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riding the bus

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Dear lord was I ever horny that morning.  First few days into summer vacation so the wife was still sleeping in so no chance with her before I left for work, and tons of kids over and in and out of our house so we had no chance at night either.  To top it off I had been getting alot more sun and working our more because I was busy volunteering in the community which has me losing about 10 pounds in the last week. My balls were pretty much aching they were so full. AND I could not even take care of myself because my right hand was in a cast and well, it just dont feel the same using ol lefty. Heck I never even wore underwear that morning because there were kidlets over sleeping on the couch and all my clean underwear  were in a basket near the couch.


  So there I was, horny as hell, free ballin it and waiting for a bus downtown after getting off my inbound to downtown bus. At 8 inches I am not terribly huge, but more then enough to please most women. I know most of the regulars at my bus stop BUT there was a new girl there today.  About 5' 5" normally, but she was wearing at least a 3 inch heel which perfectly stretched her legs out, and she was wearing a pair of stonewashed perfectly tight jeans. Good lord was she hot. ( who am I kidding, Roseanne bar would have looked hot to me in the condition I was in ).


So the whole 10 minutes I am waiting for my bus I am staring at this awesomely tight ass. I am thinking about licking it, tonguing it, biting it, slapping it, fucking the hell right out of it in general.  I am very seriously hard. I barely even notice the bus pull up until I see her walking towards the bus and look up and notice it is mine. I cover my erection and go to get on right behind her. I enhale deeply. She smells wonderful, just soap and a slight smell of sweat since its so hot out right now. I am not sure how, but my cock got even harder. There is only one empty set of seats on the bus so she sits down first and I sit down  right beside her. I place the paper in my lap and sit there trying to control my thoughts. The bus  gets even fuller, filling up the aisle so I scoot over a bit more, my right side brushing up against her slightly. Her skin felt sooo soft.  Shivers went down my spine and I went all goosebumply. And I noticed.. so did she. She spoke up and said.  Are you done with that.  I looked at her, said.. excuse me? She said. the paper.  I was wondering if you were done and would mind me reading it.  Totally not even thinking about my raging hardon I said no problem at all!.  Picked it up and handed it to her.


I thought I heard a little gasp and looked over just as she was averting her eyes quickly and started reading the paper, turning bright red. I looked down.. oh god! My cock was snaked down my right leg, very obviously hard and straining against my jeans, pulling upwards and pretty much showing off for all that cared to see. I totally forgot about it after she actually talked to me. I swallowed hard and tried to ignore the fact I was turning red to. The heat of the bus and jostling back and forth of people eventually got my mind off of sex and thankfully I was mostly soft by time I get off the bus.  My companies office is in an industrial area where most people get off around 7am, by time I am there at 9am hardly anyone ever gets off besides a couple of other guys who are running late. So I stepped off the bus and stopped to turn as I usually do and BAM... knocked over on my ass by this same woman getting off right behind me.  Oh christ could this get any more embarrassing? 


Shit I said.  sorry. no one else usually gets off here. She laughed and offered me her hand and said.  oh god are you okay?!? I was busy reading the paper so I never even looked.  Odd enough that someone else got off at the stop with me, but a woman too?  I said.. no problem. I said, see you around and started crossing the street.. she was crossing too.  And down the three blocks to the next street.. which she walked to... I was starting to wonder what the heck when as I turned she said. Which way is 1373?  I said. umm . well follow me, thats where I work..  She laughed and said. oh.. do you work for triumph parts?  I said no.. the business below it, do you work for triumph?

She said. yeah, first day, but I interviewed downtown so I have never been here before. We got to talking I told her my name was Jack, hers was Jan.


Well I went home and fucked the hell right out of my wife that night. She came about 30 times and I came at least 4. It was awesome.  The days rolled by into weeks, Jan and I struck up a real good bus riding relationship and I had plenty of thoughts about her as I continually ravaged my wife each night. Almost a month later Jan said on the bus.. YAY!! its my one month anniversary tomorrow.  I congratulated her and said. We should do lunch!. She said. Sure.. tomorrow?  I said, yeah  I will drive so that we can drive at lunch.  So the next day. I drove in and then when it was lunch time, she called down and said. Lets GO!. I said okay lets meet out by my van.. its the green one.


I went out to wait.  I saw her come out the door and my jaw damn near dropped off my face. I thought she looked sexy in pants.. today she was wearing a lite summer dress that came about to her knees. She had an absolutely gorgeous tan on her nice firm calves and I could not help but imagine myself with those wrapped over my shoulders pulling my face into her pussy. The neckline of her dress plunged deep, showing an ample amount of cleavage and that the tan was definitely up there to. She had her hair done up in a pony tail and was smiling larger then ever.  As she opened the door and slid in, I couldn't help but hope to catch a glimpse of her panties.. I did not, but I sure got a good look at her inner thigh (tanned as well). I looked her up and down and said. Nice! She said. thanks. I hope my man likes it enough later. I hope things go well. I said, well if he is any kind of man, that will certainly help. She just smiled at me.  I said, so whats with the huge smile walking up.


