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the ambulance call part 2

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we are sitting in the ambulance garage...or i should say we are in the office which is just off the tv room in the base...he is sitting at the desk and trying to type out the paper work and we are kissing and rubbing each other as i can still feel his hard cock throbbing in his pants...and he can still feel how wet my pussy i ask him if he wants me to suck his cock giving him another one of those bjs that he loves soo much...he says i get down on my knees and get under the desk and i tell him to keep right on typing up the paperwork so that we can go some where else and finish what we got he is trying to type and having a hard time at that as he is trying to be quiet in case someone walks in to the office...all of a sudden someone does walk in to the garage and we can hear the door slam and we are not sure how much time we have before they come walking in so he turns to the side as to make sure that he has his cock hidden under the desk and i am under the desk still sucking on his cock...that is when our boss walks into the office and he can not see me cause i am under the desk and he looks up at our boss and says hi...trying to act like nothing is happening...he keeps trying to push me away under the desk but i do not let him i just keep sucking on his cock and balls...our boss asks him are you ok and he has to repeat yes i am fine...why do you ask and our boss says well you act like you can not sit still...and then i decided i do not want to get him into trouble or myself for that matter so i stop for a while so that he can finish talking to our soon as the boss walks out of the office i went right back after his cock and he was trying to thrust his hips into my mouth...he reaches under the desk and grabs a handful of hair and pushes my head down on his cock...he then says he is going to cum and so i get up on my knees and lean my head back a little and stroke his cock as it shoots all over my face with some in my mouth and running down my cheeks as he moans a little not to be too loud cause who knows when someone else is going to walk he finishes and i finish cleaning him off i walk out of the office to go to the bathroom to make sure i am cleaned up i bump into our boss...he says where were you a few min ago you look like you been sweating and i said i guess i was busy in the bathroom...then he walks into the office to talk to him again and i go to the bathroom to make sure that i got all the white cum off my face...then i walk back into the office and the boss is standing in there talking to him...we talked about the calls that we had been on that day which was just the one transfer...and told him where we had stopped to eat something...then he said that he better get going and so i asked my partner if he had all the paper work done so that we could take this out to a better that we could really get we both go get into our own vehicles to act like we are both going home and we meet up at a park that is right between both of the towns that we both live in...we go there to a secluded picnic area but on the way i pick up some champagne and some cheese and crackers cause i am sure we are going to work up an appetite...we got there and took a blanket out of my van and took it over to the picnic shelter that was has a few partial sides on it...i laid the blanket down on the picnic table...and he opened the bottle of champagne and poured two glasses...we started to drink and that did not last long when we started kissing and sucking on each others tongues...and our hands were roaming up and down each others bodies...i was rubbing my hand on the outside of his pants and he was squeezing my breasts with his hands...then he took off my shirt and i took off his and he took off my bra and leaned down and started to nibble on my nipples sucking them in his mouth making them hard...then he took his tongue and run it down my stomach and slide my pants off with his hands as he laid me back on the blanket and pulled my pants and thong off...i pulled my knees up and he was licking and sucking on my clit taking two fingers and sliding them in and out of my wet pussy and licking his fingers off...then i said it was my turn so i made him stand up and i took off his pants and bent him over the picnic table and started to lick his ass hole and then i got out the toys and he said he did not knwo that i brought my toys...i put some warming KY jelly on the end of my fingers and started rubbing them over the head of his cock and down the shaft and over his balls as i was taking my tongue and running it around his asshole...then i took my finger and put some more ky on it and inserted it into his asshole...just far enough i could see it on his face that that was the right spot...then i laid down over the picnic table and he took a small vib out of the toys and put some ky on it and inserted it in my he did that he took his cock and started to fuck my did not take long with the two of them and i was screaming with excitement...and when i was about to cum he pulled out and i cum as hard as i have ever cum before squirting hot cum out of my pussy all over the blanket...then i told him to get up on the picnic table and straddle my stomach as i was laying on the picnic table and put some ky on his cock and put his cock between my i squeezed my tits together on his cock and sucked on the head as it came thru my tits i told him when he got ready to cum i wanted a he slide his cock in and out of my tits feeling it getting hotter every stroke...then he pulled back and started to stroke his cock as i moved a little farther under his cock and balls...i was playing with his balls when here it cum all the white thick cum shooting all over my face running down his cock and hand as i leaned up and licked his hand where it was running...he leaned his cock down and i licked it clean as he was taking his fingers and rubbing it off my face and into my mouth licking and sucking his fingers and his cock clean...let me know how you like it...babe

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