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my sexual life chapt two

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my sexual life

chapt two When her mom felt she had enuff oral, & as many orgasms, she then told us to switch places. Now sally was told to put Carls cock in her mouth, to play with it, pump it, lick it like a icream stick, & to push it down her throat till she gagged, Sally was enjoying this alot, & when he was close to cumming, he told mom; mom said for sally to take his cream, & swallow it till the end, & hold some in her mouth to give to mom in a kiss like before, sally kept shoving his cock deeply down her throat, till she felt his cock get larger, her mom said start swallowing dear as he shot his cream down her 10 yr old throat, at the end mom reminded her to save some for, her, as his cock went limp she sucked him dry, & let him drop from her mouth; her mom came over, tilted her head back, she opened her mouth to show mom there was cream there, & mom kissed her using her tongue to get all her sons cream out. Carl left, & Sally & mom talked about what Sally thought about it.

Sally told her mom when she was having thos orgasms she was peeing too; her mom explained her squirting is girl cum, & never worry about that. Her mom asked if she wanted more, but Sally told her she had to shower & was hungry for food. At dinner mom told dad all about my training session today with Carl, & dad asked Carl if I was good, Carl told dad yes very good. Dad was pleased as could be, & told mom to buy me a few new panties & a dress for my being so good. Sally said Ifelt sooo proud that day. That nite mom came into the room & told me she was proud of me too.

We went around to the back stairs, to my room, crawled into my bed & went to sleep, in the morning I woke up with a strange feeling, I opened my eyes, & saw Sally sucking my hard cock real fast, I layed real still for her, she then climded over me, & put my cock inside her, it felt sooo warm inside her twat. she pumpud on me for ever, she had 6 shudders, before I finnally gave her my cream. We met together as she was now shaking all over. pumping him as deep as she could have her up her twat. She told me they were leaving shortly, but that I am her only boy from now on. she got up, & the family left.

I went down to breakfast, with mom & dad, he asked me how my nite went, & I told him it was ok, & that we all had funnn dad got uo to go out to the pasture & mom got busy cleaning. I abruptly asked mom if she liked mr thomas fucking her last nite, she dropped the dish she was holding, & asked me what I saw? I told her all of it! she became nervous about it, sat with me, & tried to explain it??? I just listened, & let her ramble on. She begged me not to tell dad, or he would hurt her.

I told her I wont, but I wanted her to teach me how to do it with her, & she said yes, everyday after school she would teach me a little; as i entered my classroom, the teacher introduced a new student; IT WAS SALLY, & she was put rite next to me!! We were not only lovers, but classmates. At every recess we were together kissing touching, & being lovers. I told her I told mom what I saw last nite, & told Sally my mom was going to teach me too, because I could tell dad. so every day I was going to learn a little from mom, Sally liked that idea.

After I did my chores I went into the kitchen & asked mom if she was ready to teach me my first lesson? She told me to shower & scrub up good on my cock area for her first lesson; after I was done I opened the shower door to see my mom standing there. she had the towel ready. I stepped out, & she began to dry me. When she got to my cock area, she complimented me on my size, as dad was a full 10 inches when they make love. I asked why she would do that to other men, & she said simply it was their lifestyle, & let it drop. Mom said today we will measure your meat with a little help from mom.

mom put me on her bed & started to play with my meat bribging it alive, it started to grow, & get hard in her hands, as she pumped him up, then she bent forward, & started to lick my meat all over; then she put him in her mouth & sucked, & licked him to full erection. She picked up the tape next to her & measured from my sack to the tip was 7 inches, mom put down the tape, & continued to suck & lick on him stopping to explain why he was hard, what he was used for other than peeing, & what my cream was for. She told me, she was going to make me cummm today to show me the feeling of it. I played along, but mom was better at this than Sally was, & made him hot fast. I put my hands on moms head & pushed her head down to make her take him deeper, she got all excited, relaxed her throat muscles, & allowed my cock to pass her gag reflex, & he went down her thoat, she took him out long enuff to explain to me she now wanted me to lick her pussy while she sucked me, & told me to use my fingers in her too, she ripped off her panties quickly, and put her pussy in my mouth where I then played, licked, & put my whole hand in & out of her pussy, she mumbled swallow so I knew she was going to squirt, so I took out my hand, held her opened my mouth as she literally flooded my mouth with her secret nector, she would not stop cumming, & sucking me. In a few minutes my cock grew up, got harder, & mom again relaxed her throat muscles, & shoved him all the way down her throat! I exploded all I had & mom just let me finish, then she pulled him up a littlt and quickly pumped him to drain me. Afterward she rolled over & said, ive never had such an orgasm even with other men, son we are going to have lots of lessons like this. she laid there a long time asleep, and I knew this to be true! I sat up & put my hand back in my moms pussy, slowly, she brought her legs up, & started to go with my pumping floe, I had my arm all the way inside her, & she again exploded all over me with her cumm, she could not stop, she grabbed my arm & helped push me in faster, I then got up & said, I love you mom! She was asleep again!

End chapt two

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