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step bro part 5

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HI Judy here back to share more of my wild crazy stuff. If you read my other story you know I ended up fucking my step bro Jim and things keep getting pretty wild with him, He is well built and a horny guy, which really works out nice for me. He has got me into some really wild stuff. With all his fooling around, I even ended up fucking his dad with out knowing it after a wild wedding. I'm divorce and went along time with our sex until Jim started to fuck me. Now I'm really have to have it lol Well after the wedding night and Jim got back from cleaning the hall , he pick up his dad and they headed for home. I was still shock about fucking his dad but I didn't plan on it and it just happen. But he wasn't bad for a old fuck lol. But with all this wild stuff I thought I better behave myself before I got into to much trouble. So some time went by with out any sex and boy did I know it. I really need some action but I hate the ideal of going out and try to pick some up. So I just tried to live with it until Jim come back. Was doing good until the day I got home from work and a van was sitting in my drive. I pulled up and got out to see who van it was. As I got closer I notice it was a repair van and I was hoping it was to fix my broken dryer. As I got up to it I notice a guy looking black man sitting in the driver seat, When he seen me he rolled the window down and ask me if I had a broken dryer, I told him I did and was glad to see him. So he open the door and said he get his tools and take a look at it. When he got out I notice hall well built and solid he was. He had on a tank top and his arms where as big as my waist. He was all man. I like what I saw. So he grab his tools and started to follow me into the house. As we approach the house I could see him in the window behind me , he look like he was checking me out from behind. Made me feel good, but started to turn me on too. Its had been a couple week with no fun lol. I was in a skirt and blouse from work. once in the house I notice he checking me out some more. So I showed him my dryer and he started to check it out. So I decide to change my clothes and relax some. So I went up to my room and strip down to change, As I was getting out some shorts to wear I walk pass a full length mirror, I stop to check myself out and notice my nipple where getting a bit point, I slowly pinch them and thought to myself I guess they like my service man lol. As I look in it I thought about how long it been with out any fun. So I said to myself why not have a bit of fun tease him. So I pulled out my short short, that they call daisy dukes and a v neck T shirt I have that fits me very snuggly. Looking back into the mirror I notice my nipple showed really nicely. Now for you that don't know what daisy duke shorts are, they are really short and don't cover a lot. Which was just fine for me today. So off I went to see how my repair man was doing. When he look up and seen me come, I could tell he like my new out fit. How did I know , he was staring at my chest as I talk to him lol. he forgot all about working and started to chat with me. So I went over and sat at a table across from him.. With my legs pointing to him he now notice how short my short where. he forgot about my chest. I chatted with him but acted like I didn't notice him stare at me. But I keep a eye on him out of the corner of my eye. I notice he pant's getting a bulge in them. It look like a nice bulge too. I notice he trying to make adjustments to it hoping I wouldn't notice it. But I could help but to notice it. I notice my nipple getting quite hard and sticking out under my T shirt. But I all so knew my pussy was getting wetter and hotter as we play a tease game. he was stare but he keep acting as a gentle man. But now I getting hornier each minute. Then the phone rang and I had to go answer it. So I had to go into the living room, and he couldn't see me. I tweak my nipple so find them really hard and pointy. I pick up phone it was one of my gf, so I sat down to chat a bit. But as I chat I was thinking of my repairman. I slowly slide a hand up my legs to the top of my thighs . I found myself slowly rub my pussy threw my shorts, Now I getting really wet. So I slide one finger under my shorts to find one hot wet pussy. I didn't have any panties on and found it very easy to finger my pussy getting it hotter and hotter. I glance torge the doorway and on the far wall was a mirror. I could see him in it staring at me on the couch, He could see me playing with myself. But I couldn't stop and keep finger myself. He move to see better but just watch me. So now im loving it, just giving him a show. So I work my pussy some and then move up and play with my tittys as I chatted on the phone with my gf. Now im getting horny as hell, So I sat the phone down and pull my T shirt off letting my 36c tittys do have some fresh air. I went back to chatting with gf and playing with my nipple. I notice him moving so he can even get a better look. I mirror was just low enough that I notice he was rubbing his crotch as he watch. Oh yeas he like my little show. So I got a bit braver and slowly slide hand down my stomach to my short. I started to play with the button on them and a couple minutes later the button pop open. So I slow unzip them a ways and slide my hand inside my shorts. Slowly rubbing myself. My pussy grew on fire as I played and keeping one eye on him. But it was getting to be to much, so I finish unzipping them and slide my hand back in, now working my pussy and playing with my clit. With my legs spread apart and playing with my pussy my shorts where getting wet. Then I notice that he move enough that I could see that his pants where undone and he had his cock up stroke it. From what I could see he had a lot to stroke. Now I knew I need more then