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step bro - dad tag along part 4

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Hi I'm back to share more of my nutty sex life. If you read my other one's you know I ended up fucking my step bro and after that we got really into the wild fucking and crazy sex. But it got even more crazy down the road. If you remember Jim step bro, live a ways away so there would be time in between our play time. I got use to the wild sex and would miss all the action, So when he did come back I was more then ready to fuck.

Well he had went back to his place and it was over 3 months before he came back. But he came back for a family wedding. So all our family was around. Including my mom and step dad. So we all meet at the wedding and Jim was going to stay over that night at my place. We had a great time at the wedding drinking and dance. I dress in one of my short dress that show a lot of legs but not to much, Didn't want mom getting to mad at me lol. So I tease Jim some during the day to make sure he was horny later. Well my grandmother started to feel a bit sick, so my mom ended up taken her home. But she left my step dad there and told him he could party and come home with Jim . Then my mom ask me if he could stay at my house along with Jim. What could I say but yes.

So there went all my wild sex for the night. At least that's what I thought. So we ended up partying late and the three of us head back to my place to pass out. I knew Jim was horny as hell but his dad was there .So Jim took the couch and gave his dad my spare bedroom. So being late I just headed to my room and got undress and hit the sack. I don't know how much time went by but I woke up to some arm wrapping around me and a mouth sucking on my boobs. I jump at first and then I heard Jim say shhs that I mite wake his dad. So now Jim is sucking my boobs and slide his hand to my pussy. As long as it has been my pussy was more then ready to play. So wasn't long and it was hot and wet. After a bit Jim slide down kissing his way to my pussy, Then he bury his face into it licking and sucking it. I love my pussy eaten and now it really hot and fucking his face. I caught myself moaning as he lashed my pussy. I was getting close to cumming and Jim must of known it because he stop eaten my and slide up on top of me guiding his cock to my pussy as he did. Now he as horny as me and slamming his cock to me and I shove my pussy up to take more of him. As Jim slamming it to me, he got one hand playing with one of my boobs as the other one pulling me to him. He playing hard with my titty tweaking and pulling on it as he fuck me.This did hurt but it made me even horny then possible. I was so fucking hot, I couldn't stop moaning and groaning as he fuck me. Jim shove his mouth over mine to try to keep me quite and stop making so much noise. As he slam into me, I even bit his lip trying to be quiet. But now im close to cumming and my bed a rocking and rolling as we keep fucking. Then I started to cum, and Jim started to fuck me harder drive deep to catch up with me. Then He started to blow and I could feel him pumping his juice into me, making me cum even harder. We where a lot more noise then we had plan on. But as Jim finish cumming he feel on top of me trying to catch our breath. But just then we heard a bump in the hall and someone going into the bathroom. Dam I had to be his dad.We set there whispering wondering if he heard us.So Jim said he was planning on fucking me a couple time but he better sneak back to the couch before his dad came out of the bathroom. So he slip out and headed back to the couch. Couple minutes later I heard the bathroom door open and close and someone heading down the hall. I breath I sense of relief because I figured he most not of heard us. I could've fuck some more but I knew we couldn't take another chance of getting caught. It took me a bit but I feel back asleep feeling good. I don't know how much time past but I woke up again feeling some one nibble on my back and hands playing with my boobs again. I went to roll over, but as I rolled he held onto me rolling me on top. Holding me on top and still playing with my boobs he was nibbling now on my neck and his hard cock press against my ass. I slap his hand telling im to quit because his dad all most caught us last time. He didn't say a word but keep holding me on top of him. He keep playing my boobs as he slide the other hand down over my stomach and to my pussy. He slide a finger in between my legs slowly rubbing my outer pussy. As you know now my pussy getting hot and wet. As I'm telling him to quit before his dad catch's us I started to spread my legs. Well that when he really started to work my pussy. Playing with my clit and finger me more. So I just spread my legs more to let him play some more. As I squirm from the playing I could feel his hard cock against my ass getting harder as he played. Now im moaning again as he keep playing and nibbling on my neck. So now im hot as before and wanting to fuck. I tried to roll over but he held on and keep playing. I whisper to him to let me roll over so I could ride his cock. But he keep hold of me and we both rolled over with me face down on the bed and him on top of me pressing his hard cock against my ass. For a minute I thought he was going to fuck me in the ass. But the he started to slide down and up off me as he did. But as he did this he was pulling my hip up so that I was ending up on my knee's. Holding onto my hips his cock was in between my legs rubbing my pussy. I pussy was getting all excited now from all the playing. He work my legs apart more , grabbing his cock rubbing it against my pussy lips. Then with a quick thrust he pop the head into my pussy. I'm more then ready so now im pushing my pussy back to his cock as he thrust more of his cock into me . With that 3 month dry spell I was wanting to fuck more then ever. Now he got it buried in me and fucking me with full thrust. I'm slamming back moan yes as he do's. He reach around my leg and reach around fingering my clit as he fuck me and pulling me too him. That was enough to make me start to cum again, I could feel my juice running down my legs as he kept pounding my pussy. Then I felt him starting to cum. As he started he pulled me to him drive as deep as he could, and his cock pumping his seed deep into my pussy. Then we both feel forward. After a minute, he took his hand and brush my hair off my neck and nibble on the back of my neck. Then he started to suck really hard on my neck. I told him to quick or I would have a hickey . I could feel him giggle as he suck harder and harder. then he stop and I could hear a small giggle as he jump off me. As he jump up he slap my on the ass. and slide out of the room still hearing a faint giggle. Feeling my neck I just knew there had to be a hickey there. Well with to good fuck and what I had drank at the wedding I feel back to sleep. pretty easy.

