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pimp wife for auto repair

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First let me start by saying my wife of two years, is 16 years younger than I am. She’s 42, and I’m 58. In all of my relations, I have been very open about my voyeur side and how much I’m sexually turn-on by the image of watching my ladies having sex with another person. I have had, two, ménage a trios, one with two women, and one with my best friend’s and his wife. My friend is the one that got me enthusiastic about threesomes. They knew that I was hurting from a wounding break-up, and wanted to get my mind off the painful situation. He let his willing wife seduce me, and she and I treated him to a pretty physical show. He was involved with several sexual experiences with his other friends, and then when he married, his younger wife. They had several more, and included me. Two years into my marriage, I started talking to my young wife about threesomes, and she responded with a baffling look on her face, that left me speechless, with this remark’ “If we were to have a threesome, it would have to be a women, right?” I didn’t know if this was an agreement, or, a point to accelerating an argument. She will not open up to me, about her fantasies, and we have very quiet, but great sex. It is a rule of mine, that she has climax first, before I can get my fulfillment. It was a year after we were married, that I bought her a vibrator to use. Masturbation is something she said she done, but I not sure she ever has. She knows how much I enjoy watching her get off with the vibrator. The vibrator going in and out of her pussy is like watching someone’s big cock, pleasing her. If she is in the right mood, we will watch some porn on DVDs to help both of us get off.

Last week on Oprah, we watched a couple who was having sexual troubles. She didn’t want any sex, and could not remember the last time they had sex ,with her frustrated husband. A sex therapist, asked him what his fantasies were, and he said, he fantasized about his wife having sex with other men. The therapists assured the wife that it was a very common fantasy for most men, and that the wife should not be alarmed, or, think of it a dirty or perverted.

That’s when my wife asked me if I have any fantasizes like that. I told her I did, and that they were with both sexes: men and women. The therapist also instructed the couple to have a surrender night, and for the wife to go alone with it as long as she felt save. That got me all hot and hard. I could see my wife’s agreeing to a surrender night where she would have to please other men for me. I could see some wheels turning inside her head and making her sexy body very wet. My wife is very athletic and has a very sexy body. She has runners’ legs and nice hard ass.

We had been having trouble with an old car, and were expecting to pay a lot to get it fixed. I tried to hook up my wife’s younger sister with the mechanic we use, to maybe save some money on car repairs. Her sister has a boyfriend and the idea didn’t fly with my wife. So the next thing I thought about was my wife being very friendly with him and maybe he would cut us some slack on repair bills. He is very handsome and very nice of a person. He is also my wife’s age. I told her, while I was using the vibrator on her, that maybe she should try being nicer to mike, and let him get to know her better, that maybe he could do our cars for free. My wife and I have been marred twice each. She said she has had only three cocks in her life. I have had seventy or more female experiences. I told her that maybe mike,( the mechanic)could be her fourth cock. She reached her climax very hard and fast, right then. I asked her if that made her cum, thinking about mike’s cock, in her mouth and pussy. She told me to stop, and I could tell she enjoyed the fantasy and the conversation, we were having. I would bring up mike all the times I use the vibrator on her and she became more and more comfortable with the talks and looked forward to more sex, and fantasies, about other men.

I told her that one of our cars needs attention and that we should put the fantasy plan in action, to save some money. She asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her to go see mike and talk to him about the car, and see if she could buy him a drink. I know he’s like her, and always asks about her when I go to see him. Be nice and show him some skin, tease him a bit. You will know if he wants a bite.

If he goes for it, ask him to come home with you to see the car. At home change into something very reveling and let him know you want some. I told her it would be ok with me, if she shares the details with me later. I told her I wanted her to feel good about her sexy body and that her pleasure would make me very happy. I asked her if it made her hot thinking about sucking his cock, and opening her leg to take him in. She didn’t say anything but put her hands on my cock and pulled it out. Her hot mouth covered my cock and she asked me if that what I wanted her to do to mike. I told her mike would enjoy it, I would love it and she would get her fourth cock. I went down on her and she was as wet as I’ve ever felt her. She came as soon as my tongue played with her clit. That night while I was sleeping she went down on me again, while I was sleep. She had never done that. I asked her if she was thinking of mike’s cock. She nodded her head, with my hard cock in her mouth. I told her she made me very happy. That morning we talked about her going by mike’s garage, and feel him out. I told her she should go about closing time. The car does need work, she said. After work she called me to tell me, she and mike were going for that drink, and that she would call about how it when, later. About two hours later she called and said that they were on the way to our house, and for me to leave. I told her “I loved her, to have a great time, and enjoy herself, and to be save”. Don’t do anything she didn’t want to do. Before I ended the call, I told her I was very excited, and wanted to know everything after he left. She said thanks and I love you.

I went to a sports bar, and ate and had a few beers, to pass the time. It was hard to keep my hands off of my swollen cock. I looked at a few guys that I thought might be my wife’s next sex treats. I really want my wife to enjoy the experience as much as I enjoy fantasying about it. She told me she was very wet just telling me that she was on the way to our house and would probably have a new, and her forth cock in her, tonight. I hope mike knows what he is getting. She is going to tell him about my fantasy, to watch her with him, after he is done pleasing her. I know he is strong and has great abs. I’m sure his cock will please my wife. It will please her because it’s new, strange, and wicked.

She called me around 11:30 to tell me mike has just left, and that she would be in the shower, when I got home. My wife told me she was in a daze and couldn’t believe she had done it. She couldn’t remember how many times she came, but her pussy was very red and very sticky. She wanted me to give her first aid. She want me to take care of her, and help her remember what happen.

