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i thought i would share this with you, I know it may have been wrong but it just kinda snow ball on me. My parents all was had a good sex life. I;ve heard them so many time playing, mom a bit noisy in her play, if you know what i mean. Plus ive walk into some play time i wasn't suppose to. So i know they both love sex. Well my dad pass away and it just left me and my mom. She didnt go out much or date. So i know her sex life went down hill. But I've heard her viberator working over time. A couple years had passed by and we just went day by day. Then it got to be summer time and hot out. Well i sleep in my birthday suit all the time. I had woke up and really had to go. Think mom asleep i just headed down to the bathroom. I just walk in when i notice mom was there and just out of shower and dry herself. She jump in surprise but notice it was me. Now what you dont know when young i would get up and use bathroom, fix thing to eat , watch tv and not know it. I guess i was a sleep walker. So not to feel stupid i just walk over and went took my pee. Figure she think i was sleep walking again, She most of because she just stood the quiet waiting for me to get down. She had covder with her towel but i got a pretty good look at her before she did, Now she is still one hot woman, But she was watching me as i pee. So then i turn and went back to my room. Wasn't long and i heard my mom in her room and her viberator working hard. I could hear her moaning as she play. Now im horny as hell and know she saw me and now she playing made me really turn on. It was along night. But next day i acted as nothen happen, but i did notice mom stare a bit more at me.

Well her birthday came up and she went out with her gf to party. I stayed home and watch tv. Well it got late and she did some drinking, I was laid out on couch in my shorts and fell asleep. She went to wake me up. Shaking me and telling me bed time. Before i new what i was doing, i reach up and padded her ass and mumble something like i would be right with her and call her honey. Now i do have a gf and we do play and mom knows this. After i did that, i heard her giggle a bit and she said okay honey, and she went off to bed. Now I'm awake enought to know what just happen. Dam i patted my mom ass and called her honey. She most have thought i was sleep walking again. I laid there for a bit think about her and her hot body. I got rock hard and makeing a tent in my shorts. So i got up and headed to my room. I notice her door wasn't all way shut, so i did peek in. her clothers where all over the floor and she was in bed with a sheet covering her. But it didnt hide her body shape. I could hear her sleeping and knew she had a few drinks. now with my hard cock , and blodd to it didnt help my thinking. So i did step in to get a better peek. i got close enought to get a better look, Dam she is hot. my cock was not about to go down. She was on her side faceing away from me. So being stupid i decide to pull sheet some to get a peek. so gentle i pull i down and looking at her hot back side. But then she started to turn over a bit. i was going to get caugth. Dam she catching me peeking at her. So with out thinking i just said it me honey comeing to bed. and acted like i was climbing into bed. She just kinda giggle and said okay and roll back over. Dam what now. So with no blood in my head i decide to slide in and lay becide her, hoping to get a better look or maybe a feel. She didnt do or saying anything. So now im really get turn on laying beside her. Thinking it would be cool to lay naked by my naked mom i decide to sleep off my shorts. So now we are both naked and im still rock hard. so after abit i thought i should let my cock touch her body. so i slowly roll over facing her back sid. i slowly move forward , untill my cock touch her. dam her body felt hot too. She didnt move so i got braver and started to press it against her back side. but she most of notice because i heard her sleeping noise stop. dam what should i do now. So to play it off i decide to go with the flow. and went with the ideal i was in bed with my gf. So i roll over tight to her and slide my arm around her and snuggle up to her, As i did i said you feel good to night honey. She froze for a minute and didnt say a word. So now my hard cock press tight to her ass and my arm wrap around her. i guess she didnt know what to do or say. But she didnt do nothen, Dam i cant believe this is happening. So after a minute or so i started to snuggle better with her, but i slide my hand up and cupping to boob in my hand as i nibbel on her neck, saying she was so hot. She tense up but didnt take my hand off her boob. Dam she letting me hold it. i kiss and nibble her neck as i was, So now braver i started to play with it and play with her nipple. The nipple is getting harder and her breath a bit heavier. This went on for a few minute. This was getting me more turn on and braver.i decide i had to try something, So gentel pulling her over onto her back ,and sliding down. i slip my mouth down to her other boob and started to suck it into my mouth. She jump a bit but didnt stop me. So now im sucking one boob and playing with the other. I could smell the booze so i figure she had enought to let me do this. Now their booth hard nipple and im sucking and playing all i can, Her breathing getting more heavy but she wasnt stop me. So now i decide i should suck the other boob too, Which let me rest that hand on her stomach as i suck on it. So i working both boobs now and rubbing her tummy. This was going so well i decide i had to go for more. so i stayed sucking on boobs but my hand travel south. She pulled her legs tight to geather but i found her patch of pussy hair. so i started to rub and playing in her pussy hair. her body was tense as i play and her leg tight togeather. But as i play i keep trying to slide one finger down as i rub. This went on for a bit and her breath still heavy as i played. Then she seem to relax and not so tense. then i felt her leg part a bit. Wow now my finger found her clit and it was swollen up and had. When i found it i heard her moaning a bit lounder , i had to work deeper and working down i found one hot wet pussy. But i couldn't play with it to well. So now im getting braver or stupider, i took my hand to inside her thigh. pulling her legs apart more. She let me do it and then i really started to finger her hot wet pussy. dam it was getting wet. Now she is moaning even louder as i played with her. but to my surprise she spread her legs even wider and started to hump to my hand as i played. Now im starting to hear the noise from my pass as my mom was moaning louder. I know she getting up there and i wanted to keep this going. So slide down fast i slide between her leg buried my face into her pussy. .she jump a bit but then spread her legs wider to let me suck and llick her better. Now she pulling my head to her pussy as she grinded it into my face. So i slide my arm around her legs pulling her pussy to me as i suck hard. I could tell by the noise she was about to cum. So holding her harder and working her pussy, She started to cum and bounce all over as she did. But i had her lock to my face, licking her as she was cumming. Then she feel back, i think she all most pass out on me. So now she laying there her legs spread wide and her pussy drip hot and wet. I didnt know how far she would go but my cock was hard and ready to go.So licking my way up , i slide ontop of her . Her pussy so wet and my cock so hard , it didnt take much for it to find her pussy. Push and work to get it in before she stop me.. her body went tense but she didnt try to stop me. About 3 good push's i had my cock buired into my mom pussy. I started to fuck her long and hard. her moan came back to life. i felt her legs wrap around my ass and she started to fuck me back. So now where both fucking hard and fast and she yelling fuck me. So i did. Wasn't to long and i felt my load building and ready to blow. so pushing harder and deeper as i start to blow my load. Dam i pumping my load into my mom pussy, dam i cant beleive it. Her pussy is milkng my cock as i do. She was cumming again as i was and pushing up hard to meet my cock. We both fell exhaust, and i cant believe i just fuck her.

the bed was soak and both wore out. I lean over and went to give her a kiss. She open her mouth and shove her tongue into my mouth french kiss me. then she pulled off and said you taste like pussy. lol i bet i did, So i got up to clean up. When i came back her door was shut and lock. Dam i gues we done, So i went to bed. When i got up she was up doing wash. She acted like nothen happen and so did i. But she did have a move lively step in her . She was bent over sorting her clothes in her shorts. As i look at that ass infront of me, i wonder if i would ever get to fuck that again. I DID. TELL YOU LATER

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