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my first time black

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I"ve heard the saying so many times. "once you go black you'll never go back" , I always thought that was funny. I never thought I would become someone who found out what it This story is what happened to me a few months ago... I have a business of my own and have a few offices in a local office building... I got a phone call one morning from a woman who proceeded to tell me she was a sales person with a local company and would like to come by my office. She told me I might be interested in what her company could do to help my business in advertising... I was a little short with her to be honest, I get so many calls from sales people all day , every day , wanting to sell me something. This woman however was very professional and peaked my curiousty. Anyway, we set an appointment for the next day at 10A.M. I was in my office and at 10A.M. on the dot. this very attractive black woman walks into my office and introduces herself as the lady who had called me the previous day... She was absolutely beautiful, petite and a woman who makes a man melt when she enters a room. I dont think I've ever thought about having sex with any black woman other than maybe Haley Berry the movie star,lol...but this woman made me have bad thoughts immediately...

She sat down and gave one of the best sales presentations I've ever seen. My immediate thought was how can I get this woman to come to work for me. then my thoughts were, how can I ever touch this woman, taste her lips, or even having this woman undress and me see her beautiful ebony body. Her scent was breath taking and she had me from the word

I bought her companies service and it turned out to be everything she told me it would be...and from that point, we starting going to lunch every so often. She would call and always have some excuse to meet, always a business reason. But, as time passed we developed a great friendship and we could talk about anything. This was not a fast process of where you meet a woman and fuck her the next day but, a slow friendship building process of which I really did not think I had a chance of ever touching her sweet pussy.

As we would continue our meeting they always became more friendly and at some point we would always hug when leaving our meetings.. this lead to a kiss on the cheek. Then one day after lunch we went back to my office and when she got up to leave she kissed me on the mouth and I have never had the feeling in my life that this woman gave me. A soft , tender kiss , one that left a man with only one thought... How can I make love to this woman, what do I have to do or say to make it happen...This woman had me in her clutches....I kissed her back slightly touching her tongue, her breath was so fresh, her smell was so intoxicating and the warmth of her body made me have an instant erection. She must have felt it,cause she back away from me and looked at my crotch and commented, very nice , impressive... I know I must have turned red in the face but I had taken the first step to subducing this woman and I wasn't stopping now... All I could think of was what if my wife comes by my office or one of the empolyees knock on the door. Then my animal instinct said FUCK it,lol. I wanted to fuck this woman worse than I had ever wanted to fuck a woman in my life... Once we started there was no turning back, I unbuttoned her top and took my first look at the most beautiful breast I've ever seen. Perfectly shaped, nipples that were hard yet soft to the touch.. I immediately put my mouth to her nipples and sucked them getting more excited as she moaned. She slipped her hand downward and was now touching my dick.... she unbuttoned my pants and had my dick out in one swift action.... she was moving her hand up and down my shaft. Her first comment was I didnt' know white boys had dicks this size. I've always noticed at the gymm from back in High School I would get looks as guys saw my cock, I guess I grew a little faster than most for my age,. but as I grew older I realized my dick is above average 9.5 X 6 cut , alway hard as a rock when excited. She took my dick and touched it with her tongue ever so softly. I thought I would cum in her mouth but I held it back... I took her skirt off and ran my hand down to her soft ,hot, pussy, to find that she was natural, not a lot of pubic hair but some to know that she had not shaved. I love to perform oral on a woman who is clean and has a pleasant aroma. My wife stopped doing that a long time ago, not into it at all she says,I miss it and didn't realize how much til I touch this beautiful woman.... Her pussy was hot and moist. I sat her on my desk and went down on her tasting the most awesome , great tasting , smelling pussy I had ever had in my life... She had perfect lips on her pussy, really it was as tiny in size and shape as I've ever see,I"m wondering to myself how can I ever fit my dick in this little pussy. We were locked in each others arms as I've never been with a woman in my life.. I dont know if it was the newness of this or I was just taken with this woman.. Her Kiss was so good, her mouth next to mine. As I tasted her sweet pussy she moaned and I put my finger in her pussy as I sucked on her clit... I could feel her body tense and she started shaking and I tasted her cum as she let her body give it up to me.... She raised her head and wispered in my ear that she wanted to feel my dick in her... I took my dick and slowly rubbed it up and down her pussy lips and got my dick wet from her cum... finally I eased the head of my dick into her and the heat instantly drove me to the edge. I was determined I was not going to give my cum up this easily... I backed out and took a minute then re entered her and gave her as much as she could take . It took us at least 10 minutes before this woman had my entire shaft in her but she was moaning and telling me she had never felt a dick that felt so good or had a man take his time like I had done....I eased my dick in and out easy, waiting for her respondse each time before I attempted to push harder... We started feeling each others body and what it wanted and how best to satisfy each other... WE moved in rythem like a fine music instrument. perfect in each movement. She moaned so loud I was afraid other people in our office might hear her , I had to slow down... I ease out of her still not cumming yet. We agreed to meet somewhere else later that day .. That is another story I will send soon....

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