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the dominate female

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well after we have talked on the computer and on the phone we decided that it is time to we pick a place to meet and we both get out of our cars...we both walk around the back of our cars and that is when i tell you to go get a room and so you do...then when we get into the room i start to kiss you and you start to touch my body and i tell you that you can not touch...i tell you to take off your clothes and lay down on the bed spread eagle...then i take your hands and feet and tie them gently to the bed i start to take off my clothes standing at the foot of the bed...i take off my shirt and reveal my black satin bra and then i turn around and unbutton my jeans and start to slide them off my hips when i ask you if you want to see my ass and you respond then i pull them back up and get over top of you on the bed straddling your stomach and ask you if you want to see my pussy and of course you say i get off the side of the bed and i bend over and put my ass towards you and slide my jeans off revealing my black satin i get over top of you on the bed and put my tits in your face with my bra still on and let you smell the sweet smell of my perfume that i have put on that morning...then i straddle your chest and reach back and unhook my bra as i slide my bra off my tits are right there in your i lean over letting you just about touch them with your mouth and then i pull back and not let you even touch i tell you no no not until i tell you that you can suck them...then i will slide up so that i am straddling your face with my pussy over top of your face...with my thong still on and let you smell the sweet smell of my pussy juice that has soaked my thong that has slide between my pussy lips...and you try to pick up your head and i take my hand and push your head back down to the bed...and i tell you that you can not touch it unitl i want you i slide down and put my pussy against your mouth with my thong on and you tell me to take off the thong and i say no just want you to get a taste and smell of my sweet pussy...then i stand up on top of you and slide my thong off to reveal my freshly shaved pussy...and then i take my thong and put it right next to your face so that you can smell it and you tell me that you want to eat my pussy so i make you wait...i go down between your legs laying my body against yours so that my pussy and my ass are facing that you can think about my pussy and how great it must you are trying to get out so that you can touch it and lick it i lean forward and take your cock in my mouth...just licking around the head as i hold it in my hand...popping your head in and out of my mouth...then lick up and down the shaft of your cock...when i get it all wet with one motion i take your whole cock all the way down deep in my throat...making me gag...then i slide my tongue around your cock as i pull it back to the head...then i take it all the way inside my mouth again as you moan with pleasure...then i wrap my lips around my teeth and pull up on the head of your cock as it slides out of my mouth...tugging on the head of your cock as if it is my pussy that is sucking your cock inside tell me to quit or you are going to cum in my mouth and that make me that much more excited so i take your cock out of my mouth and and stroke your cock and take your balls in my mouth mauling them around in my mouth and licking them with the back and front of my tongue...then with my other hand i reach underneath you and start to play with your ass hole gently...making you so excited that you want to dive right in and take my clit and my pussy lips in your mouth and stick your finger in my pussy and your tongue right there licking off the juice but i will not let you i suck on your cock a little faster taking it in and out of my hot wet mouth you beg me to let you loose so that you can get some of my pussy...then you start to try and thrust your hips forward when i take you cock all the way down deep in my throat...i tell you to lay still and that you can not cum until i want it...then when you are about to cum i stop sucking your cock and i straddle your face with my pussy with my feet on the sides of your head and i squat down just far enough that you can smell my juice...that has my pussy so wet that you can see it shining...then i tell you to suck on my clit so i squat down farther toward your face so that you can suck on my clit and you start to stick your tongue inside my pussy and i tell you to just suck on my clit and so you do...then i tell you to put your tongue out as i slide my wet hot pussy down on your tongue and i tell you to lick up all that juice that is about to drip on your face...then you grind your face into my pussy sinking your tongue in my pussy and your nose against my clit...sucking all the pussy juice out of my pussy...then i make you stop...cause i am getting close to cumming and i do not want to cum i untie your hands and feet so that you can turn over while i get on my hands and knees in front of you and tell you to fuck my doggie style but do not you start to slam your hard cock deep inside me as you grab my hips and slam it hard...then as i think you are about to cum i pull away from you and not let you cum and you say what did you do that for i was about to cum and i tell you that i did not want you to cum yet so we switch positons and i lay on my side and your straddle my leg on the bottom and put my other leg over your shoulder and you slam your cock inside my pussy it to me deep...i tell you that you can not cum until i cum so you better make me cum if you want to cum as you are slamming your cock deep inside me giving it to me deep i tell you to fuck me harder and have me so excited that my clit is so hard as i tell you to reach down and play with my clit as you are fucking me...roll it between your fingers and pinch it as it gets harder between your fingers...then as i cum my legs come together and my pussy is squeezing your cock i tell you to pull out and you do...then i tell you to stick your cock in my ass and fuck me until you cum...i want you to cum in my ass i tell once you get your cock all the way inside my ass as it tightens around your cock i tell you to start ramming my cock in my ass as i am laying there on my side still and now with my leg up over your you start to pump hard in and out of my ass i start to pull away from you and you grab me tight and cum in my we both fall on the bed from being exhausted and we lay there holding each other enjoying the moment...well i hope you like this story...

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