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sweet revenge

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my husnand and I were in the lifestyle several years mostly couples few house parties for the most part. Our son then moved back home with his child, his wife had left him as was best for all to move home. His wife had started cheating on him and really had no intertest in a child holding her down. She would pick up our grandson on rare occassion always with a guy in the car driving her but was always night time so we never could see him and figured atleast mom was visiting her son.

Now our son has a clue as to our lifestyle just dont ask and dont tell around our house. One afternoon mom stops to get her son thinking i was not around and I see a young black man driving her to pick up son. My son explain that she was into younger black men. I said yea and that young black boy would do an older white lady in a heart beat. My son had that look in his eye as if to say that would be interesting as if i could pull that one off.

I told son to make arrangements for her to pick up their son while he knows she at work and force the new boy friend to do it. He asured his ex wife everyone knows and its not a problem if he picks up son. First time he picks up son i am wearing nice bra good cleavge with my top and a skirt looking as good as i can being that i am a bigger lady at 5'6 225 lbs 42dd. The bait was set.

Now with full permission from hubby the next time was going to be even better. The next time we arranged for him to pick u the grandson, made sure my son had him gone for several hours. As he pulls i up call hubby so he can call back in 5 mins. I let him in and says son should be back in a few mins he can wait if he wants. I am wearing a robe over a sheer night gown hair wet like i just got out of shower, excused my appearance as just got out of shower. He said be no problem waiting since he had nothing to do this afternoon. I offer him a cold beer since it was after 12 and was warm outisde, off course he accepted the offer. As I get our beers make sure robe opens a bit while bending over to get them. Now on que a few minutes later hubby calls and I pretend its my son and act confused and say he here to get his son now. I explain that he thought his ex was coming after work to get thier son and wont be home till after 5:00.

As we drink the beer I say I am having another he is more then welcome to another as well. Now the thought of a lady fresh out of the shower wearng a robe that showing a sexy night gown under is enough to keep his interest and he says sure. As we drink the cold beers I stand up reach on higher shelf for a bowl as robe comes open, I then ask if he can reach the snacks on the top shelf, as he walks over he has good view now and grabs some pretzels for our beer. making small talk, saying how son took job to serious and his wife must hve gotten bored, his dad same way all work and no play at home, hardly even notices me. Now he chimes up saying he is wrong that I am one sexy lady. Pointing to my body well thanks but I wear this (showing night gown) he woulod not appreciate it or me as being sexy. I say my ex daughter in law is lucky to have a man that appreciates her..

I grab two more beers without asking him and reach around from behind setting it on table letting him feel my body rub against his as i say thanks for the compliment and say but not many men are interested in a mid 50's lady.He says I am wrong that there is nothing wrong with me as my robe is completely open sheer black night gown with black thong. He says for example how many ladies your age wear thongs,I act embarased by you seeing and say you like that do you? He says yea and that night gown get any man hard. I ask why does it have you hard? He says yea as i say that i would like to see as i walk over towards him and say well? ith that he stands up and i reach for his shorts and feel him from the outside, yes you are hard and very nice. As i reached for his shorts his hands were on my tits rubbing my nipples harder. Then he leans down kisses the back of my neck which drives me crazy. With the kiss of intent, I reach into his pants and feel a cock like no other cock before rubbing him even harder. He slides my robe off standing me up and then lift night gown off. Not to be out done, I strip his shorts off and drop to me knees with his huge cock standing straight out at my face, one hand on the shaft other hand rubbing his balls. I work his thick cock down my throat till my lips met my hand at the bottom of his cock and then started sucking and jerking avery inch I could get at first. He put his hands on the back of my head as i was deep throating his 9inches still rubbing his balls my other hand goes to his ass holding him firmly in my mouth as i sucked him. Being forced as i held him firm got me going so good I just kept sucking him best i could at times gagging a bit as I did. I could feel him tense up and knew he was about to blow his load. Knowing my performance today would set the tone for another time I just took him deep and gulped with every thrust of his cum not to miss any of it and to impress him. Rubbing one tit I just kept licking and sucking the haad of this gorgous black cock keeping him hard as he helped me to my feet righ up on the kitchen table legs spread ass on edge of table his cock inches from my shaved pussy. As he stood over me looking down at me I say its all his if he wants it. With that he slid his hard cock into me holding my legs against his chest as he slowly worked his black cock deeper into me. As his pace picked up so did my reaction begging him to fuck me harder. He held my les and kept pounding me occassionally reaching up alternating between rubbing my clit and to tease a nipple much to my pleasure on both. when he reached back for my clit i knew this was the time i was about to squirt, letting my juices flow all over his stomach causing him to explode as well. As he filled me good he then moved my ass further on the table and grabbed a plate and slide it under my ass to collect his cum dripping from me, then lifting me up right and to his surprise i took a couple fingers picking up some cum and licking my fingers clean. I thanked him as i walked to bedroom to get dressed and call hubby to bring our son and grandson home now as they had been at lunch waiting for my call. Walking back I asked if he would be picking up our grandson more often and with a smile he says for sure.

I was totally hooked on this young guy and new found foundness for blkack men as well. Would not be long before i knew i could take him from my ex daughter in law for good.


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