She said. Well I just got a 25% raise at my one month review and my boss gave me the afternoon off!


I said. FANTASTIC! This calls for more then just pizza. Lets head out for some steak and a drink!. She agreed and we drove over a better place in the city. I called my office and let them know I would not be back in today. We walked into the steakhouse and it was still packed from the lunch rush. The owner's kid was on my kids baseball team so he said... well I have one place left, but its in VIP area, we have no one coming in that I know of so we can put you there, but you have to promise to move if someone does come in.  We said sure no problem!.


The VIP area was just that.. a closed off area with one huge table with a large wrap around booth with some extremely opulent finishings all leather and hardwood and an insanely huge table cloth that covered everything and reached to the floor.


We both got in opposite sides and quickly realized that was not doable as there was over 8 feet of space between us.  We moved closer to the middle so that we were about a foot apart. We ordered a bottle of wine and some steaks and we said our cheers and such.. the first bottle of wine went down way too easily and we had ordered another before the steaks even arrived. We we obviously both starting to feel a little tipsy. She looked at me and said.. can I ask you something?


I said, anything at all Jan, I am an open book to you. She said... that first day we met and I asked for your paper, why was your cock so hard. I choked on my wine sputtering a little. And said.. ahh. umm you noticed that and remember eh? She said, kind of difficult not to notice something so big and she trailed off realizing what she just said.   I said, well to be honest.  Its because I was thinking of eating your ass and then fucking it. It just looked so damn beautiful wrapped in those jeans. She shivered and goosebumps spread out over her skin. I continued. I went home that night and fucked my wife so hard that she wouldn't let me touch her for three days. She gulped down the rest of her wine. She bit her lip and said. Yeah.. when I got home that night I threw my husband on the bed and gave him a blowjob, let him recover and then rode him for a couple of hours..  It was my turn to gulp. I was staring at her when the waitress walked up and said, how is everything?  I stammered everything is great, thanks. As the waitress walked away. Jan said.  Can I see it? I let out a slow breath and said sure, but um.. just see. I started to undo my pants. She said. no.. let me.


She slid under the table cloth out of view and in a moment or two I could feel her hands carressing my cock through the pants, teasing it squeezing it.  I felt the button undo, the zipper slowly pull down. She reached in and pulled my throbbing cock out, slowly stroking it up and down. I groaned..oh shit.. thats umm a little more then see. Thoughts were going through my head. I was pretty sure this counted as cheating.  She said, well if you want me to stop just tell me to stop and I will.  I leaned back and little and forced my butt forward a little. Trying to tell her to stop when the owner walked up and said. Hey Dean, Hows everything.? I stammered broken from a trance and said.  Its freakin awesome back here. The food and wine were excellent. He asked where my friend was and I said "the powder room" and he just smiled and laughed and said yeah.. if guys at to hit the head as much as women nothing would ever get done in the world. I laughed at little and agreed... almost like it was punishment Jan wrapped her lips around my cock and flicked her tongue all over the head.  It was all I could do to not moan out load right there.


He said okay well talk to you later and as he was walking away Jan went into overdrive. She kept the tongue dance going on my cock head while sucking at the same time. With one hand she was stroking the shaft and the other was dancing all over my balls and slipping towards my asshole. and then.. well and then she added some humming, my balls tightened up, she slipped her finger into my asshole and started massaging my prostate and I fricken lost it. I grunted out real loud and poured pump after pump of hot semen into her mouth. She kept stroking and sucking getting every single drop, pumping me like a damn piston, she kept going until there was obviously nothing left. She left my shrinking cock hanging there and crawled up from underneath the table and sat there staring at me, licking her lips. She said. Damn you have a fantastic cock. I just couldn't resist once I saw it.


I said. That was without a doubt the hardest I have ever cum from a blowjob. You did an amazing job. She smiled. My husband sure thinks so too. What does your wife think of your pussy eating ability? I did not need a second hint. I damn near dove below the table.


