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the bosses wifes ass

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Doing the bosses wifes ass

I have worked for my boss for about 15 years. He and I are the same age his wife Joyce is 4 years younger and my wife Jill is 2 years younger. We had kids the same age so we did some things together when they were smaller. Than a few years ago he kind of changed and I could only be around him at work. I would only see his wife a couple times a year after that. About 2 years ago she came by the office and I could see that she had a boob job. She must be a 36D now she had pretty small tits before. Now my wife is a 40D so you know I love tits. Anyway this year at the Christmas dinner she had quite a bit to drink and was standing next to me she keep telling me how much she loved me. I just blew it off thinking she was just drunk then as they were leaving they said lets all go to a bar for some more drinks. As she walked by she reached out and grabbed my cock right thru my pants. I had never really thought that sexually about her before but was now getting hard. Anyway my wife said she was tired so we went home and I fucked her hard thinking it was Joyce. About 5 months later he tells me that they are getting divorced. My wife and I saw her a month later having dinner with some friends. She came up and gave me a big kiss and hug. When she did she shoved her tits against me so hard I could feel her hard nipples. We talked for a while and my wife told her if she needed anything to just call us. About a week later she called us and said that she was having trouble with the pool filter that it would not turn off and could I come look at it or she would have to wait until morning for the pool company. I asked my wife if she wanted to go for a ride and she said that she did not want to get dressed up so to go by myself. I had on a Tank top and shorts with no underwear so I jumped in the car and drove over she had said to come around back that she was trying to stop the water from leaking. I got there and walked around to the back she was in the hot tub and she had set out my favorite beer and a bottle of wine for her. She climbed out and ran up to me and grabbed me around the waist. She was already pretty drunk and almost fell into the pool. I asked what she needed and she told me that she had always wanted to fuck me but was afraid. I told her that I really wanted to see her hot huge tits so she untied her top and tossed it aside. She reached for my shorts and I told her that I wanted to know if the curtains matched the carpet because she has such hot red hair. So she dropped her bottom and sure enough it did even if there was not much. She said ok its time you show me that cock of yours so I dropped my shorts and her mouth just fell open. She said that Jill is one lucky lady. I told her that Jill has a hard time with it but is a real sport. We went over to the lounger and she took my cock in her mouth she could only get part of it in but she just keep on trying until she worked the whole length down her throat she really knows how to work a cock. She starts to suck and I reach around her and slip a finger in her cunt from behind she is already dripping wet. She blows me for a while and then tells me to please eat her. As I kneel in front of her I get my first good look at her pussy she has the biggest darkest lips what a camel toe so I took my fingers and spread them and started to lick up her slit as I got to her clit I noticed how large it was so I flicked my tongue over it and she just about jumped off the lounger as I sucked and licked she started to push against my face and squeezed my head between her legs as she came. I reach up and slowly start to work my finger into her ass she starts wiggling her pussy tighter on my face so I keep pushing in until I have my whole finger in I start to move my finger in and out fucking her ass with it. She starts to squirt all over my face. I can hardly breathe by now. We go to the pool to rise off then back to the tub to soak. I tell her that I want to try her ass. She said that she had never done that before so I told her well I guess it is about time you do. So we go up to her bedroom and she lies down face first with her legs spread and her sweet brown eye looking right at me so I get down on my knees behind her and start to lick all around her tight little rear door. as I lick I start to jab in deeper and deeper now the hole is getting moist so I stick my tongue in as far as possible she starts to moan and squirm around so I grab her hips and tell her are you sure you want to try she pushes back so I take that as a yes. I start out with one finger she is really tight but I keep working it in she says just go slow I insert a second and start to work them in and out. I am soft right now so she sucks me until I am about half hard I say ok lets try before I get too hard so I go back reach down and lube up my fingers from her hot twat and stick two back in rub them around and pull them out then I squat down behind her and start to feed my dick in I work the head in really slow but it will not go she says wait let me find some lube.

I lube her up and she works her ass around in circles and pushes at the same time all of a sudden the head of my cock pops thru her tight little ring then she pushes all the way in at once screaming OMG. Her muscles are squeezing my cock I think to myself I can not hold out long it just fells to good I grab her by the hips I can feel cum rising so I tell her it comes and pump her. She says that she has never been so filled up before and she loved the feeling. She said that we would have to get together again real soon with that she gave me a huge kiss and I left.

I will keep you posted.

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