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the encounter

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You spot me from across the parking lot. You smile and I smile back giving you a look as if I'd eat you up. I've told you in messages that I would but all it did was make you curious, left you wondering "will he? Is it as good as he makes it seem?" you pick up the pace was you move towards my car.

You hop in slightly out of breath, not winded just excited we've talked about this day for weeks now mostly in messages but on the phone as well when we could steal moments of free time from our mates at the same time. We kiss nothing passionate just quick peck on the lips but it leaves us both wanting more so I keep it moving and head towards the room I had paid for earlier.

As I park we both look around cautiously before we hop out and head to the 3rd floor. As soon as the elevator door closes I give you a playful slap on the ass and it catches you off guard. I don't even wait for your reaction before you can say anything I grab you and kiss you on your lips again but with more passion to let you know I want this just as much as you do I move towards your neck and kiss you there you push me away just as the door opens and say "don't leave any marks." I smile and reply before you can finish "I know! I won't."

I head to the end of the hall. I unlock the door and you push it open. We rush in both kicking off shoes as we enter I'm fiendin to taste you and I'm trying to get you to the bed quick! As we reach the bed I'm pulling your shirt off, mines is already off leaving me in just my wife beater & jeans. I grab your titties giving a light sqeeze through your black bra then lay you down so I can get those apple bottom jeans off.

I stand over you and watch for a second soaking up the image of you in your black lace thong and matching bra. Final I start again, I turn you over on to your stomach and start kissing from your neck down, as I reach the strap I unhook the bra and slide it off your arms. I continue to kiss my way down with random kiss you don't know when or where the next one will land but every time I do its like you were hit with a bolt of lighting. When I reach your lower back I reach back up and start to massage your shoulders and neck while planting kisses straight down the middle of your back headed to the crack of your ass. I plant one right at the top where your ass starts and stop to slide the panties off.

As soon as there off, without hesitation I lick you from the top of your pussy to the top of your ass crack and you shudder and try to turn over but I won't let you. I spread your legs and spread your cheeks wide and lick you again from from your clit to the top of your ass this time circling my tongue around your ass hole than kiss your ass when I reach the top and come right back down repeating my movements but sucking on your clit this time I pull you up on to your knees and suck on your pussy lips, my face never leaving from between your legs. Your reaching around trying to force my face inside you so I stick my tongue in and circle it around then come back down to your clit and suck and lick it.

I'm alternating from licking your pussy from top to bottom and sucking the clit. I final turn you over and let you lay on your back after you cum all over my face.

Once you get comfortable and take a few deep breaths I lick you from your ass to your clit one more time then start planting kisses up your stomach headed to your titties. I plant a kiss on each one beside your nipples then drop back down and lick you from your belly button back up between your breast. I lick and swirl my tongue around your right nipple then your left.

I work my way up your neck planting kisses up to your earlobe. I suck and nibble on each earlobe then we embrace in a passionate kiss. You grab the back of my head with one hand and pull my body tighter to you with the other hand we continue kissing and rubbing each others body as I pull my pants and boxers off.

As soon as I kick them on the floor you move me between your legs and as you take hold of my dick in your hands you have a look of surprise on your face like its bigger than you thought. You raise your hips and pull me into you at the same time. You want it in you now and you run the head of my dick up and down your slit and as you postion it at your entrance I push forward a little just sticking the head in and I pull out. You are tired of the teasing and you tell me to stop playing and fuck you. I do as I'm told and push all 8 inches into you at one time. It takes your breath away and I give you a second to adjust and catch your breath.

As I feel you settle down I start to move in long slow strokes as you rotate your hips in small circles. I grab your legs and put them over my shoulder and move a little faster as you beg me to fuck you. I start fucking you like you asked me to and I can feel as you begin to cum but I keep going. I turn you over on your hands and knees and start fucking you from behind.

I spread your cheeks open and rub your ass hole with my thumb and slowly slide it in. I continue you fuck you hard and fast as my right hand is resting on the small of your back, with my thumb still in your ass and I slap your ass with my left hand and you begin to cum for the third time.

You cum so hard your legs shake and you can't stay up. I tell you "we're not done yet". I turn you on your side and put your bottom leg between my legs and the top leg I put on my shoulder and give you long slow strokes again. You claw at the covers and telling me how good it feels. Its to much it for me as well and I finally give in and tell you I'm about to cum. You push me off you and began to suck my dick til I cum.

We both sit up and try to catch our breath still unable to talk we just look at each other with a look of satisfaction. I look at the time and see we've been at it for an hour and a half and figure we better get cleaned up. We head to the shower together.

To be continued

By Magnilia98

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