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step sis

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i thought i would share this with you. My parnets divorce and a while late my dad remarrier. She move in and she had a daughter couple years older them me.She was hot and we all got along great. She head a steady boy friend and i think she keep him happy. But then they broke up and a few months went by. Now i had a girl friend and we got along really well. So dad n step mom went away for the week end. So just the 2 of us home. We both went out and was partying on our owen. At the end of the night i tried to talk my gf to come spend the night with me. She been teasing me all night. But she wouldn't come home, So i ended up going home horny and feeling good. i laid down on the couch to watch tv, I ended up dose off. Just so you know, I'm a very heavy sleep and hard to wake me up. Everybody know this at home. So later i hear someone tell me time to go to bed and shaking me. In my head i thought it was my gf and she change her mind. So turn over and telling her okay i reach up and found her leg. Was her inner leg i found. So laying there i thought i would tease her and slide my hand up rubbing her pussy threw her jeans. I did this for a bit, then she pulled back . As she did this i open my eye's to see my step sis walking out of the room. DAM i was just rubbing my step sis pussy. I was suprise i didn't get slap up for it, So i laid there thinking how hot that was. About 15 minutes went by and i heard foot step come back . I thought she come back to yell at me, so i shut my eyes pretending to be asleep. Didnt want to get into this. I heard her some close to me and then nothen but her heavy breathing. Now a bit nervous i peek out. She standing there staring at me. But now she wear her mid thigh nitey. I'm wondering what she doing, So i keep peeking at her and pretending still a sleep. Then she move close again. She reach down and slowly shaking me and softly telling me time to go to bed. Dam she not mad. So i'm think, can i rub her leg again. So i let my hand up again, making sure i grab her inner thigh again. She didn't move. So i gently rub her bare leg. She didn't move or say a word. So know I'm thinking with my cock,So i got brave and move up as i rub, yes all way up to her pussy again, She had on some panties and they where wet as i rub her. She didn't stop me, so i keep playing with her pussy. Its getting wetter as i do. Wow its been awhile for her i thinking. So still thinking with my cock i decide to try for more and see where i could go with this. So now i say, hmmm Im glad you came back Pam, (my gf). and keep rubbing, She didn't move. So then i start to tell her how wet she is. Still dont do nothen. So now i get braver and say yes its time for bed, i stood up and slip my arm around her pulling her to me, Her ass now against my hard cock as i cup her firm titties . Telling her how horny she had me. I nibble on he neck as i rub her titties and nip getting hard. I got her nite open enought to slide hand in and playing with her tit. Her breathing got heavy but she didnt stop me.So i play more.Now i'm about going nutts over what happening. So i got brave and slide other hand down and under her nite finding her hot pussy. But now i move panties out fo way and go for her pussy. Im finger her pussy and its getting hotter and wet. She doing some soft moaning now. Slowly im telling her she one hot bitch. She letting me play away.So now i need more then this.So i stop to get my jeans down. As i did this she turn to see what i was up to. My pants went down as she was turning. So pulled her to me, pulling her tight. Kissing and rubbing her ass. So then i told her she had me horny, and slowly pushing her down. To my surprise she went down, I push her face to my cock, Then she pulled my boxer down and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck away. Dam she was good and really going at it. i cant believe i got my step sis sucking my cock. i started to fuck her face and she was going right after. I was about to cum and went to pull out. But she lock on to it sucking for all she could. Dam i blew my load and she was sucking even harder. Swallowing it all. Then she stood up. i pulled her to me, pulling her nite up as i did. i bent over sucking her boob into my mouth and rubbing her ass, . her nipple where rock hard as i suck. I step forward and pushing her back onto the couch. As we went down onto the couch i was working down her belly sucking and nibbling. Pushing her panties down as i went. Now i push the all the way off and my head has found that hot wet pussy. Buied my face into it as i lick and suck her steamy pussy. She holding my head fucking my face as i work it. She cumming now all over, making her pussy even wetter and hotter. i couldnt take it anymore, and slide up on top of her. My hard cock again finding her hot wet pussy. Im working my cock into her pussy when she telling be i need a rubber, I cant stop for that, i keep pushing forward going deeper. She stop trying to pull away.letting me go deeper. Now she slip her legs around me and pulling me to her.So much for the rubber. So know im pounding her pussy and she fucking me back as hard as im fuckng her. She moaning louder now as i fuck her hard and deeper,. She starting to cum again and i can't hold back anymore, I blow my load putting it into my hot step sis. She taken all she can. I roll of exhausted. She wore me out. Then she give me a. kiss and slip off the couch and slip of to her room. Dam did this just happen. i slowl sit up and see her panties sitll on the floor. i pick them up and they are soaking wet, Smelling them i said to myself , yep thats her

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