my finger as I eye his stroking. So I decide to go for it. I quickly reach down and pulled my short down and off and laying back spreading my legs even wider went back to finger my pussy. So now I nake laying on couch talking to gf and playing with myself as a strange black repairman played with himself and watch me. I would never had dreamed that I would do something like this but here im doing it. I guess he got braver or couldn't take it anymore, But he close his pants up quick and step around the corner asking me a question as he came into the room. But I didn't stop I just keep playing laid out on the couch naked as he walk in. He smile and keep walking to me. I just smile as he came closer. then still smiling he side down on his knee's and pulled me around on the couch, buried his face into my wet pussy. I'm still trying to talk to my gf and he lashing my pussy with his tongue getting me wetter . I was having trouble talking so I told her I had to go. But I have call waiting and as I went to hang up, it beep and when I click it,it switch over to other call. I could hear my mother voice on the other ended. Dam he im nake on my couch being eaten my a strange man and my mom on the phone. Now you don't hang up on my mom lol. So I have to talk to her and he hear's me say mom. so now he know im talking to my mom as he eating my pussy. He look's up with a smile and pulls my ass closer to the edge of the couch. So now my pussy at the edge and reach down and undo his pants pushing them down. As he do's this his cock spring out and I see its rock hard . pointing into the air. He grab his cock and kneels close, rubbing his cock head against my hot wet pussy.Now with its head all wet he leans in and shove his cock against my pussy, popping the head inside. Then holding his cock in one hand and his other pulling me, he shove deeper into me with ever thrust. I doing all I can not to scream out with excitement as he starts to fuck me there on the couch. Im not talking to good with my mom and moaning from his fucking me. She telling me that I need to come out to her house for our birthday party. We are 2 days apart and celebrate together. She talk birthday part and I'm in birthday suit getting fuck while talking to her. She ask me why I was making funny noise and I told her I had a Charlie horse and my leg hurt. So now he got his cock deep into me fucking me long and hard pounding my pussy. Finial I said good bye to mom and drop the phone. As I did I found myself scream out (fuck me) loud as I could. So now I wrap my legs around him pull him to me as I push my pussy to his hard ramming cock. Then as I was Cummings he slam deep into me pumping his black seed into my pussy. AS he finish he pulled his cock out with juice pouring out of my pussy. He slowed stood up , telling me that he had to go because he was late already. I was slide on couch, so that my couch wouldn't get anymore wet. He says he got to get clean up before he left. I pointed to the bathroom. But he laugh and said he didn't need it. That's when he grab my hair and pull my head to his cock. Tell me that I can clean it. Shove his cock into my face telling me to clean it. With my hair wrap in his hand and his shove my head I ended up taken his cock into my mouth. Holding my head he telling me to clean it up good. Now I never suck a guys cock after he fuck me, so now im sucking my own pussy juice off his cock, taste my own pussy as I did. He holding my head shove my around telling me to clean him good. But as im sucking and licking him his cock get harder and harder, He pulled my head off his cock telling me he got to go. But looking at his cock he say, now looking what the little white slut did. then holding my head he told me to open up and fix my problem. He shove his cock into my mouth holding my head and start to fuck my face. Telling me to suck harder as he pounds away. As im sucking he, he telling me im a good cock sucker. Then holding my head he shove deeper down my throat telling me that he about to cum and to suck him dry. then he started to blow his load and so much coming im all most choke on it as he shove his cock deep. When he finish he pulls out and smile and says that I was a good girl. He starts to put his clothes back together telling me he had to get going. I bent down to get my clothes and grab my hand and told me I could get them later,and told me to help him get his stuff around. Pulling me after him. So now I helping him pick up his tools still naked. I was putting some stuff in his bag when he walk up behind me, wrapping his arm around me. One hand on boob and one hand to my pussy. Pulling me to him, he telling me how he like my titties and pussy. Then he let me go telling me to grab the bag that I had. so I pick it up and he slide his arm around my waist telling me to carry it for him. So I got the bag walking him to the door. I stop at the door and went to hand him the bag. He smile still holding me at the waist and pulled me threw the door telling me that I can put it in his truck. Now he one big black man and I'm still naked walking to his truck in broad day light. But he keep firm hold of me walking and kinda dragging me to his truck. When we got to the truck I drop his tools in the truck. That's when he pulled me around pulling me to him, pressing my naked boobs and pussy against him. Pulling me to him , he telling me to take good care of my pussy because he planned on coming back for some more when he has more time. But as he said this he hand slide down and couple my ass and squeeze it. That when I felt a finger poke my ass and he smile and said take care of this too because when I come back im fucking this took .That when he shove his finger into my ass , saying that it would be one tight fuck and lol. Then he let me go, telling me to get to the house before I catch a cold. I ran like hell hoping no one saw me lol

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