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My wife and I had been married for about 3-4 years when this event happened.

We had a large 10 room house and we rented part of it out to roomers. We had all kinds of people, ball players, women and various guys of different ages. I admit I was somewhat a rounder, exhibinist and a voyouer during that time too, which maybe I'll tell you about sometime.

This event started , I think, when Linda and a girl that was living there at the time, started playing games with one of the roomers, Smilley, joking around and all having coffee in the morning. The games grew more playful and they started teasing him more intensely. They had "short sheeted" him a coulpe of times and had told me about it, I laughed and told Linda I did not think it was a good idea. i guess this might have hurt her feelings a little since we had been having a few arguements about some of my "wrong doings" around the house. But nothing seemed to go badly for a couple of months. She was busy with the house and we had 2 kids which kept her and I pretty busy. I also did auto engine work in our garage to subsidise our income, so there was tension and lonelyness for both of us.

Linda was a very pretty brunette, 110-115 pounds, 5-6 tall, 34c titties and large dark brown nipples, great dark bush, nice but and trim from all the running after the kids. We had a more or less routine sex life but she was never as open about sex as I was. She was quite reserved and did not like to experiment, bedtime sex with the lights out, no oral for either of us, non-verbal missionary position, and I always had to initiate it. I tryied to get her to be more open to new things but she did not like that very much.

Our next door neighbors were a young couple who was fairly open about sex and we were friendly with them. Sometimes Joyann and Bert would come over and they would get a little "frisky", you know a little open petting, and very seldom would Linda allow me to play around with her.

Joann, on the other hand would let Bert get pretty intiment and made some passes at me. She had small tits like Linda and ALWAYS wore sheer or low cut blouses and I always looked and a few times saw her pussy when she came over in her nighty and short robe. We all played around a bit, Bert with Linda exchanging a few feels and possibly a grope or two but nothing much more than that, I don't believe, and me with Joann. She and I played a little more than that, one night at the drive-in I did finger f**k her while she jerked me off and she did swallow it. I do not think Linda ever knew, that was the 1st and only time I ever had oral while I was married.

Well, that kinda gets you updated on our sex life, now back to the story. We lived in the downstairs and the roomers had the upstairs, so there was always so contact that could happen as they came and went. Linda was always up and prim and properly dressed each day, always with a blouse, bra and usually slacks or pants of some kind so she could work wothout showing anything.

Smilley and I were kind of friends and he occasionally stopped to talk with us. I had caught him looking at Linda but never thought much about it, it was not leering just to be looking.

I worked for an engineering firm in town and since we had only 40 minutes for lunch, I took mine. Everything seemed to be going fine and on one summer day, I had the strangest feeling. I actually began to have a vision of my wife, Linda, lying on our front room sofa in her little white robe open down the front and her naked body being ravished by somebody. I could see her brown nipples and titties bouncing as she was being fucked by someone I could NOT see. She was panting and moaning like I had never heard her make, her eyes were closed and she was moving her head back and forth as she was stroked. But I knew she was being f**ked as I could see her legs spread and her very hairy pussy being penetrated by a fairly large cock.

I was at my desk and I saw that as plain as day in my head, I was just struck dumb at that time and I could not believe what I had seen in my mind. I stood there for several minutes trying to understand what had happened and when I finnally snapped out of it, I decided to go home.

I went out and got into my car and drove straight home. When I arrived it was a little after 1pm and I found Linda in her little white robe, absolutely naked underneath, in the kitchen and the 2 kids asleep.

This NEVER happened, she always got dressed with me in the morning , and I asked her why she was in her robe naked in the middle of the day, did she know I was comming home? She was a little flustered as she said she was going to take a shower. I kinda grabbed her and ran my hands under her robe and opened it up to see all of her naked body. I felt her titties and then ran my hand down between her legs to her pussy which was a bit damp and puffy and she said she had just come from the "pot" so I should not touch her there "because she was not clean" and tied up her robe and went into the bathroom.

I reallyhad NO proof that Smiley had screwed her that morming and HE was not there, so I did not know what had happened.

Let's fast forward 10 years, it had bothered me a great deal, and one morning as we were having sex, I asked her if I felt as good as Smilley did. HER eyes got great big and I could see from her reaction it had happened just as I had seen at work. When I asked why she had never told me, she begame very angry and said "it is my body and I don't have to tell you", that just broke my heart, i would have forgiven her immediately if she had not said that. I had always thought if she admitted it to me we might have a better sex life since we could now perhaps be a little more open and have a little more experimentation.

Time went on and we stayed together for a long time but she never took the time to expliain that she was lonely and kinda mixed up and Smilley came on to her at a vunerable time ( still don't know why she was naked in the middle of the day, that day) and he took advantage of that.

She finnaly told me that after I had gotten to involved with another woman and had fallen in love and asked for a divorce.

A sad story that could have been avoided.

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