull her tight to me smashing her tits into me and I tell her how hot that was we kiss for a while and I start to get soft and slip out so we get dressed and walk back to our cars as we near them there is a lady sitting there in her car as we walk by she smiles at us Sandy says do you think she was the one that came in I said I bet she was I told Sandy watch this when we each go to are own cars she will know we were just having a quick fuck as we left I waved at her and she just smiled.

Sandy calls me a few days later and says Rick has to leave tonight for a couple of days could I try to come early the next morning so I tell Lynn I have to start work early the next day so I get up take a shower and head for Sandys she told me that she would leave the front door unlocked so just come in but do not make any noise because the kids would be there I sneak in to her bedroom and find her naked just waiting she gives me a big kiss and tells me that she had a surprise for my birthday the next day and was not sure if I could get away so she wanted to give it to me now she tells me to lay face down on the bed she reaches over to the night stand gets some lube pours it on my ass she takes a finger starts it up my ass she must have remembered that I had told her that I loved anal play then she pulls her finger out I feel her insert some kind of toy in when she has it all the way in she turns it on it was almost like some kind of dill it spins and pounds in and out I can feel myself getting hard she does this for about 10 minutes until I am squirming all over and can not take anymore she starts to laugh and says now you know how my ass felt after you fucked it with your big cock she tells me that this is just one of her new sample toys she gives me a quick blowjob tells me happy birthday but that I need to go because the kids will be up soon.

A few months later Rick and Sandy are at our house and we are all in the game room playing pool when the kids say they want to go in the hot tub so Rick and Lynn say they will go with them and leave Sandy and I by ourselves Sandy has on jeans and a t shirt with no bra I ask her do you want some dick and all she could do was smile so I told her to sit up on the edge of the pool table I slid her jeans down she has on a little red thong so I slide it down to her feet along with her jeans I had on shorts with no underwear so that was easy I climbed between her legs and she put them up around my back and I slipped right in she was so wet it did not take long for us both to cum when we did she pulled her thong and jeans up then turned and licked me clean I pulled up my shorts we went outside Rick and Lynn were in the hot tub with the kids they both had smiles on their faces like they must have been up to something or knew what had happened.

It was a few months later that Sandy called and asked me to meet her for lunch at the park when I got there I was ready for a good fuck but she said I have to talk to you about something I asked what is the matter she starts out to tell me how she is having a hard time thinking about anything but me. I told her me too she says I want more then sex between us she wants to be able to go out together and do other things she says she thinks she is falling in love with me I tell her that I have some feelings about her too but I think it is just the sex making me fell that way I tell her that I am still very much in love with Lynn she says I know that she was still in love with Rick but that it just did not feel as good as being with me she says that we should not be alone by ourselves because it was too hard for her I said if that is what you want then ok.

We never got together alone again and her and Rick divorced soon after that.

About a year before everything started with Joan. We started our own plumbing company. We needed a secretary to help around the office. Lynn had a great job and we did not think we could work together anyway so we called Sandy and Rick daughter Laura who was in collage and was looking for a job Lynn had always thought of her as the girl she never had they had stayed in touch so we hired her to work part time after school in the afternoons now Laura is 22 years old she is almost a splitting image of Sandy at that age Laura looks like she may have a little larger breasts than Sandy did but has that same fiery foxy red hair anyway I talked to her about Sandy once when we were alone she told me that Sandy had married some rich older guy but he was sick or something Laura had gone to live with Rick and did not talk to Sandy much every time I would see Laura dressed in some little thing I would wonder if she would be as much fun as her mom was but then I would think stop it you dirty old man she was like a daughter to you I would do anything for her she even called me uncle Jeff.