When I woke up , I put on my bath robe and headed for the shower. I thought they where still sleeping but I notice dirty towels all over and a mess. So I just took my shower. as I wash my neck I felt where he suck on my neck. So when I got out I look and sure enough there was one really big hickey on my neck. Dam him! Well if I keep my hair down . no one should be able to see it. So I finish drying and put my robe on and headed out. As I came out I seen my step dad sitting at the table drinking coffee. I told him I was going to get dress and then I would fix some breakfast for him and Jim. He yelled back no hurry because Jim went back to the wedding hall to help clean up. So I yelled back I will be back after I get dress. When I got to my room I notice my bed was one big mess and smelled of hot wild sex. So I decided to pull the sheet and make up the bed, I threw the dirty sheet by the door as I put on new sheets. Then I heard my step dad ask if I need help. He scared me and I jump. When I turn around he had the dirty sheet in his hands and ask me if I wanted him to throw them in the dirty clothes. I knew he could smell them. So I said no I would get them, He smiled and said he got them. So not to push the issue I said okay. I just finish the bed and told him I would be out in a minute as I needed to get dress first. he just smile and said no hurry. Then he ask me if I slept okay and if I had a hang over. I told him I slept okay and no hang over. Then make sure I notice he was smelling the sheets he said yea you must of been pretty tired and slept pretty good. I said yea I did, Then with a smile he ask me how long has Jim been fucking you! I ask him what the hell you talking about? He just smile and said he heard us going at it when he went to the bathroom and he was in the hall when Jim sneak out. So now I know he really did know. Dam, We where caught and no way out. So I told him it just happen by accident , and we just had to much to drink. He smile and said would your mom believe that lol. I look at him and ask him if she really had to know about it. He laugh and said no she didn't have to know, and we don't have to tell Jim that he knew. Great so know I'm the only one that know he knows. So now he just stare at me and I don't know what to do. He turns into a smile and said it most of been one hot fuck with all the moaning I was doing. My face most of turn really red because he just laugh at me. then he said don't get embarrass, Your one hot bitch by the sound of it and you should enjoy it. I didn't say nothing to his comment. then he ask me when was I going to fix bleakest. OH I will as soon as I get dress. he smiled and said go ahead that he could wait. So I said go ahead and put some coffee on and ill get dress. I turned to get my clothes out. But when I turn he was still there. I look at him and said I would be right out. He just smile and said he could wait. Then smiling he ask me if I had a hickey on my neck from last night. With out thinking I went to cover it with hair. But it was cover. He smile at me and said by the way you just acted it most of turned into a hickey. Dam he most of came back when Jim came back and heard us talking. Then he reach out and flip my hair and said boy that is one big dark hickey. then he said that he was sorry and that he didn't mean to make it so big or dark and not to let Jim see it. My eye most of pop and mouth feel open. Smiling at me, he said yea the second round was me. That when he heard Me and Jim fucking it just got him to horny to sleep. The more he thought about it and remember by body made it worst. Then he told me he was outside my door when Jim said he wanted to fu ck me some more but had to leave before he came out of the bathroom. So then he went to check on Jim later to find him snoring heavy. That he could take it any more so he came in, hoping that I would think it was Jim coming back for seconds. When I slap his hand