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road head on the unit, a rite of pssage

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Sex on the unit is strictly prohibited, and ever since those two lesbians had gotten caught eating each others pussy out the boss had installed cameras in every unit. The tricky thing about the cameras, were that they were only activated when the unit reached a certain speed, the lights and sirens were activated or the boss felt like being a nosey bastard. There were two cameras one that pointed towards the street and the other pointing to the back of the unit. I had soon discovered that the one pointed towards the back had blind spots and if you opened the supply cabinet it was totally blocked. This information was useful because tonight the new girl and I were going on an out of town run. She was fresh out of emt school young and hot as hell. All the guys had been oggling her hoping to be the one to catch her eye.

The unit was checked off and we were ready to roll, a two hour trip starting at 11 hundred, to the other side of Jackson to pick up a patient and bring them back to the University hospital. It would be an easy run since she was in stable condition and sedated.

Sherry looked hot in her new uniform, ?So do you need anything before we get started?? I asked her this cause I wanted to stop at the local store and pick up a few of what I hoped would be necessary items. Leaving the store we began our trip, it was dark and not much traffic on the lonely highway. I began the conversation ?So sherry, you seeing anyone?? she gave a slight grin, ?No one but you right now.? So the banter had begun and it was going in my favor. ?Your new to riding on the unit, you know everyone has to have sex in the unit at least once, it is a right of passage.? I hoped my bluff would work. ?Really? oh my god we would get caught.? She was pretending to be surprised. Pointing to the camera, I informed her of the blind spots and how it was activated, trying to set her mind at ease.

We had a few hours drive time and I had brought my portable dvd player. ?Want to watch a movie on the way down? She didn?t know I had brought a little soft porn to try to get her in the mood. ?Sure what did you bring? Debbie does Dallas?? ?Well ya sort of, you pick something out.? Soon the whole unit sounded like a triple X movie theater.

Reaching down to stroke my dick it didn?t take long for it to get hard. She tried not to notice at first but then became increasingly interested in my shenanigans. ?See he is all ready and waiting for you, ever gave road head?? I asked her. ?Well not in a unit.? If you get down on your knees between the two seats no one will ever see, I assured her.

Being new to this company and the joy of riding around with hot young paramedics was one of the perks to her employment, so she began to contemplate. Scruntching down in her seat she moved the mound of paper work and was kneeling beside him.

Awesome this was going to happen my dick became rock hard at the prospect. Setting the cruise control I lifted the arm, took my seatbelt off and pushed the seat back to give her a little more room. She undid my belt, and I pulled my dick out for her to see. ?Damn dude your ready for this aren?t you?? all I could do was smile I didn?t trust myself to speak. Looking up at the camera she warned me to keep the speed limit under control. I was more worried about keeping my load under control but I assured her I would. She put her mouth around the head of my dick and began to lick it in swirling motions, I made it jump for her and she giggled. ?Sorry but he has a life of his own.? I said smiling. She then began to suck my dick giving me the best road head I had ever had. I was trying to concentrate on my speed, speed of the unit and my orgasm. Uh oh careful darling there are some bumps ahead, she slowed but her tooth still raked the side of my dick, but what the hell I will hurt tomorrow and not worry about it today. With her hand stroking the base and her mouth moving in rhythmic motions it wasn?t but a few more miles when I felt that delightful tremor in my gut. ?Oh baby, I?m fixing to cum? tensing my legs a little I thought she would stop and just finish stroking me with her hand while I shot my wad on the steering wheel, but to my surprised she kept going and I came in her mouth she swallowed every drop, well except for that little bit on her chin.

?So how was that cowboy, had enough road head for the moment?? My legs were shaking and I was still speechless with what I knew was a stupid grin on my face. ?Great, damn girl you really did know what to do.? She had managed to get back to her seat without a problem. The movie was still playing and at a spot where the lead man was eating his woman?s pussy her moans vibrated the entire unit ?I bought you something back at the truck stop? I told her and handed her a small brown paper bag. ?Can you guess what?s in it?? she shook the bag and tried to feel of the contents. ?Nope, what is it?? ?Go ahead and open it.? It was a small pocket vibrator with two new batteries. As she opened it and realized what it was a big smile spread across her face. ?And just what shall I do with this?? but she knew exactly what to do.

Keeping her pants on, teasing me, knowing I wanted a glimpse of her pussy. She placed the vibrator on the outside of her bvd?s and started moving the vibrator over her clit. It did not take long before her hand was in her pants and then she stopped. ?What?s wrong?? I asked ?Nervous? ?Np just not comfortable? she then stated to unbutton her pant and pulled them down to her knees revealing a cute pair of hot pink panties with little hearts on them. Pulling her panties aside and slipping the vibrator down into her underwear she propped her legs up on the dash and began running the vibrator over her clit, soon she was moaning and on the verge of her moment when she stopped again. ?What?s wrong now?? I asked not wanting her to stop.

She looked over at me and toward the road ahead, ?I think there is a rest stop a couple of miles up, you think we could stop there for a minute?? Kind of knowing what she had in mind I sped up a little. Once we pulled in I parked off to the side so there would not be so much traffic. ?Lets get in the back.? Pulling up her pants she got out of the unit and went to the back, of course I followed like a little puppy.

Once I got in the back she had already opened the supply cabinet to block the camera and was stretched out naked on the stretcher. Locking the door behind me I pulled off my bvd?s and crawled up between her legs. Her pussy was already wet and primed by the time I had started sucking her clit. Not just a licking but actually pulling into my mouth and flicking the tip with my tongue, and once again she was on the verge of cumming. That?s when she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to her. My dick was already hard again and it slid easily into her. With her right leg up on the cabinet and the left on the floor we managed a good position and I began stroking my penis in her she pushed the vibrator down between her legs. As she started to cum this time I knew she was not going to stop so I kept my rhythm up strong and hard strokes until I felt her pussy contract and grab hold of me, she was cumming this time with such force that she let out a guttural cry of pure ecstasy. Slowing my rhythm down I also began to cum again pulling my dick all the way out and back in to stimulate the head. ?Shiiiiit I?m cumming? not that I really had to tell her. ?Pull out and cum on me I want to watch, switching from the laying position to my knees I blew my load all over her taunt stomach. ?Ahhhhh Ahhhh? I voiced as each additional spasm raked through my body. As I was finally though and totally spent she reached down with her finger, scooped a little bit of my juice and took it up to her awaiting lips. With a smile she inquired ?Got milk?? We both started laughing. We cleaned up our mess and got back in the front seats to continue our journey. The movie was stopped and the conversation switched back to normal stuff of who is doing what, how things were in class ect. Like nothing unusual had just happened.

Our patient was picked up dropped off and two hours later we were pulling back into base. Gathering our supplies we went into the office, noticing the schedule she looked over at me, ?There is another midnight shift open next week end, need a partner?? Moaning in feigned disappointment ?What another late nighter, yea ok sign me up.? See ya next week. Neither of us giving his slightest hint to the other crew members or dispatch, that our next ride together was going to be just as good as this one.

Once in my car a big smile spread across my face ?damn I love my job!!!!?

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