One morning I got a call from a woman who said she is having problems with her pipes and could I come see if I could help I told her that I would be there in an hour she gives me the address and hangs up I finish the job I was working on then stopped for lunch when I am working I wear coveralls with nothing under them it feels so good to hang loose anyway I find the address turn up the driveway there is a large house with a guest or pool house off to the side I park walk up to the door and ring the bell when the door opens standing there naked is Sandy she can see the surprise on my face and smiles I said what do we have here she says look here my pipes are leaking right down my legs she had much larger boobs then before and I noticed that she had a cute little patch of red pubic hair along with that her clit was pierced with a ring thru it she tells me get in here before somebody sees her like that she closed the door grabs me and French kisses me I pull her close kiss her back WOW you just never know what any job may bring she tells me that she had talked to Laura and she told her about having my own company she says wait here I will be right back she comes back with a beer for us each she tells me that she married this rich older guy but that he had a stroke a while back and has been bed ridden so having sex was very tough she had tried but it this was not the same then she talked to Laura and thought that she would look me up to see if I was interested in fucking her again as we drank our beers I asked her about her breasts she told me that her husband loved big tits wanted her to have larger ones so she had them enhanced they are now 36DD Wow what a change they looked huge I just wanted to suck them she also said that she had her clit pierced it was something that she always wanted to do but Rick told her no she said that her new husband liked some hair down there she got us another beer and said for me too follow her out to the guest house that is where the problem needed to be fixed as she walked in front of me I noticed that she had a tattoo with an arrow right above her ass crack saying ENTER HERE all I could think about was fucking her in that great ass again when we got to the guest house door she opened it as we walked in there were sex toys and sex stuff everywhere she told me that her husband had bought her the pleasure party company that she had worked for when we were seeing each other there must have been every type of toy anyone could ever want I asked her why this room was set up like this she told me that her husband was a swinger when she meet him and that he got her into swinging it was not like she did not like to have sex anyway I said ok what seems to be leaking she takes my hand shoves it up against her pussy she was soaked I give a little pull on the ring she says here lets go into the bedroom there was a huge bed in the center with straps on all four corners she unzips my coveralls sees that I am naked and says oh hell yes she jumps up on the bed and says please fuck me hard the way you always did I take off my coveralls climb up with her she strokes and sucks me until I am hard she says I sure miss that big hard cock I start to slip my cock in when all of a sudden she starts to cum she starts to scream oh yes fuck me fuck me harder she wraps her legs over my back and tells me to fuck her harder and to fill her with cum she just keep cumming the whole time after we had both came she says I am sorry it has been a long time and it felt so good she says I hope you will be able to work on my pipes more often she shows me around the rest of the house there are some very interesting items I tell her that I need to get going she tells me please come back for more anytime so off I go hopefully I will be able to return some day never know about bad pipes.

