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quit smoking part 2

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So now Jim thinks he can put me under and have total control, and have me do what he wants, So the next night after work he came home in a very good mood. I ask him why he was so happy and he just laught and said he had a good day. I fix supper and was cleaning up my mess and i heard him say hot judy hot. I was about to ask what when i remember this was his trigger phrase for me to go under.So i just stop what i was doing. He came over and keep saying your deeply asleep. I went along with he walk up behind me and press up against me. I could feel his cock hard and pressing against me.He slide his hand under my top and ran them up and start to play with my titty.I let him play for a while and then he stop. He told me i was very hot and to take off all my clothes.It was still day light and we do have a big kitchen window, but i slowly took everthing off.ONce i was naked and came back up behind me and start to play with my titty again,. Stand there in front of window and him playing with me did get me excited.after a bit he slide his hand down and started to play with my pussy, it was pretty wet and hot by then.That when he started to tell me i was a hot horny slut and just wanted sex, and more sex. all the time he play with me making me hotter. I never heard him use the word slut and now he calling me his slut. I never seen this side but i was drive me nuts. I could tell he was really getting into this, which made me hotter.then he stop and step back. He told me that i was his hot slutand that i wanted to please him. he told me drop to my knees and get his cock out and suck it. WOW new Jim. so i drop there in kitchen and pull his pants and short down, His cock pop out hard as a rock. All i could think of was how much he was into this. so i started to play with his cock , that when he start to shout suck it you slut. so i suck it in and started to suck as hard as i could as i bob up and down on it.He start to fuck my, face, yell yes slut suck it.I could taste some pre cum when he pull away from me, dam i wanted to finish him off. so as he stood there throb rock hard in front of me, he told me to get up and lay out on the tabel. so i lay out on the table. and he came over and bury his face in my pussy, so there i lay out on kichen table in front of a window with him eating the hell out of my pussy. wasnt long and i was cumming all over the place. then he stood up and pull me to edge of tabel and shove his cock into my pussy and start to fuck the hell out of.all the time he call me his slut and fuck that pussy. need less to say, wasnt long and i was coming again. When he blew his load i tought he would never stop cumming. we where both out of breath and laying there. he sat back and spread my legs apart. he start to run his finger around my pussy, around and around. He was doing it in a small tiangel shape. then he ask me if i could feel that, so i said yes. so then he said that in a bit you will got take a shower. but that when i do, that i will see my hairy pussy and decide to trim it up and that i woud trim it up to the small triangle the he trace for me, I never knew he like really trim up ones. so then he told me to get dress up and for get what just happen and finish cleaning the kitchem. then to go take my shower. so i dress and went back to my work as if nothen happen, but my pussy knew better. so i went and took my shower and trim it like he trace it, not much hair left lol. after words i put some short and blouse on and went back out and join him watching tv. He keep looking at me like he thought i may say something but i didnt. back came that stupid smile of his.after a bit , there it go's againg hot judy hot lol so back i go lol, so he ask me if i shave and i told him yes. so he said good and for me to go change into a skirt and blouse but no panties or bra. so off i went to change, when i came back he told me to show him my new pussy. so i lift the skirt to show him. he was please that i had did it. he was sitting at our computer when i came out. so he told me to sit down and to log on to my ebay account. so i did. he guide me to the women clothes .he had me running threw the mini skirt and dress point out what he thought was hot.he point out really mini stuff, SHORT , then he told me that i was to bid on some mini skirt, mini dress, stocking , garters, bikini, plunge line tops and get enought stuff to dress as his slutty wife. then he left to go do his baseball game. so i run threw the stuff he piont out, and boy they where on slutty side. lol I didnt know how much i had in my pay pal accoutnt so i pulled it up. wow, to my surprise he had put in $1,000.00 to my account. so with a big smile i went shopping on ebay i won lots of mini's and even a couple micro mini's stocking garters selhve bra thongs, bikini and some really low cut tops, i spent most all is money. what i have to do to make him happy.

so as the stuff came in, he would have to model it for him, and he would tell me what he like. he told me i was to feel good and sexy in these out fits and to wear them all the time. He love it and i love it becasue he was all was horny and fucking me. he told me i need to wear my new bikini out in back yard to get a good tan. but i notice everytime he told me to tan our neighbor was out in his yard watching my every move, my hubby i think like to tease him.

so this went on for a while, until one afternoon he called before he came home from work to talk to me. then over the phone i hear his hot judy hot lol,( know even over the phone ) lol so he tell me its hot out and that i should dress for the heat. tells me to put on one of my really low cut top and mini skirts, to hot for bra, but i could wear one of my small red thongs. so i shower and change figure he was horny and we where going to play tonight. but when he pull in and came into house he had another guy with him. this was one of there buyers from ga. now this is first time i wore this outfit infront of anyone else, top really low and skirt really high' i was a bit nervous, lots of cleavage showing and legs. this guy really like what he say , i know because his eye on me all the time. Jim just smile all the time. so we did supper and i was care full on how i walk and sat down, ( didnt want it all to fall out lol) i think hubby notice this too lol. so as the guys sit around have a few drink i clean up supper mess. as i was about done , in come Jim, hot judy hot lol, then he tell me i feel really sexy in my out fit and play full. that i will be more happy and bounce full arond the house tonight. let bobb's bouncy and lets my legs show off. that i was not to keep legs to tight together , wow , he going to know what i got under because i had on my micro mini. so he went back and into a few more drinks. when i was done i join them. i made sure they bounce on my way in lol. buyer Dan notice to. when i sat down he was stare at my chest. i glance down to notice one nipple peak out. lol okay so i acted like nothen wrong and join the chatting and drinking, in a very short time i know Dan knew i had my red thongs on. he was stare right at them. lol i all most could see them lol Well Dan like what he say, and notice that. i couldnt believe i was doing this, but then i thought i would never see this guy again and hubby was loving it, so what the harm. but was make me horny too. when i couldnt take no more left them to chat and drink and went off to do my stuff. after a bit Jim came out and told me that him and Dan drank to much so the Dan was going to use our guess room and spend the night. looking at them it made sence to me. so i left them to defend for self and got ready for bed. shower and night on and went to bed. short time later jim came in to join me. he climb in and just layed there for a bit.after a short time i hear hot judy hot lol now what he up then he telling im so deep, so deep and will do what he i figure he was horny from the tease i did early and he was going to fuck the shit out of me. so he tell me to get up and take nighty off. so i do it.he gets up and walks behind me and starts playing with my boobs and pussy, grind into my butt. i was allready horny from earlyer and this has got me a nipple are like rock and pussy like a sauna. now he got me going hot and wild, and he stop. he hand me a short silky rob that i have, its a bit sheer too. and tell me to put it on. okay something new here, i put it on.he start playing a bit, telling me im a hot horny slut. over and over. then he took my hand and told me to come along. i thought he was going to take me into living room and fuck me so along i went.but he turn down the hall torge guest room. i got nervous now, then he stop and started to play with me , telling me im hot horny slut again.then he started whispering n my ear about Dad seeing titts and see up my dress, and how Dan was all turn on by me. that when he hit me with it. He told me i was to go into guess room get out of my rob and climb in bed with Dan and show him what a good slut i was, and i was to do what ever he wanted and as much as he wanted. boy i was scared and nervous, about this ,but i was horny and Dan was a good looking guy, and i knew he was hot for i never fuck a black guy. all was wonder if myth was true lol part 3 soon

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