When I entered the bathroom, she was sitting on the shower floor, with warm water running all over her lifeless body. I got naked and joined her in the shower. My cock was harder and felt more powerful than it ever had. I picked her up and kissed her passionately, and looked deep in her beautiful eyes. She looked like she had run a 26 mile marathon, and lost inside her body. I lower myself, to the floor and spread her long legs. Kissing her thighs, and moved closer and closer to her luminous red pussy. Very carefully I tongued her throbbing citreous. It brought moans from my catatonic wife.

After shutting off the water, and dried her beautiful, rose colored breast, and kissed her large erect nipples, I lead her to our bed. “I can’t believe I did it” is what she said. That cock, was wonderful, and I had it, and couldn’t get enough of it, she said. “You have to see it.” It broke that little dossal, quiet, mouse mold I was in, and made me a crazed, lust hungry women. I was a different person, someone I didn’t know I could become. She wanted to know if I could deal with all the details and feeling, she wanted to unloaded. Honey I’m so horny, and can’t wait to hear your version, of that happen to you tonight. After my reassurance, that I want to hear it all, she presided to tell me what happen, from the time she drove up to mike’s garage.

When she drove up, mike was closing and greeted her with a “hello beautiful, what can I do to you”

“Car troubles”, she said. Mike told her he was closing and was headed to a bar for a cold drink he deserved, after a long hot day.” Good, I’m buying” my wife told him. At the bar Mike told her he had fantasized about having a drink with her ever since he met her and me. He told her he thought I was one luck guy to have such a beautiful, sexy wife. She asked him if he was like most men; fantasize about sex and threesomes, and watching people have sex. “Threesome, when he was with a partner and sex with only those women, he was with, when he was not in a relation” was his answer to the question. She told him she didn’t know, and was astonished that most men fantasize about watching their wife’s with other men. He told her he didn’t know about other men, but had those same fantasize, when he was married. Mike wanted to know if I had talked to her about threesomes, and if I want her to have one. She told him that when we are having hot sex, I do bring it up, and that it makes me go crazy, and explode, insider her. After their second drink, he asked her if she wanted to make me happy, and have a wild sex experience with other men while I watched. Yes, but, first I would have sex along with my sex lover, and then she would include me, to watch. Mike asked if she have any volunteer, or anyone guy, in mind. My wife told mike that we both thought he would be an excellent selection.

Mike then move closer and kissed my wife, and she responded to his kiss eagerly. He told her he’d love to tastes her lush’s body. They passionately kiss again, and he placed his hands on her enter thigh, and she spread her legs for an unspoiled access to her very wet pussy. After they kissed for a while, she asked if you would like to come back to our house and make our fantasy come true. He asked her if I knew, and if I would be there at the house. Yes and No. “Yes” he knows and “No” I’ll ask him to go, so we can be alone. Mike told her to make the call. Later my wife told me she doesn’t remember driving home, just entering the house thought the garage. Mike followed her and started feeling her breast and ass with his muscular hands. In the hallway he unbuttons her shirt and bites her erect nipples. My wife, who I will call, Michelle, now in this true adventure of ours, automatically, reached for his hard cock. Michelle said she didn’t know how it happen, but she had his cock out and playing and moving it closer and closer to her opened mouth. Michelle had never seen an uncut cock. It was new and strange to her. She kissed and licked and then gulped it willingly. He had managed to get her clothes off without her knowing it had happen, and had his fingers sliding in and out of her wet and shaven pussy. Michelle concentrated on Mikes hard uncut cock, until he picked her up from the hallway floor, and had her guide them to the bedroom. In the bedroom they kissed and she felt his hard body on her naked hot flesh. She said she then helped him get undressed and focused on his cock again. He got her in a 69 position and licked and sucked her clit, while she sucked his cock. He asked her what she like and she doesn’t remember what she said, but he grabbed her by her hair and fled her his cock and made her look up at him, while she lick and suck him for a long time. Mike wanted to know if she liked being a naughty wife, and having a strange cock to play with. Michelle told him that she knew I was somewhere with a hard-on, thinking about what she and he were doing, and that really turned her on. She knew I would be happy, that he, Mike, was enjoying himself, and she was crazy about her new toy she had. Michelle asked him what he wants her to do. He told her he want his cock in her mouth, cunt and ass. She quickly responded, “You can have my mouth, my pussy, but no one, gets my ass”. She kissed his abs, then his chest, and then his lips. She then told him to take her anyway he wanted. He positioned her on her knees and buried his thirst cock in her wet and yearning, pussy from behind. “So your husband wants to see you get fucked, and watch you suck my big cock” he stated. “Yes, he wants me to do anything, and everything to you, and you to me, to get pleasure in my pussy. If I enjoy it, he will love it, she told him. I want to make my wonderful husband very happy, so can you deliver the goods? Can you put on a great show for him? Your hot wet pussy, and hungry mouth, will make me forget that anyone is watching, because I’m going to be getting totally lost in lust. I’m going to make you sore, and leave you wanting more. He asked her if he was going to have her again by himself. She told him that as long as I knew she was out getting fuck and then would return to share the details, my husband would go along with it. Mike continued to pound her from behind. She was, loving it, too. Michelle told him, that maybe they could have a fuck night. After my husband sees you and me fucking, I’m sure he would love the idea of us having a fucking date. I could call him and tell him that we were going to meet and you were going to use my pussy to practice for his entertainment. When he gets home from work, I can tell him that I’m going out and get some cock. If he wants he could stay up, till I get home, and I’d tell him about what you did to me. “I’m sure he’d like to pick out the outfit for me to wear, on this fuck date.” I told Michelle, she had made, my fantasize, better than I could have imagined. We laid in bed, touching and rubbing each other, sensitively, and fell asleep without fucking, and it was a very peaceful sleep. We are very much in love, and totally, looking forward to other sexual adventures. I think I may pimp out my beautiful wife to selected men, and women, too.

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