A few weeks before Joan I am at the shop it was kind of slow so I was there working on my truck when Laura comes in crying I asked her what is a matter honey she tells me that her boyfriend Jimmy had told her that she was no good in bed and he was done with her I held her I said that he is just a dick anyway I said lets go up to the house and have something cold to drink it was really hot out anyway she was wearing a cutoff t shirt top with tight shorts so when I was holding her I could feel those breasts I was pretty sure she did not have a bra on because I could feel her nipples getting hard when we got to the house I grabbed a beer for me and got her a coke we went out back and sat in the shade of the patio she says Un can I ask you something I said sure what she said that once when her mom and dad were fighting that her mom told her dad that I was the best fuck that she had ever had I just smiled she asked will you teach me how to be good in bed please I can feel myself growing I think I can not it just would not be right but we all know some times we can not stop ourselves when we should so I ask her what do you want to know she tells me that she has tried to give him head but just had a hard time and Jimmy just got mad I told her that I was pretty big that it would not be that easy but she said that she wanted to try I said ok I am going in and take a quick shower because I am all dirty from working you need to stay here until I come back I tell her I will hurry I get in the shower and start to clean up I dropped the bar of soap and when I turn around to get it there she is naked in the shower behind me she is the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen now I have known her since she was a baby but this was too much to resist she had firm breasts with small nipples that were standing tall she also had a full patch of bright red pubic hair her pussy lips were much smaller that Sandys I said to her I told you to wait outside she says I know but I wanted you to fuck me hard like you did my mom she comes over to me and touches my cock which is not even hard yet she says that Jimmy was not even close to that big she kneels down and is trying to put her mouth over the head I tell her to wait until we are done then I will teach her the right way she asks me how I liked her body all I could say was that anybody that did not want to enjoy her must have been pretty dumb I reach down slip my finger up and down her pussy lips as I start to push my finger in she is so very tight so I ask her if she ever had intercourse and she says no then starts crying that she is still a virgin I can only think that when Lynn and I started dating that she was a virgin and it was pretty hard to get my cock into her tight little pussy back then but I guess I will just have to try again. I slip my finger in slowly and she says it hurts a little so I stop and we get out and dry off. We go into the other room and I tell her you know that nobody can ever know about this and she says yes I know she asks what do we do now I lay down on the bed and told her to join me I told her to put her hand around my cock and to just slide up and down slowly at first then to pickup speed I then tell her ok see how you are making it erect now put your mouth on the head now lick and tease it a bit she does and it feels good I tell her now try to put more in your mouth as she does I can tell that her mouth is full already and she has only about half in she starts to slide up and down pulling it all the way to the head and then sliding back down she was doing a great job and I was starting to fell her go deeper each time I could tell I was not going to hold out long so I told her to stop she said what is a matter I told her that I was ready to cum but that I was not sure if she would be able to handle it she says please let me try I told her when you feel it really start to throb pull out a little if you start to gag pull off she says ok and takes my cock back into her mouth well it was not long and I could feel the cum rising so I told her here it comes as the first shot hits her mouth she pushes my cock all the way in and takes all of my cum shot after shot with no problem when I am done she looks up and smiles. Now I think that she was playing me that she has done this before so I tell her ok now it my turn I tell her to lay back and spread her legs wow her pussy was perfect I lick all around her without touching her clit she is pushing her twat into my face so I reach under and slide a finger into her as I kiss her clit she starts bucking and squirming around I start to finger her and she is really wet now so I take my finger and start to rub her G spot and she pulls away and squirts all over the bed she says I have never came like that so I ask her are you really a virgin and she tells me no but I did not want you to think I was a slut I said no honey I would never think that she says that she started masturbating when she was 14 and found out that she could squirt about a year ago by mistake with a vibrator she asks me if I would fuck her I said I am not sure that it would be a good idea but she says please she says that she just wants to feel my big cock buried in her tight little twat I can only think she must be just as wild as her mom you can sure tell that they both have the same genes I think that she must have faking it when she said it hurt in the shower if she thinks she can take my cock she says come on please so I get some K-Y lube and tell her ok suck me until I start to get erect then lube up my cock as she is sucking me I take some lube and rub it all over her slit as I do she is squirming all over so I stick my middle finger in her pussy she sucks a little harder so I slide another finger in she push back against my hand so I slip another finger in and she starts cumming I pull them out and tell her ok it is time I tell her that I will lay on my back and she can lower herself down on to my cock so she can take it a little at a time as she does she tells me oh my god it feels so big when she has about 3 inches in she starts a steady rhythm and thrusts up and down then explodes in a huge orgasm it was like she just opened up slide down until she was all the way in I could feel her muscles contracting around me she was the tightest pussy I had in a long while as she bounced up and down she just kept having orgasm after orgasm there was a splat each time she would bottom out I reached up and started to squeeze her sweet melons in my hands they were so firm I had almost forgot what young breasts felt like I asked her if she liked her nipples sucked hard that her mom loved it and she said that no one have ever done it before so I took her nipple in my mouth and suck hard she screamed that it felt good she was really going at it now and I knew I was going to cum so I asked her where do you want my cum she said fill my pussy when I did cum it was a lot more then I would have thought after all she had just gave me a great blow job not long ago when we were finished she said thanks so very much that now she could tell Jimmy how great it was to fuck a huge cock I told her that she could not say anything ever to anybody she asked if sometime I would teach her to do anal she said that she has had a dildo in her ass but never a real cock we got dressed she was still full of my cum I hoped that she would not leave a wet spot on her shorts we went back out to the shop just as Lynn came home from work she asked how our day was and before I could say anything Laura says just great one of the best I have ever had I learned a lot after Laura left for home Lynn said what was that all about I said oh nothing Laura and I have not been together since but who knows what might come up after all she is one wild nymphomaniac just like her Mom.

Lynn is writing Part 5 Story about her time with Rick.


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