She already had her shoes off, so I grabbed her feet and carressed them nibbled on them, licked between her toes, relishing in the smell of her body. I kissed my way up her one leg to the hemline of her dress and down the other. I reached my hands up either side to pull her panties down and realized she was not even wearing any under that dress. I said.. ooo.. you naughty little girl, you had this planned didn't you?  she laughed down at me and said. It was all I could do to not r*pe you these last few weeks. I stammered.. wow.. I uh. and she parted her legs.  The smell of a soaking wet pussy wafted out at me. I sat there transfixed as she pulled her dress up and spread her legs wider and wider. Her perfectly tanned legs ended at an awesome looking white tanline that showed she wore a nice high thigh bikini I shuddered as I thought of what her breasts must look like with the same amazing tan line. She was trimmed very nicely and you could see the moisture beading on her pussy lips. I pushed her legs wider and pulled her to the edge of the seat. Tenderly I licked just the outside to take the pussy juice off. She shuddered a little and moaned softly. I reached up and pulled her lips apart. She had a HUGE (well the biggest I have ever seen) clit.. almost and inch in size. I was tempted, but I ignored it for a minute and focused on licking the juice liberally pouring out of her pussy and puddling on the seat. I jabbed my tongue in her hole. GOD it felt good.  I love eat my wife, but she is a little on the overweight side and I can never get much tongue inside her pussy due to the angle.  Not so with Jan, I had almost half my tongue buried in her hot cunt wiggling around. All I heard was a loud. FUCK!.. then her hand shot out grabbed my hair and her thighs locked around my head and she started cumming. My wife has quirted a tiny bit a couple of times, but wow.  The first shot went straight down my throat, gagging me. When I realized what it was I was ready and started swallowing for the second and third and fourth blasts. I was starting to run out of air as Jan released me. But I was not done yet, I licked up what I had missed then moved up and latched on to that wonderful clit, rolling it back and forth on my tongue. I slipped first one finger, then a second into her pulsing cunt, and she groaned and pressed down into my face. I started sucking on her clit real slow while just barely moving my fingers, letting her down from the high sensitivity of her orgasm. She came most way down and was not longer jumping and the nibbles on her clit when I decided to bring her back to the top. So I took it into overdrive.  I twisted my fingers to be pointing upwards, and started flicking her clit back and forth, real quick.  I plunged my fingers in and out, grazing her G spot, harder, faster. I stopped flicking and just started sucking on her clit while hammering her G spot. She started gasping ..oh oh oh oh oh oh.. shit shit.. fuck shit..and then I hit her with the humming on her clit while sucking on it. Her legs  spread super side. Opening herself up for me as much as possible. I kept at it for about a minute, abusing her G spot, vibrating the hell out of her clit and all of a sudden she yelled out real loud FUCK!!!!.. and started squirting all over me, A freaking ridiculous amount of liquid, squirt after squirt a sat back and let it hit me in the chest and face. I heard someone come running and say. is everything okay... she stammered I uh yeah sorry. I was scratching my foot and it slipped and I stubbed my toe and knocked over my wine.  dont worry.  Ill be fine she said and sorry about the wine.


Oh dont worry the waitress said. Her let me help clean it up. and she crawled into the booth with a bigger towel. Jan sat up slightly trying to say.. no please dont worry. It was my time for some payback. I took my soaking wet finger and touched it to her asshole and slowly slipped it in all the way. The amount of liquid down there made it slide in with ease. I kept fingering her back and forth, you could tell she was loving it and started to react.  Not talking properly but finally got out.  Please.  I would feel better if you allowed me to clean it up. The waitress looked at her and said.  Well if you are sure. And she left the towel and the the room. I kept fingering Jans ass, she reached down and slipped and finger in her cunt.  Feeling my finger through the wall separating them before she finally said. Oh god.. no Please I cant take anymore.


I reluctantly pulled out and went back up to the seat. She looked at me and said.. OMG.  I am so sorry. I said for what.  she said.. you are a soaking mess.  I said.. sorry.. hell that almost made me cum a second time without touching myself.  She grabbed the towel and wiped me down.  You could definitely smell sex in here, but I suspect it was not the first time. I said. So.. what do you think my wife thinks.  She said. Oh god. I thought  I was going to pass out. That was soo good.  I said good enough for you to suck my cock again?  She went straight down in the seat and pulled my supersensitive cock out.  Sucked it up and down a few times and then put it back away.


We ordered some dessert and talked about what just happened. Apparently neither of us had cheated before.. AND interestingly enough both of us as couples had been contemplating swinging. She admitted she wanted to see her husband fuck another woman up the ass while she ate her pussy, but more importantly wanted to be looking into her husbands eyes as another cock entered her, especially if it was as bigger then his as mine was. I asked her about her husband and apparently he is about 6? 5? with an incredibly built body, he is circumcised ( I am not) and can come about 10 times, so I am pretty sure my wife will be happy). We made plans to conspire against our spouses to set it up like it was our first time because DAMN I wanted that pussy wrapped around my cock.


That happens tomorrow night...IF our spouses go through with it like they agreed.





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