and told him to stop before waking his dad, I knew you thought it was Jim and I had to go for it. Dam girl you are one hot horny bitch. So now it going threw my head that my step dad that fucking my mother, fuck me last night. I guess he could read my mind because he smile and said im not telling your mom and smile. Then still smile, he said I guess he wasn't to bad for being a old man, by the way I was moaning and cumming. Not know what to say and letting what happen sink it, I just stood there. Then really quick he reach out and pulled on my robe sash and my robe fell open. He smile and said Wow it looks even better in the day light. Then I grab it and pull it close again. He laught and said no need to get embarrass because he has seen and had it all already. Now Jim standing there wondering what to do and how to get out of this mess. I notice he was pulling off his T shirt and reach down and unbutton his pants. I ask him what he thinking he doing, He smile and said I know what under that robe and that your one hot horny bitch and that he knew I need some more. That when he drop his pants and he had on no shorts. His cock was rock hard and he was stepping out of his pants. He look down at his cock and said not bad for a old man. As I stare at his cock he step forward and took my hand. He slowly lead to torge the bed. Then taking my hands and pulling them apart he push me back onto the bed. As I land on the bed still sitting my robe open again. He smile and slowly knelt down. telling me to lay back and relax that he been die to taste my bald pussy. He pushing my robe open as he push my legs apart. slowly running his tongue up my inner thighs. All I could think of is this guy kneeing in front of me naked was fucking and sucking on my moms pussy. Then his tongue hit my pussy and sent a shock threw my whole body. I found myself spreading my legs more for him. I heard him giggle again and saying that I was one hot horny little bitch. Then he went to work on my pussy licking and probing with his tongue. Wasn't long and I was getting wet and moaning again. I all most felt like he taught Jim how to eat pussy because he was great at it too. I was close to cumming when he stop and stood up and laid down on the bed on his back. Smile at me, He said last night you wanted to ride this cock . so take that robe off and climb on. I stood up and slide the robe off. Slowly straddling him I climb on top, grabbing his cock as I did. I slowly rub his cock against my pussy lips as I move over him. Looking at his smiling face I slowly push down onto his cock sliding it into my pussy. Slowly pushing down more taken more as I went. He still smile and say, dam girl you have one hot tight pussy there, Now he pushing up to meet me, Pushing deep as we go. Now im riding him for all I can and he fucking right back to me. Im back to moaning and groaning as he fuck me. I'm getting close to cumming, when I we hear Jim truck pulling in. Dam I'm so close and here he coming in. That's when his dad pulled me down and rolled on top of me. Now he slamming harder into me fucking me faster then ever. We can hear Jim talking to someone as we pound harder and harder. I'm starting to cum and getting louder as I do. His dad slap his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet and he keep pounding his cock into me. Then he started to blow his load into me, slamming and pounding deeper each time. As he was slowly finishing we heard Jim coming in. So he jump up pulling his cock out, its still semi hard dripping all over. He grabs his clothes and turns and looks at me with a smile. Dam girl I just got to find a time and place so I can really fuck you and see how good you can suck this cock, as he grab it and wave it at me. Then he ran out. I just laid there for a bit, wondering what the hell did I just do, knowing I just fuck a man that been fucking my mom.

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